God is the Best of Planners

God is the Best of Planners

Submitted by Professor Nazeer Ahmed

A well-known Shaikh lay on his death bed. The question of passing on his mantle to a worthy successor was very much on his mind. He called three of his best disciples to his presence.

The disciples came and after kissing the hand of the Shaikh, respectfully seated themselves next to his bed.

The Shaikh asked the first disciple: “If I make you the king of the whole world with unlimited authority, what will you do, my son?”

The first disciple thought for a moment and replied: “I will build a masjid in every town. I will make sure that every person in the world performs his prayer on time. I will appoint watchmen to ensure that every man, woman and child worships the Lord. And if they don’t, I will punish them.”

The Shaikh then turned to the second disciple and asked the same question. “I will establish dhikr in every household”, replied the second disciple.  “I will ensure that the Name of God is recited in every household morning and evening.  I will give rewards to people who excel in His remembrance.”

The Shaikh then turned to the third disciple: “What will you do if I make you the king of the whole world, my son”, he asked.

The disciple pondered the question for a moment. His face lit up as the answer flashed through his soul. “I will leave the world just as God has created”, replied the third discipline. “I will ensure the dignity of every man, woman and child whether he believes or does not believe. I will honor the light that God has lit in every breast. Whatever I propose cannot be as good as it has been created. God is the best of planners. It is His will that there is diversity in this wonderful world. I will honor that diversity and I will celebrate it.”

“God is indeed the best of planners”, repeated the Shaikh. He then placed his turban on the third disciple, gave him his robe and passed on the secret of his mantle to him.