Surah 85. Surah al Buruj

Surah 85. Surah al Buruj (The Constellations)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. By the heavens and the essence of the constellations,
  2. By the Day promised,
  3. By the witness and the witnessed,
  4. Destroyed were the Men of the Trench,
  5. The Fire inflamed with fuel,
  6. As they sat idly by it,
  7. And they were witness to what they were doing to those with faith
  8. They were vengeful towards them
    For nothing but that they believed in Allah,
    The Mighty, Worthy of Praise,
  9. To whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth;
    And Allah is witness over all things.
  10. Indeed, those who persecute men of faith and women of faith,
    But do not repent later,
    For them, there is the punishment of Hell,
    And chastisement of the swelling fire.
  11. Verily, for those who have certainty of faith,
    And engage in righteous deeds,
    For them there are Gardens
    Beneath which flow rivers (of Divine grace)–
    That is the triumph supreme!
  12. Indeed, the seizing by your Rabb is overwhelming!
  13. He it is Who originates creation, and brings it back;
  14. And He is the Forgiver, the Loving,
  15. Owner of the Throne, Glorious;
  16. Enforcer of His will.
  17. Has the story of the armies reached you?
  18. Of the Pharaoh and of Thamud?
  19. But those who disbelieve are in (a state of) denial.
  20. Lo! Allah surrounds them all around!
  21. No! This is the magnificent Qur’an,
  22. From a Tablet, secure.