Surah 24. Surah al Noor

Surah 24. Surah al Noor

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. A Surah which We have revealed,
    And have decreed,
    And revealed therein manifest Signs,
    So that you are admonished.
  2. The adulteress and the adulterer—
    Lash each of them one hundred lashes—
    And do not show latitude in the commands of Allah,
    If you have certainty of faith in Allah and the Last Day,
    And let a group of believers be witness to their punishment.
  3. The adulterer is not to wed but an adulteress
    Or an idolatress;
    And the adulteress is not to wed but an adulterer,
    Or an idolater.
    Lo! That is forbidden for those who have faith!
  4. Those who accuse a chaste woman,
    Then,  do not produce four witnesses—
    Lash them with eighty lashes—
    And do not accept their evidence ever;
    Lo! They are the ones who break their covenants (are untrustworthy)!
  5. Except such as those who repent after that
    And seek rehabilitation.
    Lo! Allah is indeed the Forgiver, Disposer of Mercy!
  6. And those who accuse their own wives,
    And do not have a witness except their own selves,
    Then such witness alone (may be admitted if)—
    He swears invoking Allah as his witness four times
    That he is truthful,
  7. And a fifth time invoking the curse of Allah upon himself
    If he is a liar.
  8. And the punishment is staved off from her
    If she bears witness four times by Allah
    That he is indeed among the liars,
  9. And a fifth time
    That the wrath of Allah be upon her
    If he is among the truthful.
  10. And indeed, if it were not for the blessings of Allah upon you,
    And His mercy—
    And (were it not) that Allah is the Forgiver, the Wise, (there would indeed fall upon you a severe punishment)
  11. Indeed, those who brought an enormous slander are a group among you who
    Do not reckon it to be bad for you,
    But there is goodness in it for you;
    To every person among them shall be
    What he has earned through sin,
    And he among them who has caused a major convulsion—
    Great shall be the punishment upon him.
  12. When you heard the slander—
    Why did not the believing men and the believing women,
    Doubt (what they heard) and think good of their own kind—
    And say: This is an obvious slander?
  13. Why did they not bring four witnesses for it?
    For if they did not bring the witnesses,
    Then, they are liars before Allah.
  14. And were it not for the grace of Allah upon you,
    And His mercy in this world and in the hereafter,
    There would indeed fall upon you
    A most severe punishment
    Because of what you were engaged in—
  15. When you repeated with your tongues
    And spoke with your mouths
    What you had no knowledge of.
    And you reckoned it to be a trivial matter,
    Whereas it was enormous in the presence of Allah.
  16. And why did you not,
    When you heard it,
    Say: “It is not proper for us that we should say it—
    Glorified are You! This is indeed a mighty slander!”
  17. Allah admonishes you,
    So that you will never do anything like this again,
    If you have certainty of faith.
  18. Lo! Allah describes His Signs for you!
    Indeed, Allah is the Knower, the Wise.
  19. Indeed, those who desire
    That obscenity should spread among the believers,
    For them there is a painful punishment
    In this world and in the hereafter.
    Indeed, Allah is in the know,
    And you are without knowledge.
  20. And were it not for the grace of Allah upon you,
    And His mercy,
    And (were it not) that Allah is Most Kind, the Merciful—
    (There would indeed fall upon you a most severe punishment)
  21. O you who have certainty of faith!
    Do not follow the footsteps of Satan;
    And whoever follows the footsteps of Satan,
    Verily he commands what is obscene and forbidden;
    And were it not for the Grace of Allah upon you and His Mercy,
    No one among you would ever be purified—
    But Allah purifies whom He will;
    Lo! Allah is the Hearer, the Knower.
  22. And let not those who have been blessed and are well off,
    Take an oath that they will not help their kin
    And the indigent,
    And those who have migrated in the cause of Allah.
    (On the other hand) let them forgive and reconcile—
    Would you not love it if Allah were to forgive you?
    Lo! Allah is the Forgiver, the Merciful!
  23. Indeed those who accuse chaste women,
    And innocent believing women—
    Upon them there is a curse in this world and in the hereafter,
    And for them there is a most severe punishment.
  24. That Day shall bear witness against them—
    Their tongues, their hands and their feet—
    About what they used to do.
  25. That Day shall Allah complete His command on them,
    With justice,
    And they shall know that Allah is He Who is the manifest Truth (and is Just).
  26. The unchaste women for the unchaste men,
    And the unchaste men for the unchaste women,
    And the chaste women for the chaste men,
    And the chaste men for the chaste women—
    They are clear of what is said about them,
    For them is forgiveness and a provision of blessings.
  27. O you who have certainty of faith!
    Do not enter other homes besides your homes
    Until you have received permission,
    And have greeted their residents—
    That is better for you,
    So that you are admonished.
  28. And if you do not find anyone in them,
    Do not enter therein until permission is given to you;
    And if you are told to leave, then leave—
    Therein is purity for you;
    Lo! Allah is the Knower of what you do!
  29. It is not wrong on your part
    If you enter uninhabited houses
    In which you have your belongings.
    Lo! Allah knows what you reveal
    And what you conceal!
  30. Say to the believing men
    To lower their gaze,
    And guard their chastity—
    There is purity in it for them.
    Indeed, Allah is well aware of what they devise.
  31. And say to the believing women
    To lower their gaze
    And guard their chastity,
    And not show off their beauty,
    Except what is apparent from it;
    And draw their covers over their breasts,
    And not show off their beauty
    Except to their husbands,
    Or their fathers,
    Or the fathers of their husbands,
    Or their sons,
    Or the sons of their husbands,
    Or their brothers,
    Or the sons of their brothers,
    Or the sons of their sisters,
    Or their wives,
    Or whom their right hands possess,
    Or such men-servants as have no interest in women,
    Or children such as those who are not aware of womanhood;
    And do not stamp your feet so that (others) know what is hidden of your ornaments,
    And ask Allah’s forgiveness, all of you, O people who have certainty of faith,
    So that you may attain felicity.
  32. And wed those who are single among you,
    And the righteous among your servants and your maids—
    If they are poor, Allah will make them rich from His bounty—
    Indeed, Allah is boundless (in His provisions), All-Knowing.
  33. Let those who do not have the means to wed,
    Guard their chastity,
    Until Allah gives them the means from His bounty.
    As for those who desire their contractual freedom
    From among those whom your right hand possesses—
    Give them their contractual freedom,
    If you see any goodness in them—
    And give them a gift from what Allah has provided you.
    And do not force your maid servants into bad conduct
    If they wish to remain chaste,
    So that you fulfill your desires in the life of this world.
    And if someone forces them,
    Then, even after being compelled,
    Verily, Allah is the Forgiver, the Merciful.
  34. And behold! We have revealed to you manifest Signs,
    And parables from those who have passed on before you,
    And a warning for those who have certainty of faith.
  35. Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth;
    The similitude of His Light is as if there is a niche,
    In it there is a lamp,
    The lamp is in a glass,
    The glass as if it is a shining star,
    Illuminated from a blessed olive tree—
    Not of the East and not of the West—
    The oil whereof is luminescent,
    Even if it is not touched by fire;
    Light upon Light,
    Allah does guide to His Light whom He will,
    And He brings forth parables for humankind;
    Lo! Allah is the Knower of all things!
  36. (Present is this Light) in houses,
    Raised by permission of Allah,
    (So) that His name is remembered—
    In them, He is glorified morning and evening—
  37. (By) people whom neither trade nor traffic
    Distracts from the remembrance of Allah,
    And the establishment of prayer,
    And the giving of the poor due;
    They fear the Day when
    Hearts and sights are turned upside down,
  38. So that Allah may reward them for the best of what they did,
    And He may augment (their reward) from His generosity.
    Lo! Allah does provide as He wills, without limits!
  39. Those who deny the Truth—
    Their deeds are like a mirage in the desert,
    Which a thirsty man imagines to be water,
    Until he comes up to it, he finds nothing;
    But he finds himself in the presence of Allah,
    So Allah completes His reckoning on him.
    Lo! Allah is quick in His reckoning!
  40. Or (his state is as if)
    There is darkness deep in the ocean,
    Covered by billows upon billows,
    Overlaid by clouds,
    Depths of darkness, one above the other—
    If he extends his arm, he cannot see it;
    Lo! For whom Allah gives no Light, there is no Light!
  41. Have you not seen that all that is in the heavens and the earth
    Does indeed glorify Him—
    So do the birds with their wings spread out—
    Each knows its prayer and its glorification;
    Lo! Allah knows what you are doing!
  42. And the sovereignty of the heavens and the earth
    Belong to none but Allah,
    And to Him is the return.
  43. Have you not seen how Allah does indeed move the clouds,
    Then merges them together,
    Then makes them layered.
    Then, you see rain pouring forth from between them.
    And He brings down (water) from the heavens—
    From mountains of ice—
    And grants it to whom He will,
    And turns it away from whom He will.
    Close is the intensity of His lightning
    From taking away the sight!
  44. Allah turns the night and the day (one into the other),
    Indeed, in that is a lesson
    For those who are endowed with insight.
  45. And Allah created all animals from water;
    Then, among them some crawl on their bellies,
    And among them are some that  walk on two legs,
    And among them some walk on four,
    Allah creates what He wills.
    Lo! Allah has power over all things!
  46. Verily, We have sent down Signs manifest;
    And Allah guides whom He will towards the straight path.
  47. And they say:
    “We believe in Allah and the Messenger
    And we obey.”
    Then, a group among them turns away from it,
    Lo! They are not among those who have certainty of faith.
  48. And when they are called towards Allah and His Messenger
    So that He may judge between them,
    One of the parties excuses itself (and turns away).
  49. But if justice is on their side,
    They come to him with their heads bowed.
  50. Is there  a disease in their hearts?
    Or they are doubtful, or fearful,
    That Allah and His Messenger will short change them?
    Nay! They are but transgressors!
  51. Indeed, the words of those who have certainty of faith—
    When they are called towards Allah and His Messenger,
    So that they judge between them—
    Are but they say: “We hear and we obey!”
    Lo! They are among those who attain felicity!
  52. And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger—
    And is fearful of Allah,
    And is conscious of Him—
    Then, it is they who shall triumph.
  53. And they swear by Allah, taking their most solemn oaths
    That if you command them, they will march forth (in the cause of Allah).
    Say: “(What is desired is) excellence in obedience (to Allah and His Messenger);
    Lo! Allah is  aware of what you do!
  54. Say: “Obey Allah and obey the Messenger.
    But if you turn away,
    Upon him is his burden and upon you is your burden.
    And if you obey him, you receive guidance.
    And upon the Messenger is but (the burden) to convey (the message) clearly.
  55. And Allah has promised those among you
    Who have certainty of faith and engage in righteous deeds
    That He will give them the trusteeship of the earth
    Similar to the trusteeship given to those before them.
    And He will strengthen them with the laws that He is pleased with,
    And He will replace for them, their fear with tranquility.”
    They (My servants) worship (and serve) Me!
    (And) they associate none with Me!
    And he who rejects the truth after that,
    Is among those who break their covenant (with Allah).
  56. So, establish prayer,
    And give the poor due,
    And obey the Messenger,
    So that you receive (Divine) Mercy.
  57. Let not those who disbelieve reckon
    That they can escape (Allah’s punishment) on earth—
    While their refuge is the Fire—
    What a woeful destination!
  58. O you who have certainty of faith!
    Let those whom your right hand possesses,
    And those who have not attained the age of puberty,
    Take your permission during three periods—
    Before the morning prayers,
    And while you have taken off your clothes during mid day,
    And after the night prayers—
    (These are) three period of recluse for you.
    There is no blame on you after these (times),
    For some of you to move about (among) others.
    That is how Allah makes manifest for you His Signs;
    Lo! Allah is the Knower, the Wise!
  59. When your children reach the age of puberty,
    Then, let them take your permission,
    As do their elders—
    That is how Allah makes His Signs manifest to you;
    Lo! Allah is the Knower, the Wise!
  60. And those women who are of advanced age, not inclined to marriage,
    For them it is not wrong if they remove their (outer) garments
    Without showing off their beauty,
    And if they avoid it, it is better for them;
    Indeed, Allah is the Hearer, the Knower!
  61. It is not wrong for a blind person,
    And it is not wrong for a lame person,
    And it is not wrong for a person ill,
    And not upon you,
    That you eat in your homes,
    Or the homes of your parents,
    Or the homes of your mothers,
    Or the homes of your brothers,
    Or the homes of your sisters,
    Or the homes of your paternal uncles,
    Or the homes of your paternal aunts,
    Or the homes of your maternal uncles,
    Or the homes of your material aunts,
    Or the homes whose keys you possess,
    Or the homes of your friends;
    It is not wrong if you eat together or separately.
    So, when you enter the homes,
    Send greetings of peace between yourselves
    With blessings from Allah,
    Goodness and purity.
    That is how Allah explains to you His Signs,
    So that you reason.
  62. Indeed, those who have certainty of faith,
    Believe but in Allah and His Messenger;
    And they are with them
    Whenever they gather together for any work—
    They do not depart until they have taken their permission.
    Indeed, those who ask your permission,
    They are the ones who have certainty of faith in Allah and His Messenger.
    So when they ask your permission for some of their affairs,
    Grant permission to whoever among them you please,
    And seek the forgiveness of Allah for them;
    Indeed, Allah is the Forgiver, the Merciful.
  63. Do not take the call of the Messenger among you,
    Like the call of some of you to the others.
    Verily, Allah knows those among you
    Who escape without eye contact;
    So, let those who oppose His command
    Be fearful that a trial may befall them,
    Or they may incur a painful punishment.
  64. Behold! To Allah does indeed belong
    What is in the heavens and the earth.
    Of a certainty He knows what is with you (He knows your state),
    And the Day they shall be returned to Him,
    He shall show them what they used to do.
    Lo! Allah has knowledge of all matters!