Surah 6. Surah al An’am (The Livestock)

Surah 6. Surah al An’am (The Livestock)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. All praise is to Allah who created the heavens and the earth
    And brought into being layers of darkness and light.
    Then, (how can) the disbelievers equate their Rabb with others?
  2. He it is who created you from the earth,
    Then determined a term (on earth) for you and a time to return to Him.
    Even so, (do) you disbelieve in Him?
  3. And He it is Who is Allah in the heavens and the earth.
    He knows what is concealed within you
    As well as what is manifest outside of you
    And He is well aware of what you earn.
  4. And there has not come to them any Sign from the Signs of their Rabb
    But they turn away from it.
  5. Indeed, they gave the lie to the Truth whenever it came to them.
    So, the reality of what they ridiculed will soon be before them.
  6. Have they not seen how many communities (civilizations) We destroyed before them?
    We had given them power on earth the likes of which you have not experienced,
    And We sent down abundant rain for them,
    And created streams flowing underneath them.
    Then We destroyed them because of their wrong-doings,
    And We established new communities (civilizations) after them.
  7. And indeed, had We sent down to you something written on sheepskin (paper)
    And they touched it with their hands,
    Those who reject the Truth would (nonetheless) have said, “This is nothing but obvious magic”.
  8. And they say, “Why is an angel not sent to him?”
    Indeed, if We send down an angel the matter will be finished and they will have no respite.
  9. And if We had made him an angel,
    We would make him (look like) a person, and We would make them doubt as they doubt now.
  10. And certainly, the Messengers before you were ridiculed;
    Then their very ridicule overwhelmed those who had ridiculed.
  11. Say: “Travel through the earth,
    And observe what was the fate of those who gave the lie (to Our Signs).”
  12. Say: “To whom belongs what is in the heavens and the earth?”
    Declare: “To Allah”.
    Allah has decreed mercy on your souls.
    There can be no doubt that Allah will gather you all together on the Judgment Day.
    Those who deceive their own souls – for them there is no certainty of faith.
  13. And to Him belongs whatever dwells (abides) by night or by day.
    Lo! He is the Hearer, the Knower!
  14. Say: “Shall I take as my protector any other than Allah who originated the heavens and the earth,
    And He is the one who feeds, but does not need to be fed?”
    Say: “I am commanded that I be the first to surrender (my will)
    And be not among those who associate partners with Allah.”
  15. Say: “I am indeed afraid of the punishment of the Momentous Day if I were to disobey.”
  16. Whoever is turned away (from punishment) on that Day, has received (Divine) Mercy.
    And that is a triumph indeed!
  17. And if Allah imposes a difficulty upon you, none other than He can unveil (remove) it;
    and if some felicity reaches you, then (know that) He is the Power over all things.
  18. Lo! He has authority over His servants, and He is the Wise, the Aware!
  19. Say: “Whose witness is the most reliable?” Say: “It is Allah’s.
    He is witness between me and you,
    And this Qur’an has been revealed to me so that I warn you by it,
    (And also) whoever (else) it may reach (at any time or any land).
    What? Would you bear witness that there is indeed a deity besides Allah?”
    Say: “We do not (associate a partner with Allah).
    Say: “He is indeed not but the only One worthy of worship,
    And I am indeed clear of what you associate with (Allah).”
  20. Those to whom We have granted the Book recognize it (know, comprehend and witness it)
    As they recognize their own children. They who do not believe deceive their own souls.
  21. And who is a greater transgressor than one who ascribes a lie to Allah or His Signs?
    Lo! Those who transgress do not attain felicity.
  22. And the Day when We gather them all together,
    And We ask those who associated (partners with Allah):
    “Where are your partners you used to claim (as deities)?”
  23. Then, no excuse for their mischief shall remain except for them to say:
    “We swear by Allah, our Sustainer, we were not among those who associated (partners with Allah).”
  24. Witness how they lie against their own souls and how their false claims have forsaken them.
  25. And among them are some who have their ears turned towards you (to eavesdrop).
    Lo! We have placed coverings on their hearts so that they will not understand
    And (We have placed) a deafness in their ears.
    And even if they witness all the Signs,
    They will not believe so much so that when they come to argue with you,
    The disbelievers say: “These are but tales of the ancients.”
  26. And they forbid it (the Qur’an), and they run away from it.
    Lo! They kill none but their own souls but they perceive it not!
  27. And if you were to see when they stand at the Fire, they will cry out:
    “Woe is to us! If only we could return, we would not deny the Signs of our Rabb
    And we would be among those who believe.”
  28. No! What they used to hide aforetime is in the open now,
    And if they were to return, they would repeat what was forbidden to them.
    And indeed, they are liars.
  29. And they say: “There is nothing but our life in this world
    And we are not going to be raised up (on the Judgment Day)”.
  30. And if you were to see when they stand before their Rabb,
    He (Allah) will say: “Is this not the Truth?”
    They will say: “Yes indeed, we swear by our Rabb!”
    He will say: “Taste then the punishment for what you used to reject.”
  31. Indeed, they are losers who deny the meeting with Allah
    Until there suddenly comes upon them the Moment (of Judgment).
    They will say: “Woe is to us for what we neglected!”
    And they will carry their burden on their backs.
    Beware! What they carry will be evil!
  32. Lo! The life of this world is but play and amusement!
    And the abode of the hereafter is better for those who are Allah-conscious.
    Will you not reason?
  33. Indeed, We are aware of your anguish at what they say
    But assuredly it is not you they deny – they are transgressors who reject the Signs of Allah.
  34. And indeed, they rejected the Messengers before you.
    Even so, they (the Messengers) persevered despite their rejection and their torment
    Until they received Our help.
    Lo! None can alter the Words of Allah!
    And verily, there have come to you some accounts of the Messengers.
  35. And if you are displeased with their excuses,
    Then (even) if you could find a tunnel under the earth
    (find a means to descend into the depths of the soul)
    Or a ladder up to the sky (find a means of ascension to the heavens),
    And bring them a Sign (they would not believe).
    And if Allah had so willed it, He would have brought them all together into (His) guidance.
    Therefore, do not be among those who have no knowledge (of the inner nature of things).
  36. Only those accept (the call) who hear (with their hearts).
    And the dead shall be raised up by Allah, and then they shall return to Him.
  37. And they say: “Why has a Sign not descended on him from his Rabb?”
    Say: “Indeed, Allah has the authority over what Signs are revealed.”
    But most of them do not comprehend.
  38. There is nothing that walks on earth, nor a bird that flies on its wings
    That does not have communities like your own.
    There is nothing that We have left out from the Book (from the Divine Order).
    Then, they shall be gathered together before their Rabb.
  39. Those who deny Our Signs are deaf and dumb and steeped in darkness upon darkness.
    Allah leads astray whom He will, and He brings whom He will to the straight path.
  40. Say: “Will you not see?
    If the punishment from Allah descends on you,
    Or if the Moment (of Judgment) seizes you,
    Will you call upon anyone but Allah, if you are truthful?”
  41. No! He alone do you call (for help).
    Then He removes whatever (difficulties) you invoke Him for, if He so wills it.
    And you forget those you associate (with Allah).
  42. And behold! We sent (Messengers) to communities before you.
    Then We seized them firmly and (tried them with) hardship
    So that they humble themselves (before Us).
  43. That being the case, why did they not beseech (Us) with humility
    When Our punishment reached them?
    Lo! Their hearts were hardened and Satan had puffed them up for what they were doing.
  44. So, when they had forgotten what We had revealed to them,
    We opened for them the doors to all (worldly) things
    Until they became heedless with what We gave them.
    (Then) We seized them suddenly and they were overwhelmed.
  45. Thus, the very roots of a people who had transgressed were cut off.
    And all praise is to Allah, the Rabb of all the universes.
  46. Say: “Will you not consider that if Allah were to take away your hearing
    And (your) sight and seal up your hearts,
    Then who is the deity besides Allah who can bring them back to you?
    Consider how We explain the Signs (from many different perspectives) and yet they walk away.
  47. Say: “Will you not consider that if the punishment from Allah
    Descends on you suddenly or predictably,
    Will anyone perish except the people who are transgressors?”
  48. We do not send Messengers except to give glad tidings (of Divine Mercy)
    Or to warn (of Divine Wrath).
    Then, whoever believes and changes (his behavior),
    Upon them shall be no fear not shall they grieve.
  49. Those who give the lie to Our Signs,
    Our punishment shall reach them, because they break their covenant (with Allah).
  50. Say: “I do not tell you that I own treasures from Allah,
    And I do not know what is beyond perception,
    And I do not tell you that I am an angel.
    I follow not but what is revealed to me.”
    Say: “Is one who is blind (to realities of the invisible world)
    The equal of one who can see (with his inner eye)?”
    Will you not then reflect?
  51. And warn those who fear that they will be gathered together before their Rabb
    That they shall have no helper nor an intercessor but Him,
    So that they become Allah-conscious.
  52. And do not turn away those who call on their Rabb, by day and by night,
    Seeking to turn in His direction.
    You are not in the least accountable for them;
    And they are not in the least accountable for you.
    So, if you turn them away, you will be among those who are unjust.
  53. And thus do We try some of them over others so that they say:
    “Are these the ones from among us upon whom Allah sent (His grace)?”
    Is not Allah the Knower of those who are thankful?
  54. And when those who have certainty of faith in Our Signs come to you, say:
    “Peace be unto you! Allah has prescribed Mercy upon Himself
    So that if one among you does a wrong unwittingly and then repents and seeks rehabilitation,
    In that case, (he will find that) He is the Forgiver, the Merciful.”
  55. And that is how We describe our Signs
    So that the way of the wrong-doers is made to stand out.
  56. Say: “I have been forbidden from worshiping those whom you invoke besides Allah.”
    Say: “I do not follow your desires;
    If that were so, I would be astray and I would not be among those who are rightly guided.”
  57. Say: “I stand on the illuminated proof from my Sustainer and you reject it.
    What you seek in haste (the Judgment Day) is not with me.
    Judgment is only with Allah.
    He manifests the Truth and He is the most benevolent of Judges.”
  58. Say: “If I had with me what you seek in haste,
    Then the issue between me and you would have been settled.”
    Lo! Allah knows the transgressors!
  59. And with Him are the keys to knowledge beyond perception
    Which no one knows but Him.
    And He knows what is on land and on the sea.
    And not a leaf falls without His knowledge,
    And there is not a grain in the dark recesses of the earth, either wet or dry,
    Except that it is noted in an open Book (as ordained by Him).
  60. He it is who takes your life at night and He knows what you earn during the day.
    Then He wakes you up so that the period determined (for you) is completed.
    Then to Him shall you return.
    Then He will let you know what it is that you have done.
  61. And He has sway over His servants and He sends upon them guardians ( angels)
    Until death approaches one of you and Our Angels extract the spirit
    And they do not delay (in what they do).
  62. Then they shall return to Allah, their true Protector.
    Hearken! Judgment is with Allah!
    And He is the swiftest of those who take accounts!
  63. Say: “Who saves you from darkness upon darkness on land and at sea
    When you invoke Him, beseeching Him loudly and secretly:
    ‘If He saves us from this (calamity) we will be among those who are truly grateful’?”
  64. Say: “Allah saves you from these (calamities) and from every difficulty,
    And yet you associate partners with Him!”
  65. Say: “He is the Lord of Power so He can send upon you a punishment from up high
    Or from beneath your feet
    Or cause you to be divided into parties one fighting the other.”
    See in how many ways We describe Our Signs so that you may understand.
  66. Your people have rejected this (Revelation) even though it is the Truth.
    Say: “I am not a warden over you!”
  67. For everything there is a time, and soon shall you know it!
  68. When you see people arguing over Our Signs,
    Excuse yourself from them until they get busy with some other conversation.
    And if Satan makes you forget this, then,
    As soon as you remember it, do not stay with the transgressors.
  69. And those who have certainty of faith have no accountability for them (the disbelievers)
    Except to admonish (the disbelievers) so that they learn Divine consciousness.
  70. And leave alone those who take their deen as a game and fun.
    The life of this world has deceived and captured them.
    But warn them so that no soul is caught with what it has earned
    (On the Day when) there is no protector or intercessor except Allah,
    And even if all the ransom is offered for expiation it will not be accepted.
    For those who are caught with what they themselves have earned,
    There is a putrid drink and a painful punishment because of what they used to reject.
  71. Say: “Shall we invoke besides Allah (anyone) who can neither benefit us nor hurt us?
    And shall we turn on our heels after Allah has guided us,
    Like the one who is abandoned by Satan somewhere on land,
    Confused even as his friends call him towards the guidance sent by Us?”
    Say: “The guidance from Allah – that is indeed the guidance,
    And we are commanded to submit to the Rabb of all the universes;
  72. And that (we) establish prayer and be conscious of Allah
    And He it is towards Whom you shall all be gathered.”
  73. And He it is who created the heavens and the earth in Truth
    And the Moment He says “Be!”and it is!
    His Word is the Truth!
    His is the sovereignty on the Day the trumpet is blown.
    (He is) the Knower of what is beyond perception and what is perceived
    And He is the Wise, the Aware!
  74. Behold! When Abraham said to his father Azar:
    “Do you take idols as your gods?
    I do indeed see that you and your people are in obvious error!”
  75. And that is how We continued to show Abraham the dominion of the heavens and the earth
    So that he became certain (of what was revealed to him).
  76. Then, as darkness covered the night, he saw a star.
    He said: “This is my Rabb!”
    Then, when it disappeared, he said: “I do not love that which disappears.”
  77. And when he saw the illuminated moon, he said: “This is my Rabb!”
    Then, when it disappeared, he said: “If my Rabb does not guide me,
    I will indeed be among the people who are lost.”
  78. Then, when he saw the sun appear in its brilliance, he said: “This is my Rabb!
    This indeed is the greatest of them all!”
    Then, when it set, he said: “O my people! I am tired of what you associate with (the Rabb).”
  79. “Lo! I turn my existence in the direction of He
    To whom is owed the primal origin of the heavens and the earth as a Haneef (spiritual master with inner knowledge)
    And I am not one to associate partners with Allah.”
  80. And his people argued with him.
    He said: “Do you argue with me about Allah when He has given me guidance?
    And I do not fear what you associate with (your deities) except that which my Rabb wills.
    The knowledge of my Rabb extends over all things.
    Will you then not be admonished?”
  81. “And how can I be afraid of what you associate with ( your deities)
    When you are not afraid that you associate partners with Allah,
    And He has not sent down to you any authority for it?
    So, which of the two positions is just and consistent with (inner) peace,
    If you are in the know?”
  82. Those who have certainty of faith and do not corrupt their faith with transgression,
    They are the ones at peace and are (rightly) guided.
  83. And this was the argument We gave Abraham against his people.
    We elevate the stations (of a person) as We will.
    Indeed, your Rabb is the Wise, the Knower!
  84. And We granted him Isaac and Jacob and We guided them all.
    And Noah We guided aforetime.
    And from their progeny David and Solomon and Job and Joseph and Moses and Aaron.
    And that is how We reward those who do good;
  85. And Zachariah and John and Jesus and Elias (Elijah),
    They were among the righteous;
  86. And Ishmael and Elisha and Jonah and Lot,
    We preferred them (and bestowed Our grace) over all the worlds;
  87. And from their forefathers and their progeny and their siblings,
    We chose them and guided them to the right path.
  88. That is the guidance from Allah. He guides with it whom He will among His servants.
    But if they had associated partners with Allah, then their deeds would have been a waste.
  89. These are the ones to whom We gave the Book and the Judgment and the Prophethood.
    Then if these people reject them,
    Assuredly, we shall establish over them a people who will not reject them.
  90. It is these (the Messengers) whom Allah guided;
    So follow their guidance.
    Say: “I ask not any compensation from you.
    This is not but a reminder for all the worlds.”
  91. And they did not reckon the power of Allah as it should have been reckoned
    When they said: “Allah does not send down anything upon a human.”
    Say: “Who sent down the Book that Moses brought with him,
    A Light and Guidance for humankind?
    You broke it down sheet by sheet.
    You reveal (a part) but conceal a great portion (of the Book) taught to you
    Which neither you nor your forefathers knew.”
    Say: “Allah!”
    Then, leave them to play with their wretched pursuits.
  92. Behold! This is a book, sent down with blessings,
    Confirming what came before it,
    And warning the people of Mecca and its environs.
    Those who have certainty of faith in the hereafter believe in it,
    And of their prayers, they are guardians.
  93. And who is a greater transgressor than one
    Who ascribes a lie to Allah or says. “I have received a revelation”,
    When no revelation of any kind has reached him;
    And who says, “I will reveal here and now something similar to what Allah has revealed”?
    And if you could only see the transgressors in the stupor of death,
    And the angels with their hands reaching forth (and saying to the disbelievers):
    “Give up your souls! This day shall you receive your recompense,
    A grievous punishment for what you ascribed to Allah with no justification,
    And you were scornful of His signs.”
  94. And you return to Us one at a time (alone) just as We created you in the first place,
    And you left behind your backs what (pleasures of this world) We had given you,
    And We do not see with you your intercessors whom you fancied were your associates.
    Lo! Broken is the (relationship) between you, and gone are those you used to boast about!
  95. Lo! Allah splits open the grain and the seed (within the grain).
    He extracts life from death and He is the imposer of death upon life.
    That is your Allah!
    So, what is it that you conjecture?
  96. He brings forth the dawn (from the darkness of the night),
    And He decreed the stillness of the night;
    And the sun and the moon obey mathematically precise (orbits).
    That is the power of the Mighty, the Knower (Supreme)!
  97. And He it is who created the stars so that you use them
    To navigate in the depths of darkness on land and in the oceans (of water or space).
    Behold! We have described in detail our Signs for a people who have knowledge!
  98. And He it is who brought you into being from a single soul,
    Then established for you a niche (on earth, in the vast expanse of space).
    Behold! We show Our Signs to a people who have insight!
  99. And He it is who brought down rain from the skies.
    Then, from it We bring forth plants of infinite variety,
    Then out of them green (leaves),
    And out of them grain and seeds, one mounted on the other;
    And dates from bunches hanging down;
    And gardens of grapes and olives and pomegranate, similar yet dissimilar.
    Observe the fruit, how it grows and ripens.
    Therein indeed are Signs for a people who have certainty of faith.
  100. And they have made them (the Jinns) associates of Allah even though He created them;
    They have invented them
    And, in their ignorance, have manufactured sons and daughters for them.
    Glorified is He, the Most High, transcendent over what they ascribe to Him!
  101. He originated (created from nothing) the heavens and the earth.
    How can He have a son when He had no wife?
    He created all there is and He is the Knower of all there is.
  102. That is Allah, your Rabb.
    There is no god but He, Creator of all there is.
    So, worship Him! Lo! He is the Guardian of all things!
  103. No vision can see Him but His vision embraces all.
    Lo! He is the Subtle, the Aware!
  104. Behold! There have appeared to you insights from your Rabb.
    Then whoever saw (them), (saw them) in his soul,
    And whoever was blind (and did not see them in his soul), it is his (own loss).
    And I am not a keeper over you.
  105. And that is how We explain Our Signs
    So that they say that you have indeed communicated them (in their entirety)
    And so that We clarify them for a people who are knowledgeable.
  106. Follow the Revelation that comes to you from your Rabb.
    There is no god but He.
    So, excuse yourself from those who associate partners with Allah.
  107. And if Allah had so willed it, He would not let them associate (deities with Allah).
    And We have not made you their warden and you are not for them as a guardian.
  108. Do not insult those who invoke others besides Allah
    Because they will insult (the name of) Allah in their ignorance.
    That is how We have made fair in the eyes of each community (civilization) what they do.
    Then, to their Rabb is their return, and He will then inform them what it was they had wrought.
  109. And they take an oath in the name of Allah,
    (Swearing) by all that is dear to them,
    That if a Sign came to them, they will indeed believe in it.
    Say: “The Signs are indeed with Allah, and you do not understand,
    (Even) when the (Signs) appear, they will not believe in them.”
  110. And We will turn away their inner hearts and their inner visions (from the Truth)
    As they had not believed in it (when it had appeared before them) in the first place,
    And We will leave them wandering in their haughtiness.
  111. And if We had brought before them the angels and made the dead talk to them
    And had gathered together all things (all creation) before them,
    They would (still) not have the certainty of faith, except as Allah wills,
    But most of them are ignorant (of this).
  112. And that is how We set up for every Prophet
    The enmity of the evil ones among humans and jinns
    So that they whisper among each other arrogant and inciting words.
    And if Allah had so willed it, they would not do it.
    Therefore, leave them to their own innuendos.
  113. And let the inner hearts of those who do not believe in the hereafter turn towards them,
    And they accept them (they become used to the evil ways),
    And they continue the deceitful work they are doing.
  114. Should I search for a judge other than Allah
    When it is He who has revealed to you the Book with (complete) clarity?
    Those who have received the Book know
    That it has come down from your Rabb with the Truth.
    Therefore, do not be among the skeptics.
  115. And complete (conclusive) is the Word of your Rabb, true and just;
    None can alter it, and He is the Hearer, the Knower!
  116. And if you follow a great many of the people on earth,
    You will get far away from the path of Allah.
    They but doubt and engage in speculation.
  117. Lo! Your Rabb knows who is led away from His path
    And He knows who is on (true) guidance.
  118. Then eat that on which is taken the name of Allah
    If you have certainty of faith in His Signs.
  119. And why should you not eat from that upon which the name of Allah is taken,
    When He has described to you what is forbidden for you
    Except when you are compelled (to do so)?
    And indeed many (people) misinform you of their own desires without knowledge.
    Indeed, your Rabb is He Who knows those who are extreme (in their views).
  120. And refrain from sins in public and in private.
    Verily, those who commit wrongs shall soon have the recompense for their wrong doings.
  121. And do not eat from that upon which the name of Allah has not been taken; it is wrongful.
    And indeed the evil ones incite their friends to fight with you.
    And if you follow them you are among those who associate partners with Allah.
  122. Is one who was dead, and We gave him life,
    And made for him light with which he walks among people,
    Similar to the one in layers of darkness from which he cannot escape?
    In the same way (just as a person gets used to darkness),
    The deeds of the disbelievers seem fair to them.
  123. And in a similar way, in every township (every civilization),
    We raise up (to leadership) the sinful ones in it, so that they plot therein
    But they plot not except against their own souls and they do not perceive it.
  124. And when a Sign comes to them, they say:
    “We shall not believe until we are shown (a Sign) similar to what was shown to the Messengers.”
    Allah knows where He should send His message.
    Dishonor will soon descend upon the wrong doers from Allah,
    As well as an intense punishment, for they are deceivers.
  125. Lo! Whoever Allah wills to guide,
    He expands his bosom with Islam (surrender to Divine Will),
    And whoever He wills to lead astray,
    He contracts his bosom so tight as if he is rising rapidly up to the sky
    (into rarified atmosphere where there is no air and no oxygen).
    That is how Allah inflicts punishment upon those who have no certainty of faith.
  126. And this is the right path from your Rabb.
    Verily, We have described Our Signs with clarity for a people who take heed.
  127. For them is the abode of peace in the presence of their Rabb
    And He is their protector because of what they do.
  128. And the day He gathers them all together (He will say):
    “O gathering of jinns! You have indeed ensnarled a great many among humankind.”
    And their friends among humankind will say:
    “Our Rabb! We took advantage of one another until our time arrived
    Which You had ordained for us.”
    He will say: “The Fire is your abode, to dwell therein forever, except as Allah wills.”
    Indeed, your Rabb is the Wise, the Knower.
  129. And that is how We make some transgressors the friends of others
    Because of what they have earned.
  130. O assembly of jinns and humans!
    Did not a Messenger come to you from among yourselves, rehearsing to you Our Signs,
    and warning you of the meeting this day?
    They will say: “We bear witness against our own souls.”
    So did the life of this world deceive them,
    And they were witness against their own souls that they were disbelievers.
  131. This is because your Rabb is not a destroyer of townships (civilizations) unjustly
    While their inhabitants are unaware (of the Laws of Allah).
  132. And everyone has a rank in accordance with his deeds.
    And your Sustainer is not unaware of what you do.
  133. And your Rabb is Self-sufficient, Lord of Mercy.
    If it is His will, He can displace you and make whom He will your inheritors,
    Just as He created you (in place of) the offspring of other people.
  134. Verily, what was promised to you shall come to pass and you shall not frustrate it.
  135. Say: “O my people! You continue your actions the way you are and I will continue mine.
    Then, soon you shall know who has a home in the hereafter.
    Indeed, the transgressors shall not attain felicity!”
  136. And they set aside a portion from what He has created in crops and cattle, and they say:
    “This is for Allah, as we deem, and this for our deities (partners with Allah).”
    Then, what they set aside for their deities does not reach Allah,
    And what is set aside for Allah reaches their deities.
    Awful is what they decide!
  137. And in that manner many among those who associate partners with Allah
    Have made it an honor to sacrifice their children for their deities.
    So they destroy themselves and muddy up their religion.
    Lo! They would not have done it if Allah had so willed it.
    So, leave them and (leave) what they fabricate.
  138. And they say: “These cattle and crops are forbidden;
    You may not eat them except as we wish.”
    Such were their notions.
    And they forbid riding (some) animals and on (some) they do not take the name of Allah.
    They fabricate such notions.
    Soon will He give them the recompense for what they fabricate.
  139. And they say: “What is in the womb of these animals is reserved for our men
    And is forbidden for our women, and if it is dead then we all share it.”
    Soon shall He punish them for their fabrications.
    Indeed, He is the Wise, the Knower.
  140. They were losers who killed their children foolishly without knowledge,
    And forbid what Allah had permitted, ascribing false divinations in the name of Allah.
    Indeed, they were lost and they were not guided.
  141. And He it is who has produced gardens (with vines) climbing up and (some) not climbing up,
    And dates and crops with a variety of fruits,
    And olives and pomegranates, similar yet dissimilar.
    Eat of the fruit when (the vines and the trees) bear fruit,
    and discharge the rights (of the stakeholders) on the day of harvesting
    And do not be wasteful.
    Indeed, Allah does not love those who waste.
  142. And from livestock there are some for carrying a load and some small ones (not for carrying a load).
    Eat of what Allah has provided you and do not follow the footsteps of Satan.
    Indeed, he is for you an avowed enemy.
  143. (Consider a herd of) eight (livestock) with their mates (male and female):
    Two (pairs of) goats and two (pairs of) lambs.
    Ask them: “Are the two males forbidden or the two females forbidden?
    Or, the unborn of the two females?
    Tell me with authority if you are honest.”
  144. And from two camels and two cattle.
    Ask them: “Are the two males forbidden or the two females?
    Or what the two females are carrying?
    Were you a witness when Allah gave you this command?”
    Then, who is a greater transgressor than one who ascribes a lie to Allah in his ignorance
    So as to mislead people?
    Lo! Allah does not guide a people who transgress!
  145. Say: “I do not find in what has been revealed to me, food that is forbidden for anyone to eat,
    Except what is dead or oozing blood or the meat of swine – for it is unclean –
    Or a sinful item on which the name of some other than Allah has been taken.”
    However, if one is compelled by extreme circumstances without (the intent) to disobey or rebel,
    Then, indeed your Rabb is the Forgiver, the Merciful.
  146. And for the Jews We forbid all animals with claws (predators),
    And from cattle and sheep We forbid their fat except what is carried on their backs
    Or their guts or attached to their bones.
    That was the recompense for their recalcitrance.
    And indeed, We are on the Truth!
  147. Then if they reject you, say that your Rabb is the Lord of boundless Mercy,
    And His punishment upon a guilty people is unstoppable.
  148. Soon will those who associate partners with Allah say:
    “If Allah had so willed it, we would not have associated (deities with Allah),
    Neither would have our forefathers, nor would we  have forbidden anything.”
    It was in a similar manner that people in earlier times rejected (the Truth)
    Until they tasted Our punishment.
    Say: “Is there any authority with you?
    Then, bring it forth for us.
    You follow but conjuncture and you are among those who accept guesswork.”
  149. Say: “The complete argument is only with Allah, and if He willed it, He would guide you all together.”
  150. Say: “Bring your witnesses who will bear witness that Allah has forbidden this.”
    Then, if they bear witness, do not bear witness with them.
    And do not follow the desires of those who deny Our Signs,
    And those who have no certainty of faith in the hereafter
    And who equate others with their Rabb.
  151. Say: “Come, I will tell you what Allah has forbidden for you:
    ‘Do not associate anyone with Him,
    And treat your parents in the most beautiful manner,
    And kill not your children because of poverty –
    We provide for them and for you –
    And do not go near obscenity whether it is open or secret,
    And do not take a life which is sanctified by Allah
    Except by way of justice.’
    That is what is ordained for you so that you reason.”
  152. “And do not go near the property of orphans except to augment it
    Until they attain maturity
    And keep the measure and establish balance with justice.
    No burden is there on a soul greater than it can bear.
    And when you speak, be just,  even if it be against your kin and fulfill your covenant with Allah.
    That is what is ordained for you so that you take heed.”
  153. “And this indeed is My path – straight.
    So, follow it.
    And do not follow the paths that take you away from His path.’
    That is what is ordained for you so that you become Allah-conscious.”
  154. Then We gave Moses the Book,
    Complete for those who are excellent (in their faith and deeds),
    Providing details in all matters,
    And a guidance and mercy so that they believe with certainty about meeting (their Rabb).
  155. And this is the blessed Book revealed to you.
    So, follow it.
    And be Allah-conscious so that you may receive (His) mercy.
  156. Lest you say that the Book was revealed
    Only two groups (the Jews and the Christians) before us and we were unaware of its teachings;
  157. Or lest you say: ” If the Book was revealed to us, we would indeed be guided more than they”.
    Lo! There has come to you a manifest proof from your Rabb with guidance and mercy.
    Then, who is a greater transgressor than the one who denies the Signs of Allah,
    And turns away from them?
    Soon shall We recompense those who turned away from Our Signs –
    A grave punishment for what they turned away from.
  158. Are they waiting for the angels to come down to them,
    Or your Rabb, or some Signs from your Rabb?
    The day some Signs of your Rabb arrive,
    Of no use will belief be to anyone who had not believed aforetime,
    Or (one who) had not earned any Grace through his faith.
    Say: “You wait, and verily We shall also wait!”
  159. Those who sow dissension in their deen
    And become sects among themselves,
    You will have nothing to do with them.
    Indeed, their affairs are not but with Allah.
    Then, He will show them what they were doing.
  160. Whoever brings a good deed, his recompense is ten times as much,
    And whoever brings a bad deed, his recompense is similar (to his deed)
    And they shall not be treated unjustly.
  161. Say: “Verily, I have received guidance from my Rabb towards the right path,
    A decreed deen (moral code),
    and the community of Abraham the Haneef (spiritual master) –
    And he was not among those who associate partners with Allah”
  162. Say: “Indeed, my prayer, my sacrifice, my life and my death are for Allah,
    The Sustainer of all the universes.”
  163. “No associate does He have; and of that I am commanded;
    And I am the first to surrender (myself to Allah)”.
  164. Say: “Should I search for a Rabb apart from Allah who is the Rabb of all creation?”
    And no soul shall earn but what is (already) with it,
    And no one shall carry the burden of another.
    Then to your Rabb is your return
    And you shalll be informed about what you used to disagree about.
  165. And He it is who gave you the trusteeship on earth,
    And raised you up high to stations (of honor), some above the others,
    So that He may test you with the Trust He has given you.
    Lo! Allah is quick in retribution, and He is indeed the Forgiver, the Merciful!