Surah 28. Surah al Qasas

Surah 28. Surah al Qasas (The Narrations)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. Ta-Sin-Meem.
  2. These are Signs from a Book, illuminated.
  3. We narrate to you, in truth, some information
    About Moses and the Pharaoh,
    For a people who have certainty of faith.
  4. Indeed the Pharaoh had aggrandized himself in the land,
    And had segmented its population into groups—
    Oppressing a group among them,
    Slaughtering their male children,
    And leaving their women alive—
    Indeed, he was among those who cause tumult and turmoil.
  5. Lo! We willed that We bestow Our favor,
    On the oppressed of the land,
    And make them the archetypes,
    And make them the inheritors (of spiritual legacy);
  6. And establish them on earth,
    And show the Pharaoh and Haman,
    And their armies—
    Through them (the children of Israel)—
    What they (the Pharaoh and Haman) were fearful of.
  7. And We sent the inspiration upon the mother of Moses:
    “Keep him suckled.
    And, when you are fearful about him,
    Place him in the river,
    And do not be fearful or grieve—
    For verily, We shall return him to you,
    And make him one of Our Messengers.
  8. Then the household of the Pharaoh picked him up,
    So that he would become an adversary and a source of sorrow for them.
    Indeed, the Pharaoh and Haman and their armies were wrong doers.
  9. And the wife of the Pharaoh said:
    “He is the comfort for my eyes and yours—
    Do not kill him—
    He may be of benefit to you,
    Or let us adopt him as our son.”
    Lo! They did not perceive (the future).
  10. By the morning, the inner heart of the mother of Moses felt empty,
    Close was she to revealing it,
    If We had not reinforced her heart
    So that she remained among those
    Who had certainty of faith.
  11. And she asked his sister to follow him,
    And to keep watch on him from a distance,
    While they were not aware.
  12. And We made him refuse from the outset to suckle from any nurse,
    So, she (the sister of Moses) said:
    “Shall I show you the people of a household
    Who will raise him up for you,
    And will act as his mentors?”
  13. So We returned him to his mother,
    So that her eye would be serene (she would be comforted),
    And she would not grieve,
    And so she knew that the promise of Allah is true—
    But most of them understand it not.
  14. And he attained complete adulthood,
    And was mature,
    We gave him judgment and knowledge—
    And that is how We reward those who are excellent
    (Who worship and serve Allah as if they see Him!).
  15. And he entered the city at a time
    When its inhabitants were unaware,
    And he found two men in it fighting—
    This one from his community,
    And the other one from his enemies—
    So the one from his (own) community asked for his help
    Against the one from his enemies;
    Then, Moses gave him a blow,
    From which he died.
    Said (Moses): “This is the work of Satan;
    Indeed, he is a manifest enemy leading (humans) astray.”
  16. He said: “O my Rabb!
    I have indeed wronged my own soul,
    So, forgive me.”
    So He forgave him.
    Indeed, He is the Forgiver, the Merciful.
  17. He said: “O my Rabb!
    With the Grace that You have bestowed on me,
    I shall never assist those who are guilty of wrong doing.
  18. Then it was morning,
    (And he entered the city) fearful, watchful,
    And he found the one who had asked for his help the previous day,
    Asking for his help again.
    Moses said to him: “Indeed you are a manifest miscreant.”
  19. Then—
    When he desired to strike the one who was the enemy of them both,
    He said: “O Moses! Do you desire to kill me the way you killed a man yesterday?
    You desire but to be an intimidator in the land,
    And you are not disposed towards reconciliation.”
  20. And came a man in a hurry from the far side of the city,
    And he said: “O Moses!
    The chiefs are holding consultations about you, to kill you;
    Therefore, escape!
    I do indeed advice you for your own good.”
  21. So he walked out from there, fearful, watchful.
    He said: “O my Rabb!
    Deliver me from a people who are oppressors!”
  22. And when he turned in the direction of Midian,
    He said: “I hope that my Rabb will show me the right way.”
  23. And when he arrived at the waters of Midian,
    He found there a group of people drawing water.
    And he found besides, two women held back.
    He said (to the women): “What is the matter with you?”
    They said: “We do not draw water until the shepherds have left—
    And our father is very old.”
  24. So he brought them water,
    Then he returned to the shade,
    And said: “O my Rabb!
    Whatever good is sent to me,
    I am indeed in need of it!
  25. Then came one of the two (women)
    Walking, with shyness,
    She said: “My father does indeed invite you,
    So that he may give you compensation
    For giving us water.”
    When he came to him,
    And had related to him his story,
    He (the elderly man) said:
    “Do not be afraid!
    You have been delivered from an oppressive people.”
  26. One of them said:
    “O my father!
    Hire him—
    Verily, the one you will hire
    Is strong and trustworthy.”
  27. He said: “I do indeed consider
    That I should give one of these two daughters in marriage to you,
    Provided you serve me for eight years—
    And if you complete ten (years),
    Then it is from you (a favor).
    And I do not desire to give you hard work—
    Soon you will find me, Allah willing, among the righteous.”
  28. He said: “That is (a contract) between you and me—
    Whichever of the two terms I complete,
    I have no demands because of them;
    Indeed, Allah is witness over what we are saying.”
  29. Then—
    When Moses had completed his term,
    And left with his family,
    He saw a fire in the direction of Mount Sinai.
    He said to his family: “Stay here.
    I have indeed seen a fire,
    Perhaps I can bring you some information about it,
    Or a spark from the fire,
    So that you warm yourselves.”
  30. Then—
    When he arrived,
    Came the Voice from the right bank of the Valley—
    From the Tree on the blessed grounds:
    “O Moses! Indeed, I am Allah, the Rabb of all the worlds!
  31. And throw down your staff!”
    When he saw it in rapid motion as if it was a snake,
    He turned around and did not look back.
    (Allah said) “O Moses! Come forward and be not afraid!
    Indeed, you are among those protected.
  32. Place your hand on your bosom,
    It will emerge radiating white without blemish,
    And keep your arm close to you (for protection) against fear.
    So these two are evidence from your Rabb for the Pharaoh and his chiefs—
    Indeed, they are a people who have exceeded their bounds.”
  33. He said: “O my Rabb!
    Indeed, I killed one of their men,
    So I fear they may kill me.
  34. And my brother Aaron—
    He is more eloquent than I in his tongue,
    So send him with me (as my) helper
    (So that) he can fortify me.
    Indeed, I fear that they will reject me.”
  35. Said (the Rabb):
    “Soon shall We reinforce your arms with your brother,
    And We shall grant the two of you authority,
    So that they cannot measure up to you.
    With Our Signs, you and those who follow you shall triumph!”
  36. So, when Moses came to them with Our clear Signs,
    They said: “This is not but improvised sorcery,
    And we have not heard anything like this from our forefathers who came before us.”
  37. And Moses said:
    “My Rabb knows who has come with guidance from Him,
    And for whom will be the abode in the hereafter;
    Indeed, those who transgress will not attain felicity.”
  38. And the Pharaoh said:
    “O my nobles! I do not know any god for you but me.
    So, light the fire, O Haman!
    Under the clay (to bake bricks),
    And build for me a tower
    So that I may take a peek at the god of Moses.
    But I do suspect he is indeed a liar.”
  39. And he was arrogant in the land,
    As was his army—
    Violating justice—
    And they thought they will not return to Us.
  40. Then, We seized him and his army,
    And drowned them in the sea—
    So, observe what was the end of the oppressors!
  41. And We made them leaders (in this world),
    (But) they invited (their people) towards the Fire,
    And they shall have no helpers on the Day of Judgment.
  42. And We attached a curse,
    To follow them in this world,
    And on the Day of Judgment,
    They shall be among those who are spurned.
  43. And verily, We gave the Book to Moses,
    After We had destroyed many earlier communities,
    For humankind to see (with their outer eyes as well as the inner eye),
    And guidance, and mercy,
    So that they may remember.
  44. And you were not near the western side (of Mount Sinai),
    When we sent the Commandments upon Moses,
    And you were not among the witnesses;
  45. But We willed (created) many communities,
    And bestowed on them long lives.
    But you were not among those who lived among the people of Midian,
    So that you would recite to them Our Signs.
    But it is We who send the Messengers.
  46. And you were not near Mount Sinai when We called,
    But (this) is the mercy from your Rabb—
    So that you warn a people upon whom there has been no Warner before you—
    So that they are among those who are reminded.
  47. And if it was not (sent to you)—
    And a trial reached them for what their hands have wrought before—
    They would then say:
    “O our Rabb! Why did you not send us a Messenger,
    So that we would follow Your Signs
    And be among those with certainty of faith?”
  48. Then—
    When the Truth came from Us, they said:
    “Why was it not sent like it was sent to Moses?”
    Did they not deny what was earlier revealed to Moses?
    They said: “They are both (Moses and Aaron) sorcerers, supporting each other.”
    And they said: “Indeed we reject both of them.”
  49. Say: “Bring any Book from the presence of Allah,
    Which has (more clear) guidance than these two (Books),
    So that I may follow it,
    If you are truthful.”
  50. And if they do not respond,
    Then know that they follow but their desires.
    And who is more misled than one who follows his own desires
    Without guidance from Allah?
    Lo! Allah does not guide a people who transgress!
  51. And behold! We sent them (humankind) the Word,
    One after the other (in gradations),
    So that they remember.
  52. Those to whom We gave the Book before this—
    They believe in it (the Qur’an) with certainty.
  53. And when it is recited to them, they say:
    “We believe in it!
    It is indeed the Truth from our Rabb!
    Indeed, even before this,
    We were among those who surrendered (to Allah).”
  54. The compensation for them shall be doubled,
    Because they persevered—
    And they dispel the evil with the good,
    And they set aside (in charity)
    The provisions We bestow on them.
  55. And when they hear frivolous talk,
    They excuse themselves from it;
    And they say: “Our deeds for us and your deeds for you!
    Peace be unto you—
    We do not seek (the company of) the ignorant.”
  56. Indeed, you cannot guide whom you please,
    But Allah guides whom He will—
    And He knows well those who receive guidance.
  57. And they say: “If we follow your guidance,
    We will be cut off from our land.”
    Have We not established for them a sanctuary, peaceful,
    To which are brought fruits of every kind—
    Provisions from Us—
    But most of them do not understand.
  58. And how many settlements (civilizations) have We destroyed
    Which were arrogant about what they had earned?
    These are their dwellings—
    Few were those who dwelled therein after them—
    And We became their inheritors.
  59. Lo! Your Rabb does not destroy settlements (civilizations)
    Until a Messenger has been sent to their principal township,
    And he recites to them Our Signs.
    And We do not destroy townships (civilizations),
    Unless their inhabitants do indeed become oppressors.
  60. And whatever things are given to you
    Are chattels of this world—and ornamentation—
    But what is from Allah is better and enduring;
    Do you not reason?
  61. Is then one to whom We have made a promise of Our presence—
    And who shall have it fulfilled—
    The like of one to whom We gave the chattels of the life of this world,
    And shall then be presented before Us on the Day of Judgment?
  62. And the Day He shall call them,
    And shall say: “Where are the ones you associated with Me,
    The ones you imagined (as My associates)?”
  63. Those upon whom the Word has come true will say:
    “O our Rabb! Those whom we corrupted—
    We corrupted them as we corrupted ourselves.
    We disavow them before You—
    It was not us they worshiped.”
  64. And it will be said to them: “Call your associates!”
    So, they will call them, but they will not answer them,
    And they will see the punishment.
    If only they had been guided!
  65. And the Day He shall call them,
    And He will say: “Did you respond to the Messengers?”
  66. But all information shall be blanked out from them on that Day,
    So they will not ask (each other) for clarifications.
  67. Then, one who has repented
    And has had certainty of faith,
    And has performed righteous deeds,
    (For him) there is hope
    That he will be among the felicitous.
  68. Lo! Your Rabb creates what He contemplates and pleases—
    It is not their choice—
    Glorified is Allah and transcendent over what they ascribe to Him!
  69. And your Rabb knows
    What is hidden in their bosom
    And what they reveal.
  70. Lo! He is Allah—there is no god but He—
    His is the praise from the beginning (of creation) till the end (the Judgment Day),
    And His is the Judgment,
    And to Him will you return.
  71. Say: “Do you consider—
    If Allah were to make the night continuous for you till the Day of Judgment,
    Which god besides Allah will bring you light?
    Do you not hearken (and ponder)?”
  72. Say: “Do you consider—
    If Allah were to make the day continuous for you till the Day of Judgment,
    Which god besides Allah will bring you night for rest therein?
    Do you not see (with the eye of the heart)?
  73. Lo! From His Mercy
    (He) has made for you the night and the day,
    So that you rest therein,
    And search for His bounties,
    And so that you are thankful.
  74. And the Day He will summon,
    And will say: “Where are My associates that you used to imagine?”
  75. And We shall bring forth a witness from every community,
    And We shall say: “Bring your evidence!”
    Then they shall know that there is no Truth but Allah,
    And what they used to invent shall vanish from them.
  76. Indeed, Qaroon (Korah) was from the people of Moses,
    And he was unjust to them.
    And We gave him a treasure so vast
    That verily its keys were heavy (even) for a strong group of people.
    When his people said to him: “Do not indulge—
    Indeed, Allah does not love those who indulge,
  77. And ask for the abode of the hereafter from what Allah has given you,
    And do not forget your portion (in the hereafter) because of this world,
    And do good as Allah has granted you goodness,
    And do not foster division and rancor in the land—
    Indeed, Allah does not love those who foster division and rancor,”
  78. He said: “This is indeed but granted to me because of my knowledge.”
    Does he not know that Allah has indeed destroyed before this (time)
    Many communities (civilizations)
    Which were stronger than this (community) and were more numerous?
    Lo! The ones who are condemned shall not be interrogated (again) about their sins!
  79. When he appeared before his people in his pomp,
    Said those who craved the life of this world:
    “How we wish we had what has been given to Qaroon!
    Indeed, he is the owner of a great fortune.”
  80. And said those endowed with knowledge:
    “Woe is unto you! The reward from Allah is better
    For whoever has certainty of faith
    And engages in righteous action,
    And it is not received but by those who are patient.
  81. Then We made the earth swallow him and his house,
    And there was no group that could help him besides Allah,
    Nor was he among those who could help themselves.
  82. And those who had coveted his position till yesterday,
    Said in the morning: “(We now realize) that Allah grants provisions to whom He will,
    And reduces it (from whom He will).
    Were it not for the protection of Allah, we would be swallowed up with it,
    And (we now realize) that He does not indeed grant felicity to the disbelievers.”
  83. This is the home of the hereafter—
    We prepare it for those who do not seek aggrandizement on earth,
    And (promote) no division and rancor—
    Lo! The final goal is for those who are conscious of Allah!
  84. Whoever arrives with good, for him there is greater goodness from it,
    And whoever arrives with evil—
    For such will be a recompense for their wrongs only for what they did.
  85. Indeed, He who has made the Quran obligatory for you—
    He will certainly bring you to the Place of Return.
    Say: “My Rabb knows he who is with guidance,
    And he who is in obvious error.”
  86. And you did not expect that the Book would be sent down to you,
    Except by the Mercy of your Rabb.
    Therefore, do not be the helpers for the disbelievers.
  87. And do not let them block you from the Signs of Allah
    After they have been revealed to you,
    But invite them towards your Rabb,
    And be not among those who associate (gods with Allah).
  88. And do not call on any other god besides Allah;
    There is no god except He—
    Everything shall perish except His existence—
    His is the judgment,
    And to Him is your return.