A Tyrant Needs no Excuse

A Tyrant Needs no Excuse

Submitted by Professor Nazeer Ahmed

A fox was drinking water from a stream on a mountain top when he noticed that downstream in the valley a young lamb was drinking from the same stream.

The fox trotted down the stream and came up to the lamb. The fox sought an excuse to seize the lamb and said: “You are drinking from my stream. You are polluting the water that I drink”.

“How can I pollute the water for you, O fox?” protested the lamb. “I am down in the valley and you drink upstream in the mountains.

The fox was taken aback because the lamb was telling the truth. He needed a different excuse to pounce on the lamb.

“Three months ago I was sound asleep under a tree. You made so much noise with your ‘bah’, ‘bah’ that it woke me up and you ruined my day” said the fox.

“How could I wake you up three months ago when I am only two months old?” answered the little lamb.

Now the fox was at a loss. Logic was not on his side. He needed some other alibi to complete his sly plan.

“It must have been your uncle who was shouting ‘bah’ ‘bah’ and kept me awake”.

So saying, the fox pounced on the little lamb, caught him in his powerful jaw and dragged him into the bush.

A tyrant needs no excuse for his tyranny!