Surah 22. Surah al Hajj

Surah 22. Surah al Hajj

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. O humankind! Be conscious of your Rabb—
    Indeed, the convulsion of the Moment (of Judgment) is a mighty event!
  2. On the Day when you shall see it,
    Every nursing mother (human and not human) shall forget what she suckles,
    And every genre of pregnant mother shall drop her pregnancy.
    And you shall see humankind dazed—
    Nay! They  are not in a daze—
    It is but the severe punishment from Allah!
  3. And among humankind are those
    Who argue about Allah without knowledge,
    And follow every accursed devil.
  4. It is decreed for  one who turns to him (Satan)—
    That he will indeed mislead
    And guide him towards the torment of the blazing Fire.
  5. O humankind! If you are in doubt about resurrection,
    Then (consider this): We did indeed create you from the earth,
    Then from a sperm,
    Then from an impregnated egg,
    Then from a piece of flesh—
    With features and without features—
    So that We may convey to you (Our Message);
    And We establish a pregnancy for a period fixed, as We will,
    Then We bring you forth as a baby,
    Then, (sustain you) so that you reach the fullness of youth,
    And some of you die,
    And some reach an advanced age,
    So that (you) know nothing after knowing something.
    And you see the earth, barren,
    Then, when We bring down the rain upon it,
    It is refreshed, and comes alive,
    And sprouts a variety of crops, and their complements, delightful!
  6. That because Allah is indeed He who is the Truth,
    And indeed, He it is who gives life to the dead,
    And indeed, He it is who has power over all things!
  7. Lo! The Moment (of Judgment) shall arrive—
    There is no doubt about it—
    And assuredly, Allah will raise up what is in the graves.
  8. And among humankind is such as one
    Who argues about Allah without knowledge,
    And without guidance,
    And without a Book, illuminating (the heart).
  9. (He walks) with his neck turned,
    So as to lead astray (himself and others) from the path of Allah;
    There is dishonor for him in this world,
    And on the Judgment Day,
    We shall give him a taste
    Of torment in the blazing Fire!
  10. That because of what your own hands have sent before you,
    And indeed, Allah does not inflict the least injustice on His servants.
  11. And among humankind (is one)
    Who worships (and serves) Allah on the fringes (barely);
    So when good fortune reaches him, he is content with it,
    And if misfortune touches him,
    He flips on his existence (turns his face away),
    Losing both in this world and in the hereafter;
    Such are the manifest (two-fold) losses (in this world and in the hereafter).
  12. They supplicate to  others besides Allah,
    Who can neither hurt  nor help (them)—
    That is an error, extreme.
  13. He (Satan) invites them to that in which there is greater loss than benefit—
    Evil indeed is such a protector and evil is such a friend.
  14. Of a certainty, Allah will admit
    Those who have certainty of faith
    And engage in righteous action
    Into Gardens beneath which flow streams (of Divine grace).
    Lo! Allah does as He wills!
  15. If anyone doubts that Allah will not help him
    In this world and in the hereafter—
    Let him throw up a scheme towards the heavens,
    And (try to) cut (the distance between heaven and earth),
    Then see if his plan will remove what distresses him.
  16. Lo! That is how We make manifest Our Signs,
    And indeed, Allah guides whom He wills!
  17. Indeed, those who have certainty of faith (in Allah),
    And the Jews,
    And the Sabians,
    And the Christians,
    And the Magians,
    And those who associate gods with God—
    Allah will decide between them on the Judgment Day;
    Verily, Allah is witness over all things!
  18. Do you not see that
    Whatever is in the heavens and the earth
    Does indeed prostrate before Allah;
    And the sun and the moon,
    And the stars, and the mountains and the trees,
    And the animals walking on four,
    And humans countless?
    And countless are those on whom the punishment has come true.
    And he whom Allah dishonors, none can honor—
    Lo! Allah does as He wills!
  19. Here are two groups that argue about their Rabb:
    As for those who deny the truth—
    For them are tattered robes of Fire,
    A putrid, boiling fluid will be poured on their heads;
  20. Molten from it will be what is in their interior,
    And (what is on) their exterior.
  21. And upon them will be sharp shackles of iron.
  22. Whenever they desire to exit from it due to pain,
    They will be thrust back in,
    And (it will be said to them):
    “Taste (you) the punishment of the burning Fire!”
  23. Verily,  Allah will admit those
    Who have certainty of faith,
    And engage in righteous deeds,
    To Gardens beneath which flow streams (of Divine grace)—
    They will be adorned therein with bracelet of gold and pearls,
    And their robes will be of silk.
  24. For they were guided
    Towards (Divine) Words that are sanctified,
    And they received guidance,
    Towards the way
    Of the One who is worthy of Praise.
  25. Indeed those who deny the Truth,
    And obstruct from the path of Allah,
    And (obstruct from) the sanctified mosque,
    Which We have established with equality for all humankind—
    For those who live near as well as those who live afar—
    And such as one who makes an intention to do wrong therein or transgress,
    For such, We shall give the taste of a painful punishment!
  26. And (remember) when We showed Abraham the site of this House (of worship),
    (With the injunction) that (you) do not associate any with Me,
    And keep My house pure for those who circle around,
    And stand up (in prayer),
    And bow down, and prostrate.
  27. And proclaim the Hajj for all humankind,
    (So that) they come to you
    Walking, and on all kinds of swift mounts,
    Traversing the roads from every direction, far and wide;
  28. So that they witness what is of benefit to them,
    And remember the Name of Allah
    For the days determined;
    (And take the Name of Allah)
    Upon the livestock that We have provided them;
    Then, eat thereof and feed the destitute mendicants.
  29. Then, let them fulfill their prescribed vows,
    And complete their offerings,
    And circle around  the Ancient House.
  30. That, and whoever honors the Signs of Allah,
    For him there is blessing from his Rabb.
    And permitted for you are livestock
    Except what has been conveyed to you (as forbidden);
    Therefore, refrain from the defilement of idols,
    And refrain from lies!
  31. Have an inner vision of Allah,
    Associate not anyone with Him.
    And one who associates deities with Allah
    Is as if he fell from the heavens
    And is scooped up by birds (vultures),
    Or, the (tornado) winds pick him up
    And throw him far away.
  32. That is how it is!
    And one who honors
    The Signs of Allah,
    Then indeed such (honor)
    Is from the consciousness of Allah
    In the hearts.
  33. In them (the livestock) there is benefit for you
    For a term appointed,
    Then, their destination is the Ancient House.
  34. And to each spiritual community
    We have prescribed a sacrifice,
    So that they invoke the Name of Allah
    Upon what We have provided them from livestock.
    And (remember that) your god is one God,
    So, surrender to Him,
    And give glad tidings
    To those who bow down with humility;
  35. Those, whose hearts tremble when Allah is remembered,
    And are patient with what befalls them,
    And establish prayer,
    And set aside (in charity)
    From what We provide them.
  36. Lo! We have made the sacrificial camels
    Signs for you from Allah—
    In them there is benefit for you.
    So, invoke the Name of Allah upon them
    As they stand in rows,
    And when they fall on their sides,
    Eat of them, and feed those who do not ask—
    And those who ask—
    That is how We have made them subject to you
    So that you learn to be thankful.
  37. It is not their meat that reaches Allah,
    Nor their blood,
    But it is your piety that reaches Him.
    That is how He has made them subject to you
    So that you glorify Allah
    For the guidance that He has given you,
    And give glad tidings to those
    Who excel (in worship and service)!
  38. Indeed, Allah removes (tribulations)
    From those who have certainty of faith;
    (And) indeed, Allah does not love
    Any deceitful ingrate!
  39. Permission for fighting is granted to those
    Who have indeed been oppressed.
    Lo! Allah is indeed
    The One Who has the power to help them!
  40. Those who have been expelled from their homes unjustly,
    For (no other reason than) they said: “Allah is our Rabb!”
    And if Allah had not checked humankind,
    Some against the others,
    Then the monasteries would have been pulled down,
    And churches, and temples, and mosques
    In which is taken the Name of Allah, boundless times.
    And Allah does indeed help whom He helps—
    Indeed, Allah is the Strong, the Powerful!
  41. Those who,
    When We give them authority in the land,
    Establish prayer, and give the poor due,
    And enjoin what is noble,
    And forbid what is forbidden;
    Lo! To Allah is the return of all decisions!
  42. And if they reject you,
    Then (know that) before your time
    The people of Noah rejected (him),
    And (the people of) A’ad and Thamud;
  43. And the people of Abraham,
    And the people of Lot;
  44. And the people of Madyan;
    And Moses was rejected—
    So I gave some latitude to the disbelievers,
    Then I seized them;
    So, how chastising was (the result of) My rejection!
  45. And how many townships (civilizations) have We destroyed!
    Lo! They were oppressive!
    So, their roofs fell,
    And wells abandoned,
    And lofty palaces were in ruin!
  46. Do they not travel through the earth
    So that their hearts are the wiser?
    Or, their ears hear them?
    Lo! It is not the eyes that go blind,
    But it is the hearts that are in the bosom that lose their sight.
  47. And they ask you to hasten their punishment—
    Lo! Allah does not compromise on His promise!
    And indeed, a day (moment) in the presence of Allah
    Is like a thousand years according to your count.
  48. And, to how many townships (civilizations) did We extend (some) latitude?
    And they (became) oppressive,
    So We seized them;
    Lo! Towards Me is the return (of all affairs)!
  49. Say: “O humankind! Indeed, I am but a manifest Warner for you!”
  50. So, for such as those who have certainty of faith,
    And engage in righteous deeds,
    For them, there is forgiveness,
    And blissful provisions.
  51. And those who tried to frustrate Our Signs,
    They are the denizens of Fire.
  52. And We did not send before you
    A Messenger or an Apostle,
    Except when he tried to communicate(the Message),
    Satan fostered a doubt in those who heard the Message;
    But Allah will erase the doubts that Satan fosters,
    And reinforce His Signs;
    Lo! Allah is the Knower, the Wise!
  53. So that He may make what Satan has incited
    A test for those whose hearts are sick
    And whose hearts are hardened.
    Lo! The transgressors are extreme in their intransigence!
  54. And, so that those endowed with knowledge
    May know that it is the Truth from your Rabb and believe in it,
    And their hearts may incline towards it.
    Lo! Allah guides those who have  certainty of faith
    Towards the path that is straight.
  55. And those who deny the Truth
    Will not cease to doubt it
    Until there arrives upon them the Moment, suddenly,
    Or, there arrives upon them the punishment
    Of the woeful Day (that does not end).
  56. The sovereignty that Day is with Allah,
    He shall decide between them,
    Then, those who have certainty of faith,
    And engage in righteous deeds,
    Shall be in Gardens, blissful.
  57. And those who reject the Truth,
    And give the lie to Our Signs,
    Then it is they—
    Upon them shall be a punishment, dishonorable!
  58. Those who migrate in the path of Allah,
    And are then killed, or die,
    For them, assuredly, is the most beautiful provision from Allah.
    And behold! Allah is He who is the best of Providers!
  59. Indeed, He will admit them
    To a place they shall be most pleased with;
    And verily! Allah is  indeed the Knower, the Forbearer.
  60. That is how it is!
    For one who retaliates
    Commensurate with what was inflicted on him,
    And is attacked again (in violation of a treaty),
    For him, there is indeed help from Allah.                                                                  Verily, Allah is indeed the Pardoner, the Forgiver.
  61. That is how it is because Allah (is He who)
    Brings forth the night from the day,
    And brings forth the day from the night,
    And because Allah is the Knower, the Seer!
  62. That is how it is because Allah is He Who is the Truth,
    And verily those who supplicate to others besides Him are indeed in error,
    And indeed, Allah is He who is the Most High, the Greatest!
  63. Have you not seen that Allah
    Does indeed bring down water from the heavens,
    Then the earth is clad in (fresh) green.
    Lo! Allah is the Subtle, the Knower!
  64. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens
    And what is on earth,
    And of a certainty, Allah is He
    Who is Self Sufficient, Owner of Praise!
  65. Have you not seen how Allah has made subject to you
    What is on earth?
    And the ships traverse the seas by His command;
    And He has held up the cosmos (in dynamic equilibrium)
    So that it does not collide with the earth except by His leave—
    Indeed, Allah is to humankind the most Kind, the Merciful.
  66. And He it is Who gave you life,
    Then He will give you death,
    Then He will give you life—
    Indeed, the human is most ungrateful!
  67. For every spiritual community We have established its rites,
    They follow the rites (for worship),
    So let them not argue with you in this matter,
    And invite them towards your Rabb—
    Indeed, you are on a guidance established (by Divine writ)!
  68. And if they argue with you,
    Then say: “Allah knows what you do not know!”
  69. Allah will decide between you on the Judgment Day
    About what you dispute.
  70. Do you not know
    That Allah does indeed know what is in the heavens and the earth?
    Of a certainty, that is in a record;
    Indeed, that is easy for Allah.
  71. And those who worship (and serve) others besides Allah—
    No authority has come down to them for it—
    And no knowledge do they themselves have of any such (authority),
    Lo! No helper is there for the transgressors!
  72. And when Our manifest Signs are recited to them,
    You can recognize the rejection on the faces of the disbelievers,
    Close are they to attack those who recite Our Signs.
    Say: “Shall I then inform you about what is worse for you?
    The Fire—Which is promised by Allah for those who disbelieve,
    How awful a destination!”
  73. O humankind! A parable is offered,
    So listen to it!
    Indeed, those who take others besides Allah,
    They cannot create a fly even if all of them work together,
    And should a fly take something from them,
    They cannot take that back from it—
    Helpless is the one who asks, and (helpless) the one who is asked!
  74. They do not honor Allah as it is His right to be honored—
    Indeed, Allah is the Strong, the Mighty!
  75. Allah selects the Messengers from the angels and from humankind;
    Indeed, Allah is the Hearer, the Seer!
  76. He knows what is between
    That which is ahead of them and that which is behind them,
    And to Allah return all decisions!
  77. O you who believe!
    Bow down and prostrate and worship (and serve) your Rabb,
    And do (what is) good,
    So that you attain felicity.
  78. And struggle for Allah as is His right (for you) to struggle (in His way).
    He has chosen you and has made no difficulty in your deen (moral code).
    Be in the spiritual community of your father Abraham;
    He has named you Muslimeen (those who surrender) in earlier (revelations) as well as in this one,
    So that the Messenger is witness over you,
    And you are witness over humankind!
    So, establish prayer,
    And give the poor due,
    And hold on firmly to Allah;
    He is your Protector—
    Verily, (He is) the blissful Protector and the blissful Helper!