Short Stories

  1. The Triumphant Widow
  2. One Dervish, One Roti, Four Urchins
  3. The King, the Grand Vizier and the Long Ladles
  4. The Moon That Was Lost
  5. Tell Me Where the Light Has Gone
  6. The Money Lender and the Buffalo
  7. The Child who Brought an Open Umbrella for Prayer
  8. The Hunter, the Shaikh and the Hungry Cat
  9. Harun al Rashid learns from his brother Bahlul
  10. Amir Timur learns from an Ant
  11. The Perfect Banquet
  12. The King Learns the Secret of Happiness from a Child
  13. God is the Best of Planners
  14. The Khoja Teaches a Lesson
  15. The Shepherd Prays for a Sinner
  16. A Tyrant Needs no Excuse
  17. Khair, Inshallah (Good, As God Wills It)
  18. The Power of Trust

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