Surah 20. Surah Ta Ha

Surah 20. Surah Ta Ha

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. Ta Ha
  2. We have not revealed the Qur’an to you to put you into difficulty,
  3. But as a reminder to one who fears (the absence of Divine Grace);
  4. Sent down from the One who created the earth and the heavens on high—
  5. The Owner of Grace (Who is) established on the Throne,
  6. His is whatever is in the heavens and the earth—
    And what is in between—
    And what is under the (depths of the) earth.
  7. And when you call Him aloud,
    Then (know that) He is aware
    Of the secrets, and the secret of the secrets (the Unknowable Divine Mystery).
  8. Allah is He besides Whom there is no other deity,
    To Him belong all the beautiful Names.
  9. And, has the chronicle of Moses reached you?
  10. When he saw the fire, he said to his household:
    “Stay here! I do indeed see the fire!
    Perchance I may bring you a spark from it,
    Or I may find guidance manifest itself at the fire.”
  11. Then when he came upon it,
    We called him: “O Moses!
  12. Indeed, I am your Rabb!
    So, take off your sandals,
    (Discard your attachments to the world)
    Indeed, you are in the sanctified valley of Tuwa!
  13. And I have chosen you!
    Therefore, listen with (rapt) attention to what is revealed to you.
  14. Lo! I am Allah!
    There is none worthy of worship but Me,
    So worship (and serve) Me!
    And establish prayer so that you remember Me
  15. Indeed the Hour shall arrive!
    I shall keep it a secret,
    So that I recompense every soul what it earns.
  16. Therefore, let not those
    Who do not believe in it
    And follow their base desires,
    Distract you from it,
    Lest you perish.
    (Lest the fire in your heart die out)
  17. And what is it that is in your right hand, Moses?”
  18. He (Moses) said: “This is my staff—
    I support myself on it,
    And with it I beat down the leaves for my sheep—
    And there are in it many other benefits for me.”
  19. He said: “O Moses! Throw it!”
  20. So he threw it,
    And it became a serpent, moving about swiftly.
  21. He said: “Pick it up and do not be afraid—
    We shall return it immediately to its original state.
  22. And place your hand
    Under your armpit—
    It will emerge from it white (radiating Light) without blemish—
    This is the second Sign (for you);
  23. So that We show you Our Supreme Signs.
  24. Go forth to the Pharaoh!
    He has indeed become rebellious.”
  25. He said: “O my Rabb!
    Expand my breast for me,
    (Enlarge it to Your Light)
  26. And make my work easy for me,
  27. And open up the knots in my tongue!
    (Make it easy for me to convey your Word)
  28. So that they understand what I say,
  29. And provide for me a deputy from my kin—
  30. My brother Aaron.
  31. Reinforce me through him,
  32. And make him a partner in my work,
  33. So that we glorify You often,
  34. And remember You often.
  35. Indeed, You are all-knowing about us!”
  36. He said: “Truly what was asked is granted to you, O Moses!
  37. And behold! We bestowed Our favors upon you one more time,
  38. When We revealed to your mother what was to be revealed:
  39. ’You put him in a box,
    And place him in the river,
    Then the river will take him to the shore.
    He will be picked up by My enemy and your enemy,
    And I spread out My love over you,
    So that you were brought up surrounded by My vision.”
  40. Lo! When your sister went and said (to the Pharaoh’s household):
    “Shall I show you one who can bring him up?”
    Then We returned you to your mother,
    So that her eyes were comforted (from seeing you)
    And she grieved no more.
    And you killed a man,
    And We delivered you from sorrow,
    And We tested you through many trials.
    Then you stayed with the people of Madyan for many years,
    Then the appointed hour came upon you, O Moses!
  41. “And I anointed you for Myself.”
  42. “So, go forth, you and your brother with Our Signs,
    And do not be lax in remembering Us.
  43. Go forth, both of you, to the Pharaoh—
    He has indeed become arrogant.
  44. And speak to him with words of humility,
    Perchance he may be admonished and be fearful.”
  45. They said: “Our Rabb! We are indeed fearful
    That he may hasten (his punishment) or exceed all bounds (of insolence).”
  46. He said: “Be not afraid!
    I am indeed with you,
    I hear and I see!”
  47. “So go to him, you tell him:
    ‘We are indeed Messengers from your Rabb,
    So let the children of Israel go with us,
    And oppress them not.
    Truly, we have come to you
    With Signs from your Rabb,
    Lo! Peace is with those who follow (Divine) guidance!”
  48. “Of a certainty, it has been revealed to us
    That there is punishment for those
    Who give the lie to the Truth
    And turn away.”
  49. He (the Pharaoh) said: “O Moses!
    Who then, is your Rabb?”
  50. (Moses) said:
    “Our Rabb is He
    Who has bestowed upon everything its own nature,
    Then He provided guidance.
  51. He (the Pharaoh) said:
    “Then, what is the status of earlier civilizations?”
  52. He (Moses) said: “The knowledge of it
    Is with My Rabb, written down—
    My Rabb makes no errors
    And He does not forget.
  53. He it is who has spread out the earth,
    And provides therein ways (for sustaining life),
    And brings down rain from the heavens,
    And with it, brings forth pairs of diverse vegetation.”
  54. Eat and feed your animals—
    Indeed, in these are Signs for those
    Who are endowed with insight!
  55. We created you from this (earth),
    And to it shall you return,
    And from it shall you be brought forth again.
  56. And of a certainty,
    We showed him (the Pharaoh) Our Signs,
    But he gave them the lie
    And rejected them.
  57. He said: “O Moses!
    Have you come here
    To force us out of our land
    With your sorcery?
  58. In that case,
    We will contest you
    With similar sorcery.
    So fix a date (for a contest) between us and you;
    We shall not fail (to show up for) it nor shall you,
    At an equitable place.”
  59. He (Moses) said:
    “As you promise,
    (we shall meet)
    On the Day of the Festival,
    When the people gather,
    And the sun is high.”
  60. Then the Pharaoh went back,
    Gathered together his sorcerers,
    And returned (on the appointed day).
  61. Moses said to them:
    “Woe unto you! Do not ascribe a lie to Allah
    Lest He destroy you with His retribution;
    Lo! He who ascribes a lie (to Allah) is lost!”
  62. Then they quarreled among themselves about this matter,
    And held consultations in secret.
  63. They said: “Indeed, these two sorcerers
    Desire to expel you from your land through their sorcery,
    And destroy your admirable culture.
  64. So, pull together your plans,
    And appear together as a unit;
    Lo! Truly he will prevail this day who is the stronger!”
  65. They said: “O Moses!
    Either you throw first,
    Or we will be the first ones to throw.”
  66. He said: “I would rather you throw first.”
    Then, when their ropes and their staffs
    Appeared to him to be in rapid motion
    Through their magic—
  67. Moses felt some apprehension in his soul.
  68. We said to him: “Do not be afraid!
    Indeed! You, it is you who will triumph!
  69. And throw what is in your right hand,
    It will swallow up what they have contrived.
    Verily, what they have contrived is sorcery,
    And the sorcerer shall not triumph
    No matter what his approach.”
  70. Then, the sorcerers fell down in prostration;
    They said: “We believe with certainty
    In the Rabb of Aaron and Moses.”
  71. He (the Pharaoh) said:
    “Have you believed before I give you my permission?
    Indeed, more powerful than you is he who has taught you the magic!
    Therefore, I will cut off your hands and your feet from opposite sides,
    And I will crucify you on the trunk of palm trees,
    So that you understand which one of us
    Is more severe in his punishment and is more persistent.”
  72. They said: “We will never prefer you
    Over what has come down to us of the Signs,
    And over Him who created us in the first place,
    So do what you will—
    Whatever you do is limited to the life of this world.
  73. We do indeed believe in our Rabb,
    (And we pray) that He forgive our errors,
    And (forgive us) for what you compelled us to do with sorcery;
    Lo! Allah is more beneficent and is everlasting.”
  74. Indeed, he who comes to his Rabb guilty,
    Of a certainty, for him is hellfire—
    He shall not die therein nor shall he live.
  75. And he who comes to Him
    With certainty of faith,
    And with righteous deeds, true and true,
    Then, for them, there are stations (ranks) high;
  76. Eternal gardens under which
    Flow streams (of Divine Grace)—
    (They shall) dwell therein forever.
    Lo! That is the recompense for those who are purified.
  77. And indeed, We sent the revelation upon Moses:
    “Take My servants by night.
    Then make a dry path for them in the sea—
    Without fear of being caught (by the Pharaoh),
    And without fear (of being drowned in the sea).”
  78. Then the Pharaoh pursued them with his army,
    And the sea swallowed them up,
    As they were (meant) to be swallowed!
  79. Lo! The Pharaoh had misled his people
    And had not given them (the right) guidance.
  80. O children of Israel!
    We liberated you from your enemies,
    And We made a covenant with you
    From the right side of Mount Sinai,
    And sent down upon you manna and  quails.
  81. “Eat of what is good and wholesome,
    From the provisions We have bestowed upon you,
    And do not transgress therein,
    Or else, My punishment shall descend on you,
    And one upon whom descends the punishment,
    Of a certainty, he is annihilated.
  82. Lo! I am indeed the Lord of Forgiveness
    For one who repents,
    And has certainty of faith,
    And engages in righteous deeds,
    And has followed (Divine) Guidance.”
  83. “And what was the haste
    That brought you out from your people, O Moses?”
  84. He said: “They are (slow in) following me,
    And I was in a hurry to reach You, O my Rabb!
    To earn Your pleasure.”
  85. He (Allah) said: “We did indeed test your people in your absence,
    And the Samari led them astray.”
  86. So, Moses returned to his people
    In anger and remorse.
    He said: “O my people!
    Did not your Rabb make a covenant with you—
    A beautiful covenant?
    Was the period (of my absence) too long for you?
    Or, did you desire that the punishment from your Rabb descend on you?
    And (is that why) you broke (your) promise with me?”
  87. They said: “We did not violate our covenant with you on our own,
    But the burden of the jewelry of all the people was thrust upon us.
    So we threw it into the fire,
    And so did the Samari;
  88. And he built for them (the idol of) a calf,
    And (devised) for it the sound of a cow.
    Thereupon they said: “This is your deity and the deity of Moses,
    Which he (Moses) has forgotten.”
  89. Do they not see that it (the golden calf)
    Does not turn around and answer them,
    And it has no power to harm them or benefit them?
  90. And assuredly, Aaron had earlier said to them:
    “O my people! Indeed, you have not but been tested!
    And indeed your Rabb is the Most Compassionate;
    So follow me and obey my commands.”
  91. They said: “We shall never separate ourselves from it (the golden calf)
    (And) we shall continue (to worship it)
    Until Moses returns to us.”
  92. He (Moses) said: “O Aaron!
    What prevented you—
    When you saw that they went astray—
  93. From following me?
    And you disobeyed my commands?”
  94. He said: “O son of my mother!
    Do not grab me by my beard or by my hair.
    I was indeed afraid you would say:
    ‘You caused dissension among the children of Israel,
    And you did not follow my advice.’”
  95. He (Moses) said: “What do you have to say, O Samari!”
  96. He said: “I saw what they did not see.
    So I took what I could grasp from the traces of the messenger,
    And I discarded it—
    Thus did my ego mislead me.”
  97. He said: “Then leave!
    And indeed, all through your life
    You will say: ‘Do not touch me (you will be an outcast)!’
    And of a certainty, there is a destiny for you,
    Which you cannot avoid!
    And look at your deity
    To which you used to stay, attached.
    We will indeed burn (and melt) it down,
    And then scatter it over the sea.”
  98. Your God is none but Allah
    Besides whom there is no other god—
    His knowledge embraces all things.
  99. That is how We describe to you
    The histories of what has gone on before you;
    And assuredly, We have given you a reminder from Our beneficence.
  100. Whoever walks away from it,
    Then, heavy indeed shall be the burden on them on the Judgment Day.
  101. They shall dwell therein forever;
    And evil shall be the burden on them on the Judgment Day.
  102. The Day when the trumpet shall be blown,
    And the Day when We shall gather together
    The guilty with eyes darkened.
  103. They will whisper among each other:
    “You but stayed (on earth) for ten (days).”
  104. We know what they will say,
    When the leader among them says:
    “You stayed but one day.”
  105. And (when) they will ask you about the mountains;
    Say: “My Rabb will scatter them, pulverized.
  106. And He will leave it a (vast) flattened plain.
  107. You will not see therein a depression or an elevation.”
  108. That Day they shall follow the Caller—
    No deviation shall there be from it—
    And the voices shall drop (in humility) before the All Compassionate,
    And you shall hear not except hushed voices.
  109. That Day no intercession shall be of benefit
    Except one who is permitted by the All Compassionate
    And whose words are accepted by Him.
  110. He knows what is in between
    That which is in front of you,
    And that which is behind you,
    And they shall not encompass His knowledge.
  111. And their existence shall bow down
    Before the Living, the Eternal;
    Lo! He shall be desperate
    Who brings the burden (of his lapses).
  112. And one who engaged in righteous deeds,
    And had certainty of faith—
    Upon such there shall be no fear of excess, or a decrease.
  113. And that is how
    We have revealed to you the Qur’an in Arabic.
    And We have described in detail the forebodings,
    So that they learn Divine consciousness,
    Or(so that), it may make them remember (Allah).
  114. Lo! Allah is the Sovereign, the Just!
    So, do not make haste in the Qur’an,
    Until it is revealed to you in completion,
    And say: “O my Rabb!
    Grant me increase in knowledge.”
  115. And behold! We sent Our covenant to Adam aforetime,
    But he forgot—
    We did not find steadfastness in him.
  116. And when We said to the angels: “Prostrate before Adam!”
    They prostrated except Iblis—
    He refused.
  117. Then We said: “O Adam!
    Indeed he is an enemy to you and your spouse.
    So, do not let him drive you out of the Garden,
    Otherwise, you will be in toil and struggle.
  118. Indeed, there is no hunger for you therein, nor nakedness.
  119. And indeed, you will neither be thirsty nor exposed to the heat of the sun.”
  120. Then Satan sowed doubts in him.
    He said: “O Adam!
    Shall I guide you to the tree of immortality,
    And a kingdom that is eternal?
  121. So they ate thereof,
    And their shame became manifest,
    And they started to cover themselves with leaves from the Garden;
    Thus did Adam disobey his Rabb,
    And transgressed.
  122. Then did his Rabb turn towards him (with Divine Mercy),
    And forgave him,
    And gave him guidance.
  123. He said: “Get down from here, all together (Adam, Eve and their progeny, all of humanity)
    With enmity between one another.
    And if you receive guidance from Me,
    Then, whoever follows the guidance
    Shall not go astray and shall not be despondent.
  124. And whoever turns away from remembering Me,
    Then indeed his life shall be constricted,
    And We shall raise him up on the Judgment Day, blind.”
  125. He will say: “O my Rabb!
    Why did you raise me up blind
    When of a certainty I was one with eyesight?”
  126. He (the Rabb) will say:
    “Just as Our Signs came to you and you overlooked them,
    So shall you be overlooked today.”
  127. And that is how We recompense one who exceeds the limits,
    And who does not believe in the Signs from his Rabb.
    Lo! The punishment of the hereafter is intense and enduring!
  128. Did We not provide guidance
    To many a people before them whom We destroyed?
    They walk around amidst their (destroyed) dwellings—
    Indeed in them are Signs for a people who reason.
  129. And behold! Were it not for a Word
    That has already gone forth from your Rabb,
    And a period ordained,
    (The punishment) would certainly have descended,
  130. So be patient with what they say,
    And glorify and praise your Rabb,
    Before the rising of the sun,
    And before its setting,
    And some portion of the night, glorify Him,
    And at the extremities of the day,
    So that you gain tranquility
  131. And cast not your eyes
    On the wealth that We have given their cohorts—
    As embellishment in the life of this world—
    So that We may test them with it.
    Lo! The provision from your Rabb
    Is better and is ever lasting!
  132. And command your household to establish prayer,
    And be steadfast with it.
    We do not ask any provisions from you,
    It is We who provide for you,
    And the outcome is in favor of those
    Who are conscious of Allah.
  133. And they say: “Why does he not bring a Sign from his Rabb?”
    Did not a Sign that was in the earlier Scriptures come to them?
  134. And indeed, if We had destroyed them
    With Our punishment aforetime,
    They would say: “Our Rabb!
    Why did You not send a Messenger to us,
    So that we could follow Your Signs
    Before we were dishonored and disgraced?”
  135. Say: “We are all waiting,
    So you wait too!
    And you will soon know
    Who the people on the right path are,
    And who it is that has received guidance.”