Surah 2. Surah al Baqara (The Cow)

Surah 2. Al Baqara (The Cow)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. Alif  Lam  Meem.
  2. That is the Book
    There is no ambiguity in it—
    A Guidance for those
    Who are conscious of Divine presence,
  3. Who believe in what is beyond perception,
    And establish prayer,
    And from what sustenance We provide them,
    They set some aside (in charity);
  4. And those who have certainty of faith
    In what We have revealed to you,
    And what We revealed to those before you,
    And those who have faith in the hereafter.
  5. For them, there is guidance from their Rabb,
    And they are among those who attain felicity.
  6. Indeed, as for those who conceal the Truth,
    It makes no difference
    Whether you warn them or not;
    They will not believe.
  7. Allah has sealed their hearts,
    (Closed) their hearing,
    And on their eyes there is a membrane (a veil);
    And upon them is a great punishment.
  8. Lo! Among humankind
    Are those who claim
    That they believe in Allah and the Last Day,
    But do not have certainty of faith.
  9. They (seek to) deceive
    Allah and the believers;
    They deceive not anyone but themselves—
    They just do not comprehend!
  10. In their hearts is a disease.
    Then Allah increases their disease,
    And for them, there is a painful punishment,
    For what they deny.
  11. When they are asked
    Not to cause dissention and rancor on earth,
    They say: “We are indeed peace makers!”
  12. No! It is indeed they
    Who are mischief makers,
    But they realize it not.
  13. And when it is asked of them:
    “Believe as do the people who believe”,
    They say: “Shall we believe
    Like the fools who believe?”
    No, it is indeed they who are the foolish ones,
    But they comprehend it not.
  14. And when they are with the believers,
    They declare: “We believe!”
    But when they leave (the believers)
    And are with the mischief makers,
    They proclaim: “We are with you—
    We were only mocking (the believers).”
  15. Allah will ratchet back their mockery;
    And give them latitude
    So that they become blind
    In their transgression.
  16. These are the ones
    Who have traded guidance for ignorance.
    But their trade will not benefit them
    And they will find no guidance.
  17. Their similitude is that of one
    Who has lit a fire;
    When it envelops him all around,
    Allah takes away his vision
    And hurls him into darkness upon darkness
    So that he has no insight.
  18. Deaf, dumb and blind,
    They cannot escape (the fire).
  19. Or, like a heavy downpour from the heavens,
    In which there is darkness,
    And thunder and lightning.
    They thrust their fingers in their ears,
    Terrified by the prospect of death.
    Lo! Allah surrounds the disbelievers
    All around (many times over)!
  20. The flash of lightning takes away their sight.
    Each time there is light,
    They move forward.
    And when there is darkness,
    They stay motionless.
    If it was the Will of Allah,
    He would take away their hearing
    And their sight.
    Indeed, Allah has power over all things!
  21. O humankind! Worship (and serve) your Rabb,
    Who created you
    And those before you,
    So that you become conscious of the Divine.
  22. He it is who spread out the earth for you,
    And raised up the heavens (like a covering)
    And poured down rain from the skies
    And brought forth fruit from it for you to eat.
    Therefore, do not ascribe partners to Allah,
    When you have been informed.
  23. And if you have any doubts
    Regarding what We have revealed to Our Servant,
    Produce a Surah (verse) like it
    And call to witness (as judge)
    Anyone besides Allah,
    If you are truthful!
  24. And if you cannot,
    And for sure you cannot,
    Be aware of the blazing Fire
    Whose fuel are men and material (rocks),
    Awaiting the disbelievers.
  25. And give glad tidings
    To those who have certainty of faith
    And perform righteous deeds.
    Awaiting them are Gardens of bliss
    Beneath which flow rivers (of Divine grace).
    Whatever sustenance (from Divine presence)
    And fruits (from Divine munificence)
    They receive therein,
    They will say: “Ah! This is what
    We delighted in before!”
    And they will be served (delights) similar to it,
    With them will be companions of (heavenly) purity,
    And they will dwell therein forever.
  26. Verily, Allah does not shy away
    From offering a similitude,
    That is as small as a mosquito or what is above it (the microbe that lives on the back of a mosquito).
    Then, those who have certainty of faith
    Recognize that it is the Truth from their Rabb.
    But those who disbelieve say:
    “What does Allah mean by this similitude?”
    Thus are many led astray,
    And many are guided;
    And they are not led astray,
    Except those who are rebellious.
  27. Those who break their promise to Allah
    After they have entered into a covenant (with Him),
    And violate the commandments
    That Allah has decreed them to keep,
    And spread mischief on earth—
    They are the ones who are the losers.
  28. How can you deny Allah
    When (you know) you were dead
    And He gave you life?
    Again, you shall die
    And shall be raised up,
    And you shall return to Him.
  29. He it is who created for you whatever is on earth,
    Then He turned to the sky
    And organized it into seven heavens,
    And He is the Knower of all things.
  30. When your Rabb said to the Angels:
    “I shall indeed place on earth a Trustee”,
    They submitted: “Will you create one
    Who will make mischief and shed blood,
    While we extol You, praise You, and sanctify You?”
    Said (the Creator): “I know what you know not!”
  31. And He taught Adam all the Names,
    Then He asked the angels:
    Tell me these Names if you are truthful.
  32. They said: “Glorified are You!
    We have no knowledge
    Except what You have taught us.
    Indeed, You are the Knower, the Wise!”
  33. He said: ” O Adam! Tell them the Names.”
    When he had informed them of the Names,
    (Allah) said: “Did I not tell you
    That I do indeed know
    What is beyond your perception
    In the heavens and the earth?
    And I know what you reveal and what you conceal.”
  34. And when We commanded the angels
    To prostrate before Adam,
    They prostrated, except Iblis.
    He refused and was arrogant,
    And he was of the disbelievers.
  35. And We said: “O Adam!
    Live in the Garden of bliss with your spouse,
    And you both eat from it at your pleasure—
    Wherever you wish—
    But do not go near this tree,
    Lest you both become transgressors.”
  36. Then did Satan cause them to fall therefrom,
    And had them thrown out from where they were,
    And We said to them:
    “Descend from here,
    With enmity between one another!
    And on earth shall be your abode,
    For a time ordained.”
  37. Then Adam learned the Words (the Commands)
    From his Rabb,
    So He turned to him in forgiveness.
    Indeed, He is the Forgiver, the Merciful.
  38. We said: “Descend from here all of you!
    When My guidance reaches you,
    Then, those who follow My guidance
    Shall have no fear,
    Nor shall they grieve.
  39. Those who disbelieve
    And make a lie out of Our Signs,
    Such are the ones who are companions of the Fire—
    They shall dwell therein forever.”
  40. O children of Israel!
    Recall the blessings that I bestowed upon you,
    And keep the covenant you made with Me,
    As I have kept the covenant I made with you,
    And fear Me alone!
  41. And believe in what I have sent down,
    Confirming what is with you,
    And be not the first ones to reject it.
    Sell not My Signs for a paltry sum,
    And be conscious of Me alone!
  42. And do not mix the Truth with falsehood
    And hide not the Truth,
    When you are in the know.
  43. And establish prayer,
    And give charity,
    And bow down with those who bow down.
  44. Do you invite others towards righteousness
    While forgetting it yourselves?
    And you read the book?
    Why then do you not comprehend?
  45. And seek help with patience and prayer;
    It is indeed a mighty (burden)
    Except for the humble—
  46. Such as those who are certain
    That they shall meet their Rabb,
    And that towards Him is their return.
  47. O children of Israel!
    Recall My blessings that I blessed you with,
    And I did indeed favor you over all the worlds;
  48. And be conscious of the Day
    When no soul shall bear the burden of another,
    When no intercession shall be accepted,
    When there shall be no bargain with justice,
    And none shall help them.
  49. And (recall) When We delivered you
    From the people of the Pharaoh,
    Who tortured you,
    Slaughtered your sons
    And possessed your daughters (in slavery).
    In that was a test for you
    From your Rabb, supreme.
  50. And We split the Sea for you,
    And We gave you deliverance,
    And We drowned the people of the Pharaoh—
    While you looked on.
  51. And when we invited Moses for forty nights,
    You took to the worship of the (golden) calf;
    You were indeed transgressors.
  52. Even so, We forgave you
    So that you might be grateful.
  53. And We gave Moses the Book and the Criterion
    So that you might be guided.
  54. And when Moses said to his people:
    “O my people!
    You have indeed oppressed your own souls
    By taking the calf for worship.
    So, turn to your Lord with repentance
    And slaughter your (evil) egos;
    That is better for you with your Rabb,
    So He accepted your repentance.
    Indeed, He is the Forgiver, Merciful.
  55. And when you said: “O Moses!
    We will not believe you
    Until Allah reveals Himself to us”,
    There shot forth a brilliant flash of lightening
    And you were a witness to it.
  56. Then We brought you to life,
    After you were (spiritually) dead,
    So that you might be grateful.
  57. We lowered upon you clouds (of mercy)
    And sent down manna and quails
    So that you may eat wholesome food,
    Which We provided for you.
    And they did not harm Us,
    But they inflicted harm upon their own souls.
  58. And We said: “Enter this city,
    And eat whatever you want,
    But enter the gates with utmost humility
    (prostrating before Allah),
    And say: ‘Forgive us!’
    So that We may forgive your sins,
    And increase Our rewards
    For those who do good.”
  59. But the wrong doers changed the words
    That were said to them
    For something else;
    Thereupon, We brought down punishment
    From the heavens,
    Because they were disobedient.
  60. And when Moses prayed for water for his people,
    We told him: “Strike the rock with your staff.”
    There gushed forth twelve springs
    And each tribe knew its place for water.
    (And We commanded) “Eat and drink
    From the provisions of Allah
    But do not commit wrong
    Nor cause mischief on earth.”
  61. And, when you said to Moses:
    “We are tired of eating the same food.
    Ask from your Rabb to bring forth for us
    What the earth grows—
    Herbs, cucumber, wheat, lentils and onions.”
    He asked: “Do you wish to substitute an inferior food
    For one that benefits you more?
    Then go back to Egypt,
    You will indeed find what you ask.”
    So, misery and poverty descended on them
    And they invited (upon themselves) the wrath of Allah.
    That happened because they denied the Signs of Allah
    And killed the Messengers unjustly,
    That (happened because of) what they defied,
    And they exceeded the limits of justice.
  62. Indeed,
    Those who have certainty of faith (in Allah),
    And the Jews, the Christians and the Sabians,
    Those who believe in Allah and the Last Day
    And perform righteous deeds,
    For them is a reward from their Rabb—
    No fear shall they have,
    And they shall not grieve.
  63. And We took a covenant from you
    And raised up for you the Mount of Sinai;
    ” Hold on fast to what We have given you
    And remember what is therein
    So that you become conscious of the Divine.”
  64. Then, you turned away after that.
    Were it not for the favor of Allah upon you,
    And His mercy,
    You would certainly be lost.
  65. Verily, you remember those among you
    Who broke the Sabbath.
    So, We told them:”Be you dishonored apes!”
  66. We made their fate a frightful example
    For those who were their contemporaries
    And those after them,
    And a lesson for those
    Who are conscious of the Divine.
  67. And when Moses said to his people:
    “Behold! Allah does indeed command you
    To sacrifice a heifer”,
    They replied: “Are you jesting with us?”
    He said: “I seek protection in Allah
    Lest I become one of the ignorant.”
  68. They said: “Ask your Rabb
    To clarify for us what it (the heifer) is.”
    He (Moses) said:” (My Rabb) does indeed say
    That the heifer should neither be too old
    Nor too young;
    It should be of an age in between.
    Now, do what you are commanded to do.”
  69. They said: “Beseech your Rabb
    To tell us what color it should be.”
    He said: “(My Rabb) does indeed say
    That the heifer be yellow,
    Of a color appealing to those who see it.”
  70. They said: “Implore your Rabb
    To clarify (further) for us what it is.
    We still have doubts about the heifer.
    If Allah wills it,
    We will receive comprehensive guidance.”
  71. (Moses) said: “He (Allah) does indeed command
    That the heifer be one that has not been put to work,
    Or used for plowing the land or for drawing water,
    Sound, without blemish.”
    They said: “Now you have brought the truth.”
    They slaughtered the heifer
    But it appeared they were not inclined to do it.
  72. And when you murdered a man,
    And accused each other of it,
    Allah made manifest what you were hiding.
  73. And We said: “Apply to him (his case)
    Some of those (similar cases)”;
    It is thus that Allah preserves (your) life over death (through your quarrels).
    And He shows you these Signs
    So that you may reason.”
  74. Then, hardened were your hearts after that,
    Like stones, or even harder.
    Indeed, there are some stones
    From which streams gush forth.
    There are even some stones that split,
    And from them issues forth water;
    And some of them fall down from fear of Allah.
    And Allah is not unmindful of what you do.
  75. Can you still be satisfied
    That they will listen to you?
    There is among them a group
    That hears the Words of Allah,
    Then alters them after what they had understood of it,
    And they do so with full knowledge
    Of what they are doing.
  76. When they are in the company of the believers,
    They declare that they also believe.
    When they are alone they say to one another:
    “Do you tell them what Allah has revealed only to you
    So that they can argue with you before your Rabb?
    Do you have no sense?”
  77. Do they not comprehend
    That Allah does indeed know
    What they conceal and what they reveal?
  78. Among them are unlettered ones
    Who have not studied the book
    Except what they hear;
    They but engage in guesswork.
  79. So, woe to them who write the Book
    With their own hands,
    And then claim that it is from Allah,
    And earn a paltry sum so doing.
    Woe to them from what they write with their hands,
    And woe to them from what they earn.
  80. And they say:”The Fire will not touch us
    Except for a few numbered days.”
    Ask them: “Have you made a covenant with Allah?
    In that case, Allah will not abrogate His covenant.
    Or, do you ascribe to Allah
    What you just do not know?”
  81. Nay! Whoever has accumulated sins,
    And his sins have overwhelmed him;
    It is such as they who shall be
    Companions of the Fire,
    Therein to dwell forever.
  82. And those who have certainty of faith
    And perform righteous deeds,
    They are the companions of the Garden;
    They shall dwell therein for ever.
  83. And (recall) when We took a covenant
    From the Israelites:
    Worship none but Allah,
    And treat your parents with the utmost kindness,
    And the kin, and the orphans, and the needy,
    And speak to people with utmost benevolence,
    And establish prayer, and give charity.
    Thereafter, you turned away,
    Except a few among yo, seeking excuses.
  84. And (recall) when We took a covenant from you:
    “Do not shed blood among yourselves,
    And do not drive away
    Your own people from their homes.”
    You took the oath and you were witness to it.
  85. Thereafter, you engaged in mutual slaughter,
    And drove away some of your own people
    From their homes,
    Forming an alliance against them with their enemies—
    Wrongfully and unjustly—
    And if they were brought to you as prisoners (of war)
    You would ransom them
    Whereas it was forbidden for you
    To expel them (from their homes in the first place).
    Is it that you believe in one portion of the Book
    And deny another?
    What then should be the punishment
    For some among you who engage in such deeds
    Except dishonor in the life of this world?
    And on the Day of Judgment
    They shall receive the most intense punishment,
    And Allah is not unmindful of what you do.
  86. Such are the ones
    Who bargain away the Hereafter
    For the life of this world;
    Their punishment shall not be lessened
    Nor shall any help reach them.
  87. Behold! We gave Moses the Book
    And sent Messengers after him, one after another.
    And We gave Jesus, son of Mary, manifest Signs,
    And reinforced him with the Holy Spirit.
    Whenever a Messenger came to you
    Whom you did not like,
    You were arrogant;
    And you rejected some of them,
    While others you slay.
  88. And they say: “Our hearts are covered
    (with Divine knowledge).”
    No! The repudiation of Allah was upon them
    For their rejection,
    Except for a few who had certainty of faith.
  89. And whenever a Book reached them from Allah
    Confirming what was with them,
    In years bygone they would use it
    To win over the disbelievers.
    But when (the Message) reached them
    Which they recognized,
    They rejected it.
    So, the rejection of Allah is upon the disbelievers.
  90. Ruinous is it
    That they sold their souls for falsehood,
    Denying that which has come down from Allah,
    Rebellious that Allah would bestow His Grace
    Upon whom He will of His servants.
    So they brought upon themselves
    Calamity after calamity.
    Shameful is the punishment for those
    Who reject the Truth!
  91. And when they are asked to believe
    In what Allah has revealed,
    They say: “We believe
    In what has been revealed to us”,
    And they deny everything else,
    Even though it is the Truth,
    Confirming what is with them.
    Say: If you are among the believers,
    Why did you kill the prophets
    Who came in earlier times?
  92. And verily, Moses came to you with clear Signs.
    Even so, you took to (the worship of)
    The (golden) calf after it,
    Indeed, you are transgressors.
  93. And (recall) when We took a covenant from you,
    And honored you with Mount Sinai,
    (Commanding you to) hold fast
    To what We bestowed on you
    And listen (to the Commandments of Allah).
    You replied: “We hear but we are unable to obey.”
    (lit: we waive it off).
    Their hearts were drunk with (worship of)
    The (golden) calf
    And steeped in the darkness of disbelief.
    Say: “Does your belief command you
    Such wretched deeds
    If you have certainty of faith?”
  94. Say: “If you have a home in the hereafter
    Granted exclusively to you by Allah
    In preference to the rest of humankind,
    Then desire death (for your egos) if you are truthful.”
  95. But they will never desire (death)
    Because of what their hands have sent forth
    Ahead of them.
    Indeed, Allah has full knowledge of the transgressors.
  96. And you will indeed find them
    More greedy for this life
    Than other people,
    Even more so than those
    Who associate deities with Allah;
    Every one of them would love to have a life
    Of a thousand years.
    However, even if they receive such a long life,
    They cannot escape their punishment.
    Indeed, Allah is the Seer of all that they do.
  97. Say: “Who is it that is an enemy to Gabriel?
    For it is he who infused the Quran into your heart
    By the command of Allah
    Confirming that which was revealed before it
    And providing guidance and good tidings
    To the believers.
  98. Whoever is an enemy of Allah and the angels,
    And the Messengers and of Gabriel and Mikael,
    Then (be warned) that indeed Allah is the foe
    Of those who conceal the Truth.”
  99. Behold! We have revealed unto you Signs manifest,
    And none rejects them except those
    Who break their bond (with Allah).
  100. What! Whenever they make a covenant,
    A group among them rejects it.
    Nay! Most of them have no certainty of faith!
  101. Whenever there came to them
    A Messenger from Allah
    Confirming what was with them,
    Some among those who had received the Book
    Hid the Book of Allah behind their backs,
    As if they were unaware of it.
  102. And they followed what the devils used to say
    During the reign of Solomon.
    Solomon did not hide the Truth
    But it was the devils who hid it,
    And taught people sorcery (deception),
    And that which was revealed
    To the two angels of Babel— Harut and Marut,
    (Even though the angels) did not teach it to anyone
    Without first saying:
    “Indeed, we are but a test; so do not disbelieve!”
    They (the disbelievers) listened
    To what the two (angels) said,
    And they sowed dissension between man and wife.
    But they harmed no one except as Allah willed,
    And they learned what was harmful
    And was of no benefit to them,
    Even though they were well aware
    That whoever was engaged in such a profession
    Shall have no recompense in the hereafter.
    Alas! If only they knew (the harm they caused)
    Their own souls by this trade!
  103. Alas! If only they knew
    That if they had certainty of faith
    And were conscious of the Divine,
    They would earn the pleasure of Allah.
  104. O you who believe!
    Do not say “our shepherd”,
    Say “look at us” (as the sun looks at a sunflower)
    And listen.
    Painful is the punishment
    For those who reject the Truth.
  105. Neither the disbelievers
    Among the people of the Book,
    Nor those who associate gods with God
    Desire that anything good be revealed to you
    From your Rabb.
    Allah reveals (His Word) from His Mercy
    To whom He pleases.
    Indeed, Allah is the Benefactor, Supreme.
  106. When We abrogate a Sign (from earlier Revelations)
    Or cause it to be forgotten,
    We bring one that is better
    Or one similar to it.
    Do you not know
    That Allah has power over all things?
  107. Do you not know that Allah is the One
    To Whom belongs the dominion
    Of the heavens and the earth,
    And that you have no protector nor helper
    Except Allah?
  108. Is it your intent
    That you question your Messenger
    As Moses was questioned in earlier times?
    He who has exchanged unbelief for belief
    Has indeed strayed from the right path.
  109. Many among the people of the Book
    Would love to see you revert to unbelief
    After you have believed.
    Their souls are swayed by jealousy
    Even after the Truth has been made manifest to them.
    Forgive them and disregard them,
    Until there comes to pass the Decree of Allah.
    Indeed, Allah has power over all affairs.
  110. And establish prayer and give charity.
    And whatever good you send forth before you,
    You will find it in the presence of Allah.
    Indeed, Allah is the Seer of what you do.
  111. And they say: “None shall enter the Garden
    Except a Jew or a Christian.”
    These are futile desires.
    Say: ” Produce your evidence (for these ideas)
    If you are truthful!”
  112. No! One who has surrendered his existence to Allah
    And is of the most beautiful conduct,
    Then, for such a one, there is reward from his Rabb;
    No fear shall there be upon him
    And he shall not grieve.
  113. The Jews say:
    “The Christians have no basis for their position,”
    And the Christians say:
    “The Jews have no basis for their position.”
    And they (both) recite the Book.
    That is how those who have no knowledge
    Respond to what is said to them.
    So, Allah will decide between them
    On the Day of Judgment
    About what they disagree.
  114. Who is a greater oppressor
    Than one who forbids people
    From entering places of worship to recite His Name,
    And who makes a determined effort to ruin them?
    It was not appropriate that such people
    Should enter therein except in fear.
    They are dishonored in this world,
    And for them there is a great punishment
    In the hereafter.
  115. And to Allah belong the East and the West.
    No matter which direction you turn,
    You encounter the existence of Allah.
    Indeed, Allah is the Knower, without bounds.
  116. And they say Allah has a son.
    Glory be to Him!
    No! Whatever is in the heavens and the earth is His;
    They all obey His will.
  117. (He it is Who is) The originator
    Of the heavens and the earth.
    When He decrees an act,
    He commands: Be! And it is! (It was!)
  118. And those without knowledge say:
    Why does Allah not speak to us (directly)
    Or why does a Sign not come to us?
    Such was also the talk of those before them;
    Similar were their hearts.
    Lo! We have made manifest Our Signs
    For a people who have certainty of faith.
  119. Indeed, We have sent you
    With the Truth ( O Muhammad!),
    As a harbinger of good news and as a Warner,
    And you will not be queried about the people
    (destined) for Hell.
  120. Never will the Jews be satisfied with you,
    And neither will the Christians,
    Until you conform to their religious communities.
    Say: Verily, the guidance from Allah—that is guidance!
    If you follow their desires,
    After there has come to you (revealed) knowledge,
    You shall have no protector from Allah nor friend.
  121. Those who read the Book We gave them
    As it should be read,
    They will believe in it.
    And those who reject it,
    It is they who are the losers.
  122. O children of Israel!
    Recall the blessings that I blessed you with,
    And that I favored you over all the worlds.
  123. And be conscious of the Day
    When no soul can help another,
    And no compensation shall be accepted,
    And no intercession shall be of benefit,
    And they shall not be helped.
  124. And when Abraham was tested
    By commands from his Rabb,
    He completed them.
    He (his Rabb) said:
    I will make you an Imam for all humankind.
    He (Abraham) said: And my children, too!
    He (his Rabb) said:
    My promise is not for the transgressors.
  125. And when We made the House
    A place of gathering and peace for humankind,
    Therefore, make the station of Abraham
    Your station of prayer.
    And We made a covenant with Abraham and Ishmael
    To purify My house for those who circle around it,
    Who retreat in it and who bow down
    And prostrate in it.
  126. And when Abraham said:
    “O My Rabb! Make this land a sanctuary,
    And bestow provisions of fruit to those of its people
    Who believe in Allah and the Last Day.”
    He (his Rabb) said:
    “I shall grant respite for a brief period
    For one who disbelieved,
    Then, I shall compel him
    Towards the punishment of Hell—
    How awful a destination it is!”
  127. And when Abraham raised
    The foundation of the House,
    So did Ishmael,
    (And they prayed):
    “Our Rabb, accept from us (this service);
    Indeed You are the Hearer, the Knower.
  128. Our Rabb!
    Make us among those who surrender to You,
    And our progeny in a (spiritual) community
    That has surrendered to you,
    And show us how to worship You,
    And forgive us;
    Indeed, you are the Forgiver, the Merciful.
  129. Our Rabb! Send for them a Messenger
    From among themselves,
    Reciting for them Your Signs,
    And teach them the Book and the Wisdom,
    And purify them.
    Indeed, You are the Mighty, the Wise.”
  130. And who will turn away
    From the (spiritual) community of Abraham
    Except one who has cheated himself,
    For behold! We have chosen him in this world,
    And indeed he will be among the righteous ones
    In the hereafter.
  131. When his Lord commanded him: ” Surrender!”
    He said: “I surrender to the Rabb of all the worlds.”
  132. And Abraham left this testament for his children,
    As did Jacob:
    “Our children! Allah has chosen for you a faith,
    Therefore, die not except as those
    Who have surrendered to Allah.”
  133. Were you present when the time came
    For Jacob’s death?
    He asked: “O my children!
    Who will you worship and serve after me?”
    They said: “We will worship (and serve)your God—
    The God of your forefathers Abraham, Ishmael
    And Isaac–the One God,
    And we are among those who have surrendered.”
  134. That was an Ummah (a spiritual community)
    Which has passed on.
    To them was due what they earned
    And to you is due what you earn,
    And you will not be asked about what they did.
  135. They say:
    “Become Jews or Christians
    And you will receive guidance.”
    Tell them:
    “No! (We are) in the (spiritual) community of Abraham,
    (Who was) a Hanif (person of profound spiritual insight)
    And was not one to associate partners with Allah.”
  136. Declare: “We believe in Allah
    And what has been revealed to us,
    And what was revealed to Abraham and Ishmael,
    And Isaac and Jacob,
    And to their progeny,
    And what was granted to Moses,
    And Jesus,
    And what was granted to the Prophets from their Rabb.
    We make no distinction between any one of them
    And we are among those who have surrendered.”
  137. Then, whosoever believes as you have believed
    Will truly find guidance;
    And whosoever turns away,
    Is indeed recalcitrant.
    In which case,
    Allah shall be sufficient for you against them,
    And He is the Hearer, the Knower.
  138. (Say) “We resonate to the wavelengths from Allah
    (lit: we take on the colors from Allah),
    And what attributes are more sublime
    (what colors are more blissful)
    Than the ones from Allah?
    And we are His dedicated servants.”
  139. Say: “Do you argue with us about Allah
    Who is our Rabb as well as yours?
    To us are our deeds, and to you are yours.
    And we are about Him sincere.”
  140. Or, do you claim that Abraham and Ishmael,
    And Isaac and Jacob,
    And their children were Jews or Christians?
    Say: “Are you more knowledgeable or Allah?
    And who is a greater transgressor than the one
    Who conceals evidence from Allah?
    Indeed, Allah is not unaware of what you do.
  141. It was a community that has passed on—
    For it, what it earned;
    And for you what you earn.
  142. The foolish ones among people say:
    “What made you turn away
    From the direction you used to face?”
    Say: “To Allah belongs the East and the West.
    Allah guides who He will to the path that is straight.”
  143. And that is how We have made you
    A (spiritual) community,
    Balanced (avoiding extremes),
    So that you be a witness over all humankind,
    And the Messenger, a witness over you.
    And We prescribed not
    The Qibla (the direction of prayer) for you
    Except to determine who followed the Messenger
    And who turned on his heels.
    It was indeed a mighty (test)
    Except for those who followed the guidance from Allah.
    Allah was not disposed to make you lose your belief;
    Indeed, Allah is towards all humankind,
    Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.
  144. We see your face (your existence) turn repeatedly
    Towards the heavens (for guidance).
    Lo! We shall turn you towards the Qibla
    With which you are in consonance;
    So, turn your face
    In the direction of the Masjid al Haram (in Mecca).
    No matter where you are, turn your face towards it.
    And verily, those who have received the Book
    Recognize that this is the Truth from their Rabb;
    And Allah is not unaware of what you do.
  145. Even if you show all the Signs
    To those who have previously received the Book,
    They will not follow your Qibla.
    And you are not one to face the direction of their Qibla.
    And none among them will accept the Qibla of the others.
    And if you follow their desires
    After you have been granted knowledge,
    You will indeed be among the transgressors.
  146. Those to whom We have given the Book
    Recognize this
    As they recognize their own children.
    Even so, a group among them
    Does indeed conceal the Truth,
    And they know it.
  147. The Truth is from your Rabb.
    Therefore, do not be among those
    Who have doubts about it.
  148. To each one is a goal towards which he turns,
    So take the initiative towards good.
    Wherever you hide, Allah will gather you all together.
    Indeed, Allah has power over all things.
  149. And, no matter where you come from,
    Turn your face towards Masjid al Haram.
    Indeed, this is the Truth from your Rabb,
    And Allah is not unaware of what you do.
  150. And, no matter where you come from,
    Turn your face towards Masjid al Haram.
    And wherever you are, turn your face in that direction
    So that there is no argument left
    With the people (who are) against you,
    Except those among them who are transgressors.
    So, fear them not but fear Me!
    So that I may complete My favors upon you,
    And you receive guidance.
  151. As We have sent to you
    A Messenger from among yourselves,
    Who rehearses Our Signs to you,
    And purifies you (purifies your souls),
    And teaches you the Book and the Wisdom,
    And teaches you what you did not know.
  152. So remember Me, and I shall remember you!
    Be thankful to Me and do not be ungrateful.
  153. O you who believe!
    Ask for help with patience and prayer.
    Indeed, Allah is with those who are patient.
  154. And do not say
    That those who die in the way of Allah are dead.
    No! They are alive but you perceive it not.
  155. Indeed, We will try you a little
    With fear and hunger, loss of wealth and life and crops,
    But give glad tidings to those who are patient.
  156. Those who say when faced with trial:
    “Verily, we are from Allah (who created us),
    And verily, to Him is our return!”
  157. Upon them are salutations from their Lord,
    And Divine Mercy;
    And it is they who are on the path of guidance.
  158. Behold! Safa and Marwa are Signs from Allah.
    Whoever arrives at the Sanctuary for Hajj or Umrah,
    There is no blame on him if he traverses between them.
    And if one does good willingly,
    Verily, Allah is the Recognizer of gratitude, the Knower.
  159. Verily, those who hide
    What We have revealed of Our manifest Signs
    And (of Our) Guidance,
    After We have clearly explained it to humankind
    In the Book,
    It is upon such as these
    That there is the rejection from Allah,
    And those who can reject, reject them.
  160. Except such as those who repent,
    And seek reconciliation,
    And renounce openly (their errors),
    It is such as these that I forgive;
    Lo! I am the Forgiver, the Merciful!
  161. Indeed, those who deny the Truth,
    And die in a state of denial,
    Upon them is the curse of Allah
    And of the angels
    And of all humankind.
  162. They shall remain in that state for ever;
    No reduction shall be given in their punishment
    Nor shall they receive a reprieve.
  163. Your god is the One God—
    There is none worthy of worship but Him—
    The Compassionate, the Merciful.
  164. Indeed, in the creation of the heavens and the earth,
    In the contrast between night and day,
    In the ships that sail the oceans (with merchandise)
    For the benefit of humankind;
    And, in the rain that Allah brings down from the heavens,
    And with it, gives life to a dead earth,
    And the fauna of all kinds that it spreads,
    And the winds that blow,
    And the clouds that float, captured (by the winds)
    Between the heavens and the earth,
    (These) indeed are Signs for a people
    Who (observe, measure, and) reason.
  165. And yet there are among humankind those
    Who take others besides Allah as His partners,
    And love them as they should love Allah.
    But those who have certainty of faith
    Are stronger in the love of Allah.
    And if the transgressors were to see—
    When they shall see the penalty—
    They will realize that all power is with Allah;
    And that the punishment from Allah is most severe.
  166. When the leaders among them
    Will disown those who followed them,
    And they are confronted with their doom,
    And are cut off from all excuses,
  167. And those who followed will say:
    “Ah! If only we had another turn (to live on earth),
    We would certainly move away from them
    As they have moved away from us.”
    That is how Allah shall show them
    Their deeds as their own remorse,
    And they shall not escape from the Fire.
  168. O humankind!
    Eat from the earth what is permitted and is good,
    And do not follow the footsteps of Satan.
    Indeed, he is your declared enemy.
  169. Indeed, he will command you not
    But to that which is sinful and repugnant,
    And (incite you) to say about Allah
    What you have no knowledge of.
  170. And when they are asked to follow
    What Allah has revealed, they reply:
    “We will follow only what we found with our forefathers.”
    What? Even if their forefathers had no sense
    And were without guidance?
  171. And the similitude of those who deny the Truth
    Is like one who shouts after that which cannot hear,
    Except calls and shouts;
    Deaf, dumb and blind,
    They are bereft of comprehension.
  172. O you who believe!
    Eat what is wholesome from what We have provided you,
    And express your gratitude to Allah.
    If you worship (and serve) none other than Him.
  173. Forbidden to you is what is dead,
    And blood, and the meat of pigs,
    And that on which is taken (a name) other than Allah.
    Even so, if one is completely helpless,
    And is not rebellious or a transgressor,
    On him there is no blame.
    Indeed, Allah is the Forgiver, the Merciful.
  174. Indeed, those who hide
    What is revealed by Allah in the Book,
    And sell it for a small price,
    It is as if they had stuffed their stomachs
    With nothing but fire.
    Allah will not speak to them on the Day of Judgment
    Nor will He purify them,
    And upon them is a most painful punishment.
  175. They have bargained error for guidance,
    And punishment for forgiveness.
    How keen are they for the Fire!
  176. That is indeed from Allah,
    A Book sent down with the Truth.
    Indeed, those who disagree with the Book
    Are stubborn to the extreme.
  177. Righteousness is not
    That you turn towards the East or the West;
    Righteousness is to believe in Allah and the Last Day,
    The Angels and the Book and the Prophets,
    And to spend your wealth for the love of Allah,
    On your relatives and the orphans,
    The wayfarer and the indigent,
    And (to free) the slaves,
    And to establish prayer and give charity,
    To fulfill your contracts that you have entered into,
    To be patient in adversity and trials and times of conflict.
    Such are the people who are true,
    And such are the ones who are conscious of the Divine.
  178. O you who believe!
    Prescribed for you
    Is the principle of qisas (equitable recompense)
    In case of murder: a free man for a free man,
    A slave for a slave,
    A woman for a woman.
    Even so, if some relief is granted
    By the brother of the deceased,
    Then follow a practice that is noble.
    (Forgive) and accept the recompense as a good deed,
    Such is the latitude provided to you by your Rabb
    And a Divine mercy.
    Then, whoever violates the bounds of justice
    Even after this (has been made clear),
    For him, there is painful punishment.
  179. O people of intellect!
    Know that there is (preservation of) life
    In the principle of qisas
    So that you may learn consciousness of Divine presence.
  180. It is prescribed for you
    That as death approaches any of you,
    And you are leaving behind an estate,
    Then, leave a last will and testament
    For your parents and those near you,
    In accordance with the most excellent practice.
    That is a right and a responsibility
    Upon those who are aware of Divine Presence.
  181. Then, after what has been heard, if anyone alters it,
    The crime is on him.
    Indeed, Allah is the Hearer, the Knower.
  182. But if there is fear
    That the dying person has favored someone
    Or has done wrong,
    Then there is no blame
    If you arrange an equitable settlement between them.
    Indeed, Allah is the Forgiver, the Merciful.
  183. O you who believe!
    Fasting is made mandatory for you
    As it was made mandatory for those before you
    So that you become conscious of Divine presence.
  184. The days are counted;
    Then, whoever among you is ill, or is traveling,
    May complete his fasts later,
    And those who have the ability
    Should feed the indigent as a substitute;
    For, one who takes the initiative to do good,
    Then, for such a one, there is goodness,
    But if you fast,
    It is better for you,
    If you knew.
  185. The month of Ramadan is the one
    In which was revealed the Quran—
    Guidance for humankind,
    And with clear proofs for the Guidance,
    And (manifesting) the Criterion.
    Then, whoever is a witness to this month must fast;
    And whoever is sick or is traveling,
    He should make up the fasts later.
    Allah intends to make it easy for you,
    Not make it difficult for you.
    So that you complete the prescribed days,
    And (so that) you extol the Name of Allah
    For what guidance you are given,
    And you are thankful.
  186. And when My servants ask you about Me,
    (Tell them:) “I am indeed close (to them).
    I respond to the prayer
    Of the supplicant as he supplicates.
    So, let them follow My command,
    And have faith in Me,
    So that they are directed to the right path.
  187. Permitted to you on the nights of fasting
    Is relationship with your wives.
    They are your covering (your honor)
    And you are their covering;
    Allah has known
    That you used to deceive your own souls;
    So He turned to you and forgave you.
    So, you may approach them (on the nights of fasting)
    But rebel not against what Allah has prescribed for you,
    And eat and drink
    Until the white thread of dawn
    Becomes distinguishable against the darkness (of night).
    Then keep your fasts until nightfall.
    And do not consort with your wives
    While you are secluded in the mosques.
    These are the limits of Allah, so do not approach them.
    That is how Allah makes His Signs manifest for humankind;
    So that they become conscious of Divine presence.
  188. And do not squander your wealth
    Among yourselves, in false pretenses,
    Or to influence judges,
    So that you criminally devour a portion
    Of other people’s wealth,
    And you know it.
  189. They ask you about the new moons.
    Say: They are useful for fixing seasons for humankind
    And for Hajj.
    It is not piety
    That you enter your homes through the back door;
    It is piety that you be aware of Divine presence.
    Therefore, enter your homes through their doors.
    And be aware of Allah so that you attain felicity.
  190. And fight in the path of Allah those who fight you,
    But do not exceed what is just.
    Lo! Allah does not love the unjust.
  191. And fight them wherever you confront them,
    And expel them from where they have expelled you,
    Causing discord and convulsion
    Is more oppressive than murder.
    But do not fight them
    In (the precincts of) Masjid al Haram
    Unless they fight you therein.
    So, if they fight you, defend yourself.
    That is the appropriate response to the disbelievers.
  192. But if they desist,
    Then, Allah is the Forgiver, the Merciful.
  193. And fight them until there is no more mischief,
    And the command is with Allah.
    For, if they desist, then let there be no hostilities,
    Except against the oppressors.
  194. The forbidden month for the forbidden month,
    And the law of equity is for all matters that are forbidden.
    Then, if they threaten you therein,
    You respond to them commensurate with the injustice.
    Be conscious of Allah,
    And know that Allah is with those who are conscious of Him.
  195. And spend in the path of Allah
    And do not ruin yourselves with your own hands.
    Maintain the most beautiful conduct;
    Indeed, Allah is with those
    Who have the most beautiful conduct.
  196. And perform the Hajj and Umrah for the sake of Allah
    But if you are prevented,
    Then (send a gift) from what is available to you,
    And remove not your hair until the gift has reached
    Its destination.
    However, for one who is sick
    Or has a disease in the scalp,
    Then fasting or charity may be substituted.
    And whoever desires to combine the Umrah with the Hajj,
    And cannot find (a suitable gift),
    Let him fast for three days during Hajj
    And seven days after he returns (from Hajj).
    This makes it ten altogether.
    This latitude is for those
    Who have no relatives near Masjid al Haram.
    And be aware of Allah
    And know that the retribution from Allah is most intense.
  197. The months of Hajj are determined.
    Then whoever is discharging the obligation of Hajj therein,
    Let him not turn to his spouse (for conjugal relations)
    Nor engage in bad conduct or rancor during the Hajj.
    And what you do by way of good, Allah knows it.
    Prepare yourselves,
    But the best preparation is consciousness of Allah;
    So, be conscious of Me, O people of intellect!
  198. Not forbidden to you
    Is seeking the bounties of Allah (during Hajj).
    And as you approach (the plain of) Arafat,
    Then remember Allah in the sacred precincts,
    And remember Him as you have been guided,
    Since you were assuredly among those
    Who went astray in former times.
  199. Then return as other people return
    And seek forgiveness from Allah.
    Indeed, Allah is the Forgiver, the Merciful.
  200. And when you have completed the rites of Hajj,
    Recall Allah as you used to recall your forefathers,
    But recall Him with  greater fervor.
    Among humankind are those who say:
    “O our Rabb! Grant us from this world!”
    For them there is nothing in the hereafter.
  201. And among them are some who say:
    “O our Rabb! Grant us Your presence in this world
    And Your presence in the Hereafter
    And protect us from the Fire!”
  202. It is they– they shall inherit what they earn.
    Indeed, Allah is swift in His reckoning!
  203. And remember Allah through the days counted;
    But if one hastens and departs in two days,
    There is no blame on him;
    And if one, a pious one, stays on,
    There is no blame on him.
    (O people!) Be conscious of Allah
    And know that He will gather you all together.
  204. And among humankind are those
    Whose conversation about the life of this world
    Enthralls you
    And he makes Allah a witness to what is in his heart;
    But he sows discord
    (Within your own souls and in the community).
  205. And when they turn (away from Allah),
    They do their utmost
    To cause discord and convulsions on earth.
    They obliterate crops
    And destroy entire races (of humankind).
    Lo! Allah does not love those
    Who cause discord and convulsions!
  206. And when they are asked to be conscious of Allah,
    Their sense of power impels them towards evil;
    Therefore, sufficient for them is Hell;
    And it is indeed a destination most awful!
  207. And among humankind is such as one
    Who sacrifices his Self
    To reach out for the pleasure of Allah.
    Lo! Allah is most caring towards His servants!
  208. O you who have certainty of faith!
    Enter wholeheartedly into a state of surrender,
    And do not follow the footsteps of Satan.
    Indeed, he is to you an avowed enemy!
  209. If you slide (into disbelief)
    Even after clear Signs have come down to you,
    Then know that Allah is the Mighty, the Wise.
  210. Are they waiting
    That Allah should appear before them
    In the shadows of clouds, and the angels too?
    That would settle all matters!
    Lo! To Allah return all commands.
  211. Ask the Children of Israel,
    How many Signs We showed them.
    And if one alters a gift from Allah
    After it came down to him,
    Then Allah is indeed most intense in retribution.
  212. The life of this world
    Has been made glittering
    For the disbelievers
    And they laugh at those who have certainty of faith;
    Even though it is the pious
    Who will be honored above them
    On the Day of Judgment,
    And Allah provides sustenance as He wills
    In boundless measures.
  213. Humankind was one spiritual community,
    Then Allah sent Prophets—
    Conveyors of glad tidings and Warners;
    And He sent down the Book with them in Truth
    To decide between people
    In matters (wherein) they disagreed.
    (Thereafter) there were no disagreements,
    Except among those
    Who had received the manifest Signs—
    Among them were the rebellious ones.
    Then, by His command,
    Allah guided those
    Who had certainty of faith to the Truth,
    In matters they had disagreed.
    Lo! Allah guides whom He will to the Straight Path.
  214. Do you reckon
    That you will enter the Garden (of Divine pleasure)
    When there have been (no trials) upon you
    Like the ones upon people before you?
    Great was the loss and pain they endured,
    And they were shaken to the core,
    Until the Prophet and the believers with him cried out:
    “When will the help from Allah arrive?”
    Yes, indeed! The help from Allah is very close!
  215. They ask you
    How much they should set aside in charity.
    Say: “What you spend of your wealth
    For parents and relatives and the orphans,
    And the indigent and the wayfarer,
    And whatever you do that is good,
    Allah is fully aware of it!”
  216. Fighting (to preserve your faith) is prescribed for you
    But you detest it.
    It may be that you do not like something
    That is good for you,
    And you love something that is not good for you.
    Lo! Allah is the Knower and you are without knowledge.
  217. They ask you about fighting in the forbidden month.
    Say: “Fighting in it is a great (wrong);
    But to prevent people from following the right path,
    And to disbelieve in Him,
    And (to prevent them from entering) the Masjid al Haram,
    And to expel people from it,
    Is a greater (crime) before Allah,
    And fostering discord and convulsion
    Is a greater (offense) than slaughter.
    And they will not stop fighting you
    Until they turn you away from your faith, if they can.
    And whoever among you gives up his faith,
    And dies in a state of disbelief,
    Then, it is they who have ruined their deeds
    In this world and in the hereafter;
    And it is they who are companions of the Fire;
    Therein, they shall dwell forever.
  218. Verily, those who have certainty of faith,
    And those who migrate and struggle
    In the cause of Allah,
    Such are the one who hope for Divine Grace;
    Lo! Allah is the Forgiver, the Merciful.
  219. They ask you about drinking and gambling.
    Say: “There is great harm in them
    And (some) benefit for humankind,
    But the harm is much greater than the benefit.”
    And they ask you what they should give in charity.
    Say: “Give what you do not need.”
    Thus it is that Allah makes manifest His Signs to you
    So that you ponder
  220. (About) this world and the hereafter—
    And they ask you about the orphans.
    Say: “It is virtue to help them improve their condition.
    If they reside with you, they are your brothers.
    Lo! Allah is aware of the harm (you inflict)
    As well as the help (you render).
    And if Allah so wills,
    He will put you into difficulty.
    Indeed, Allah is the Mighty, the Wise.”
  221. And do not marry women
    Who ascribe partners with God
    Until they have certainty of faith;
    A believing servant girl is preferable to a woman
    Who ascribes partners with God—
    Even if she is alluring to you.
    And do not marry men who ascribe partners with God
    Until they have certainty of faith;
    A believing servant is preferable to a man
    Who ascribes partners with God—
    Even if he captivates you.
    They invite you towards the Fire
    While Allah invites you by His command
    Towards the Garden and (towards) forgiveness;
    And He makes these Signs clear for humankind,
    So that they remember.
  222. And they ask you about menstruation.
    Say: “It is impure.
    Therefore, do not have conjugal relations
    With (your wives)
    During their period,
    And do not impose yourselves on them
    Until they have purified themselves.
    After they have purified themselves,
    Approach them as Allah has permitted you.
    Lo! Allah loves those who repent,
    And He loves those who purify themselves.”
  223. Your wives are a tilth for you,
    So visit your tilth as you deem appropriate,
    But send forth ahead of you (a good deed)
    From yourselves,
    Be Allah-conscious,
    And remember you shall indeed meet Him;
    And give this good news (of meeting Him)
    To those who have certainty of faith.
  224. And do not make
    (The Name of) Allah the target of your oaths
    So that you (avoid) doing good
    And be Allah-conscious
    And make peace between people.
    Indeed, Allah is the Hearer, the Knower.
  225. Allah does not hold you responsible
    For your false oaths
    But He will hold you responsible
    For what transpires in your hearts.
    Indeed, Allah is the Forgiver, Most Patient.
  226. For those who take an oath
    Not to have conjugal relations with their wives,
    Their wait is four months.
    Then if they make peace and get together,
    Indeed Allah is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful.
  227. But if they are determined to get a divorce,
    Then lo! Allah is the Hearer, the Knower.
  228. Let the divorced women
    Wait by themselves for three months;
    And let them not hide
    What Allah has created in their wombs—
    If they believe in Allah and the Last Day.
    Their husbands have a preferable obligation
    To take them back after that (term)
    If they desire reconciliation.
    For the women (are rights)
    Similar to (responsibilities) upon them,
    In accordance with the most noble practices.
    But men have more (responsibilities)
    As compared to them (the women).
    And Allah is the Mighty, the Wise.
  229. Divorce is only twice.
    Then, (after two divorces) either dwell with them
    According to what is most noble,
    Or leave them according to what is most excellent.
    It is not lawful for you to take back anything
    That you have given them (as gifts).
    But if they are both afraid that they cannot stay
    Within the limits established by Allah,
    Then there is no blame on them
    If she ransoms (the gifts for her freedom).
    These are limits established by Allah,
    So do not violate them.
    And whosoever violates the limits established by Allah
    It is they who are the transgressors.
  230. Even so, if he divorces her (a third time),
    She is not lawful to him
    Until she is married to someone else
    And he (too) divorces her.
    Then, there is no blame on them
    If they get together again.
    And ensure
    That they will stay within the limits established by Allah.
    And these are the limits ordained by Allah
    For a people who have knowledge.
  231. When you divorce your wives,
    And as they complete their waiting period (Iddat)
    Then dwell with them with honor
    Or let them leave with honor
    And do not prevent them from leaving
    So as to harass them unjustly.
    And whoever engages in such conduct
    Has oppressed his own soul.
    Do not take the Signs of Allah as a jest
    And remember the blessings of Allah upon you
    And what He has revealed to you of the Book
    And the Wisdom
    And the admonishing therein.
    Be Allah-conscious
    And know that Allah has knowledge of all things.
  232. When you have divorced your wives,
    And they have completed their waiting period,
    Prevent them not from marrying their husbands,
    If they mutually agree in a manner most noble.
    This is the prescription for those,
    Who have certainty of faith in Allah and the Last Day—
    There is virtue, and purity in it for you.
    Indeed, Allah is the Knower
    And you are without knowledge.
  233. If the mothers are agreeable,
    They may nurse their babies for two whole years.
    This (provision) is for those (mothers)
    Who have the desire to complete the nursing;
    And upon the father is mandatory
    Her provision for food, clothes (and maintenance)
    According to what is good and honorable.
    Let there be no burden on a soul greater than it can bear,
    Let no mother suffer because of her child,
    And let no father suffer because of his child;
    And upon the inheritors is a similar (responsibility).
    Then, if the two of them, through mutual consultations,
    Decide between themselves to wean their babies
    Then there is no blame on them
    And if you desire to have your babies wet-nursed,
    There is no blame on you,
    Provided you willingly give them what is their due,
    In accordance with what is good and honorable.
    And be conscious of Allah,
    And know that Allah is the Seer of what you do!
  234. Those among you who die and leave wives behind,
    They (the wives) should keep to themselves
    For four months and ten days.
    When they have completed their waiting period,
    There is no blame on them
    If they take steps for themselves (to get married)
    In accordance with what is good and honorable.
    Lo! Allah is aware of what you do!
  235. And it is not wrong on your part
    To send a proposal for marriage to the widows
    Or to keep it to yourself.
    Allah knows that you will soon present it to them.
    But do not make promises in secret,
    Except to say something to them that is good
    (and honorable).
    And do not make a firm commitment of marriage
    Until the prescribed term has been honored,
    And know that indeed Allah knows
    What is within your souls.
    So, beware of Him!
    And know that Allah is the Forgiver, the Forbearing.
  236. There is no blame on you
    If you divorce women
    Before you have consummated the marriage
    Or given them what is their due (mahr).
    But give them a gift,
    The rich according to his ability
    And the poor according to his ability—
    A gift that is good and honorable—
    It is a responsibility upon people who do good.
  237. And if you divorce them
    Before you have consummated the marriage
    But after the mahr (the gift to the bride) is fixed,
    Then (you are obligated to pay) a half of what you fixed,
    Unless she forgives it
    Or it is forgiven by the person
    In whose hand is the marriage contract.
    And if you forgive, that is closer to piety,
    Do not forget to bestow favors upon one another.
    Indeed, Allah is the Seer of what you do.
  238. Guard your prayers,
    Especially the middle prayer
    And be steadfast, content with Allah.
  239. And if you fear (for your safety),
    Then (pray) standing up or riding.
    And when you are safe,
    Then remember Allah as you have (now) been taught,
    And of which you did not know (earlier).
  240. And those of you who die
    And leave behind spouses,
    Leave a last will and testament for your spouses;
    They are not to be turned out of their homes
    And maintenance must be provided for them for a year.
    But should they leave (on their own)
    To do what is good and honorable for themselves,
    Then, there is no blame on them.
    Lo! Allah is the Mighty, the Wise!
  241. And (it is a responsibility)
    On those who have certainty of faith
    To provide maintenance for divorced women
    According to what is best and honorable.
  242. That is how Allah shows you His Signs
    So that you reason.
  243. Did you not see (are you not aware),
    Those who left their homes in the thousands,
    Fearful of death?
    Allah said to them: “Die!”
    Then He gave them life.
    Lo! Allah is indeed
    The Disposer of Beneficence towards humankind,
    But most people are not grateful.
  244. And fight in the way of Allah (to preserve your faith),
    And know that Allah is the Hearer, the Knower.
  245. Is there anyone
    Who will give a most beautiful loan to Allah?
    Then Allah will increase it for him—
    (And) increase it without limit!
    Indeed Allah bestows and withholds,
    And to Him you shall return.
  246. Did you not see
    What happened to the Israelite leaders after Moses?
    When they said to their Prophet:
    “Appoint for us a king,
    So that we may fight in the way of Allah.”
    He replied: “Is it possible
    That fighting is prescribed for you,
    But you will not fight?”
    They said:
    “Why would we not fight in the path of Allah,
    When we and our children
    Have been expelled from our homes?”
    Thereafter, when fighting was prescribed for them,
    They turned away except a few.
    Lo! Allah knows the wrong-doers!
  247. And their Prophet said to them:
    “Allah has indeed appointed Talut (Saul) as your king.”
    They said: “How could he be our king
    When we have a greater right to be king than he,
    And he does not have the financial capability?”
    He said: “Allah has preferred him over you
    And has endowed him with greater knowledge
    And a stronger body.
    Lo! Allah bestows leadership upon who He pleases.
    Indeed, Allah is the limitless Knower.”
  248. And their Prophet said to them:
    “Verily, a Sign of his kingship is that
    There will come to you the Ark (of the Covenant)
    In which there is tranquility from your Lord,
    And whatever was left by the family of Moses
    And the family of Aaron,
    (And it is) carried by the angels.
    Indeed, in that is a Sign for you,
    If you have certainty of faith.”
  249. Then, when Talut embarked with his army,
    He said: “Allah will indeed test you by the stream.
    Then, whoever drinks thereof is not with me,
    And whoever does not taste thereof is indeed with me—
    Except a sip with the palm of his hand.”
    (Despite the warning), they drank from it,
    Except a few of them.
    Then, when they crossed it—
    He and those who believed with him—
    They said: “This day we do not have the strength
    (to face) Jalut (Goliath) and his army.”
    The more thoughtful among them
    Who reckoned they will meet Allah, said:
    “How many times has a small group
    Overcome a much larger group
    By the command of Allah?”
    Indeed, Allah is with those who have patience.
  250. And when they faced Jalut (Goliath) and his army,
    They said:
    “Our Lord! Shower us with increased patience,
    And grant us firmness of step,
    And help us against a people who deny the Truth.”
  251. And they were triumphant by the command of Allah.
    And David killed Jalut (Goliath),
    And Allah granted him kingship,
    And (endowed him with) wisdom and knowledge as He will.
    And if Allah had not controlled humankind,
    Some arrayed against the others,
    There would be turmoil on earth.
    However, Allah is the Lord of Grace for all the realms.
  252. These are the Signs of Allah
    Which We recite for you in Truth.
    And indeed, you are among the Messengers!
  253. These were the Messengers,
    To some of whom
    We granted more favors than the others.
    Among them were some who spoke to Allah,
    And some were raised up to high stations.
    And We granted Jesus, son of Mary, the Signs,
    And strengthened him with the Holy Spirit.
    And if it was the Will of Allah,
    They (who followed him)
    Would not have fought with one another,
    After there came down to them the clear Signs.
    But they disagreed;
    Some among them accepted belief and some rejected it.
    And indeed, if it was the will of Allah,
    They would not have fought;
    But Allah does what He wills.
  254. O you who have certainty of faith!
    Spend of what sustenance We have bestowed upon you,
    Before the Day comes,
    When there is no bargain, no friendship,
    And no intercession.
    As for the disbelievers—
    They are transgressors!
  255. Allah is He other than Whom there is no god—
    The Living, the Eternal;
    No slumber overtakes Him nor sleep;
    Whatever is in the heavens and in the earth is His;
    Who is there who can intercede with Him—
    Except by His permission?
    He knows what is in between before and after;
    And they shall comprehend
    Not the least of His knowledge—
    Except as He wills.
    His throne extends over the heavens and the earth
    And He tires not in guarding them.
    He is the Most High, the most Sublime!
  256. There is no compulsion in matters of faith.
    What is right stands manifest from what is wrong.
    Then, whoever rejects the untruth,
    And believes in Allah with certainty,
    He has certainly grasped a firm support
    That is indestructible.
    Lo! Allah is the Beholder, the Knower.
  257. Allah is the protector of those
    Who have the conviction of faith;
    He leads them from darkness to light.
    Those who reject faith–
    They are companions of the deceivers;
    They lead them from light into darkness;
    It is they who are the companions of the Fire,
    Therein they shall dwell forever.
  258. Did you not consider (are you not aware of)
    The one who argued with Abraham about his Rabb
    (Claiming) that Allah had bestowed upon him the dominion?
    When Abraham said:
    “My Lord is He who gives life and death”,
    (The person) said: “I give life and death.”
    Abraham said: “Allah is indeed the One
    Who brings out the sun from the East
    Do you then make it rise from the West?”
    The disbeliever was confounded.
    Lo! Allah does not guide a people who transgress!
  259. Or, like the man who was passing by a (desolate) village
    Whose roofs were in ruin.
    He said: “How can Allah bring it to life
    After it has been destroyed?”
    Allah took his life (and he was dead) for a hundred years.
    Then (Allah) resurrected him,
    (And asked him): “How long did you stay (asleep)?”
    He answered:
    “I stayed (asleep) for a day or part of a day.”
    (Allah) said: “But you stayed (asleep) a hundred years.
    Look at your food and your drink,
    Are they not spoiled?
    And look at your donkey (its body is decomposed).
    We will make you a Sign for all humankind.
    Now look at the bones,
    How we assemble them
    And how we clothe them with flesh.”
    When he had seen this, he cried out:
    “I (now) understand
    That Allah is the (owner of) Power over all things.”
  260. When Abaham asked:
    “O my Rabb!
    Show me how you give life to the dead.”
    (Allah) said: “Do you not have certainty of faith?”
    (Abraham) said:
    “Yes, indeed! But I want my heart to be satisfied.”
    (Allah) said: “In that case, bring me four birds,
    And make well their acquaintance.
    Then, place them each on a different hill and call them.
    They will fly back to you hurriedly;
    And ascertain that Allah is the Mighty, the Wise.”
  261. The similitude of those
    Who spend their wealth in the way of Allah
    Is like a grain;
    From it sprout seven shoots,
    Each shoot yielding a hundred grains.
    Allah gives an increase as He wills.
    Indeed, Allah is the all-embracing Knower.
  262. Those who give charity in the way of Allah,
    And do not reproach (the receiver) about their charity,
    Or (inflict) hurt,
    For them there is reward from their Rabb,
    There shall be no fear upon them nor sadness.
  263. A kind word and forgiveness are better than charity
    Followed by reproach and hurt.
    Allah is Self Sufficient, the (Supreme) Forbearer.
  264. O you who have certainty of faith,
    Do not negate your charity through boasting and hurt,
    Like a person who spends his wealth
    To show off before people
    But has no conviction of faith in Allah
    And the Last Day.
    His similitude is like that of a slippery rock
    Upon which is dirt;
    When heavy rain falls on it,
    It washes out (the dirt)
    And leaves the bare slippery rock—
    They have no power over what they have earned;
    Lo! Allah does not guide a people who reject the Truth!
  265. And the similitude of those
    Who spend their wealth
    To seek the pleasure of Allah,
    And to fortify their souls,
    Is as if there is a garden high,
    Upon which falls plenty of rain
    So it gives double the fruit;
    And if there is not sufficient rain,
    Then there is a light shower.
    Indeed, Allah is the Seer of what you do!
  266. Is there anyone who would love to have a garden
    With date palms and grape vines
    Underneath which flow streams,
    In which there are all varieties of fruit for him,
    And advanced age is upon him
    And his children are too weak,
    And there is a firestorm
    And it consumes the garden?
    Thus does Allah make manifest to you His Signs
    So that you may reflect.
  267. O you who have certainty of faith!
    Set aside (by way of charity)
    What is good from you earnings
    And from what We bring forth for you from the earth.
    And seek not to give away (in charity) anything tainted
    That you would not accept yourself
    Except with closed eyes.
    And know that Allah is Self Sufficient, worthy of praise.
  268. Satan frightens you with scarcity,
    And commands you to (commit) abominations,
    Whereas Allah invites you
    Towards His forgiveness and His bounty.
    Indeed, Allah is the Knower, without limits.
  269. He gives wisdom to whom He will,
    And he who has received wisdom
    Has indeed received a boundless gift.
    But this is not remembered (comprehended)
    Except by people endowed with intellect.
  270. And whatever you spend by way of charity,
    And whatever you allocate from your gifts,
    Indeed Allah has full knowledge of it,
    And as for the wrong doers,
    They have no helpers.
  271. If you reveal what you give by way of charity,
    There are blessings in it;
    But if you hide it and distribute it to those in need,
    It is better,
    And He will cover up your sins.
    Indeed, Allah is the Seer of what you do.
  272. It is not for you to bring them to guidance,
    But it is Allah who gives guidance to whom He will.
    What you spend from your wealth
    Is for the benefit of your soul.
    So, do not give charity except for
    The countenance of Allah;
    And what you spend of your wealth
    Shall be returned to you,
    And you shall not be wronged.
  273. Humble are those
    Who are completely immersed in the path of Allah,
    And do not have the strength to travel
    (To make a living) on earth.
    The ignorant ones reckon
    That they are rich because they do not ask.
    You can recognize them
    By (the light on) their foreheads.
    They do not ask with sycophancy (false praise).
    So, what you set aside from your wealth (for them),
    Indeed, Allah is the Knower of it.
  274. Those who give in charity by night and by day,
    In secret and in the open,
    For them is a reward from their Rabb;
    There shall be no fear on them and they shall not grieve.
  275. Those who consume usury shall not stand
    Except as one
    Who has lost his senses by the touch of Satan.
    That because they say:
    “Indeed trade is not but similar to usury”.
    Lo! Allah has permitted trade but has forbidden usury.”
    Whoever receives this admonition from his Lord
    Shall abandon it except what is past,
    As the (past) affairs are with Allah.
    And one who reverts (and continues with usury)
    Then, it is they who are companions of the Fire,
    Therein they shall dwell for ever.
  276. Allah does not sanctify usury
    But He blesses charity.
    Allah does not love every ungrateful sinner.
  277. Verily, those who have certainty of faith,
    And perform righteous deeds,
    And establish prayer,
    And give charity,
    For them their reward is from their Rabb;
    No fear shall be upon them
    And they shall not suffer.
  278. O you who have certainty of faith!
    Be conscious of Allah
    And give up what remains of usury
    If you have  certainty of faith.
  279. For if you do not,
    Then hear the declaration of war
    From Allah and His Messenger!
    But if you repent
    Then your principle is back with you;
    You shall not oppress
    Nor shall you be oppressed.
  280. And if one is in (financial) difficulty,
    Then give him relief until there is ease,
    But if you forgive (the loan), it is even better,
    If you but knew.
  281. And be conscious of the Day
    On which you shall return to Allah.
    Then (on that Day),
    Every soul shall be rewarded what it has earned
    And no wrong shall be inflicted on them.
  282. O you who have certainty of faith!
    When you enter into a debt contract for a fixed term,
    Document it.
    Let a scribe document (the contract)
    With impartiality between you.
    And let the scribe not refuse to write
    As Allah has taught him to write.
    Let the debtor exercise his right to dictate
    And let him be conscious of his Rabb (while he dictates)
    So that there is no inaccuracy in the dictation.
    And if the person who has the right (to dictate)
    Is mentally deficient,
    Or physically challenged, or unable to dictate,
    Then let his attorney or his inheritor dictate correctly.
    And take two men among you as witnesses,
    And if two men are not present
    Then with mutual concurrence,
    A man and two women as witnesses,
    So that if one forgets, the other reminds her.
    Do not refuse to testify when you are asked (to testify)
    Nor refuse to write (when you are asked to write)
    Whether it is for a small or a large (contractual) term.
    That for you is more just before Allah,
    And more definitive as evidence,
    And it minimizes your misunderstandings—
    Unless you are exchanging goods
    Wherein you are (physically) present.
    In that case,
    There is no blame on you if you do not document it.
    Take witnesses while you trade,
    And do not harass the scribe or the witness.
    And if you do, then the wrong is on you.
    And be aware of Allah, and Allah is teaching you.
    Indeed, Allah is the Knower of all things.
  283. And if you are traveling and cannot find a scribe,
    Then take a security deposit and keep it with you;
    And when (something is) entrusted to each other,
    Let the trustee return the trust and fear Allah, his Rabb.
    And do not hide what is witnessed.
    Lo! Whoever hides (what he has witnessed)
    Has filled his heart with falsehood.
    Lo! Allah is the Knower of what you do!
  284. To Allah belongs what is in the heavens
    And what is in the earth.
    And whether you reveal what is in your souls
    Or you hide it,
    You will be taken to account before Allah.
    Then, He forgives whom He will,
    And punishes whom He will.
    Indeed, Allah is the (owner of) Power over all things.
  285. The Messenger believes
    In what has been revealed to him by his Rabb,
    And so do the believers.
    All of them have the conviction of faith in Allah
    And the Angels and the Books and the Messengers,
    (Saying) “We do not differentiate
    Between any one of the Messengers.”
    And they say: “We hear and we obey;
    Forgive us our Rabb and to You is our return.
  286. Allah does not place a burden on a soul
    Except what it can bear;
    To it is due what it earns,
    And upon it is due what it earns.
    “O our Rabb! Seize us not when we forget, or do wrong!
    O our Rabb! Place not a burden upon us
    Such as that which was placed upon those before us!
    O our Rabb!
    Impose not a burden upon us beyond our strength to bear!
    Pardon us!
    Forgive us!
    Have Mercy upon us!
    You are our Protector!
    And help us over a people who conceal the Truth!”