Surah 7. Surat ul A’raf (The Heights of Recognition)

Surah 7. Surat ul A’raf (The Heights of Recognition)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. Alif  Lam  Meem  Suad.
  2. This Book is revealed to you
    So that there is no constriction in your bosom
    And you warn people by it
    And (it is also) an admonition for those who have certainty of faith.
  3. Follow what is revealed to you by your Rabb
    And do not be beholden to protectors other than Him.
    Little do you take heed!
  4. And how many townships (civilizations) have We destroyed
    As Our punishment reached them when they were asleep at night or rested by day?
  5. Then, as Our punishment reached them,
    There was no sound from them except the screams:
    “We were indeed transgressors!”
  6. We will certainly call to account those upon whom were sent the Messengers,
    And We will indeed call to account the Messengers;
  7. Then, We will inform them (of the facts) from Our knowledge
    As We were not absent from them.
  8. And the weight that Day (shall be measured) with justice.
    Then, whose (deeds) tilt the balance (towards good), will attain felicity.
  9. And whose (deeds) are light and tilt the balance (away from good),
    Their souls will be losers because they abused Our Signs.
  10. And behold! We established you on earth
    And facilitated therein means for your livelihood!
    Little are you thankful!
  11. And behold! We created you, then shaped your (inner and outer) attributes,
    Then We commanded the angels to prostrate to Adam.
    They prostrated except Iblis; he was not one to prostrate.
  12. He (Allah) said: “Who forbid you from prostrating when I commanded you?”
    He (Iblis) said: “I am better than him.
    You created me from fire while You created him from clay.”
  13. He (Allah) said: “Get down from here. This is not the station for you to be arrogant.
    So get away from here. Indeed, you are among the disgraced ones!”
  14. He (Iblis) said: “Grant me respite till the Day of Resurrection.”
  15. He (Allah) said: “Indeed, you shall be among those who have respite.”
  16. He (Iblis) said: “As You have me on ransom,
    So shall I waylay them from Your Straight Path.”
  17. Then, I will appear between what is ahead of them and what is behind them
    (I will waylay them at every moment),
    And from their right and their left
    And You will not find many to thank You.
  18. He (Allah) said: “Get away from here, disgraced and condemned!
    Verily, whoever among them follows you,
    I shall indeed fill Hell with you all.
  19. (Allah said): “O Adam! Dwell in peace, you and your spouse, in the Garden;
    Eat whatever you wish that is in it
    But do not get close to this tree.
    Or else, you will be among the transgressors.”
  20. Then did Satan incite them to bring into the open the shame
    That was hidden from them until then, and said:
    “Your Rabb has not forbidden you from this tree
    Lest you become angels and dwell here forever.”
  21. And he swore by them: “I am indeed among your well wishers!”
  22. Thus did he mislead and deceive them.
    When they had tasted from the tree, their shame was opened to them
    And they started to cover themselves with leaves from the Garden.
    There came the voice of their Rabb to them:
    “Did I not forbid you from this tree
    And warn you that indeed Satan is a declared enemy to you?”
  23. They said: “Our Rabb! We have brought oppression on our own souls,
    And if You do not forgive us and have mercy upon us,
    We will indeed be among the lost ones.”
  24. He said: “Get down from here with enmity of some of you against the others.
    And you shall dwell for a (decreed) term on earth with provisions.”
  25. He said: “You will live therein and will die therein
    and from it you shall be brought forth.
  26. O children of Adam! We have sent down for you garments (spiritual cloaks)
    to cover your nakedness and (also) as adornments.
    But the garment of Divine-consciousness, that is better.
    That (Divine consciousness) is from the Signs of Allah
    So that they may remember.
  27. O children of Adam!
    Let not Satan incite you as he expelled your ancestors from the Garden,
    Undressed them to expose their nakedness.
    He and his cohorts see you from where you do not see them.
    Verily, We have made the devils friends of those who have no conviction of faith.
  28. And when they engage in obscene acts,
    They say: “We found our forefathers engaged in them
    And Allah has commanded us to do it.”
    Say: “Verily, Allah does not command obscenity.
    Do you ascribe to Allah that of which you have no knowledge?”
  29. Say: “My Rabb commands justice
    And (He commands) that you establish
    Your direction (of prayer) in every masjid on time,
    And call Him as sincere ones following His command.
    Just as He created you in the first place,
    So shall you be returned to Him.”
  30. Some groups has He guided
    But the penalty of error is upon other groups.
    Verily, they (those who were on error) had taken
    The devils as their friends in place of Allah
    And they had assumed they were following true guidance.
  31. O children of Adam!
    Adorn yourself (with taqwa – Divine consciousness) before (going to) any Masjid.
    And eat and drink but do not squander (waste).
    Indeed, Allah does not love those who squander (waste).
  32. Say: “Who has forbidden the adornments of Allah (the garments of purity)
    Which He has bestowed on His servants,
    And the wholesome (pure) sustenance (for the body and the spirit)?”
    Say: “These are especially given on the Judgment Day
    To those who have certainty of faith in the life of this world.”
    That is how We describe Our Signs to a people who have knowledge.
  33. Say: “Indeed, my Rabb has forbidden not but the obscene –
    Those (acts) that are open and those that are hidden –
    And sin, and rebellion (from Divine laws) in violation of Truth;
    And (He has forbidden) that you associate with Allah
    What He has not given you authority for,
    And you ascribe to Allah what you do not know.”
  34. There is a term decreed for every spiritual community.
    When the decreed time arrives,
    they cannot hold it back one moment
    or move it forward (one moment).
  35. O children of Adam!
    When Messengers come to you from among yourselves,
    rehearsing to you My Signs,
    then whoever develops taqwa (Divine consciousness)
    and corrects himself –
    upon them shall be no fear and they shall not grieve.
  36. Those who give the lie to Our Signs and are arrogant towards them,
    it is they who are companions of the Fire;
    They shall dwell therein forever.
  37. So, who is a greater transgressor than one who ascribes a lie to Allah
    Or denies His Signs? It is such as they who will receive (and enjoy)
    Their decreed share until there arrive Our Messengers (Angels)
    To extract their souls, and they will ask: “Where are the ones
    You used to invoke besides Allah?”
    They will reply: “They have abandoned us”.
    And they will bear witness against their own souls
    That they were disbelievers.
  38. He will say: “Enter all of you in the Fire
    To be with the groups of jinns and humans
    Who have gone before you.”
    Each time a group enters therein,
    It curses the one preceding it until all of them have entered therein.
    The last group will say about the one preceding it:
    “Our Rabb! These were the ones who misled us.
    Double the torment of fire upon them.”
    He will say: “It is doubled for each of you”
    But you may not know it.
  39. And the ones who arrive earlier
    Will say to those who arrive later:
    “You are no better than us.
    So taste the punishment for what you used to do.”
  40. Lo! As for those who gave the lie to Our Signs
    And were arrogant about them,
    The doors to the heavens will not be opened for them
    And they will not enter the Garden
    Until a twisted rope passes through the needle’s eye
    (Until the knotted collection of their deeds have been micro-processed),
    And that is the recompense for the guilty ones.
  41. For them, Hell is their bed and their covering,
    And that is the recompense for the transgressors.
  42. But those who have certainty of faith
    And engage in righteous action –
    No burden do We place on a soul greater than it can bear –
    It is they who are companions of the Garden.
    Therein they shall dwell for eternity.
  43. And We shall remove all grievances from their bosoms.
    Streams (of Divine grace) shall flow underneath their feet
    And they shall say: “Praise be to Allah who guided us in this direction!
    And we would not be guided if Allah had not guided us.
    Verily, the Messengers came to us with the Truth from our Rabb.”
    And they shall hear a voice:
    “You inherit this Garden in return for what you used to do.”
  44. And the residents of the Garden shall call out to the inmates in the Fire:
    “What was promised to us was given to us.
    True is our Rabb! Did you find what your Rabb promised you in His justice?”
    They will answer: “Yes.” Then, a herald will proclaim amidst them
    That this is the curse of Allah on the transgressors.
  45. Those who prevented people from the path of Allah
    And searched for crookedness in it, and were rejecters of the hereafter.
  46. And between them shall be a veil.
    And on the heights (of recognition) shall be men
    Who will recognize everyone by their foreheads,
    And they shall call the companions of the Garden:
    “Peace be unto you!”
    They have not entered therein although they hope to.
  47. And then, as they turn their vision to the companions of the Fire,
    They will say: “Our Rabb! Do not place us with the people who are transgressors.”
  48. And the Companions of the heights will call some men
    Whom they recognize by their foreheads and say:
    “Of what benefit to you were your hoardings of which you were proud?”
  49. (And they will ask the inmates of Hell about the residents of the Garden)
    “Are these not the people
    Upon whom you used to swear Allah would not send His Mercy?
    (And the people on the heights will be told):
    “Enter the Garden! There shall be no fear upon you nor shall you grieve!”
  50. And the Companions of the Fire shall call out to the Companions of the Garden:
    “Do send us some water or something from the provisions of Allah.
    They will reply: “Allah has indeed forbidden it for those who rejected the Truth.”
  51. “Those who had made their deen (moral code) play and fun
    And who were deceived by the life of the world”.
    Therefore, We will overlook them this day even
    As they were heedless of the appointment of this day,
    And had rebuffed Our Signs.
  52. And behold! We brought them a Book,
    With detailed descriptions based on knowledge, guidance and Grace
    For a people who have certainty of faith.
  53. Are they waiting for it to be fulfilled?
    The day it is fulfilled, those who were heedless of it aforetime will say:
    “Indeed, the Messengers from our Rabb brought us the Truth.
    Is there any intercessors who can intercede for us?
    Or, can we return so that we can conduct ourselves in a manner
    Different from the way we used to be?”
    Indeed, they inflicted a loss upon their own souls
    And what they used to speculate about has abandoned them.
  54. He it is who created the heavens and the earth in six epochs,
    Then established the Throne.
    He closes out the night in slow measures as the day overtakes it.
    And the sun and the moon and the stars are subject to His command
    (are enslaved to His directed energy).
    Yes indeed! To Him belongs the creation and the command.
    Hallowed is Allah, the Creator, Sustainer and Cherisher of all the universes!
  55. Call your Rabb with utter humility and in secret.
    Verily, He does not love the extremists!
  56. And do not cause discord on earth after there is peace,
    And call Him with fear and hope.
    Lo! The Mercy of Allah is always close to those
    Who have the most excellent conduct.
  57. Lo! He it is who heralds the winds with good tidings
    Before He sends His mercy.
    When they become heavy with clouds, We drive them towards a thirsty land that is dead,
    Then bring down rain from it, and bring forth all kinds of fruits from it.
    That is how We will raise up the dead.
    Perchance you may remember (and reflect).
  58. And from the blessed earth We bring forth plants by the command of its Rabb.
    What is unclean does not emerge from it except as a discard.
    That is the way We describe Our Signs from many perspectives
    To a people who are thankful.
  59. Behold! We sent Noah to his people and he said:
    “O my people! Worship (and serve) Allah besides Whom there is no other deity.
    Verily, I fear for you the punishment of a Momentous Day.”
  60. The leaders among his people said:
    “Indeed, we see that you are in manifest error.”
  61. He said: “O my people! I have not fallen into any error
    But I am indeed a Messenger from the Rabb of all the universes.”
  62. “I bring to you Messages from my Rabb,
    And admonish you, and I know from Allah what you do not know.”
  63. “Are you surprised that there has arrived a Revelation from your Rabb
    To one of your own men so that he may warn you and (so that)
    You cultivate taqwa (become Allah-conscious) and receive (Divine) Mercy?”
  64. But they rejected him, so We saved him and those with him in the Ark,
    And drowned those who gave the lie to Our Signs.
    Indeed, they were a people, blind (to the hidden reality of things).
  65. And upon (the people of) A’ad (We sent) his brother Hud.
    He said: “O my people! Worship (serve) Allah,
    You have no other god but Him. Will you not be conscious of Him?”
  66. Said the leaders of the disbelievers among his people:
    “Indeed, we see that you are foolish and indeed we suspect you are a fraud.”
  67. He said: “O my people! There is no madness in me
    But I am a Messenger from the Rabb of all the universes.”
  68. “I bring to you the Messages from my Rabb and I am for you an admonisher,  truthful.”
  69. “Are you surprised that there has come a Revelation from your Rabb
    To a man among you so that he may warn you?
    Recall that (He) made you trustees after the people of Noah,
    And He endowed you with greater physical attributes.
    Therefore, remember the bounties of Allah so that you attain felicity.”
  70. They said: “Have you come to us
    So that  we worship (and serve) only Allah
    And give up what our forefathers used to worship (and serve)?
    In that case, bring upon us what you promise, if you are truthful.”
  71. He said: “Indeed, the punishment and the wrath of your Rabb
    Have already possessed you.
    Do you argue with me about the names that you have given them (your deities)
    When you and your forefathers received no authority for it from Allah?
    Wait then (for the wrath of Allah to unfold). I will indeed wait with you.”
  72. So We gave him and those with him respite through our Mercy,
    And we cut the roots of those who gave the lie to Our Signs –
    They were not among those with certainty of faith.
  73. And to the people of Thamud,  We sent his brother Saleh.
    He said: “O my people! Worship (and serve) Allah
    Other than whom there is no deity for you.
    Behold! There has come to you a clear Sign from your Rabb.
    This is a she-camel from Allah as a Sign for you,
    So leave her alone to graze on Allah’s earth
    And do not touch her with bad intentions lest a grave punishment befall you.”
  74. Remember He made you inheritors after the people of A’ad
    And established you on earth so that you carve the mountains
    And build palaces on a land that is fertile.
    Remember, therefore, the blessings of Allah
    And do not walk around the land as strife-mongers.
  75. The arrogant leaders of his people said to the weak ones among the believers:
    “Do you know for sure that Saleh is a Messenger from his Rabb?
    They said: “Indeed, we believe in the Message sent to him”.
  76. Said the arrogant ones: “Verily, we do not believe in what you believe”.
  77. Then they slaughtered the she-camel
    And flaunted the command of their Rabb and they said:
    “O Saleh! Bring upon us what you promised for us if you are among the Messengers”.
  78. So We brought upon them an earthquake
    And they were entombed lying prostrate in their homes.
  79. Then he (Saleh) turned away from them and said:
    “O my people! Behold, I delivered to you the Message from my Rabb
    And advised you but you do not like the advisers”.
  80. And (remember) Lot when he said to his people:
    “Do you engage in lewdness such as what no one has engaged in all the worlds
    (At any time in history) before this time?
  81. Indeed, you visit the men for your lust instead of the women.
    You are but a people exceeding all bounds.
  82. But the answer from his people was but they conversed (among themselves):
    “Expel them from the town. They make a show of purity.”
  83. So, We protected him and his relatives except his wife.
    She was among those who stayed behind.
  84. And we stoned them with a torrent of stones.
    So, witness what was the end of those who were condemned.
  85. And towards Midian (We sent) his brother Shu’aib.
    He said: “O my people! Worship (and serve) Allah
    Besides whom you have no other god.
    Lo! There has come to you clear evidence from your Rabb.
    So, give due measure and (establish) balance,
    And do not cheat people of their goods (in trade),
    And do not spread discord on earth after there has been peace.
    There is goodness in this for you if you have certainty of faith.
  86. And do not place obstacles in every (righteous) path,
    And do not prevent the believers from following the path of Allah,
    And (do not) search for crookedness therein.
    Remember, you were few in number and He increased your numbers.
    And see what was the end of those who caused division and rancor.
  87. And if there is a group among you
    Which believes in what has been revealed here,
    And another group which does not,
    Then be patient until Allah judges between us.
    Lo! He is the best of judges!
  88. The arrogant leaders among his people said:
    “O Shu’aib! We will for sure expel you and your followers from our town
    Unless you return to our belief system.”
    He said: “What? Even if we detest it?”
  89. “Should we ascribe a lie to Allah and return to your belief system
    After Allah has delivered us from it?
    Lo! It is not up to us to return to it unless our Rabb so wills it.
    The knowledge of our Rabb extends over all things.
    In Allah do we trust.” (They prayed):
    “O our Rabb! Judge between us and our people in what is true (and just)
    And You are the best of Judges.”
  90. And the leaders of the disbelievers in his community said:
    “If you follow Shu’aib, you will indeed be lost.”
  91. Then an earthquake seized them
    And they lay (dead) in their homes by the morning.
  92. Those who gave the lie to Shu’aib
    (Disappeared as if they) never lived therein.
    Those who denied Shu’aib, they were the lost ones.
  93. Then he turned away from them and said:
    “Behold! O my people! I brought to you the Message from my Rabb
    And (I have) admonished you.
    Then, how can I be sorry for a people who reject the Truth?”
  94. And We did not send a Prophet to any township (any land)
    Except that We placed its population in difficulty and hardship
    So that they have a taste of adversity.
  95. Then We changed (their) difficulty into ease
    Until they exceeded their bounds and said:
    “Indeed, our forefathers (also) experienced sadness and happiness
    (so we need not be concerned about it).”
    So (for their arrogance) We seized them suddenly while they were unaware.
  96. And indeed if the city-dwellers (the people of those civilizations)
    Had believed and were Allah-conscious,
    We would have opened up for them the bounties of the heavens and the earth,
    But they disbelieved, so We seized them for what they had earned.
  97. So, how protected are the city-dwellers (the people of a civilization)
    That Our wrath visits them even as they sleep at night?
  98. And are the city-dwellers secure if Our wrath visits them by day
    As they are playing around?
  99. Are they unafraid of Allah’s plans?
    No! Only they are unafraid of Allah’s plans who are a people doomed.
  100. Is there no guidance (in these revelations)
    For those who will succeed others (other generations)
    And inherit the earth?
    If it was Our will, We would put them into difficulties because of their sins,
    And put a seal on their hearts so that they cannot hear.
  101. We are relating to you the stories (history) of these townships (civilizations).
    Lo! There came to them Messengers with clear Signs but they did not believe
    Because they had rejected them beforehand.
    That is how Allah seals the hearts of the rejecters.
  102. And We did not find most of them true to their word
    But (instead), We found most of them disobedient.
  103. Then, after them, We sent Moses with Our Signs to the Pharaoh and his leaders
    But they mocked them.
    Witness, then, what was the fate of the corrupt.
  104. And Moses said to the Pharaoh:
    “I am indeed a Messenger from the Rabb of all the universes”.
  105. “It is not befitting that I ascribe to Allah anything but the truth.
    Behold! I have come to you with clear Signs from your Rabb!
    Therefore, let the children of Israel go with me.”
  106. He (the Pharaoh) said: “If you have brought any Sign,
    Bring it here if you are of the truthful.”
  107. So he threw his staff and it turned into a manifest serpent.
  108. And he took out his hand and it was white (radiating Light) for all to see.
  109. Said the leaders among the people of the Pharaoh (among themselves):
    “Verily, this is an expert magician!”
  110. “He desires that you be expelled from your land.
    So, what do you suggest we do?”
  111. They said (to the Pharaoh): “Keep him and his brother
    And send out announcers to all the towns.”
  112. “(Tell them) to bring to you all the expert magicians.”
  113. There came the magicians before the Pharaoh, saying:
    “Indeed, there must be a reward for us if we prevail”.
  114. He said, “Yes, and assuredly you will be close to me (be in my inner circle)”.
  115. They said, “O Moses! Either you throw (your staff)
    Or we are the ones to throw (our staffs)”.
  116. He said, “You throw (first)”.
    Then, when they threw (their staffs),
    There descended a grave deception on the vision of the people;
    It frightened them for they had demonstrated a magnificent deception.
  117. And We sent Our inspiration to Moses to throw his staff,
    And it started to swallow what they had invented.
  118. Thus did the Truth triumph
    And what they had contrived was proved to be false.
  119. They were vanquished then and there and they had to recoil, humbled.
  120. And the magicians fell down prostrate.
  121. They said: “We do accept and believe in the Rabb of all the universes.
  122. The Rabb of Moses and Aaron.”
  123. Said the Pharaoh: “Have you believed in him before I give you permission for it?
    Of a certainty, this is a plot which you plotted in the land (of Egypt)
    So that you drive out its inhabitants.
    Soon you shall see (my plans).”
  124. “I shall surely cut off your hands and your feet on opposite sides,
    Then I shall crucify you all.”
  125. They said: “(Let it be so.) Verily, we shall return to our Rabb!
  126. And no dispute do you have with us except that we have believed in the Signs
    That came to us from our Rabb.
    (They prayed): “Our Rabb! Open for us (the gates of) patience
    And make us die as those who surrender to you.”
  127. And the leaders among the people of the Pharaoh said (to the Pharaoh):
    “Are you allowing Moses and his people to leave so that they spread mischief on earth
    And flaunt you and your gods?
    He said: “Soon we shall slaughter their sons and allow their daughters to live,
    And indeed, we have the power to unleash unimaginable destruction upon them”.
  128. Said Moses: “O my people! Ask for help from Allah and be patient.
    Indeed, the earth belongs to (no one but) Allah
    And He gives its inheritance to who He will among His servants,
    And ultimate success belongs to those who are Allah-conscious.”
  129. They said: “We were persecuted before you came to us
    And (we are persecuted) after you came to us”.
    He said: “Your Rabb will soon destroy your enemies
    And make you trustees on earth to see (test) how you conduct yourselves.”
  130. And verily, We had inflicted famine on the people of the Pharaoh
    And the loss of their fruit (crops) so that they take heed.
  131. When they experienced prosperity, they said: “This is from us”.
    And when misfortune visited them they blamed Moses and those with him.
    No! The misfortune that reaches them was from Allah
    But many of them do not understand.
  132. And they said: “No matter what Signs you bring to enchant us with,
    We will not believe in you”.
  133. So We sent upon them devastation
    And (plagues of)  locust and  lice and frogs and  blood, a series of Signs.
    Even so, they were arrogant. They were a people condemned.
  134. And when the punishment descended on them, they said:
    “O Moses! Pray for us with your Rabb by the covenant that is with you.
    If the punishment on us is lifted we will believe in you
    And we will let the children of Israel leave with you.”
  135. But when We lifted Our punishment for a fixed term from them,
    They broke their word.
  136. So We exacted Our revenge from them,
    And We drowned them in the sea because they denied Our Signs
    And they were heedless about them.
  137. And We made a people they had despised,
    Inheritors of the east and the west, in the lands We had blessed.
    Thus was fulfilled the Word of your Rabb, the Most Munificent,
    On the children of Israel, because they had endured.
    And We destroyed what was built by the Pharaoh and his people,
    Raised up reaching towards the sky.
  138. And We delivered the children of Israel across the sea,
    And they came across a people who were set in their worship of their deities.
    They said: “O Moses! Make for us a deity such as what they have.”
    He said: “Indeed, you are an ignorant people.”
  139. “Verily, what these people are making is bound to perish
    And what they are doing is wrong.”
  140. He said: “Do you search for another god
    When He has favored you over all the worlds?”
  141. “(Remember) when We delivered you from the people of the Pharaoh
    Who persecuted you and terrorized you.
    They slaughtered your sons and kept your daughters alive,
    And in that was a great trial from your Rabb.”
  142. And We completed Our promise to Moses for thirty nights,
    And upon their completion ten more for his Rabb, (adding up to) forty nights.
    And Moses said to his brother Aaron:
    “Be my representative over my people and establish peace
    And do not follow the path of the corrupt.”
  143. And when Moses arrived at Our appointed station, he spoke with his Rabb.
    He said: “O my Rabb! Show me (Your presence) so that I may see You!
    He (the Rabb) said: “Never can you see Me!
    But look towards the mountain, and if it stays where it is then you can see Me.”
    When the manifestation of His Rabb appeared on the mountain,
    It was pulverized and Moses swooned.
    Then, as he regained consciousness, he said:
    “Glorified are You!
    I have repented and I am among the first to have certainty of faith”.
  144. He said: “O Moses! I have chosen you over all humankind
    With My Message and My Word,
    So hold on to what I have bestowed on you and be among the thankful”.
  145. And We prescribed laws for him on the tablets–
    all the admonishing and the details about everything.
    So (We ordered him): “Hold on firmly to them
    And command your people to hold on to the noble (commands) therein.
    I will soon show you the destination for the rebellious;
  146. And I will turn away those who are arrogant on earth,
    Violating justice, from My Signs.
    And even if they saw all the Signs they will not believe in them.
    And if they saw the path to guidance they will not take that path.
    And if they saw the wrong path, they will follow it.
    That is because they give the lie to Our Signs and they are heedless of them.
  147. Those who deny Our Signs and their meeting with the hereafter,
    Their deeds are a waste.
    What will they earn except what they have wrought?
  148. After he had left,
    The people of Moses made the body of a calf from their (melted) jewelry,
    Which bellowed out the sound of a cow.
    Did they not see that it neither spoke to them
    Nor provided them guidance to the (right) path?
    (Nonetheless) they took (the calf) and they were transgressors.
  149. And when they fell down on their hands (when they were humbled)
    And saw that they were lost, they said:
    “If our Rabb does not show Mercy to us and forgives us,
    We will indeed be among the lost ones.”
  150. And when Moses returned to his people, he was angry and sad.
    He said: “How evil is what you did after I left!
    Are you hastening the command of your Rabb?
    He threw down the tablets, grabbed his brother by his head
    And pulled him towards himself.
    Said (his brother): “O son of my mother!
    Indeed, our people considered me weak and were close to killing me.
    So do not make my enemies gloat over me,
    And do not associate me with a people who transgress.”
  151. He (Moses) said: “O my Rabb! Forgive me and my brother
    And admit us to Your Mercy. Indeed, You are the Most Merciful of the Merciful.”
  152. Verily, the wrath of their Rabb shall soon visit those
    Who took the (golden) calf (for worship)
    And dishonor (will visit them) in the life of this world.
    And that is how We recompense those who invent falsehoods.
  153. But to those who perform wrongful deeds,
    Then repent and have  certainty of faith,
    Indeed, thereafter, your Rabb is the Forgiver, the Merciful.
  154. When the anger of Moses subsided, he picked up the tablets
    And in those writings there was Guidance and Mercy for those who fear their Rabb.
  155. And Moses picked seventy men from his people for Our station.
    When an earthquake seized them, he said (in his supplication to the Lord):
    “If You had so willed it, You would have killed them and me earlier.
    Will You kill us for the foolish deeds of some among us?
    This indeed is but Your trial and with it You can mislead who You will
    And guide who You will.
    You are our protector, so forgive us and have mercy on us.
    You are indeed the best of the Forgivers.”
  156. “And decree for us what is excellent in this world and in the hereafter.
    Verily, we have turned to You!”
    He (the Lord said) said: “My punishment is for whom I please
    But My Grace embraces all.
    So I shall soon decree (My Grace) for those who are pious,
    And give the poor-due and those who believe in Our Signs.”
  157. Those who follow the Messenger, the unlettered Prophet,
    Those who find him mentioned in what is with them in the Torah and the Gospel –
    He commands them what is good and forbids what is evil,
    And permits for them things pure and forbids for them things impure,
    And removes from them their burden and their yokes that shackled them.
    So those who believe in him and support him and help him
    And follow the Light that came down with him,
    Such are the ones who will attain felicity.
  158. Say: “O humankind! I am a Messenger for you from Allah,
    To Whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth.
    There is no god but He. It is He who gives life and death.
    So believe in Allah and His Messenger, the unlettered Prophet
    Who has the certainty of faith in Allah and His Words,
    And follow him so that you receive guidance.”
  159. And among the people of Moses is a group (a spiritual subgroup)
    That guides (people) to the Truth and upholds justice in accordance with it.
  160. And We divided them into twelve tribes,
    And when his people asked for water,
    We inspired Moses to strike the rock with his staff,
    And lo! there sprang forth twelve springs from it
    And every person knew which fountain to drink from,
    And We brought low over them a white cloud
    And sent down for them manna and  quails (declaring):
    “Eat of the good provisions that We have sent you.”
    They (the disbelievers) did Us no harm but they harmed their own souls.
  161. (Remember) when it was said to them:
    “Dwell in peace in this city (land) and eat thereof as you wish and say “forgive us”,
    And enter through the door prostrating (with humility);
    We will forgive your wrong-doings and increase (Our bounties)
    For those who excel in doing good.”
  162. But the transgressors changed the word from what was said to them,
    So We sent down upon them punishment from the heavens, for their transgressions.
  163. And ask them about the city that was located next to the sea.
    When they exceeded the bounds in matters of observing the Sabbath,
    Their fish would come up to them openly when they observed their Sabbath,
    And when they did not observe the Sabbath, (the fish) did not.
    That is how We let them know that they were violators (of the Sabbath).
  164. And (remember) when a group among them said:
    “Why do you preach to a people whom Allah will destroy
    Or (upon whom will) inflict a severe punishment?”
    They said: “(We do this so that we gain) respite from your Rabb
    And (in the hope that) perchance they may become Allah-conscious”.
  165. And (remember) when they had forgotten what they were warned about,
    We saved those who forbid evil and caught the transgressors in a severe calamity,
    For they were rebellious.
  166. And (remember) when they exceeded all bounds in what was forbidden to them,
    We said to them: “Be (like) disgraced monkeys!”
  167. And (remember) when your Rabb declared
    That He will send upon them (oppressors)
    Who will oppress them until the Judgment Day.
    Lo! Allah is quick in retribution, and indeed He is the Forgiver, the Merciful.
  168. And We dispersed them on earth in small groups,
    Those who were righteous and those who were not,
    And We tried them with good and with evil
    So that they might turn around (towards Allah).
  169. Then a new generation has appeared after them who inherited the Book,
    Who accept the worthless things (of this life) and they say:
    “This will be forgiven for us”.
    And when such (opportunities) come their way,
    They (continue to) take (advantage of) them.
    Was not a covenant taken from them in the Book
    That they ascribe to Allah nothing but the Truth?
    And have they read what was in it? Lo!
    The abode of the hereafter is better for those who are Allah-conscious!
    Do you not comprehend?
  170. And those who hold fast to the Book and establish prayer –
    Verily, We do not overlook the reward for those
    Who foster reconciliation and peace.
  171. And (remember) when We shook the mountain
    As if it was a cloud hovering over them
    And they were concerned that it would fall on them,
    (We said:) “Hold on fast to what We have given you
    And remember what is therein so that you become Allah-conscious.”
  172. And (remember) when your Rabb brought forth from the children of Adam
    Their progeny (as conceived by Divine Will)
    And made them witness over their own souls:
    “Am I not your Rabb?” They said, “Yes indeed! And we bear witness!”,
    Lest you say on the Day of Judgment that we were indeed unaware of it.
  173. Or will you say, “It was our forefathers
    Who associated partners with Allah aforetime
    And we are their progeny after them (we followed their ways).
    So, will You destroy us for the (past) deeds of the misled ones?”
  174. And that is how We describe in detail Our Signs
    So that they return (towards the right path).
  175. Relate to them the story of one to whom We gave Our Signs
    And he abandoned them.
    So, Satan followed him and he became one who was seduced.
  176. If We had so willed it, We would honor him with (Our Signs)
    But he was captivated by the (materialism of) earth
    And became a slave to his desires.
    Lo! His likeness was the likeness of a dog –
    when you place a burden on it, it pants, when you remove it, it pants.
    That is the similitude of a people who give the lie to Our Signs.
    Narrate to them these parables so that they may ponder.
  177. Awful is the example of a people who give the lie to Our Signs
    And they violate their own souls.
  178. He whom Allah guides, is guided;
    And whom He leads astray – it is they who are lost.
  179. And behold! We have created a boundless number of jinns and humans for Hell –
    Their hearts do not understand it (the truth),
    Their eyes do not see it, and their ears do not hear it.
    They are like cattle, only worse and totally lost.
    It is they – they are the heedless ones.
  180. To Allah belong the Most Beautiful Names,
    So call on Him with them (the Names), and disregard those who abuse His Names.
    Soon they will earn the recompense for what they do.
  181. And among the (spiritual) communities We have created are those
    Who point the way to the Truth and stand by justice in accordance with it.
  182. As for those who belie Our Signs,
    We will seize them in such slow measures (reduce them little by little)
    That they are not aware of it.
  183. And I will give them latitude. Verily, My plan is ordained!
  184. Do they not reflect that their Companion is not possessed,
    That he is but a manifest Warner?
  185. Do they not witness the dominion of the heavens and the earth
    And of whatever Allah has created?
    And if their death is near,
    Then in what word would they believe in after this (after the Word of Allah)?
  186. Whom Allah leads astray, none can guide
    And He abandons them to their delirious defiance.
  187. They ask you when the (last) hour will arrive.
    Say: “The knowledge of it is with my Rabb.
    No one but Allah will manifest it at the time.
    It will overwhelm the heavens and the earth. It will not arrive but suddenly.”
    They ask you as if you are searching for it.’
    Say: “This knowledge is only with Allah
    But most among humankind comprehend it not.”
  188. Say: “I do not have the power over what benefits my own soul
    Or what harms it except as Allah wills.
    And if I had knowledge of that which is beyond perception,
    I would have accumulated enormous benefits for myself and no harm would reach me.
    I am but a Warner and a Messenger of good tidings for a people
    Who have certainty of faith.”
  189. He it is who created you from a single soul, and from it your spouse
    So that you receive tranquility from each other.
    Then, when he embraces her,
    She is pregnant with a miniscule burden and she carries it.
    When she is heavy with the burden, the two of them pray:
    “Our Rabb! If you give us righteous (children) we will indeed be grateful.”
  190. But when We grant them a righteous child,
    They associate (partners) in return for what We granted.
    Lo! Allah transcends what they associate Him with!
  191. Do they associate partners with Allah those who cannot create anything
    But are themselves created?
  192. And have neither the power to help anyone nor can they help themselves.
  193. And when you invite them towards guidance they do not follow you.
    It is the same for you whether you invite them or remain silent.
  194. Indeed, those you invoke besides Allah
    Are themselves servants (of Allah) like you.
    So, when you call them they should answer you, if you are truthful.
  195. Do they have feet with which they walk?
    Do they have hands with which they hold?
    Do they have eyes with which they see?
    Do they have ears with which they hear?
    Say: “Invite those you associate with Allah,
    And then plot against me and do not give me any respite.”
  196. “Verily, my protector is Allah who has sent down the Book,
    And He protects the righteous.”
  197. Those you invoke besides Allah have no power to help you
    And they cannot help themselves.
  198. And if you invite them towards the right path, they will not follow you.
    And you see they look at you but they do not see you.
  199. Be forgiving and invite them to what is good
    And excuse yourself from the ignorant.
  200. And if there is any incitement from Satan,
    Then seek refuge in Allah.
    Lo! He is the Hearer, the Knower.
  201. Indeed, those who are Allah-conscious,
    When a doubt is planted in them by Satan,
    They remember (Allah), and then they see with clarity (and guard themselves).
  202. But their brethren (who are seduced by Satan) pull them towards error
    And do not relent in their efforts.
  203. And when you do not receive a Sign, they say:
    “Why has he not compiled one?”
    Say: “Indeed, I follow not except the Revelation that is given to me by my Rabb.
    This is illumination from your Rabb,
    And Guidance and Mercy
    For a people who have certainty of faith.”
  204. And when the Qur’an is recited, listen to it,
    And be silent so that you earn Divine Grace.
  205. And remember your Rabb from (the depths of) your soul with humility and awe,
    Without a loud voice, in the morning and in the evening,
    And do not be among the heedless.
  206. Verily, those who are close to your Rabb
    Are not arrogant in their worship (and service) of Him,
    And they glorify Him, and they prostrate before Him!