Surah 70. Surah al Mu’arij

Surah 70. Surah al Mu’arij (The Ladders of Ascent)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. One disposed to ask, asked about the Doom that shall happen,
  2. Upon the disbelievers, which none can prevent,
  3. From Allah, Lord of the ladders of ascent.
  4. The Angels and the Spirit ascend to Him in a moment,
    Whose measure is fifty thousand years.
  5. Be patient, therefore, a most becoming patience!
  6. Indeed, they see it as being far away,
  7. And We see it as near.
  8. The Day when the heavens shall be like molten brass,
  9. And the mountains shall be like flakes of colored wool,
  10. And no friend shall inquire about a friend.
  11. They shall see: The culpable shall wish
    To ransom his children for the punishment of the Day,
  12. And his spouse and his brother,
  13. And his kin who give him space (protect him),
  14. And whatever is on the earth, all of it,
    To liberate him.
  15. No! It is the blazing Fire!
  16. Scorching (stripping) his head skin,
  17. It calls those who turned their backs and turned away;
  18. And amassed (wealth) and hoarded it.
  19. Indeed, the human was created impatient;
  20. When a difficulty reaches him, he is distraught,
  21. But when goodness reaches him, he becomes miserly—
  22. Except the devotees who pray,
  23. The ones who persevere in their prayers;
  24. And those (who acknowledge) a determined right in their wealth,
  25. For the mendicant and the deprived;
  26. And those who accept as true the Judgment Day;
  27. And those who are fearful of the punishment of their Rabb.
  28. Indeed, the punishment of their Rabb is not something to be unafraid of;
  29. And those who guard their chastity,
  30. Except with their spouses and those their right hands possess,
    In which case, they are free from blame.
  31. Then, whoever does otherwise,
    Exceeds the limits.
  32. And those who fulfill their trusts and their contracts;
  33. And those who are firm in their witness;
  34. And those who safeguard their prayers;
  35. They will be in the Gardens, honored.
  36. So, what is it with the disbelievers
    That they charge in your direction, confused,
  37. From the right and from the left, group after group?
  38. Does every one of them believe
    That he will enter the Garden of Bliss?
  39. No! We have indeed created them from what they are familiar with (earth and water).
  40. So I take an oath by the Rabb of the Easts and the Wests
    That We indeed have the power,
  41. To replace them with others better than they,
    And We are not to be frustrated.
  42. So leave them— they gossip and they play around,
    Until they meet up with the Day they are promised,
  43. The Day they shall come forth from their graves hurriedly
    As if they are darting towards a target,
  44. Their eyes humbled, dishonor surrounding them—
    That is the Day they have been promised!