Surah 23. Surah al Mominoon

Surah 23. Surah al Mominoon

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. Behold! Those who have certainty of faith
    Shall attain felicity—
  2. Those who are humble in their prayers,
  3. And those who avoid vile conversation,
  4. And those who act to purify themselves,
  5. And those who guard their chastity—
  6. Except with their spouses,
    Or whom their right hand possesses (in marriage);
    Then, they are without blame.
  7. So (after this), whoever covets other than these
    Has exceeded the limits.
  8. And those who guard their trusts,
    And their contracts,
  9. And those who guard their prayers,
  10. It is they who shall be the inheritors,
  11. They shall inherit paradise,
    Therein they shall dwell forever.
  12. And behold! We created humankind
    From an extract of clay,
  13. Then, We made him a sperm in a place secure,
  14. Then, We created from the sperm a germ cell (a chewed lump of flesh which clings like a zipper to the womb),
    Then, We created from the germ cell  an embryo,
    Then, We created from the embryo bones,
    Then, We covered the bones with flesh,
    Then, We make him appear as a new creation—
    So, glorified be Allah, the most sublime of Creators!
  15. Then, after that, you shall indeed die.
  16. Then, on the Judgment Day, you shall indeed be raised up.
  17. And behold! We have created above you seven ways,
    And We are not unmindful of the creation.
  18. And We bring down rain from the heavens in due measure,
    Then, We secure it on earth (with gravity),
    And indeed, We have the power to take it back up again (through evaporation).
  19. Then We created with it
    Gardens for you with dates and grapes,
    With a variety of fruit of which you eat.
  20. And the tree that comes forth from Mount Sinai—
    Suffused with oil and a relish for those who consume it.
    (The tree of divine knowledge from Mount Sinai which has in it
    light giving essence and is of benefit to those who partake of it).
  21. And verily there is a moral lesson for you in the cattle,
    We enable you to drink from what comes out of their udders,
    And there are many benefits for you in them,
    And of them you eat;
  22. And you ride on them and on ships.
  23. And We sent Noah to his people,
    And he said: “O my people!
    Worship (and serve) Allah
    Other than Whom there is no God for you;
    Are you not conscious of Him?”
  24. Whereupon, the disbelieving leaders among his people said:
    “He is not but a man like you—
    He has the intention of dominating you
    And if Allah had so willed,
    He would have sent angels;
    Never did we hear this from our forefathers
    Since the earliest times.
  25. This is not but a man gone mad,
    Therefore, wait for a while.”
  26. He said: “O my Rabb!
    Help me in what they are rejecting.”
  27. So We sent him a revelation:
    “Build an Ark before our eyes (under our care)
    And in accordance with Our directions:
    Then, when Our command arrives,
    And the waves swell up,
    Bring on board pairs—two—of every kind,
    And your household,
    Except the one about whom the Word has gone out before.
    And do not beseech Me about the transgressors—
    They are indeed destined to be drowned.
  28. And when you are seated in the Ark—
    And those with you—
    Then, recite the praises of Allah
    Who delivered you from the transgressors.”
  29. And say: “O my Rabb!
    Bring me down at a sanctified destination,
    And You are the most excellent of destinations!”
  30. Indeed, in that are Signs,
    And We do indeed test (humankind).
  31. Then, We created another group after him.
  32. And We sent to them a Messenger from among themselves,
    (Admonishing): “Worship (and serve) Allah,
    Other than whom there is no other god for you.
    Will you then not be conscious of Him?”
  33. And the leaders among the disbelieving people
    Who denied the meeting (with the Lord) in the hereafter,
    And whom We had granted luxuries in the life of this world, said:
    “This is not but a man like you,
    He eats what you eat,
    And he drinks what you drink.
  34. And if you obey a man who is just like you,
    You are indeed among the lost ones!
  35. Does he promise you
    That verily when you are dead,
    And have become dust and bones,
    You will indeed be brought back (again)?
  36. Incredible! Incredible is what you are promised!
  37. Nay, there is nothing but this life of ours in the world,
    We die and we live, and we are not going to be raised up again.
  38. He is but a human who has ascribed a lie to Allah,
    And we will not be among those who believe him.”
  39. He said: “O my Rabb! Help me with what they deny!”
  40. (Allah) said: “Very soon shall they be among those who regret.”
  41. Then the mighty blast seized them, as was just,
    And We made them like trampled dust—
    So, away with the people who had transgressed!
  42. After it, We raised up other communities.
  43. No community gets ahead of its determined destiny,
    Nor does it fall behind it.
  44. Then We sent Messengers from Us, one after the other;
    Every time a Messenger came to a community, they gave him the lie.
    So We made them follow one after the other,
    And made them examples (for future generations).
    So, away with a people who had no certainty of faith!
  45. Then We sent Moses and his brother Aaron,
    With Our Signs and a manifest authority,
  46. To the Pharaoh and his leaders,
    They were haughty—
    Lo! They were a people (with) grandiose (illusions).
  47. Then they said: “Should we believe in these two men
    Who are just like us,
    And (that too) from a people who were our slaves.”
  48. So they rejected them,
    And they were among those who were destroyed.
  49. And behold! We gave the Book to Moses,
    So that they might receive guidance.
  50. And We made the son of Mary and his mother a Sign,
    And We gave them refuge on a plateau,
    High, peaceful in its essence, with flowing water.
  51. O Messengers! Eat of that which is good,
    And perform righteous deeds—
    I do indeed know what you do!
  52. And indeed this ummah (spiritual community) of yours,
    Is a single spiritual community,
    And I am your Creator, Sustainer and Cherisher;
    Therefore, be conscious of Me!
  53. Then they broke up the Command between them into pieces,
    Each group happy with what it had.
  54. So, leave  them in their confusion
    For a time that is transient (fleeting).
  55. Do they reckon that
    With the wealth and children
    We bestow on them
  56. We hasten in Our goodness to them?
    Nay! They perceive not (that it is a test)!
  57. Indeed those who are restrained by fear of their Rabb,
  58. And those who have certainty of faith in the Signs of their Rabb,
  59. And those who do not associate gods with their Rabb,
  60. And those who give what they give,
    And their hearts tremble that they shall indeed return to their Rabb—
  61. They hasten towards the good,
    And they are foremost in it.
  62. And We do not burden a soul greater than it can bear;
    Lo! With Us is a Record that reveals the truth,
    And they shall not be wronged!
  63. But their hearts are heedless of this,
    And there are other deeds besides that that they engage in;
  64. Until We seize the luxuriant among them with affliction,
    Then they supplicate.
  65. (It will be said to them): “Do not supplicate this Day—
    Indeed, you shall not receive any help from Us.
  66. When Our Signs were recited to you,
    You used to turn around on your heels (and walk away)
  67. Haughty, ascribing aspersions when you assembled by night.”
  68. Do they not reflect on this Word,
    Or, has there come to them
    What had not come to their forefathers in the first place?
  69. Or is it that they do not recognize their Messenger,
    Therefore they reject him?
  70. Or do they say: “ (This is) madness”.
    Nay! There has come to them the Truth,
    But most of them are disinclined towards the Truth.
  71. And if the Truth were to follow their desires,
    There would be turmoil in the heavens and the earth, and what is in them.
    Nay! We have brought to them their admonishing,
    But they excuse themselves from their admonishing.
  72. Or, do you ask from them recompense?
    In that case, the recompense of your Rabb is the better;
    Lo! He is the best of Providers!
  73. And indeed, you call them towards the straight path.
  74. And verily, those who have no certainty of faith in the hereafter,
    Have deviated from the straight path!
  75. And if We show them Mercy,
    And lift from them what ails them,
    They will remain adamant in their rebellion,
    Wandering around (aimlessly).
  76. And behold! We seized them with punishment,
    Even so they did not humble themselves before their Rabb,
    Nor did they plead;
  77. Until, when We opened on them the door to extreme chastisement,
    Then they became despondent.
  78. And He it is who made for you
    Ears and sight and hearts—
    Little thanks do you give!
  79. And He it is who has spread you out on the earth,
    And towards Him shall you be gathered together.
  80. And He it is who gives life and death,
    And His is the contrast between the night and the day—
    Do you then not reason?
  81. But they talk
    As the ancients talked (and deny the truth).
  82. They say: “What! When we die and become dust and bones,
    Will we then be returned?
  83. Verily, this was promised to us and to our forefathers aforetime—
    This  is nothing but tales of the ancients.”
  84. Say: “Whose is the earth and what is in it, if you are in the know?”
  85. They will say forthwith: “(It belongs to) Allah.”
    Say: “Will you then not take heed?”
  86. Say: “Who is the Rabb of the seven heavens,
    And the Rabb of the Throne, most high?”
  87. They will say forthwith: “Allah.”
    Say: “Will you then not be conscious of Him?”
  88. Say: “In whose hands is the sovereignty over all things—
    And He gives refuge and from Whom there is no refuge—
    If you are in the know?
  89. They will say forthwith: ” (It is the hands of) Allah.”
    Say: “Then how is it that you are bewitched?”
  90. No! We have brought them the Truth,
    But they are indeed denying the Truth.
  91. Allah has not taken any son,
    And there is no other god with Him—
    If that were so, each god would take what he created,
    And some would attack the others—
    Glorified is He, (above) what they ascribe to Him!
  92. Knower of what is beyond perception
    And what is perceived,
    And transcendent is He
    Above what they associate with Him!
  93. Say: “O my Rabb! Should You make me see
    What You have promised them—
  94. Then, O my Rabb! Consign me not
    With the people who have transgressed!”
  95. And indeed, We have the power
    To show you what We have promised them!
  96. Overcome evil with that which is good;
    We are fully knowledgeable about what they impute.
  97. And say: “O my Rabb!
    I seek protection with You
    From the insinuations of the devils.
  98. And I seek protection with You, O my Rabb!
    In case they should come near me.”
  99. When death approaches anyone among them,
    He says: “O my Rabb! Send me back!
  100. Perhaps I can perform righteous deeds
    Which I had abandoned.”
    Nay! This is indeed (merely) a word that he is saying.
    Lo! In front of them is a barrier (of death)
    Until the Day they will be raised up (again).
  101. Then, when the trumpet is blown—
    Then, on that Day, there shall be no relationship between them,
    Nor shall they inquire (about one another).
  102. And those whose measure is heavy,
    Then, they shall attain felicity.
  103. And those whose measure is light,
    Then they are the ones who put their souls at loss—
    They will dwell in Hell forever.
  104. The fire will singe their existence,
    And their faces will be contorted.
  105. (It will be said to them):
    “Were not My Signs recited to you,
    And you denied them?”
  106. They will say: “O our Rabb!
    Our misfortune overtook us
    And We became a people who went astray.”
  107. “O our Rabb! Take us out from it,
    And if we repeat (our errors)
    Then indeed, We are among the transgressors.”
  108. He will say: “Stay in it!
    And do not speak to Me.”
  109. Indeed, there was a group from My servants,
    They used to say: “O our Rabb!
    We have believed with certainty,
    So, forgive us,
    And have mercy upon us,
    And You are the most excellent of those who forgive.”
  110. But you made them objects of ridicule
    Until it made you forget My remembrance,
    And you continued to laugh at them.
  111. Behold! This Day do I reward them for their patience,
    And indeed, they are the ones who have triumphed!
  112. He will say: “How many years, by count, did you stay on earth?”
  113. They will say: “We stayed a day or part of a day,
    So ask those who keep the account.”
  114. He will say: “You but stayed a brief while,
    If only you had understood it.
  115. Did you reckon that I created you for nothing,
    And that you would not return to Us?”
  116. (Know) then, Allah Most High is the sovereign in Truth,
    There is no god but He—
    The Creator, Sustainer and Cherisher of the exalted Throne.
  117. And one who calls on a deity other than Allah,
    No evidence does he have for it,
    So indeed, his reckoning shall be with his Rabb;
    Verily, they who reject the truth shall not attain felicity!
  118. And say: “O my Rabb! Forgive and have mercy;
    Indeed, You are the most excellent of the Merciful.”