Surah 40. Surah al Mo’min

Surah 40. Surah al Mo’min (One with Certainty of Faith)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. Ha Meem
  2. The revelation of this Book is
    From Allah, the Mighty, the All-Knowing,
  3. The Forgiver of sins,
    And the Acceptor of repentance;
    Relentless in retribution,
    Owner (granter) of bounties.
    There is no god but He,
    To Him is the return.
  4. They do not argue about the Signs of Allah
    Except such as those who disbelieve,
    So, let not their furor in the land
    Deceive you.
  5. The people of Noah disbelieved before them,
    So did (many) generations after them;
    And every community connived against its Prophet
    To seize him and fight him with untruth
    To vanquish the truth with it.
    So I seized them—
    Then, what (how terrible) was My retribution!
  6. And that is how the Word of your Rabb
    Comes true on the disbelievers
    Because they are companions of the Fire.
  7. Those (angels) who carry the Throne,
    And those around it,
    Glorify their Rabb with praise,
    And they believe in Him,
    And they ask for the forgiveness of those who believe:
    “O our Rabb!
    Your Grace and Your knowledge embrace all,
    So, forgive those who repent and follow the right path,
    And protect them from the punishment of Hell.
  8. O our Rabb!
    And admit them to the eternal Gardens
    Of which You have promised them,
    As well as those who were righteous among their forefathers,
    And their spouses,
    And their descendants.
    Indeed, you are the Mighty, the Wise.
  9. And protect them from evil,
    And he who is protected from evil this Day,
    Indeed, upon him, there was Your Mercy—
    And that is what the greatest triumph is!”
  10. Indeed, those who disbelieve will be called out:
    “The aversion of Allah is greater
    Than your own aversion (to Him) when you were invited to believe.
    And you were rejecting it.”
  11. They will say: “O our Rabb!
    You gave us death twice,
    And You gave us life twice;
    And, we acknowledge our sins,
    Is there any way to extricate ourselves (from the predicament we are in)?”
  12. (It will be said to them): “ This (predicament) is upon you
    Because when Allah alone was invoked,
    You rejected (Him).
    And if any (deity) was associated with Him, you accepted it.”
    So, the judgment is with Allah, the Exalted, the Greatest!
  13. It is He who shows you His Signs,
    And sends down your provisions from the heavens,
    Yet no one remembers Him,
    Except such as one who is turned (towards Him).
  14. Therefore, call on Allah with sincerity,
    For Him is the prayer,
    Even though the disbelievers dislike it.
  15. Transcendent above all stations, Master of the Throne—
    He sends the Spirit by His command
    To any among His servants, as He wills,
    So that they may warn (people) of the Day of Gathering;
  16. The Day when they shall be brought up (from their graves)—
    Nothing about them shall be concealed from Allah—
    Whose is the sovereignty this Day?
    It is with Allah, the One, the Irresistible.
  17. This Day shall every soul reap what it has earned.
    Indeed, Allah is swift in reckoning!
  18. And warn them
    Of the Day that is close
    When hearts shall rise up to the throats, distraught,
    No friend shall the transgressors have,
    And no intercessor heard.
  19. He is aware of the most fleeting glance,
    And what you conceal in your hearts.
  20. Lo! Allah judges in accordance with justice—
    And those they call on besides Allah do not judge anything—
    Indeed Allah is He who is the Hearer, the Seer.
  21. Have they not traveled through the earth
    And seen what was the end of those before them?
    They were mightier than they,
    In their imprints on earth,
    Then Allah seized them for their wrong doings,
    And there was none to protect them from Allah.
  22. That because there came to them Messengers with clear Signs,
    And they denied them,
    So, Allah seized them,
    Indeed, He is the Mighty, intense in retribution.
  23. And behold! We sent Moses with Our Signs,
    And a manifest authority,
  24. To the Pharaoh,
    And Haman,
    And Qaroon,
    And they said: “(this is) a lying magician!”
  25. Then,
    When he came to them with the Truth, they said:
    “Slaughter the sons of those who have believed with him,
    And keep alive their women—“
    But futile are the plots of the disbelievers.
  26. And the Pharaoh said:
    “Let me kill Moses, and let him call his Rabb.
    Indeed, I fear that he may change your religion,
    Or that he may bring about turmoil in the land.”
  27. And Moses said:
    “I have indeed taken refuge
    With my Rabb and your Rabb,
    From every arrogant (tyrant)
    Who does not believe in the Day of Reckoning.”
  28. And said a believing man from among the people of the Pharaoh
    (Who was) secretly holding on to his faith:
    “Would you kill a man if he says: ‘Allah is my Rabb’.
    And when there have come to you clear Signs from your Rabb?
    And if he is a liar, his lying is upon him.
    And if he is truthful,
    Some of (the disasters ) he promises will reach you,
    Indeed, Allah does not guide one who denies the truth in the extreme.
  29. O my people!
    Today, the sovereignty is with you,
    And you hold sway in the land.
    But who will help us if there descends upon us the punishment from Allah?”
    The Pharaoh said:
    “I do not show you (tell you) except what I see,
    And I do not guide you except towards a beneficial path.”
  30. And said he who had believed:
    “O my people!
    I do indeed fear for you,
    A Day such as the one (of calamity) for the parties
    (who were arrayed against the truth);
  31. Such as the situation of the people of Noah and A’ad and Thamud,
    And those who came after them
    And Allah does not seek to commit an excess on His servants.
  32. And O my people!
    I do indeed  fear for you
    A day of agonizing cries,
  33. The Day when you will turn around on your backs (to run away)
    (When) there shall be no protector for you from Allah,
    And whom Allah leads astray, for him there is no guide.
  34. And behold! There came Joseph in earlier times
    With clear Signs,
    And you did not cease to have doubts about what he came to you with,
    Until, when he died, you said:
    ‘Allah will not send a Messenger after him’.
    That is how Allah leads astray one who consumes himself in his skepticism.
  35. Those who argue about the Signs of Allah
    Without having received any evidence—
    Most disagreeable it is to Allah and to those who have certainty of faith—
    That is how Allah places a seal
    On the heart of every arrogant tyrant.“
  36. And the Pharaoh said:
    “O Haman! Build for me a structure
    So that I can attain (see) the ways—
  37. The ways of the heavens—
    Then I can look at the God of Moses—
    And of a certainty I suspect he is a liar.”
    Lo! That is how his own misdeeds
    Appeared fair in the eyes of the Pharaoh,
    And he was thwarted from the right path,
    And the plans of the Pharaoh were not but (his own) ruin.
  38. And said the man who had believed:
    “O my people!
    Follow me and I will show you the right path.
  39. O my people!
    Indeed, there is (some) benefit in the life of this world,
    But the hereafter–
    That is the abode that endures.
  40. He who commits a wrongful deed,
    Is  compensated not thereafter except likewise.
    And one who performs a good deed—
    Whether it be a man or a woman—
    That one is a believer,
    And such (are the people) who enter Paradise,
    Wherein they will receive bounties without measure.
  41. And O my people!
    Why is it that I invite you towards salvation,
    And you invite me towards the Fire?
  42. You invite me to reject Allah
    And associate partners with Him
    Of which I have no knowledge,
    While I invite you towards the Mighty, the Forgiver.
  43. There is no doubt
    That what you invite me towards,
    No standing has it in this world,
    And not in the hereafter;
    And that we shall return to Allah,
    And that those who exceed the limits,
    They are companions of the Fire.
  44. Then, soon you shall remember
    What I am telling you.
    And I submit my affairs to Allah—
    Indeed, Allah is witness over His servants.“
  45. Then, Allah protected him from the evil of what they were plotting,
    And surrounded the people of the Pharaoh in an evil chastisement.
  46. The Fire before which they shall be presented day and night,
    And the Day the Moment (of Judgment) is established,
    (It shall be commanded):
    “Place the people of the Pharaoh into intense punishment!”
  47. And when they argue in Hell—
    The weak ones will say to those who used to be arrogant:
    “We did indeed follow you.
    So, will you remove some of our portion from the Fire?”
  48. Those who used to be arrogant will say:
    “Indeed, we are all together in it—
    Indeed, Allah has passed the judgment between His servants.”
  49. And those who are in the Fire
    Say to the keepers of hell:
    “Pray to your Rabb
    To reduce our punishment by one day.”
  50. They will say: “Did not your Messengers come to you with clear Signs?”
    They will say: “Yes, indeed!”
    They will say: “Then, you call (Him)!”
    But the call (pleading) of the disbelievers is not but in vain.
  51. Indeed, We do help Our Messengers,
    And those who have certainty of faith,
    In the life of this world,
    And the Day the witnesses stand up.
  52. The Day when the excuses of the transgressors shall not benefit them,
    And upon them shall be the curse (rejection from Divine Grace),
    And for them shall be an evil abode.
  53. And behold! We gave Moses the Guidance,
    And We made the children of Israel inheritors of the Book;
  54. A Guidance and a Reminder for people of intellect.
  55. Therefore, be patient (and persevere),
    Indeed, the promise of Allah is true,
    And seek forgiveness for your wrongdoings,
    And glorify your Rabb with His praise, by dusk and by dawn.
  56. Indeed, those who argue about the Signs of Allah
    Without any authority (evidence) that has been given to them—
    There is nothing but arrogance in their bosom (outer heart),
    Never shall they satisfy it.
    Therefore, seek protection in Allah—
    Indeed, He it is who is the Hearer, the Seer.
  57. Assuredly, the creation of the heavens and the earth is greater
    Than the creation of humankind,
    But most among humankind do not understand (comprehend).
  58. And not equal are the blind and those who see;
    And those who believe with certainty and engage in righteous deeds
    Are not (the equal of those who) engage in evil deeds.
    Little it is that you remember!
  59. Indeed the Moment shall arrive—
    There is no doubt about it—
    But most among humankind do not believe.
  60. And your Rabb has said:
    “Call on Me and I shall respond to you!
    Indeed, those who are arrogant about worshiping (and serving) Me,
    Soon shall they enter hell, dishonored.”
  61. Allah is He who has made for you the night
    So that you rest therein,
    And the day to illuminate (His creation);
    Indeed, Allah is the provider of bounties for humankind,
    But most among humankind are not thankful.
  62. That is Allah, your Rabb,
    Creator of all there is,
    There is no god but He.
    Then, how is it that you wander off (and speculate)?
  63. That is how they wander off (speculate)—
    They who reject the Signs of Allah.
  64. Allah is He who made the earth a place of rest for you,
    And the heavens, a canopy,
    And made your faces (forms) the most beautiful of faces (forms),
    And gave you provisions wholesome,
    That is Allah, your Rabb;
    And most bountiful is Allah,
    The Creator,  Sustainer and Cherisher of all the worlds.
  65. He is the Living,
    There is no god but He,
    So call on Him with sincerity, to His worship—
    All praise is to Allah,
    The Creator, Sustainer and Cherisher of all the worlds.
  66. Say: “Indeed, I am forbidden
    From worshiping (serving) what you invoke besides Allah,
    When there have come to me clear Signs from my Rabb.
    And I am commanded that I surrender
    To the Creator, Sustainer and Cherisher of all the worlds.”
  67. He it is who created you from clay,
    Then from a seminal fluid,
    Then from an embryo,
    Then He brings you forth as a baby,
    Then (He sustains you) so that you reach the fullness (of youth)
    Then (He sustains you) so that you reach old age,
    And among you some die before it,
    And (He sustains you) so that you attain an age determined,
    And learn wisdom.
  68. He it is Who gives life,
    And gives death.
    So, when He makes a decision about a command,
    He but says: “Be!”
    And it is!
    (Be! And it was!)
  69. Have you not seen those who argue about the Signs of Allah—
    How they speculate!
  70. Those who deny the Book,
    And what We have sent down with Our Messengers—
    But they shall soon learn,
  71. When the yokes (are pushed up) against their necks,
    And they are dragged in chains,
  72. Into a burning, putrid fluid,
    And are then set ablaze in the Fire.
  73. Then it will be said to them:
    “Where are those you associated as partners
  74. Besides Allah?”
    They will say: “They have disappeared from us;
    No, we never invoked anyone before this time (who would stand by us).”
    That is how Allah leads astray the disbelievers.
  75. This, because you indulged on earth unjustly,
    And because you were puffed up with it.
  76. Enter the gates of Hell,
    To dwell therein forever—
    And woeful is the abode of the arrogant.
  77. So, be patient (and persevere),
    Indeed, the promise of Allah is true.
    Then, whether We show you some of what We have promised them,
    Or We grant you death—
    They shall be returned to Us.
  78. And behold! We sent Messengers before you,
    Of some We have narrated to you,
    And of some We have not narrated to you,
    And it was not for a Messenger
    That he should bring any Sign except with the permission of Allah.
    Then, when there came the command of Allah,
    Judgment was made in Truth (and Justice),
    And the companions of falsehood were lost.
  79. Allah is He who has made livestock for you,
    So that you ride on some, and of some you eat.
  80. And in them are benefits for you,
    And (He has provided them for you)
    So that you reach, upon them, your cherished destinations
    (the needs of your hearts);
    And you carry your burdens (men and material)
    Upon them and upon ships.
  81. And He shows you His Signs—
    Then, which of the Signs of Allah do you deny?
  82. Do they not travel through the earth
    And see what was the end of those before them?
    They were more numerous than them,
    And mightier in strength,
    In their traces on earth,
    But what they had earned was of no benefit to them.
  83. Then,
    When there came to them their Messengers with clear Signs,
    They were puffed up with the (worldly) knowledge that was with them,
    And they were hemmed in
    By what they mocked at.
  84. Then,
    When they saw Our punishment,
    They said: “We believe in Allah,
    He is One,
    And we reject what we used to associate with Him.”
  85. But of no benefit was their belief when they saw Our punishment—
    Such is the way of Allah that has come to pass on His servants,
    And such is the way the disbelievers were lost.