Surah 14. Surah Ibrahim

Surah 14. Surah Ibrahim

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. Alif  Laam  Raa
    A Book,
    We reveal to you,
    To take humankind
    From the depths of darkness
    Towards the Light,
    By the command of their Rabb,
    Towards the path of the Almighty,
    The One who is praised (by all creation).
  2. Allah is He,
    To Whom belongs whatever is in the heavens,
    And whatever is on earth.
    Lo! Miserable is the lot of the disbelievers
    From a severe punishment—
  3. Those who love the life of this world more than the hereafter,
    And obstruct (others) from the path of Allah,
    And search for crookedness therein.
    Such are the ones, who are lost,
    (Wandering) far away (from Divine presence).
  4. Lo! We did not send a Messenger
    Except with the tongue (language) of his own people,
    So that he can speak to them with clarity;
    Then, Allah leads astray whom He will,
    And guides whom He will,
    And He is the Mighty, the Wise.
  5. And behold! We sent Moses with Our Signs:
    “Take your people from the depths of darkness towards the Light,
    And remind them of the days of Allah.”
    Indeed, in these are Signs
    For all those who persevere and are grateful.
  6. And when Moses said to his people:
    “Remember the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon you,
    When He delivered you from the people of the Pharaoh.
    They used to inflict vicious punishment upon you,
    And they slaughtered your sons,
    And kept alive your daughters.
    Indeed, in it was a great trial for you from your Rabb.”
  7. And when your Rabb informed them:
    “If you are thankful,
    I will increase for you (My blessings),
    And if you reject the truth,
    Indeed! My chastisement is severe!”
  8. And Moses said: “If you reject Him,
    And everyone on earth (rejects Him),
    (Even) then, Allah is Self Sufficient, Worthy of Praise.”
  9. Has not the news reached you
    Of those who went before you—
    The people of Noah and A’ad and Thamud,
    And those who came after them?
    The knowledge about them is not except with Allah.
    There came to them Messengers with clear Signs,
    Then, they silenced their mouths with their hands, and said:
    “We reject what has been sent down to you,
    And we are doubtful and suspicious about what you invite us to.”
  10. Their Prophets said to them:
    “Is there any doubt about Allah,
    The primal Creator of the heavens and the earth?
    He invites you so that He may forgive you
    Of some of your wrong doings,
    And give you some time till the day appointed.”
    They said: “You are but human like us.
    You wish to prevent us from worshiping what our forefathers worshiped.
    In that case, bring  us a clear authority.”
  11. Their Prophets said to them:
    “We are but human like you.
    However, Allah showers His favors
    On some of His servants as He wills.
    And it is not up to us to bring you an authority
    Except by the command of Allah.
    Therefore, those who have certainty of faith,
    Place their trust in Allah.
  12. “And what is it with us
    That we should not place our trust in Allah?
    And behold! He has guided us to our paths!
    And we shall patiently bear
    The suffering you impose on us;
    And those who have trust
    Place their trust in Allah.”
  13. And the disbelievers said to their Prophets:
    “We will certainly throw you out of our lands,
    Or else you return to our religious fold.”
    Then, their Rabb sent down the revelation:
    “We shall indeed destroy the oppressors!
  14. And We shall indeed inhabit the earth with you
    After they are gone,
    That (admonition) is for whoever fears
    (The Day when he shall) stand before Me,
    And is afraid of My forewarnings.”
  15. They prayed for victory for the truth,
    And lo! Every recalcitrant tyrant was destroyed!
  16. Hell shall await him,
    And he shall be made to drink putrid water.
  17. He shall drink it gulp by gulp,
    But shall not be able to swallow it,
    And death shall surround him from every direction,
    But he will not die,
    And even more severe punishment shall follow him.
  18. The similitude of the deeds of those who deny their Rabb
    Is that of ashes upon which blows a strong wind from a hurricane.
    They have no power whatsoever over what they earned,
    That is (the state of) he who has strayed far away.
  19. Do you not see
    How Allah has created
    The heavens and the earth
    In truth and justice?
    If He so wills
    He will take you away
    And bring forth a new creation.
  20. And that is not difficult for Allah.
  21. And they shall appear all together before Allah,
    Then, those who were weak will say to those who were strong (and arrogant):
    “We were under your control,
    Can you, then, reduce for us some of the punishment from Allah?”
    They will say: “Had Allah guided us, we would have guided you,
    It is the same to us (now) whether we are impatient or patient,
    We have no escape.”
  22. And, after the decision is made, Satan will say:
    “Indeed, the promise that Allah made with you was a promise true,
    And the promise I made with you, I reneged on it.
    I had no authority over you except that you invited me and you listened to me.
    So, do not blame me but blame your own souls.
    I cannot listen to your wails,
    And you cannot listen to my wails.
    I do indeed reject your associating me with the Divine, which you used to do.
    Indeed, for the transgressors, there is a painful punishment!”
  23. And, those who have certainty of faith,
    And engage in righteous deeds,
    Will be admitted to Gardens beneath which flow streams (of Divine grace),
    To dwell therein forever by command of Allah,
    And therein a gift awaiting them: “Peace!”
  24. Do you not see how Allah has brought forth a simile:
    A sanctified Word is like a sanctified tree
    Whose roots are secure,
    And whose branches reach the heavens;
  25. It yields its fruit eternally
    By the command of its Sustainer.
    Lo! Allah brings forth parables
    So that humankind may learn and rehearse.
  26. And a simile for an impure word:
    (It is) like a tree pulled out from the earth,
    For which there are no supports.
  27. Allah reinforces those who have certainty of faith
    With the word that is firm
    In this world and in the hereafter;
    And Allah leads astray the transgressors;
    Lo! Allah does as He wills!
  28. Have you not observed those
    Who exchanged the grace of Allah with rejection (of His grace),
    And led their people into the abyss of ruin?
  29. Hell! They will enter therein,
    What an evil place!
  30. And they invented associates for Allah
    So they went astray from the right path.
    Say: “Indulge!
    For indeed your return is to the Fire!”
  31. Say to My servants who have certainty of faith
    That they should establish payer, and set aside (in charity),
    Secretly and openly,
    From what We have bestowed on them,
    Before the Day arrives,
    When there is no barter and no friendship.
  32. Allah is He
    Who created the heavens and the earth,
    And brought down the rain from the heavens,
    Then, brought forth fruits from it for your sustenance;
    And made subject to you ships,
    So that they are propelled in the ocean by His command,
    And made subject to you the rivers;
  33. And made subject to you the sun and the moon,
    Moving in structured orbits,
    And made subject to you the night and the day.
  34. And He gave you what you asked of Him,
    And if you count the bounties of Allah,
    You cannot count them;
    Indeed, the human is an unbelieving transgressor!
  35. And when Abraham said: “O my Rabb!
    Give me protection in this town,
    And keep me and my children away from worshipping the idols.
  36. “O my Rabb! They have indeed misled many among humankind;
    Then, whoever follows me is of me,
    And whoever disobeys me,
    Then, You are indeed the Forgiver, the Merciful.
  37. O our Rabb! I have left some of my children
    In a valley that is not cultivated,
    Close to the Sanctified House, O our Rabb!
    So that they establish prayer,
    Therefore, turn the hearts of people towards them,
    And give them sustenance from the fruits,
    So that they learn to be thankful.
  38. O our Rabb! You know indeed
    What we hide and what we express,
    And nothing is hidden from Allah
    In the earth, and not in the heavens.
  39. Prayer is to Allah,
    Who granted me Ismael and Isaac in my old age;
    Indeed my Rabb is He who answers prayers.
  40. “O my Rabb!
    Make me one who establishes prayer,
    As also my children!
    O our Rabb!
    And accept the prayer:
  41. O my Rabb!
    Forgive me, and my parents, and the believers,
    On the Day of Reckoning.”
  42. And do not reckon
    That Allah is unaware of the deeds of the transgressors.
    He will but give them respite
    Till the Day when the inner visions are opened.
  43. They will be running hither and thither,
    With their heads raised up,
    (Dazed) unable to look at themselves,
    And the core of their hearts (in disarray like the atoms of) air.
  44. And warn people,
    Of a Day when the punishment will descend upon them,
    Then, the transgressors will say:
    “Our Rabb! Give us respite for a short while;
    We will hearken to Your call,
    And follow Your Messengers.”
    (The answer will come back) “Did you not swear aforetime
    That there will be no retribution upon you?
  45. And you stayed in the habitations of people
    Who oppressed their own souls,
    And it was manifest to you how We dealt with them,
    And brought forth (from their history) examples for you.
  46. And truly, those who scheme,
    Scheme against themselves,
    And their plots are open to Allah;
    Indeed, their plots were of such magnitude
    That they would move mountains.
  47. So, do not reckon
    That Allah will not overlook His promise
    To His Messengers;
    Indeed, Allah is Mighty,
    The Owner of Retribution.
  48. That Day shall the earth be changed to another earth,
    As also the heavens,
    And these will array themselves before Allah,
    The One, the Lord of Retribution.
  49. And you shall see that Day
    All those who were guilty
    Shackled together with chains.
  50. (They shall be) dressed with black pitch,
    And their existence shrouded with (a membrane of) Fire,
  51. So that Allah may recompense every soul for what it earns.
    Lo! Allah is quick in His reckoning!
  52. Communicate this to humankind,
    And warn them of it,
    So that they understand
    That He is indeed the One worthy of worship,
    Lo! Those endowed with intellect,
    (Rehearse and) Remember it.