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The Qur’an – Its significance for Islamic History

The Qur’an is not a book of history. It is a book of guidance. It is a book of wisdom. The Qur’an refers to historical events from which one can receive guidance and gather wisdom. One may therefore legitimately ask: What is the significance of a translation of the Qur’an in an Encyclopedia of Islamic History?

The answer quite simply is this: It is impossible to understand Islamic History without an understanding of the Qur’an. The great intellectual upheavals within the fold of Islam have taken place within the framework of conformance with or in violation of Qur’anic teachings. For instance, the Muta’zilah revolution of the eighth century, and the counter-Muta’zilah revolution that overwhelmed it, were both formulated in terms of Qur’anic teachings. Timur, who was undoubtedly one the greatest conquerors the world has seen, always found it expedient to obtain a legal opinion from his jurists justifying his invasion and plunder of neighboring Muslim lands, claiming that the neighboring monarchs had violated the injunctions of the Qur’an. The sufis and the salafis, the modernists and the traditionalists, the reformists and the conservatives have all looked to the Qur’an for a justification of their positions.

That said, it is a truism that the Qur’an just cannot be translated. It is self-sustained eloquence that defies semantic equivalence. The grandeur of its language, its infinite, variegated nuances pose a continuous challenge to the mind and soul. The overwhelming power of its words can be felt only when it is recited in the original Arabic by an eminent Qari (reciter). Nonetheless, through the ages, Muslim scholars have considered it an honor to attempt a translation of the Qur’an.

There are excellent translations of the Qur’an available in the English language. Each one presents a view of the text as it is understood by the translator. The linguist, the theologian, the philosopher, the mathematician, the jurist, the historian, the anthropologist and the scientist each brings his own perspective to the endeavor and the product reflects the perspectives, the assumptions and limitations of each. 

This translation was done by Professor Dr. Nazeer Ahmed, a scientist, inventor, historian and legislator, over a period of three years, between 2007 and 2010, although some of this work was done as early as 1972. The distinguishing characteristics of this translation are:

  1. It is done in simple American English
  2. It stays true to the literal Words of the Quran
  3. It attempts to capture the universal, loving message of the Divine Word and the scientific  nuances of the text in its spiritual context.

Hard copies of this translation may be obtained from the well-known publishers in New York:

Tahrike Tarseele Qur’an Inc.

80-08 51st Avenue, Elmhurst, NY 11373, USA

Please address any comments on this translation, or indeed about any of the articles in the Encyclopedia to Dr. Nazeer Ahmed at


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  1. Surah 1. Al Fateha
  2. Surah 2. Surah al Baqara
  3. Surah 3. Surah Aal-e Imran
  4. Surah 4. Surah al Nisa’a
  5. Surah 5. Surah al Maa-e-da
  6. Surah 6. Surah al An’am
  7. Surah 7. Surah al A’raf
  8. Surah 8. Surah al Anfal
  9. Surah 9. Surah al Tawba
  10. Surah 10. Surah Yunus
  11. Surah 11. Surah Hud
  12. Surah 12. Surah Yusuf
  13. Surah 13. Surah al Ra’d
  14. Surah 14. Surah Ibrahim
  15. Surah 15- Surah al Hijr
  16. Surah 16. Surah al Nahl
  17. Surah 17. Surah Bani Israel
  18. Surah 18. Surah al Kahf
  19. Surah 19. Surah Maryam
  20. Surah 20. Surah Taa haa
  21. Surah 21- Surah al Anbiya
  22. Surah 22. Surah al Hajj
  23. Surah 23. Surah al Mominoon
  24. Surah 24. Surah al Noor
  25. Surah 25. Surah al Furqan
  26. Surah 26. Surah al Shu’ara
  27. Surah 27. Surah al Naml
  28. Surah 28. Surah al Qasas
  29. Surah 29. Surah al Ankabut
  30. Surah 30. Surah al Rum
  31. Surah 31. Surah Luqman
  32. Surah 32. Surah al Sajda
  33. Surah 33. Surah al Ahzab
  34. Surah 34. Surah Saba
  35. Surah 35. Surah Fatir
  36. Surah 36. Surah Yasin
  37. Surah 37. Surah al Safaat
  38. Surah 38. Surah Suad
  39. Surah 39. Surah al Zumar
  40. Surah 40. Surah al Mo’min
  41. Surah 41. Surah al Fussilat
  42. Surah 42. Surah al Shura
  43. Surah 43. Surah al Zuqhruf
  44. Surah 44. Surah al Dukhan
  45. Surah 45. Surah al Jathiyah
  46. Surah 46. Surah al Ahqaf
  47. Surah 47. Surah Muhammad
  48. Surah 48. Surah al Fath
  49. Surah 49. Surah al Hujurat
  50. Surah 50. Surah Qaf
  51. Surah 51. Surah al Dhariyah
  52. Surah 52. Surah al Tur
  53. Surah 53. Surah al Najm
  54. Surah 54. Surah al Qamar
  55. Surah 55. Surah al Rahman
  56. Surah 56. Surah al Waqi’ah
  57. Surah 57. Surah al Hadeed
  58. Surah 58. Surah al Mujadilah
  59. Surah 59. Surah al Hashr
  60. Surah 60. Surah al Mumtahinah
  61. Surah 61. Surah al Saf
  62. Surah 62. Surah al Juma’
  63. Surah 63. Surah al Munafiqoon
  64. Surah 64. Surah al Taghabun
  65. Surah 65. Surah al Talaq
  66. Surah 66. Surah al Tahreem
  67. Surah 67. Suratul Mulk
  68. Surah 68. Suratul Qalam
  69. Surah 69. Surah al Haqqat
  70. Surah 70. Surah al Mu’arij
  71. Surah 71. Surah Nuh
  72. Surah 72. Surah al Jinn
  73. Surah 73. Surah al Muzzammil
  74. Surah 74. Surah al Mudaththir
  75. Surah 75. Surah al Qiyamah
  76. Surah 76. Surah al Insan
  77. Surah 77. Surah al Mursalat
  78. Surah 78. Surah al Naba’
  79. Surah 79. Surah al Nazi’at
  80. Surah 80. Surah A’basa
  81. Surah 81. Surah al Takwir
  82. Surah 82. Surah al Infitar
  83. Surah 83. Surah al Mutaffifeen
  84. Surah 84. Surah al Inshiqaq
  85. Surah 85. Surah al Buruj
  86. Surah 86. Surah al Tariq
  87. Surah 87. Surah al A’la
  88. Surah 88. Surah al Ghashiah
  89. Surah 89. Surah al Fajr
  90. Surah 90. Surah al Balad
  91. Surah 91. Surah al Shams
  92. Surah 92. Surah al Lail
  93. Surah 93. Surah al Duha
  94. Surah 94. Surah al Inshirah
  95. Surah 95. Surah al Teen
  96. Surah 96. Surah al Alaq
  97. Surah 97. Surah al Qadr
  98. Surah 98. Surath al Bayyinah
  99. Surah 99. Surah al Zilzilah
  100. Surah 100. Surah al A’diyat
  101. Surah 101. Surah al Qariyah
  102. Surah 102. Surah al Takathur
  103. Surah 103. Surah al  ‘Asr
  104. Surah 104. Surah al Humaza
  105. Surah 105. Surah al Fil
  106. Surah 106. Surah al Quraish
  107. Surah 107. Surah al Ma’un
  108. Surah 108. Surah al Kauthar
  109. Surah 109. Surah al Kafirun
  110. Surah 110. Surah al Nasr
  111. Surah 111. Surah al Lahab
  112. Surah 112. Surah al Ikhlas
  113. Surah 113. Surah al Falaq
  114. Surah 114. Surah al Nas