Surah 79. Surah al Nazi’at

Surah 79. Surah al Nazi’at (The Angels that Tear Out)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. By those (angels) who tear out, diving,
  2. By those who separate, gently,
  3. By those that orbit, swiftly,
  4. And move forward, racing,
  5. And execute as directed,
  6. The Day when the trembling, tremble,
  7. And the one to follow, follows.
  8. That Day the hearts shall quiver,
  9. Their sights lowered,
  10. They say: “Shall we be returned to our earlier state,
  11. When we have become hollow bones?”
  12. They say: “This would then be a ruinous return!”
  13. Indeed, it shall not but be a single roar,
  14. Then, at that moment, they shall awaken!
  15. Has the story of Moses reached you?
  16. When His Rabb called him in the hallowed valley of Tuwa:
  17. Go forth to the Pharaoh!
    He has indeed transgressed.
  18. And say to him:
    “Do you wish to purify yourself?
  19. And I guide you so that you fear your Rabb?”
  20. Then he (Moses) showed him the greatest Sign;
  21. But he (the Pharaoh) rejected it and disobeyed,
  22. And he turned his back and increased his disobedience.
  23. Then he assembled (his hosts) and called them,
  24. Saying: “I (Pharaoh) am your Rabb, the greatest.”
  25. So Allah seized him with punishment in the hereafter and in this world.
  26. Indeed, in that is a lesson for those who fear (Allah).
  27. Are you more difficult to create,
    Or the heavens that He created?
  28. He raised it as a canopy and organized it,
  29. And darkened its nights and lighted up its days,
  30. After that He laid out the earth,
  31. And from it brought forth water and vegetation,
  32. And the mountains, He established,
  33. With benefits for you and for your livestock.
  34. So when the Great Convulsion comes to pass,
  35. That Day shall the human remember what he earned,
  36. And Hellfire shall be opened up for one who sees it,
  37. Then whoever exceeded the bounds,
  38. And preferred the life of this world,
  39. Then, verily, his abode is Hellfire.
  40. And whoever was fearful of the standing before his Rabb,
    And stopped his ego from following its base desires,
  41. Then, verily, the Garden is his destination.
  42. They ask you when the Moment will be established.
  43. How could you say anything about it?
  44. With your Rabb is its ultimate (knowledge).
  45. You are but a Warner to one who fears it (the Day of Judgment),
  46. The Day when they see it,
    (It will seem) as if they had stayed in the world
    But for an evening or its (following) dawn.

Note: This is a highly mystical Surah that lends itself to an infinite variety of explanations, both physical and spiritual.