Surah 67. Suratul Mulk

Surah 67. Suratul Mulk

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. Blessed is He in Whose hands is the Dominion,
    And He has the Power over all things.
  2. He Who created death and life,
    So that He may test who among you is the most noble in deeds;
    And He is the Mighty, the Forgiving.
  3. Who created the seven heavens in layers.
    You will not see in the creation of the Most Compassionate any inconsistency.
    So, look again! Do you see any inconsistency (any new creation)?
  4. Then, look again, once more,
    Your sight will return to you,
    Humbled, and it will be tired.
  5. And truly, We decorated the heavens of the earth with lights,
    And made for her (the earth) energy darts (to hit and destroy) the rejected (radiation),
    And We have prepared for them (the harmful rays) the punishment of fiery destruction..
  6. As for those who disbelieve, there is the punishment of Hell from their Rabb,
    And what an awful destination it is!
  7. And when they are thrown therein,
    They will hear it screaming,
    And blazing,
  8. Close to bursting out in its fury.
    Whenever a group is thrown therein,
    Its keepers ask them: “Did not a Warner come to you?”
  9. They will say: “Yes indeed, there came to us a Warner;
    And we rejected (him) and we said:
    ‘Allah has not sent down anything,
    You are not but in great error!’”
  10. And they will say: “If we had listened and had reasoned,
    We would not be companions of the blazing Fire.”
  11. Thus do they confess their sins,
    And (the presence of Allah will be) far away from the companions of the blazing Fire.
  12. Indeed, those who fear their Rabb (Who is) beyond perception (fear losing His grace),
    For them, there is forgiveness and a reward supreme.
  13. And whether you conceal what you say,
    Or proclaim it openly,
    He does indeed know the very essence of hearts.
  14. Does He not know, He Who created (in the first place)?
    And He is the Subtle, the Knower!
  15. He it is Who has made the earth subject to you,
    So that you walk on its highways,
    And eat of its provisions,
    And towards Him is the resurrection.
  16. Are you so protected that
    He Who is in the heavens
    Will not make the earth swallow you up
    While it shakes?
  17. Are you so protected that
    He Who is in the heavens
    Will not send down on you a torrent of brimstones?
    So, soon shall you know how the forewarning (unfolds)!
  18. And verily, those before them rejected (My Signs),
    So, how (chastising) was My punishment?
  19. Do you not see the birds with their wings spread above them,
    And (birds with wings) folded up?
    None can uphold them except the Most Compassionate;
    Indeed, He is the Seer of all things.
  20. Who is there who (can protect you like an) army
    Except the Most Compassionate?
    Those who disbelieve (this) are not but in deception.
  21. Who is there who can give you provision
    Should He stop your provision?
    But they are obstinate in their rebellion and flight (from Allah).
  22. Is one who walks, falling on his face, more rightly guided
    Than one who walks upright on the straight path?
  23. Say: “He it is Who conceived of you and made for you
    Ears, eyes and hearts (hearing, seeing and feeling),
    Scarce is your gratitude!”
  24. Say: “He it is Who has spread you out on earth,
    And towards Him are you gathered together.”
  25. And they say: “When will this promise (come to pass)
    If you are truthful?”
  26. Say: “The knowledge of it is but with Allah,
    And I am not but a manifest Warner.”
  27. Then, when they see it is close,
    Dark will be the existence of the disbelieves,
    And it will be said (to them):
    “This is what you were asking for.”
  28. Say: “Will you consider?
    Whether Allah takes my life and of those who are with me,
    Or shows us mercy,
    Who will save the disbelievers from a painful doom?”
  29. Say: “He is the Compassionate,
    We believe in Him,
    And in Him is our trust.
    Then, soon shall you know who is in manifest error.”
  30. Say: “Do you see (reflect)?
    If your water table sinks deep underground (dries up),
    Then who will bring you running water?”