Surah 19. Surah Maryam

Surah 19. Surah Maryam

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. Kaaf  Haa  Yay  Ein  Suad
  2. This is a narration of the Grace of your Rabb
    On His servant Zachariah.
  3. When he supplicated to his Rabb, he supplicated in secret.
  4. He said: “O my Rabb!
    My bones have indeed become weak,
    And my head has become reflective (of light) from white hair,
    And I have not been denied any prayers by You, O my Rabb!
  5. But I do fear my relatives (will be lost from the Truth) after me,
    And my wife is without a child,
    So, grant me an inheritor by Your Grace.
  6. My (spiritual) inheritor and the inheritor of the house of Jacob;
    And make him, my Rabb, one You are pleased with!”
  7. “O Zachariah! (Said the Rabb),
    We do indeed give you the glad tidings of a boy—
    His name shall be Yahya (John)—
    We have not given the same name to anyone before (you).”
  8. He said: “O my Rabb!
    How can I have a son,
    When my wife is barren,
    And I have reached a very advanced age?”
  9. Said (the Rabb): “That is how it shall be!
    That is easy for Me—
    Lo! I created you before
    When you were nothing (when you did not even exist).”
  10. He said: “O my Rabb!
    Send me a Sign.”
    Said (the Rabb): “Your Sign is that
    You shall not speak to anyone for three complete nights.”
  11. Then he stepped out of the cloister to his people,
    And he spoke to them in sign language
    To glorify Him morning and evening.
  12. “O John! (said the Rabb) Hold on firmly to the Book!”
    Lo! We gave him the Criterion from early childhood!
  13. And (bestowed on him) Grace from Our presence, and purity;
    And he was (always) conscious of Divine Presence.
  14. And he treated his parents with the highest honor,
    And he was not overbearing and disobedient.
  15. Lo! Peace was on him the day he was born,
    And the day he died,
    And the Day he shall be raised up again to life.
  16. And rehearse (the narrative of) Mary in the Book:
    When she cloistered herself from her family in a cloister facing the East,
  17. Then she isolated herself;
    And We sent upon her from Our Spirit (the angel Gabriel),
    And he appeared before her, a human in all his attributes.
  18. She said: “I do seek refuge from you with the All Compassionate,
    If indeed you are aware of His presence!”
  19. He said: “Indeed, I am but a Messenger from your Rabb,
    So that I may grant you (the message of) an immaculate son.”
  20. She said: “How can I have a son,
    When no man has touched me,
    And I am not of bad character.”
  21. He said: “That is how it shall be!
    And your Rabb says to you: That is easy for Me!
    And We shall make you a Sign for all humankind,
    And a mercy from Us;
    Lo! That is a decree ordained!”
  22. Then she conceived him,
    And she left with him to a place far away.
  23. The pangs of childbirth brought her to the base of a date tree.
    She said: “Woe unto me! I wish I had died before this,
    And forgotten, out of memory.”
  24. Then he (baby Jesus) called out to her from beneath it (the date tree):
    “Do not grieve!
    Truly, your Rabb has provided a spring (of mercy) under your feet;
  25. So, shake towards you the trunk of the date tree,
    Fresh dates will fall towards you.
  26. Then, eat and drink and satiate your eyes.
    And, if you see a man,
    Tell him: ‘Indeed, I have taken the oath of fasting (abstinence) for the All-Compassionate,
    Therefore, I shall not engage in any conversation  with any human at this time’”.
  27. Then, she returned to her people carrying him.
    They said: “O Mary”
    Truly, what you have brought with you is a distressing affair.
  28. O sister of Aaron!
    Your father was not a bad person,
    And your mother was not a person of bad character.”
  29. Then, she signaled to him.
    They said: ‘How can we converse with one who is an infant in the cradle?’
  30. He (the infant) said: “I am a servant of Allah!
    He has given (me)  the Book and has anointed me a Prophet.
  31. And (He has) blessed the place where I am,
    And commanded me to establish prayer
    And give charity as long as I live,
  32. And one who honors his mother,
    And (He) has not made me an arrogant outcast.
  33. Lo! Peace be upon me
    The day I was born,
    The day I die,
    And the day I am raised up to life.”
  34. That was Jesus, son of Mary!
    This is the Word of Truth about which you have doubts.
  35. It is not (befitting) for Allah to take a son—
    Glorified is He!
    When He decides on an action,
    Then, verily, He says:
    “Be! And it is!” (Be! And it was!)
  36. And indeed, He is my Rabb and your Rabb,
    Then worship (and serve) Him;
    This is the right path.
  37. But the factions disagree among themselves.
    So, woe to those who reject that
    They will be witnessed (judged) on the Momentous Day!
  38. How clearly shall they hear
    And how clearly shall they see
    The Day they appear before Us!
    But today
    The transgressors are in obvious error.
  39. And warn them of the Day of Wistfulness (the Day of Sighing),
    When the matter will be decided.
    But they are in a stupor,
    And they do not believe.
  40. Verily, We shall inherit the earth
    And what is upon it,
    And they shall be returned to Us.
  41. And rehearse  in the Book (the narrative of) Abraham:
    He was indeed a Prophet, firm on Truth.
  42. When he said to his father:
    “O my father! Why do you worship
    That which does not hear, does not see,
    And has not benefited you in the least?
  43. O my father! Behold, there has indeed come to me
    The knowledge that did not come to you;
    Therefore, follow me—
    I will show you the path of order and harmony.
  44. O my father! Do not serve Satan;
    Indeed, Satan was disobedient to the Most Compassionate.
  45. O my father! I do indeed fear
    That the punishment from the Most Compassionate may seize you,
    And you become a friend of Satan.”
  46. He said: “Have you turned away from my gods, O Abraham?
    If you do not desist, I will certainty have you stoned.
    So, get away from my presence, for a long time.”
  47. He (Abraham) said: “Peace be with you!
    I will ask for forgiveness for you from my Rabb—
    Indeed, He is merciful towards me.
  48. And I will separate myself from you,
    And what you invoke besides Allah,
    And I will call on my Rabb.
    There is hope that I will not be denied what I supplicate from my Rabb.”
  49. When he separated himself from them
    And from what they worshiped (served) besides Allah,
    We granted him Isaac and Jacob,
    And We made them  Apostles.
  50. And We granted them from Our Grace,
    And We made their speech exalted, truthful.
  51. And rehearse in the Book (the chronicle of) Moses:
    He was indeed chosen, and he was a Messenger and a Prophet.
  52. Lo! We called him to the right side of Mount Sinai,
    And We drew him closer so as to infuse into him the secrets.
  53. And We granted him from Our Grace his brother Aaron, a Prophet.
  54. And rehearse in the Book (the chronicle of) Ismail:
    He was indeed true to his covenant, and he was a Messenger and a Prophet
  55. And he used to enjoin his household to pray and give charity,
    And his Rabb was well pleased with him.
  56. And rehearse in the Book (the chronicle) of Idris:
    He was indeed on the (path of)  Truth, a Prophet.
  57. Lo! We elevated him to a station, exalted.
  58. These are among the Prophets from the progeny of Adam
    Upon whom Allah bestowed His benevolence;
    (They were) from those We carried with Noah,
    And (they were) from the children of Abraham and Israel,
    And (they were) among those We guided and selected;
    When the Signs of the All Compassionate were revealed to them,
    They would fall down in prostration and cry.
  59. There came inheritors after them who inherited (the legacies),
    They forgot the prayers and followed their base desires.
    Soon shall they meet up with their destiny;
  60. Except such as those who repent,
    And have certainty of faith,
    And engage in righteous deeds;
    In that case, they shall enter the Garden,
    And, not the least excess shall they be subjected to.
  61. Eternal Gardens!
    Of which the All Compassionate made a promise
    To His servants
    In ways beyond perception.
    Indeed, His promise shall come to pass!
  62. They shall not hear therein facile talk,
    Except “Peace!”
    Therein for them shall be their sustenance day and night.
  63. This is the garden
    Which We shall grant as inheritance
    To those of Our servants
    Who are conscious of Us.
  64. And (said the angels): “We do not descend except by the command of your Rabb,
    To Him belongs what is between that which is ahead of us and that which is behind us,
    And what is in between,
    And your Rabb is not forgetful.
  65. He is the Rabb of the heavens and the earth, and what is between them,
    Therefore, worship ( serve) Him,
    And persevere inHis worship—
    Do you know anyone the equal of His Name?”
  66. Lo! The human says:
    “What? When I am dead
    Then, will I be brought back to life?”
  67. Does the human not recall
    That We did indeed create him in the first place
    When he was nothing (He did not even exist)?
  68. So, by your Rabb!
    We shall assuredly gather them all together,
    And the Satans,
    And we shall indeed bring them on their knees all around Hell.
  69. Then we shall sort out from every group
    Those who were the most rebellious of the Most Compassionate;
  70. Even though We are knowledgeable
    About those who are most deserving of entering it.
  71. And there is none among you who shall not reach it—
    This is an inviolate decree determined for you by your Lord!
  72. Then We shall let go those who were conscious of Us,
    And We shall leave the transgressors in it on their knees.
  73. And when Our Signs are recited to them,
    The disbelievers say to those who have certainty of faith:
    “Which of the two groups (believers and disbelievers)
    Have a better position (in this world)
    And the best assembly (civilization)?”
  74. Behold! How many civilizations have we destroyed before them?
    They had more wealth and glitter.
  75. Say: “He who is lost is given latitude by the Most Compassionate—
    Until they see what was promised to them—
    Either punishment (in this life) or (punishment of) the Hour—
    Then they shall know which one has the worse station,
    And (which one) is the weaker party!”
  76. And Allah increases the guidance for those who have received guidance,
    And the righteous deeds that endure
    Are better in the sight of your Rabb,
    Worthy of recompense,
    And better for reaching your goal (of Divine pleasure).
  77. Have you not seen the one
    Who denies Our Signs,
    And says: “I shall definitely be given wealth and children?”
  78. Has he been informed of the secrets (of the heavens and the earth),
    Or has he received a promise from the Most Compassionate?
  79. No! We shall write down what he says,
    And increase his punishment, and lengthen it.
  80. And he shall be the inheritor of what he says,
    And he shall come to Us, alone.
  81. And they have taken others besides Allah as their gods,
    So that they (the gods) bring them power.
  82. Nay! Soon they (the false gods) will reject their worship,
    And will become their adversaries.
  83. Have you not seen that We do indeed send the Satans
    Upon those who reject the Truth,
    To incite them (and incite they do) a great deal?
  84. Therefore, do not be in haste about them—
    Indeed, We are counting upon them the (ordained) counts.
  85. That Day shall We gather together
    Those who are conscious of Him
    As guests of the Most Compassionate.
  86. And the culpable (the guilty) shall be driven towards hell, thirsty.
  87. They shall have no power of intercession,
    Except one who has made a covenant with the Most Compassionate.
  88. And they say: “The Most Compassionate has taken a son!”
  89. Truly, (it will be said to them),
    You have put forth something detestable.
  90. Because of it, the heavens are close to breaking apart,
    And the earth to split,
    And the mountains to fall, shattered into pieces,
  91. That they have ascribed a son to the Most Compassionate,
  92. When it is not worthy of the Most Compassionate that He should take a son!
  93. There is nothing in the heavens and the earth
    That does not approach the All Compassionate
    Except as a votary (and a servant).
  94. Truly, He has surrounded them,
    And has counted them, (with precise) counting.
  95. And all of them
    Shall appear before Him
    On the Day of Judgment,
  96. Indeed, for those who have  certainty of faith,
    And engage in righteous deeds,
    For them, the All-Compassionate
    Will bring forth love (on the Day of Judgment).
  97. It is for this reason that
    We have made it (the Qur’an) easy for you, in your own tongue,
    So that you give glad tidings to those who have certainty of faith,
    And warn with it a people who are belligerent.
  98. And how many settlements (civilizations) have We destroyed before them?
    Do you (now) see any of them?
    Or, do you (even) hear their whisper?