Surah 27. Surah al Naml

Surah 27. Surah al Naml

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. Ta  Seen
    These are Signs from the Qur’an
    Verily, a Book, illuminated,
  2. Giving guidance and good news
    To those who have certainty of faith,
  3. Those who establish prayer
    And give the poor due,
    And are certain of the hereafter.
  4. Indeed, those who do not believe in the hereafter,
    We have made their deeds their frills,
    So, they walk around, puffed up and confused.
  5. Such are the ones for whom there is an evil punishment,
    And they will be foremost in their loss in the hereafter.
  6. And indeed, you receive the Qur’an
    From the presence of the One who is the Wise, the All-Knowing.
  7. When Moses said to his household:
    “I do indeed perceive a fire,
    Soon I will bring you some news from it,
    Or, I will bring you hot tinder
    So that you warm yourselves (energize your hearts with divine Words).”
  8. Then, when he approached it,
    Came down the Divine Voice:
    “That which is in the fire is blessed,
    As is that which powers it;
    Lo! Glorified is Allah,
    The Rabb of all the worlds.”
  9. Said the Divine Voice: “O Moses!
    Of a certainty, (It is) He—
    I am Allah, the Mighty, the Wise!
  10. So, throw your staff!”
    Then when he saw it in rapid wavy motion
    As if it  was a snake,
    He turned around and did not look back.
    (Said the Voice): “O Moses!
    Do not fear;
    Indeed, in My Presence—The Messengers need have no fear!
  11. No! As for one who transgresses,
    Then turns towards good after doing evil—
    For such a one, I am indeed the Forgiver, the Merciful!
  12. And place your hand upon your bosom—
    It will emerge shining white, without blemish.
    With the nine Signs.
    (Go forth) to the Pharaoh and his people—
    Indeed, they are a people who have broken their connection with Allah.”
  13. And when Our Signs appeared before them,
    Opening their eyes,
    They said: “This is obvious sorcery.”
  14. And they rejected them—
    Even while their souls believed in them—
    (Because of their) transgression and haughtiness.
    So, witness what was the end of those who promote corruption.
  15. And behold! We gave David and Solomon deeper knowledge.
    And they said: “Praise be to Allah
    Who preferred us over many of His believing servants.”
  16. And Solomon became the inheritor of David;
    And he said: “O people!
    I have been taught the language of the birds,
    And we have been blessed with everything—
    Indeed, it is clearly from His Grace.”
  17. And gathered together for Solomon
    Were armies of Jinns and men and birds,
    And they were marched in step.
  18. Until they came to a valley of ants.
    One of the ants said: “O you ants!
    Get back into your homes
    So that Solomon and his armies do not trample you,
    While they perceive it not.
  19. So he smiled and laughed about what she had said;
    And he said: “O my Rabb!
    Energize me so that I am thankful
    For the bounties
    That You have bestowed upon me and my parents,
    And so that I perform righteous deeds that please You,
    And admit me by Your Mercy,
    Among Your righteous servants.”
  20. And he surveyed the birds,
    Then he said: “I do not see the Hoopoe—
    Is he among the absent?”
  21. Therefore, I will severely punish him,
    Or, I will slaughter him,
    Unless he brings me a reasonable excuse.”
  22. But he (the Hoopoe) was gone, not for long,
    Then (having returned) he said: “I have discovered what is not known to you,
    And I have brought you confirmed information from Sheba.
  23. I did indeed find a woman—
    She rules over them—
    And she is given everything,
    And hers is a magnificent throne.
  24. And I found her and her people—
    They prostrate before the sun instead of Allah—
    And Satan has exalted them for what they do,
    And has prevented them from the right path
    So that they cannot find guidance;
  25. (And I found that) they do not prostrate before Allah
    Who brings forth what is hidden in the heavens and the earth,
    And knows what you hide and what you reveal.
  26. Allah is He—
    There is no god but He—
    The Rabb of the Throne, Exalted!”
  27. He (Solomon) said:
    “We will soon see
    Whether you are truthful,
    Or you are among the liars.
  28. Take this letter from me,
    And drop it by them,
    Then withdraw from them;
    And see what they return (by way of reply).”
  29. She (the Queen of Sheba) said:
    “O my nobles! Indeed, an honorable letter has been delivered to me.
  30. It is indeed from Solomon,
    And lo! It is
    In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful,
  31. (Stating) “Do not disobey me,
    But come to me as one who surrenders to Allah.”
  32. She said: O my chiefs!
    Give me your opinion about what I should do—
    I am not one to make a decision unless you are a witness.”
  33. They said: “We are (a people who are) strong
    And warriors who fight with intensity,
    But the decision is yours—
    So consider what your command is.”
  34. She said: “Indeed, when rulers enter a town,
    They destroy it,
    And they turn the honor of the inhabitants into dishonor—
    And that is what they do.
  35. So, I will indeed send them a message with a gift,
    Then I shall see what the messengers return with.”
  36. Then,
    When (the messengers) came to Solomon, he said:
    “Do you offer me more wealth?
    Then (know that) what Allah has given me
    Is better than what He has given you.
    But you are elated with your gift.
  37. Return to them!
    And we shall bring on them an army,
    (Before which) they cannot stand,
    And we shall expel them from it (their land), dishonored.
    And they shall be humbled.”
  38. He (Solomon) said: “O my nobles!
    Who amongst you can bring me her throne,
    Before she comes to me, surrendering (to Allah)?”
  39. Said a strong one among the Jinns:
    “I will bring it to you
    Before you stand up from your station.”
    And indeed, I have the power to do it
    And I am trustworthy.”
  40. Said the one with whom was knowledge of the Book:
    “I will bring it to you before your vision returns to you.”
    When he (Solomon) saw it located near him, he said:
    “This is from the Grace of my Rabb,
    So that I am tested whether I am thankful or ungrateful,
    And one who is thankful,
    Is indeed thankful but for his own soul;
    And one who hides it (is ungrateful),
    Then (know that), my Rabb is indeed Self Sufficient, Bountiful.”
  41. He said: “Change the appearance of her throne for her—
    We shall see if she is guided,
    Or is among those who is not guided.”
  42. So, when she appeared,
    It was said (to her): “Is your throne like this?”
    She said: “It is as if it is!
    And the knowledge has been sent to us before this,
    And we are among those who surrender (to Allah).”
  43. And she had been prevented from it (recognizing the truth)
    By what she used to worship besides Allah—
    Indeed, she was from a disbelieving people.
  44. It was said to her: “Enter the palace.”
    Then— when she saw it, she reckoned it was deep water,
    And she bared her ankles.
    He said: “Verily, this palace is paved with glass.”
    She said: “O my Rabb! I have indeed transgressed on my own soul,
    And I surrender with Solomon to Allah, the Rabb of all the worlds.”
  45. And behold! We sent to Thamud, their brother Saleh,
    So that they worship (and serve) Allah;
    Then, they became two groups, disputing with each other.
  46. He said: “O my people!
    Why do you make haste towards evil before good?
    Why do you not ask for forgiveness from Allah,
    So that you receive Divine Mercy.”
  47. They said: “We sense a bad omen in you and those with you.”
    He said: “Your portents are with Allah;
    Nay! You are a people under trial!”
  48. And in the town were nine people—
    They caused division and rancor in the land,
    And were not disposed towards reconciliation.
  49. They said: “Take an oath by Allah
    That we will raid him by night, and his family.
    Then, we will say to his friends (protectors)
    That we were not witness to his murder and that of his family—
    And we are indeed truthful!”
  50. And they plotted their plots,
    While We planned Our plans,
    And they were not aware of it.
  51. So, consider what was the end of those who plotted—
    We did indeed obliterate them and their people, all of them!
  52. So, these are their houses, in ruin,
    Due to their transgression.
    Indeed, in that is a Sign for a people who have knowledge.
  53. And We delivered those who had certainty of faith,
    And were conscious of Allah.
  54. And Lot—
    When he said to his people:
    “Have you descended into depravity,
    While you see (this depravity with your inner eye)?
  55. Do you approach men with lust rather than women?
    No! You are a people, steeped in ignorance.”
  56. His people had no answer for it,
    Except that they said:
    “Expel Lot’s kin from the town—
    They desire to be pure.”
  57. So, we delivered him and his household—
    Except his wife—
    She was destined to be among those left behind.
  58. And We rained upon them a rain (of hard clay)—
    Then, how awful was that rain for those who witnessed it!
  59. Say: “Praise be to Allah,
    And peace be to His servants He has chosen.”
    Is Allah the better or those they associate with Him?
  60. Who else (but Allah) created the heavens and the earth,
    And brought down for them rain from the heavens,
    And grew from it delightful gardens?
    It was not (possible) for you to grow its trees—
    Or, (was it) a deity besides Allah?
    Nay! They are a people not fair (unjust).
  61. Who else (but Allah) made the earth an abode (for life),
    And placed rivers between its slopes,
    And set upon it mountains,
    And placed a barrier between the two oceans?
    Is there any god besides Allah?
    Nay! Most of them do not comprehend.
  62. Who else (but Allah) hearkens to the distressed when one calls Him,
    And removes the ills,
    And makes you inheritors of the earth?
    Is there any god besides Allah?
    Few are those who remember.
  63. Who else (but Allah) shows you the way in the depths of darkness
    On land and at sea?
    And who propels the winds
    (that herald) the good tidings before (the arrival of) His Mercy?
    Is there any god besides Allah?
    Exalted is Allah beyond what they associate with Him.
  64. Who else (but Allah) originates creation,
    Then brings it back?
    And Who provides you sustenance from the heavens and the earth?
    Is there any god besides Allah?
    Say: “Bring your evidence, if you are truthful.”.
  65. Say: “None knows the secrets of the heavens and the earth
    Except Allah,
    And they do not perceive when they will be raised up again.”
  66. No! Worn out (dated and superseded) is their knowledge about the hereafter;
    Nay! They are in doubt about it;
    Nay! They are blind to it!
  67. And those who have no certainty of faith say:
    “What? When we are dust, and (so are) our forefathers,
    Will we be brought back?
  68. Verily, the same promise was made with us and with our forefathers earlier—
    These are not but tales of the ancients. “
  69. Say: “Travel through the earth,
    And see what was the end of those who were wrong doers.”
  70. So, do not grieve for them,
    And do not be constricted (in your breast) from their plots.
  71. And they say: “When will this promise come to pass,
    If you are truthful?”
  72. Say: “Perhaps some of what you wish to hasten is close to you.”
  73. Lo! Your Rabb is indeed
    The owner (and disposer) of bounties for humankind,
    But most of them are not thankful.
  74. And indeed their Rabb is well aware of
    What they hide in their bosoms
    And what they reveal.
  75. And there is nothing hidden in the heavens and the earth
    Except that it is (recorded) in a manifest record.
  76. Indeed, this Qur’an clarifies to the children of Israel
    Most of what they disagree about.
  77. And indeed, it is a Guidance and a Mercy
    To those who have certainty of faith.
  78. Lo! Allah will decide between them with His Judgment;
    And indeed, He is the Mighty, the Knower.
  79. So, trust in Allah!
    Indeed, you are on manifest Truth!
  80. Indeed, you cannot make the dead hear,
    And (you cannot) make the deaf hear your call,
    When they turn their backs and walk away.
  81. And you are not a guide to those who are blind from falsehood;
    Nor can you make them hear,
    Except such as those who believe in Our Signs,
    And they have surrendered to Allah.
  82. And when the promised event (comes to pass on) them,
    We will bring out for them the beast of the earth
    Who will speak to them
    That indeed, humankind had no certainty of faith in Our Signs.
  83. And on the Day of Gathering
    (We will sort out) a group from every community
    Who used to give the lie to Our Signs,
    And they will be marched separately.
  84. Until they come (to their Rabb);
    And (the Rabb) will say:
    “Did you deny Our Signs
    Even though you had not understood them,
    Or, (grasped the enormity of) what you were doing.\?
  85. And the Word shall come to pass upon them,
    For what they had oppressed (within their own souls),
    And they shall not be able to speak.
  86. Do you not see
    That We have made the night, therein to rest,
    And the day to see.
    Indeed, in that are Signs for a people
    Who have certainty of faith.
  87. And the Day the trumpet is blown,
    And whatever is in the heavens and the earth shall be terrified,
    Except as Allah wills,
    And all shall appear before Him, humbled.
  88. And you shall see the mountains—you reckon they are held firm—
    Lo! They shall move like clouds;
    Allah is He who has built everything in its perfection.
    Indeed, He is aware of what you do.
  89. Whoever arrives with good (that comes from the presence of Allah),
    For him, there shall be greater goodness from it,
    And they shall be protected from terror that Day.
  90. And whoever arrives with evil—
    Their existence shall be pushed face down into the Fire—
    What recompense you receive shall be for what you did!
  91. I have not been commanded but
    That I worship (and serve) the Rabb of this city—
    Who has given me honor
    And everything is His,
    And I am commanded that I be among those who surrender (to Allah).
  92. And that I recite the Qur’an—
    Then, whoever received guidance, received guidance for his own soul—
    And, whoever went astray—
    Then, say (to them): “I am not but among the Warners.”
  93. And say: “Praise be to Allah!
    Soon will He show you His Signs,
    So that you will recognize them;
    And your Rabb is not unmindful of what you do.”