Surah 25. Surah al Furqan

Surah 25. Surah al Furqan

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. Sanctified is He who sent down the Criterion upon His servant
    So that he may warn all the worlds.
  2. He, to Whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth—
    Who has made no sons,
    Who has no partner in His realm,
    And has created everything, and established its destiny.
  3. Yet, they have taken gods other than Him—
    They cannot create anything, and they themselves are created,
    And they have no power to hurt nor to benefit,
    And they have no power over death or life or resurrection.
  4. Lo! The disbelievers say:
    “This is nothing but a lie which he has made up,
    And outsiders have helped him with it,
    Who have, indeed, stooped to transgression and lies.”
  5. And they say: “These are tales of the ancients,
    Which he has copied,
    And they are recited to him morning and evening.”
  6. Say: “It is sent down by He
    Who knows the secrets of the heavens and the earth;
    Indeed, He is the Forgiver, the Merciful.”
  7. And they say: “What kind of Messenger is this,
    Who eats food and walks around in the marketplace?
    Why was an Angel not sent down to him,
    Who would be with him as a Warner?
  8. Or a treasure granted to him,
    Or, a garden for him from which he would eat?”
    And the transgressors said: “You but follow a man bewitched.”
  9. Witness what they compare you to,
    Because they have gone astray
    And they cannot find the way.
  10. Glorified is He! If He so wills it,
    He would make for you something better—
    Gardens beneath which flow streams,
    And make for you palaces.
  11. Nay! They deny the Moment (of reckoning)!
    And We have prepared raging Hellfire for one who denies the Moment.
  12. When it sees them from a distance,
    They will hear it raging and roaring.
  13. And when they are thrown therein,
    Shackled, in a corner,
    They will cry out therein for death.
  14. (They will be told) Do not ask for a single death that Day,
    Ask for multiple deaths!
  15. Say: “Is that better, or gardens of eternity,
    Promised to those who are mindful of Allah?
    Such is their recompense and (their) destination.
  16. For them, whatever they want will always be there—
    That is a promise from your Rabb worth asking for.”
  17. And on the Day He will gather them together
    And those they worshiped besides Allah,
    And He will say: “Did you mislead these servants of mine,
    Or did they go astray from the path (on their own)?”
  18. They will say: “Glorified are You!
    We were not so rebellious
    That we would take as protectors others besides You;
    But You gave them and their forefathers latitude,
    Until they forgot Your remembrance;
    Lo! They were a people (spiritually) dead!”
  19. So, of a certainty, they have shown up the lies in what you used to say,
    And you cannot turn back nor help yourselves;
    And whoever among you transgresses,
    We shall give him a taste of a mighty punishment.
  20. And We did not send Messengers before you,
    Except that they ate food,
    And walked around in the marketplace;
    Lo! We have made some of you a trial for the others—
    Will you then be patient?
    Indeed, your Rabb is the Seer.
  21. And those who do not believe in meeting us said:
    “Why were the angels not sent down to us,
    Or (why could) we not see our Rabb?”
    Behold! They are mighty proud of themselves,
    And they rebel—a colossal rebellion!
  22. The Day when they see the angels—
    No good news shall there be for the guilty that Day,
    And they will say: “Is there a refuge where we can take refuge?”
  23. And We will turn Our attention to whatever works they did,
    And We will make them like scattered dust.
  24. As for the people of Paradise that Day,
    Delightful will be their place,
    And excellent will be their abode.
  25. And that Day, the sky shall be split like clouds,
    And the angels shall be sent down in (awesome) descend.
  26. The sovereignty that Day shall be with the All Compassionate, with Justice,
    And the Day shall be hard for the disbelievers.
  27. And that Day the transgressor will bite his hands,
    And will say: “Woe unto me! If only I had followed the Messenger
    On the (right) path.
  28. Woe! Woe unto me!
    If only I had not taken so and so as my friend!
  29. Verily, he led me astray from remembrance (of Allah)
    After it had reached me.
    Lo! Satan is to the human a traitor!”
  30. And the Messenger will say:
    “O my Rabb! My people did indeed take this Qur’an
    (As a Book) to be neglected.”
  31. And that is how
    We made for every Apostle
    Enemies from among the wrong doers.”
    Lo! Your Rabb is sufficient
    As Guide and Helper.
  32. And those who reject the truth said:
    “Why was the Qur’an not revealed to him all at once?”
    That is how it is! So that We may bond it to the core of their hearts,
    Lo! We infused it into him in (harmonious) measures.
  33. They do not bring before you an issue
    Except that we send to you the Truth (the correct reply),
    And a most excellent explanation.
  34. Those who will be gathered together
    With their faces (existence) turned towards Hell,
    They will be at a most distressful station,
    And lost from the (right) path.
  35. And behold! We gave Moses the Book,
    And for him, appointed his brother Aaron as his assistant.
  36. And We said: “Go forth, the two of you,
    To a people who have given the lie to Our Signs.”
    Then, We annihilated them, utterly annihilated!
  37. And when the people of Noah rejected their Messenger,
    We drowned them, and We made them a Sign for humankind.
    Lo! We have prepared a painful punishment for the transgressors!
  38. And A’ad and Thamud,
    And the people of Rassi (Al Raas)
    And countless generations in between;
  39. For each, We brought forth parables—
    And (then) each We destroyed, utterly destroyed!
  40. And assuredly, they came upon the town
    That was hit with a torrent of destructive stones—
    Or, did they not see it?
    Nay! They were disbelievers
    In (their own) resurrection (on the Judgment Day).
  41. And when they see you,
    They take you but as a jest:
    (And they say): “Is this the one who has been sent
    As a Messenger from Allah?
  42. He was close to inciting us against our gods,
    If we were not patient with him.”
    But soon will they learn—
    When they see the punishment—
    As to who has veered far away from the right path.
  43. Have you seen one
    Who makes a god of his personal desires?
    Would you, in that case, be his trustee?
  44. Do you reckon that most of them hear or use their reason?
    They are not but like cattle—
    Nay! They have strayed far away from the right path.
  45. Do you not see how your Rabb stretches out the shadow?
    Had He so willed, He would surely have made it static;
    But We made the sun a guide for it.
  46. Then We draw it towards us in slow measures.
  47. And He it is who has made the night a cloak for you,
    And (your) sleep for (your) rest,
    And made the day the dawn of a new life.
  48. And He it is who has sent the winds with good tidings
    Heralding His mercy.
    And We bring down from the heavens
    Water, clean and pure,
  49. So that We may bring to life a land that is dead,
    And quench with it the thirst of countless beasts and humans.
  50. And behold! We distributed it among them
    So that they remember—
    But most of humankind is disposed
    But to ingratitude.
  51. And if We had so willed,
    We would have sent a Warner to every town.
  52. So pay no heed to the disbelievers,
    And struggle against them, a mighty struggle!
  53. And He it is who brought the two oceans together,
    The one sweet and drinkable,
    The other salty and bitter,
    And made between them a barrier,
    And a partition, well defined.
  54. And He it is Who created the human from water,
    And then made for him blood relationships,
    And relationships by marriage—
    Lo! You Rabb is All Powerful!
  55. Yet, they take for worship others besides Allah,
    Who can neither help them nor hurt them—
    Nay! The disbeliever is a protagonist against your Rabb!
  56. And We sent you not but as one
    Who brings good tidings, and as a Warner.
  57. Say: “I do not ask from you any recompense for it
    Except that whoever so desires may take the right path towards his Rabb.”
  58. And trust in the Living, the One Who does not die,
    And glorify and praise Him;
    And sufficient is He as One Who is aware of the sins of His servants.
  59. He it is who created the heavens and the earth
    And what is between them
    In six measures of time;
    Then He established (His Grace) on the Throne—
    He who is the Most Compassionate—
    Therefore, ask about it, from the One Who has the (secret) knowledge.
  60. And when it is said to them: “Prostrate before the All Compassionate!”
    They say: “And what is this All Compassionate
    That we should prostrate to whoever you command us to?”
    And it increases their aversion.
  61. Sublime is He Who made the constellations in the skies,
    And He made therein a self-luminescent (sun),
    And a moon, reflecting light.
  62. And He it is who made the night and the day follow one another,
    So that whoever so wills remembers (Him),
    Or (whoever) so wills is thankful.
  63. And the servants of the All Compassionate are those
    Who walk humbly on earth,
    And when the ignorant speak to them,
    Say: “Peace be with you!”
  64. And those who spend their nights,
    Prostrating, and standing before their Rabb.
  65. And those who say: “O our Rabb!
    Turn away from us the punishment of Hell—
    Indeed, its punishment is all-embracing.”
  66. Evil indeed is this station, and (an evil) abode.
  67. And those when they spend, are not wasteful nor are they stingy,
    Lo! There is well-founded moderation between these (extremes)!
  68. And those who do not call on other deities besides Allah,
    And do not take a life that Allah has sanctified except by way of  justice,
    And do not fornicate.
    Lo! Any who does it, will face a grievous penalty!
  69. Augmented will be his punishment on the Judgment Day,
    And he will dwell therein forever, dishonored.
  70. Except  one who repents, and believes,
    And performs righteous deeds.
    Then, for such a one, Allah changes his evil to goodness;
    Lo! Allah is the Forgiver, the Merciful!
  71. And whoever repents,
    And performs righteous deeds,
    Then such as one has indeed
    Repented before Allah—
    With true repentance.
  72. And those who do not give false testimony,
    And when they pass by vain gossip, avoid it.
  73. And those—
    When the Signs of their Rabb are rehearsed to them,
    Do not discard them, deaf and blind.
  74. And those who say: “O our Rabb!
    Grant us from our spouses and our children,
    Tranquility for our eyes,
    And provide us
    The leadership
    Of those who fear You.”
  75. They shall be compensated
    With honors high,
    For their patience,
    And they shall be raised up therein
    With felicitation and peace.
  76. They shall dwell therein forever—
    A blissful abode and (an excellent) station.
  77. Say: “What worth would my Rabb attach to you,
    If you do not call on Him?
    Nay! You have rejected (Him)!
    Therefore, shall there soon descend the compelling doom.”