Surah 59. Surah al Hashr (The Gathering)

Surah 59. Surah al Hashr (The Gathering)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. Whatever is in the heavens and in the earth glorifies Allah;
    Lo! He is the Mighty, the Wise!
  2. He it is who exiled from their homes
    Such among the People of the Book
    As disbelieved
    At (their) first assembly (for war).
    You did not expect they would be expelled,
    And they believed that their fortresses would protect them from Allah.
    So (the punishment) came to them,
    From quarters they had not reckoned,
    And it put fear into their hearts.
    They destroyed their homes with their own hands,
    And the hands of the believers.
    So, take heed, O you endowed with inner vision!
  3. And if Allah had not decreed for them exile
    Then there would be torment for them in the world,
    And there would be the torment of Fire for them in the hereafter.
  4. That because they did indeed oppose Allah and His Messenger,
    And whoever sets himself up against Allah,
    Allah is indeed intense in His retribution.
  5. Whatever you cut down of the trees,
    Or left standing on their stems,
    It was by the command of Allah,
    And it was a recompense for the rebellious.
  6. And whatever benefits Allah gave His Messenger from them,
    You did not have to ride (your) horses or camels (for it).
    But Allah gives authority to His Messengers on whatever He wills,
    And Allah has power over all things.
  7. Whatever Allah gives the Prophet from those townships,
    It is for Allah and the Messenger, and the kin,
    And the orphans, and the mendicants, and the wayfarers,
    So that it does not circulate (only) with the rich among you.
    And whatever is given to you by the Messenger, accept it.
    And whatever is forbidden to you, stay away from it.
    And be aware of Allah.
    Indeed Allah is intense in retribution.
  8. (Whatever is given to the Prophet is) for the poor among the émigrés,
    Who were expelled from their homes,
    And (deprived of their) belongings.
    They reach out for the bounties of Allah and His pleasure.
    And they rally for Allah and His Messenger.
    It is they who are truthful.
  9. And those in this city who had taken the oath
    And had believed in earlier times,
    Love those who emigrated to them,
    And do not find any need in their hearts for what is given to them (the émigrés),
    And prefer them over their own selves,
    Even if they are in scarcity.
    And whoever saves himself from envy,
    Then such are the ones who attain felicity.
  10. And those who came (into Islam) after them say:
    “O Our Rabb! Forgive us and our brothers,
    Who were ahead of us in faith,
    And let there be no envy in our hearts for those who believed.
    O our Rabb! You are indeed the Compassionate, the Merciful.”
  11. Have you not seen the hypocrites?
    They say to their brothers who disbelieved among the people of the Book:
    “If you are expelled, we will leave with you,
    And we will never obey anyone against you.
    And if you are attacked, we will certainly help you.”
    Lo! Allah is witness that they are liars!
  12. If they are expelled, they (the hypocrites) will not leave with them,
    And if there be a fight against them, they will not help them.
    And if they do help them, they will indeed turn their backs.
    Eventually, they will not be helped.
  13. Of a certainty, you evoke a more intense fear in their hearts
    Than (the fear of) Allah.
    That is so because they are a people without understanding.
  14. They will not fight you as a body
    Except from fortified cities,
    Or from behind walls.
    Their fights among themselves are intense.
    You reckon they are together,
    But their hearts are divided.
    That because they are a people who do not reason.
  15. Their example is like that of people in recent times,
    They tasted the sickness of their deeds,
    And upon them is a painful torment.
  16. Like the example of Satan,
    When he said to the human: “Disobey!”
    Then, when he had disobeyed,
    He said: “I do indeed free myself of you,
    Indeed, I fear Allah, the Rabb of all the worlds.”
  17. Such is the end of them both—
    They both (head) for the Fire,
    To dwell therein forever.
    And that is the recompense for the transgressors.
  18. O you who have certainty of faith!
    Be conscious of Allah,
    And see what each soul sends forth ahead of it for tomorrow;
    And be conscious of Allah!
    Indeed, Allah is aware of what you are doing.
  19. And do not be like those who forget Allah,
    So (He made them) forget their own souls.
    They are the hypocrites.
  20. Not equal are the companions of the Fire
    And the companions of the Garden,
    The companions of the Garden,
    They are the ones who triumph!
  21. Had we brought down this Qur’an upon a mountain,
    You would see it humbled,
    Pulverized by fear of Allah.
    And these are the similes
    We bring forth for humankind,
    So that they ponder.
  22. Allah is He, other than Whom there is none worthy of worship—
    The Knower of what is beyond perception, and what is perceived;
    He is the Compassionate, the Merciful.
  23. Allah is He,
    Other than Whom there is none worthy of worship—
    The Sovereign,
    The Holy,
    The Source of Peace,
    The Giver of Faith,
    The Guardian of Truth,
    The Mighty,
    The Irresistible,
    The Owner of Majesty,
    Glorified be Allah,
    Transcendent is He over what they ascribe to Him!
  24. Allah is He,
    The Creator,
    The Originator,
    The Creator of Form and Color (artist supreme),
    His are the Most Beautiful Names;
    All that is in the heavens and the earth extols Him,
    And He is the Mighty, the Wise!