Surah 38. Surah Saad

Surah 38. Surah Saad

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. Saad
    By the Quran
    Containing reminders (remembrance of Divine Message);
  2. But those who conceal the Truth
    Are arrogant and oppose it.
  3. How many communities (civilizations) have We destroyed before them!
    And they called out to Us,
    When there was little time for escape.
  4. And they are surprised
    That there has come to them a Warner
    From among themselves.
    And the disbelievers say:
    “This is a lying sorcerer.
  5. Has he made all the gods into One God—
    Indeed, this is a strange matter!”
  6. And the leaders among them embark (on a campaign):
    “Stay the course and persevere with your gods—
    This is indeed the resolute thing to do.
  7. We did not hear this from earlier communities—
    This is not but inconsistent (with what we have heard).
  8. What! A reminder has been sent down to him from among all of us?”
    No! They are in doubt about the Reminder.
    No! They have not tasted the punishment.
  9. What! Do they own
    The treasures of their Rabb— the Mighty, the Bestower?
  10. What! Do they possess the dominion
    Of the heavens and the earth and what is in between,
    So that they can climb up (to higher stations) with ropes?
  11. Here is a defeated host,
    Among the groups (who are lost).
  12. Before them,
    The people of Noah, and A’ad,
    And the Pharaohs, (and the)  Master of Stakes,
    Rejected the Truth,
  13. As did the Thamud,
    The people of Lot,
    And the dwellers of Laykah—
    These were the groups (who were lost in earlier times).
  14. They did nothing
    But keep rejecting the Messengers,
    So, the punishment (descended on them) with justice.
  15. And these (people) do not but wait
    For a single mighty blast
    In which there is no latitude (as to its time).
  16. And they say: “O our Rabb!
    Hasten for us our share
    Before the Day of Reckoning.”
  17. Be patient with what they say,
    And remember Our servant David,
    Possessor of strength—
    Indeed, he was among those who turned in repentance (to Us).
  18. Indeed, We obliged the mountains:
    “Glorify Us together with him
    By dusk and by dawn.”
  19. And the birds assembled,
    Turned to Him all together.
  20. And We strengthened his kingdom,
    And granted him wisdom,
    And judgment in speech (and decision).
  21. And has the news reached you of the dispute,
    When they (the two men) climbed over the wall?
  22. When they entered in the presence of David,
    He was apprehensive about them.
    They said: “Do not be apprehensive.
    The two of us have a dispute with each other
    About an excess the one has committed against the other.
    So judge between us with justice,
    And do not exceed (the limits),
    And guide us towards the right path.
  23. Indeed, this is my brother,
    He has ninety nine ewes,
    And I have only one ewe.
    And he says: ‘Turn it over to me,
    And he puts pressure on me through his diatribe.’”
  24. He (David) said:
    “He does indeed transgress
    In asking you to add your ewe to his ewes.”
    And indeed many are the wrong doers
    Who commit excess on one another—
    Except such as those who believe and engage in righteous deeds—
    And there are so few of them—
    And David realized,
    That We had indeed tried him,
    So he turned to his Rabb for forgiveness,
    And bowed down, bowing in repentance.
  25. Then We forgave him for that (trial),
    And indeed there is for him
    Closeness with Us and a station of excellence.
  26. O David! Behold! We have made you a deputy on earth,
    So judge between people with justice,
    And do not succumb to your desires,
    Lest it may lead you astray from the right path.
    Indeed those who stray from the path of Allah,
    For them there is an intense punishment
    In that they forgot the Day of Reckoning.
  27. And We did not create the heavens and the earth,
    And what is in between, unjustly.
    That is the speculation of the disbelievers—
    Then, woe to the disbelievers from the Fire.
  28. Would We make those who believe and engage in righteous deeds,
    Like those who spread mischief on earth?
    Would We make those who are conscious of Us,
    Like those who do evil?
  29. We have sent down a hallowed Book on you,
    So that they reflect on its Signs,
    And so that the people of intellect,
    May remember (and take heed).
  30. And We granted Solomon (as a son) to David—
    A Divine gift, a servant (of Allah)—
    Indeed, he was among those who turn to Us.
  31. When, one evening, high bred horses were presented to him,
  32. He said: “Indeed, I have come to love , with a higher love,
    Because of the dhikr (remembrance) of my Lord;
    Until it (the sun) disappeared in the curtain (of darkness).”
  33. (He said): “Bring them back to me!”
    Then he started to stroke their feet and their manes (out of his love for them).
  34. And truly, We tested Solomon,
    And We placed on his throne a body without life,
    Then he turned to Us (he was remorseful).
  35. He said: “O my Rabb! Forgive me!
    And bestow upon me a domain
    That shall not befit anyone after me.
    Indeed, You are the Bestower!”
  36. Then, We made subject to him the wind.
    It blew gently by His command,
    (And took him to) where he wanted to go.
  37. And the evil ones, all of them—
    Those who built and dived,
  38. And the rest, shackled in chains (to serve him)—
  39. “Such is Our gift (We said to him),
    Give it away or withhold it without measure”.
  40. And indeed there is for him
    Closeness with Us and a station of excellence.
  41. And remember Our servant Job.
    When he called his Rabb:
    “Indeed, Satan has caused me pain and punishment.”
  42. “Strike with your foot (the ground).
    This (water) is for bathing and is cool for drinking.”
  43. And We granted him his family,
    And (companions) like them, along with them—
    A Mercy from Us,
    And a reminder for people of intellect.
  44. “And take a collection of grass (a broom) in your hand,
    And strike with it,
    But do not break your oath.”
    We did find him patient—
    A Divine gift, a servant (of Allah)—
    Indeed, he was among those who turn to Us.
  45. And remember Our servants Abraham and Isaac and Jacob,
    Possessors of strength and vision.
  46. Indeed, We purified them
    With a distinctive remembrance
    Of the home (in the hereafter).
  47. And indeed they were near to Us
    Among the most noble of the chosen ones.
  48. And remember Ishmael and Elisha and Dhul-Kifl,
    And they were all among the most noble ones.
  49. This is the Reminder:
    And indeed, most beautiful is the abode for those who are conscious of Allah,
  50. Gardens of eternity—
    Doors (to bliss) open to them;
  51. Reclining therein,
    They will call for fruits, unending (in their heavenly taste),
    And drinks (of Divine love).
  52. And near them
    Will be heavenly beings,
    Bashful, harmonized with them in time.
  53. This is what is promised to you
    On the Day of Reckoning.
  54. This is indeed the provision from Us,
    For which there is no end.
  55. This (is as it shall be)—
    And indeed, evil shall be the abode of the rebellious.
  56. Hell—
    They shall enter therein,
    And what an awful place to rest it is!
  57. This (is as it shall be)—
    Then, they shall taste Hamim (boiling putrid fluid)
    And Gazzaq (freezing putrid fluid).
  58. And then, (the punishment shall have)
    Many complementary forms.
  59. Such are the multitudes
    Rushing with you (towards punishment),
    There is no welcome for them—
    Indeed, they are destined to enter the Fire.
  60. They will say (to their leaders):
    “No, but you,
    No welcome for you—
    You were the ones who brought this upon us—
    What an awful abode!”
  61. They (the leaders) will say:
    “For those who brought this upon us,
    Increase the punishment in the Fire twofold.”
  62. And they will say:
    “What (has happened) to us?
    We do not see the people whom we considered wicked.
  63. Did we hold them up for mockery,
    Or is it that they are not visible to our eyes?”
  64. Indeed, this in-fighting among the companions of the Fire
    Is just (as it should be).
  65. Say: “I am not but a Warner,
    And there is no deity but Allah,
    The One, the Irresistible.
  66. The Rabb of the heavens and the earth
    And what is in between,
    The Mighty, the Forgiving.”
  67. Say: “That is momentous news,
  68. From which you turn away.
  69. I had no knowledge of the highest domain,
    When they were arguing among themselves,
  70. (Were it ) not (for) the revelation upon me—
    I am indeed but a manifest Warner.”
  71. When your Rabb said to the angels:
    “I will create the human from clay.
  72. Then, when I have him molded (with perfect order and proportion),
    And have breathed into him of My Spirit,
    Then, you fall down in prostration before him.“
  73. Then, all of the angels fell down in prostration—
  74. Except Iblis.
    He was arrogant,
    And was among the disbelievers.
  75. He (Allah) said: “O Iblis!
    What has prevented you from prostrating in front of
    That which My hands have created?
    Are you arrogant?
    Or, you (fancy yourself) among the exalted?”
  76. He (Iblis) said: “I am better than him.
    (You) created me from fire (energy),
    And (You) created him from clay.”
  77. He (Allah) said: “Get away from here!
    For you are indeed an outcast (removed from My grace).
  78. And indeed My curse shall be upon you
    Until the Judgment Day. “
  79. He (Iblis) said: “O my Rabb!
    Then give me respite until the Day of Return.”
  80. He (Allah) said: “Then, you shall be among those given respite,
  81. Until the Day, the time whereof is determined.”
  82. He (Iblis) said: “By Your honor!
    I shall waylay them all,
  83. Except such as those among them
    Who worship (and serve) You.”
  84. He (Allah) said: “This is the Truth—Surah 38. Surah Saad
    And My Word is the Truth—
  85. I shall certainly fill Hell with you,
    And all those among them who follow you.”
  86. Say: “I do not seek any compensation from you for this,
    And I am not among those who make up pretenses.
  87. This is but a Reminder for all the worlds.
  88. And you shall learn what it conveys,
    When the time has come to pass.”