Surah 74. Surah al Muddaththir

Surah 74. Surah al Muddaththir (The One Enfolded)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. O you wrapped up in a (spiritual) mantle!
  2. Arise and warn!
  3. And the greatness of your Rabb, amplify,
  4. And your (spiritual) garments, purify,
  5. And impurity, shun,
  6. And for your favors, seek not an advantage,
  7. And for your Rabb, be patient,
  8. And when the trumpet is blown,
  9. Then that Day shall be a Day of great calamity,
  10. For the disbelievers, not easy,
  11. Leave Me with the one who I alone created,
  12. And gave him wealth unlimited,
  13. And children attending to him,
  14. And provided for him means of comfort,
  15. Even so he is greedy that I give him more.
  16. No! He is indeed an obdurate opponent of Our Signs,
  17. Soon, I shall subject him to a greater hardship,
  18. Indeed, he has thought and he has planned,
  19. So he shall perish as he has planned,
  20. Again, he shall perish as he has planned!
  21. Then he looked (again),
  22. Then he frowned and grimaced,
  23. Then he turned his back and was haughty,
  24. Then he said: “This is but sorcery copied from earlier times,
  25. This is not but the word of a man”.
  26. Soon shall I throw him into Hell,
  27. And what will explain to you what Hell is?
  28. It will neither preserve you nor destroy you,
  29. Searing the human,
  30. Upon it are nineteen!
  31. And We did not make the keepers of the Fire except the Angels,
    And We did not make their number except as a test for the disbelievers,
    So that the people of the Book believe with certainty,
    And the faith of the believers strengthened,
    And so that the people of the Book and the believers have no doubts,
    And so that those in whose hearts is a disease and the disbelievers say:
    “What is the will of Allah from this parable?”
    That is how Allah leads astray as He wills,
    And guides as He wills,
    And none can know the legions of your Rabb except He,
    And this is not but a Reminder for the human.
  32. No! By the moon!
  33. And the night as it turns around,
  34. And the morning as it lights up,
  35. Indeed, it (Hell) is one great (calamity),
  36. A warning to humankind,
  37. Let whoever among you so wills,
    Move forward or stay behind;
  38. Every soul is collateral to what it has earned,
  39. Except the people of the right hand
  40. In Gardens,
  41. They will ask of the blameworthy:
  42. “What took you to Hell?”
  43. They will say: “We were not among the worshipers.
  44. And we were not among those who fed the mendicants,
  45. And we were engaged in obscenity along with the obscene,
  46. And we denied the Day of Judgment,
  47. Until certainty (death) overtook us”.
  48. So the intercession of the intercessors did not benefit them.
  49. And what is it with them that they turn away from this Reminder,
  50. As if they are donkeys in flight,
  51. Running away from a lion?
  52. No! Every man wishes that he be handed open books.
  53. No! But they do not fear the hereafter!
  54. No! This is indeed a Reminder!
  55. Then, whoever so wills may remember it,
  56. And they shall not remember it except as Allah wills—
    He is the Source of Divine consciousness,
    And the Source of forgiveness.