Dr. Nazeer Ahmed, Director, American Institute of Islamic History and Culture

Islamic history is not complete without a journey through the gardens of bliss nourished by tasawwuf. We are introducing our distinguished readers to the treasures of spirituality bequeathed to us by the great spiritual masters from the past. In a world of conflict, tasawwuf is a bridge that offers an existential possibility to bring together people of different faiths, nationalities, colors, creeds and origin. This first article offers a definition of some of the terminology of tasawwuf. Insha’Allah, we intend to expand and elaborate this terminology as we add more articles in this category. 

  1. Basic Terminology of Tasawwuf
  2. Advanced Terminology of Tasawwuf
  3. Wahdat-al-Wajud-1
  4. Asma wa Sifat
  5. Quotes from Rumi