Surah 90. Surah al Balad

Surah 90. Surah al Balad (The City)


Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful


  1. No! I call to witness this City—
  2. And you are a free man of this City—
  3. And the father and what he fathered,
  4. Behold! We created humankind into struggle!
  5. Does he reckon that none has power over him?
  6. He says: Abundant wealth have I spent!
  7. Does he reckon that none sees him?
  8. Have We not given him a pair of eyes?
  9. And a tongue and pair of lips?
  10. And showed him the two highways (right and wrong)?
  11. But he has not embarked on the steep path.
  12. And what will explain to you what the steep path is?
  13. (It is) freeing the slave,
  14. Or feeding (the hungry) on a day of hunger,
  15. The orphan and the kin,
  16. Or the mendicant in the dust.
  17. Therefore, those who have certainty of faith,
    And enjoin upon one another patience (and perseverance),
    And enjoin upon one another compassion,
  18. Such are the people of the right hand.
  19. And those who reject Our Signs,
    They are the people of the left hand—
  20. Upon them is the Fire closing in!