Surah 3. Surah Aal-e Imran

Surah 3. Aal-e Imran (The Family of Imran)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. Alif   Lam  Meem.
  2. Allah is He,
    Other than Him there is none worthy of worship,
    The Living, the Eternal.
  3. (He it is who has) revealed the Book to you in Truth,
    Confirming what was sent before you
    And He has revealed the Torah and the Gospel
  4. Before this, (providing) guidance for humankind
    And (He has sent down) the Criterion
    (for judging between right and wrong).
    Lo! Those who hide the Signs of Allah,
    Upon them is an intense punishment.
    Indeed, Allah is the Mighty, the Lord of Retribution.
  5. Of a certainty,
    Nothing is hidden from Him on earth,
    Or in the heavens.
  6. He it is
    Who shapes you in (your mothers’) wombs as He will;
    There is none worthy of worship except Him,
    The Mighty, the Wise.
  7. He it is who has sent down the Book to you;
    There are Signs in it that are basic
    And they form the foundation of the Book,
    And there are some (Signs)
    That are allegorical (and open to multiple explanations).
    So, they whose hearts are deviant
    Follow the allegories to stir up dissension,
    And search for (unfounded) meanings
    (to cause rancorous arguments).
    No! No one but Allah knows the (hidden) meanings.
    (On the other hand) those, whose knowledge is firm, say:
    “We believe in these (Signs); they are all from our Rabb”.
    However, this is not comprehended
    Except by the people of intellect.
  8. (And they pray):
    “O our Rabb! Turn not our hearts (away)
    After You have shown us guidance,
    And bestow upon us Your Mercy!
    Indeed, You are the Bestower!
  9. O our Rabb!
    Verily, You will gather together all humankind
    On a Day about which there is no doubt.”
    Lo! Allah does not compromise on His promise!
  10. As for those who conceal the Truth,
    Their wealth and their children
    Will not benefit them in the least in the presence of Allah,
    And it is they who will be fuel for the Fire!
  11. As it was with the people of the Pharaoh,
    And those before them who gave the lie to Our Signs,
    Allah seized them for their wrong doings.
    Indeed, Allah is intense in His retribution.
  12. Tell those who deny the Truth
    That they shall soon be overwhelmed
    And shall be driven towards the Fire.
    What an awful destination it is!
  13. It was a Sign for you
    When two opposing forces met,
    One force fighting in the way of Allah,
    The other of the disbelievers who saw (the believers)
    As if they were doubled.
    Lo! Allah grants His help to whom He will.
    Indeed, in this is a lesson for people with inner vision.
  14. Tempting for humankind is desire –
    For women and children,
    And accumulated heaps of gold and silver,
    And choice horses, and cattle, and cultivated land –
    That is the wealth of this world.
    Lo! More beautiful is a station in the presence of Allah!
  15. Say: “Shall I give more beneficial news for you?”
    For the Allah-conscious,
    (are granted) Gardens of Bliss close to their Rabb,
    Beneath which flow streams (of Divine grace).
    They shall dwell therein for ever with companions pure,
    And the supreme felicity of Allah’s acceptance.
    Lo! Allah is the Seer of His servants!
  16. Those who say:
    “O our Rabb! We do indeed believe with conviction;
    So, forgive our sins for us and save us from the Fire!”
  17. (And) those who persevere,
    And are steadfast on Truth,
    And are contented (with Allah),
    Those who spend (in the way of Allah),
    And ask for forgiveness in the early hours of the morning.
  18. Allah has borne witness
    That there is none worthy of worship but Him,
    As do the angels,
    And the people of knowledge
    Who establish and persevere with justice;
    There is none worthy of worship but Him,
    The Mighty, the Wise.
  19. Verily, the deen (moral code) before Allah
    Is surrender (to Divine Will);
    And what differences arose among people of the Book
    After they had received the knowledge
    Were due to defiance from them.
    Beware! Whoever gives  the lie to the Signs of Allah,
    Allah is quick in His reckoning!
  20. Even then, if (people) argue with you, tell them:
    “I have surrendered (my existence)
    In the presence of Allah
    And so have those who follow me”.
    And ask of the people of the Book and the ignorant ones:
    “Do you surrender (to Allah)?”
    For, those who surrender find guidance.
    But if they turn away,
    Then upon you (is the responsibility)
    Only to explain (the message).
    Lo! Allah is the Seer of His servants!
  21. Indeed, for such as those who conceal the Truth,
    And slay the Prophets in gross violation of justice,
    And slay the people who command justice,
    (For such) give them the tidings
    Of a punishment most painful.
  22. Such are the ones
    Who have broken (their covenant with Allah) with their own deeds
    In this world and in the hereafter,
    And there shall be no helpers for them.
  23. Have you not seen
    Those from among the people of the Book
    Who are invited to the Book of Allah
    So as to settle (the disputes) between them?
    Then a group among them turns away
    Asking to be excused.
  24. This (is so) because they assert:
    “The Fire shall not touch us
    Except for a  period limited.”
    They are deceived in their beliefs
    By their own inventions.
  25. Then, what will be their fate
    When We gather them all together on a Day
    About which there is no doubt,
    And every soul shall be paid what it has earned
    And they shall not suffer injustice?
  26. Say: “O Allah! Yours is the sovereignty.
    You delegate authority to whom You will,
    And take it away from whom You will.
    You bestow honor upon whom You will,
    And take it away from whom You will.
    All that is good is in Your hands. Verily,
    You are the (Owner of) Power over all affairs.”
  27. “You draw out the night from the day,
    And You draw out the day from the night.
    You bring forth the living from the dead,
    And You bring forth the dead from the living.
    And You grant sustenance without limit
    To whom You will.”
  28. O you who believe!
    Do not choose the disbelievers
    As your protectors
    In preference to those who believe.
    And whoever does this,
    Has broken his relationship with Allah
    Unless (you seek a treaty with)
    The God-fearing among them for defense.
    And Allah is warning you about Himself.
    And to Allah is the (final) return.
  29. Say: “Whether you conceal
    What is in your bosoms or reveal it,
    Allah knows it.
    And He knows what is in the heavens
    And what is on earth.
    Lo! Allah is the (Owner of) Power over all things”
  30. The Day when every soul shall face
    The good deeds it has performed
    As well as the evil deeds it has performed
    And will wish to put a great distance
    Between itself and its (evil deeds).
    Lo! Allah is warning you about Himself.
    Indeed, Allah is the Most Forbearing towards His servants.
  31. Say: “If you love Allah, then follow me.
    Allah will love you and forgive your wrongs.
    Indeed, Allah is the Forgiver, the Merciful.”
  32. Say: “Obey Allah and obey the Messenger.”
    Then if they turn away,
    Lo! Allah does not love the rejecters.
  33. Behold! Allah has chosen Adam and Noah
    And the children of Abraham and the children of Imran
    Over all the people.
  34. They were offspring, some of the others.
    Indeed, Allah is the Hearer, the Knower.
  35. When the wife of Imran said:
    “O my Rabb! I have consecrated
    what is in my womb to You, with no pre-conditions.
    So, accept (this offering) from me.
    Indeed, You are the Hearer, the Knower.”
  36. When she gave birth, she said:
    “O my Rabb! I have given birth to a daughter.”
    Indeed, Allah has full knowledge of whoever is born,
    And a son is not like a daughter.
    “I have named her Mariam (Mary),
    And I have placed her and her offspring
    Under Your protection from Satan, the accursed.
  37. So, her Rabb listened to her,
    Accepted (her supplication) with exalted Grace,
    And raised her up with the most noble upbringing,
    And entrusted her to the care of Zachariah.
    Whenever Zachariah entered her cloister,
    He found her with (Divine) sustenance
    (lit: there came into being Divine sustenance for her).
    He said: “O Mary! Where does this come from for you?”
    She said: “This is from Allah.”
    Lo! Allah grants sustenance to whom He will without limit.
  38. Right then and there
    Zachariah offered a prayer to his Rabb:
    “O my Rabb! Grant me from You, children of purity.
    Indeed, You listen to all supplications.
  39. When he stood in prayer in the cloister,
    The Angels announced:
    “Allah sends you the glad tidings of Yahya (John),
    (Who will) confirm the Word of Allah,
    A leader in full command of his own soul,
    A Prophet from among the righteous.”
  40. He said:
    “O my Rabb! How could I have a son
    When I have attained an old age and my wife is barren?”
    Said (the Angel):
    “That is how Allah does what He will.”
  41. Said (Zachariah): “Grant me a Sign.”
    Said (the Angel):
    “Your Sign is that you shall not speak to anyone
    For three days except by sign language
    And you shall remember your Rabb limitless times
    And glorify Him by evening and by morning.”
  42. And when the Angels said to her:
    “O Mary! Indeed Allah has chosen you
    And purified you
    And honored you over the women of all the worlds.”
  43. “O Mary! Be content with your Rabb,
    Prostrate yourself before Him,
    And bow down (before Him) with those who bow down.”
  44. These are descriptions from (worlds) beyond perception
    Which We have brought down to you (O Prophet)
    As revelation (from Allah).
    And you were not with them when they were writing down
    As to who among them would bring up Mary.
    And you were not with them
    When they argued among themselves.
  45. When the Angels said to her:
    “O Mary! Behold! Allah sends you
    The glad tidings of a Word from Him.
    His name shall be Isa Maseeh
    (Jesus the Messiah), son of Mary,
    Illuminated (by Prophetic Light) in this world
    And in the Hereafter
    And among those who are close (to Me).
  46. And he will speak to people from the cradle
    And as an adult
    And he will be among the righteous.”
  47. She said: “O my Rabb! How could I have a son
    While no man has touched me?”
    Said (the Angels): “This is how Allah creates as He will.
    When He decrees an action, He says not except: Be!
    And it was!”
  48. And He will teach him the Book and the Wisdom
    And the Torah and the Gospel.
  49. And He will be a Messenger to the children of Israel:
    (Declaring)“I have indeed come to you
    With Signs from my Rabb,
    I will mold clay in the shape of a bird
    And I will blow into it
    And it will become a bird (it will come alive)
    By the command of Allah.
    And I will give sight to one born blind and heal the leper
    And give life to the dead by the command of Allah.
    And I will reveal to you what you eat
    And what you hoard in your homes.
    Indeed, in this is a Sign for you
    If you have certainty of faith.”
  50. “And (I have come to you)
    To confirm what is with you from the Torah
    And permit some of what has been forbidden to you;
    And I have come to you with Signs from your Rabb.
    Therefore, be Allah-conscious and follow me.”
  51. “Verily, Allah is my Rabb and your Rabb,
    Therefore worship (and serve) Him;
    This is the right path.”
  52. When Jesus sensed
    That there was disbelief among them,
    He said: “Who will be my helpers in the path of Allah?”
    The disciples said:
    “We are the helpers in the path of Allah.
    We believe in Allah with certainty
    And we bear witness
    That we are among those who surrender (our will to Allah).
  53. O our Rabb!
    We have believed in what You have revealed
    And we follow the Messenger.
    Therefore, write us down among those who bear witness.”
  54. So they (the disbelievers) plotted and Allah planned.
    Lo! Allah is the best of planners!
  55. When Allah said:
    “O Jesus! I will take your life and raise you up towards Me
    And purify you from the unbelievers
    And grant those who follow you a higher station
    Over the unbelievers till the Judgment Day.
    Then, to Me you shall return,
    And I shall judge between you in what you disagree.”
  56. Then, those who reject the Truth,
    I shall punish with a severe punishment
    In this world and in the Hereafter
    And they shall have none to help them.
  57. And those who have certainty of faith
    And perform righteous deeds,
    Their recompense shall be honored.
    Indeed, Allah does not love the transgressors.
  58. That is what We rehearse for you from Our Signs
    And it is an admonition from the Most Wise.
  59. Lo! The similitude of Jesus before Allah
    Is like that of Adam.
    I created him from the earth and said:
    “Be!” And he was!
  60. The Truth is from your Rabb.
    Therefore, be not among those who have doubts.
  61. Then, say to those who argue with you
    Even after the knowledge has come down to you:
    “Come, let us invite our children and your children,
    Our women and your women and ourselves and yourselves,
    And invoke the repudiation of Allah upon those who lie.”
  62. Lo! This is a narration in Truth:
    There is no deity but Allah, and indeed Allah is He
    Who is the Mighty, the Wise.
  63. Then, if they turn away,
    Then verily, Allah is the Knower of those
    Who cause division (within one’s soul and in the society).
  64. Say: “O people of the Book!
    Come towards a (common) position between us and you
    That there is none worthy of worship except Allah,
    And we do not associate anyone with Him,
    And we take not each other as our Lords except Allah.”
    Even so, if they turn away, then tell them:
    “We bear witness that we are among those
    Who surrender (their own will to Allah).”
  65. O people of the Book!
    Why do you argue about Abraham
    When the Torah and the Gospel were revealed only after him?
    Are you devoid of common sense?
  66. Yes indeed, you were the ones
    Who argued among yourselves
    About what you had knowledge of.
    Then, why do you argue
    About what you have no knowledge of?
    Lo! Allah is He
    Who knows and you are without knowledge.
  67. Abraham was not a Jew or a Christian
    But he was a Haneef
    (endowed with inner knowledge of the Truth),
    One who had surrendered himself to Allah,
    And he was not one to associate (partners with Allah).
  68. Indeed, the most preferred among humankind are those
    Who followed Abraham and this Prophet
    And those who have certainty of faith.
    Lo! Allah is the protector of those
    Who have certainty of faith.
  69. From the people of the Book is a party
    That would love to see you lose your way.
    They do not mislead anyone but themselves
    And they perceive it not.
  70. O people of the Book!
    Why do you deny the Signs of Allah
    When you yourselves are witness (to the Truth)?
  71. O people of the Book!
    Why do you mix the Truth with falsehood
    And conceal the Truth
    Even though you are in the know?
  72. And a party among the people of the Book says:
    “Believe (provisionally)
    In what is revealed to the believers
    At the beginning of the day
    But reject it at the end (reject it ultimately).”
    (They say this) so that they (the believers)
    Revert (to unbelief).
  73. And do not have complete trust
    (In matters of faith) in anyone
    Except one who follows your faith.
    Say: “Indeed, (true) guidance is guidance from Allah
    Such as that given to you.”
    If they argue about your Rabb,
    Say: “Indeed, all blessings are within the power of Allah;
    He bestows them on whom He will.”
    Lo! Allah is the Knower, Infinite (in His knowledge).
  74. He directs His mercy to whom He will.
    Lo! Allah is the Owner of Beneficence, Supreme!
  75. And among the people of the Book are some
    Who will return to you a trust even if it be a huge one.
    And among them are some
    Who will not return a trust of even one dinar
    Unless you pressure them.
    It is because they say:
    “There is no obligation upon us to be open and fair
    With those who are not of us.”
    Lo! They utter a lie against Allah and they know it.
  76. No! Whoever fulfills his contract and is Allah-conscious,
    Then indeed (know that) Allah loves those
    Who are conscious of Him.
  77. Lo! Those who sell their contracts with Allah
    And their oaths for a paltry sum,
    For them will be no portion in the Hereafter.
    Allah will not speak to them,
    Will not look at them on the Judgment Day,
    And will not purify them.
    Upon them will be a painful punishment.
  78. And lo! Among them is a group
    That twists its tongue while (reciting) the Book,
    So that you reckon
    (What they are reciting) is from the Book
    But it is not from the Book.
    And they say it is from Allah when it is not from Allah.
    They ascribe a lie to Allah and they know it.
  79. It is not (befitting) that a human
    Who is granted the Book,
    The Wisdom and the Prophecy, tells people:
    “Worship me rather than worship Allah.”
    Instead (he should say):
    “Be among those who devote themselves
    To know Allah and serve Him
    In accordance with what you teach and what you recite.”
  80. And he will not command you
    To take the angels and the prophets as your Rabb.
    Would he command unbelief
    After you have surrendered (yourselves to Allah)?
  81. And when Allah took a covenant from the Prophets:
    “By the Book and the Wisdom that I give you,
    There will come to you a Messenger,
    Confirming what is with you;
    You must believe in him and be his helpers.”
    (Allah) said: “Do you make a promise?
    And do you accept My promise with it?”
    They said: “We promise!”
    He said: “Then, be witness (to this covenant)
    And I am with you among the witnesses.”
  82. Then, those who turn back after that,
    They are the ones who are rebellious.
  83. What? Do they search for a deen (moral code)
    Different from that of Allah
    While all that is in the heavens and the earth
    Surrender to Him, willingly or unwillingly,
    And to Him is their return?
  84. Say: “We believe with conviction in Allah
    And in what has been revealed to us
    And what was revealed to Abraham and Ishmael
    And Isaac and Jacob and (their) children,
    And what was revealed to Moses, and Jesus,
    And the Prophets from their Rabb.
    No differentiation do we make between any of them,
    And we are among those
    Who have surrendered (themselves to Allah).”
  85. And whoever searches for a deen (faith)
    Besides surrender (to Allah),
    It will never be accepted of him
    And he will be among the lost ones in the hereafter.
  86. How can the guidance of Allah reach a people
    Who have rejected the Truth
    After taking an oath of surrender
    And were witness that the Messenger was true
    And there came to them clear Signs?
    Indeed, Allah does not guide a people who transgress.
  87. Their recompense is that there is
    The repudiation of Allah upon them
    And of the angels and of all humankind.
  88. They shall dwell therein forever;
    There shall be no reduction in their punishment,
    Nor shall they have any respite.
  89. Except for those who repent after that
    And seek reconciliation;
    In that case,
    Lo! Allah is the Forgiver, the Merciful.
  90. Verily, those who chose (the darkness of) unbelief
    After (seeing the light of) belief,
    And then moved (inexorably) deeper into darkness,
    Their repentance will never be accepted,
    And they are the ones who have lost their way.
  91. Indeed, those who have rejected the Truth
    And die in a state of unbelief,
    No ransom will be accepted from them
    Even if they offer all the gold in the world.
    They are the ones
    Upon whom will be a painful punishment
    and they will have no helpers.
  92. You shall not attain piety
    Until you set aside in charity from what you love.
    And whatever you set aside in charity,
    Verily, Allah is aware of it.
  93. All food was permissible for the children of Israel
    Except what Israel forbid for itself
    Before the revelation of the Torah.
    Say: “Bring the Torah and read it if you are truthful.”
  94. So, whoever ascribes a lie to Allah even after that,
    It is they who are the transgressors.
  95. Say: “The Truth is from Allah.
    Therefore, follow the (spiritual) community
    Of Abraham the Haneef
    (Who was endowed with spiritual knowledge),
    And be not among those
    Who associate partners with Allah.”
  96. Verily, the first sanctuary established for humankind
    Is in Mecca
    (Radiating) blessings and guidance for all the worlds.
  97. In it there are Signs manifest at the Place of Abraham
    And whoever enters it is in a refuge.
    And it is (the right) of Allah upon humankind
    That whoever has the means to do so in His way
    Visits the Sanctuary for Hajj (pilgrimage).
    And whoever denies it,
    Then (let him know that)
    Allah is indeed not in need of anything in all the worlds.
  98. Say: “O people of the Book!
    Why do you reject the Signs of Allah?
    Indeed, Allah is witness to what you do.”
  99. Say: “O people of the Book!
    Why do you place detours in the path of Allah
    (So as) to make it appear crooked for people of faith?
    While you are (yourselves) witnesses (to the Truth).
    Lo! Allah is not unaware of what you do.”
  100. O you who have certainty of faith!
    If you follow some among the people of the Book,
    They will make you revert to unbelief
    After you have taken the oath of belief.
  101. And how can you reject the Truth
    While the Signs from Allah are recited to you
    And the Messenger is with you?
    Indeed, whoever holds fast to Allah will receive guidance
    Towards the right path.
  102. O you who have certainty of faith!
    Be aware of Allah as it is His right to be aware
    (Fear Allah as it is His right to be feared)
    And die not except as those
    Who have surrendered (to Allah).
  103. And hold on firmly to the rope (Guidance) from Allah all together,
    And be not divided.
    Remember the blessings that Allah has bestowed on you.
    When you were enemies (of each other),
    He placed love in your hearts
    So that with His blessings
    You became brothers (and sisters);
    When you stood at the edge of the precipice of the Fire,
    He pulled you back from it.
    That is how Allah makes His Signs clear to you
    So that you are guided.
  104. Let there be established
    A (spiritual) community from among you
    Inviting (humankind) to what is good,
    Directing it to what is noble
    And guarding (people) from what is forbidden.
    Lo! Such are the ones who attain felicity!
  105. And be not like those who disagreed
    And were divided
    Even after clear Signs were rehearsed to them.
    And it is they upon whom is a great punishment.
  106. The day on which there will be some
    Whose existence (faces) will be lit up with (Divine) Light
    And some whose existence will have no (Divine) light
    (some faces will be lit up and some faces will be in darkness);
    Then those whose existence (faces)
    Will have no (Divine) Light will be asked:
    “Did you reject the Truth after you had taken the oath of belief?
    Then, taste the punishment for what you used to deny.”
  107. And those whose existence (faces) will be lit up
    Will be surrounded with Divine Mercy;
    Therein they shall dwell forever.
  108. These are the Signs from Allah
    That we recite for you in Truth.
    And Allah has no desire to inflict unjust punishment
    Upon (anything in all) the worlds.
  109. Lo! Whatever is in the heavens and on earth
    Belongs to Allah
    And to Allah return all commands.
  110. You are the most noble of spiritual communities
    Brought forth for humankind,
    Inviting them towards what is most noble,
    Directing them away from what is forbidden
    And believing with certainty in Allah.
    And if the people of the Book had believed,
    It would have been better for them.
    Among them are some who believe with conviction
    But most of them are rebellious.
  111. They can do you no harm except to harass you.
    And if you confront them they will turn their backs on you.
    Then, they will receive no help.
  112. Inflicted on them is ignominy wherever they go
    Except (when they receive) the rope (support) of Allah
    And the rope (treaty of protection) from people.
    They will be scattered by the wrath of Allah
    And wandering shall be forced upon them.
    This is because they rejected the Signs of Allah
    And slaughtered the Prophets in violation of justice.
    They were rebellious and they exceeded the bounds.
  113. Not equal is everyone from the people of the Book.
    There is among them a spiritual group
    That is well grounded (in faith).
    They recite the Signs of Allah by night
    And prostrate themselves (in prayer).
  114. They believe in Allah with conviction
    And in the Last Day
    And they command what is noble
    And eschew what is forbidden
    And are diligent in doing good deeds.
    Indeed, they are among the righteous.
  115. And what they perform by way of good deeds,
    They shall never be glossed over.
    Lo! Allah knows those who are conscious of the Divine.
  116. Indeed, for those who reject the Truth,
    Of not the least benefit will be their wealth and their children
    (When they stand) before Allah.
    Indeed, they are companions of the Fire,
    Therein they shall dwell forever.
  117. The similitude of what they spend
    On the life of this world
    Is as if there is a frosty wind
    That strikes the crops of a people who are oppressive
    And destroys it.
    No! Allah did them no wrong
    But they wronged their own souls.
  118. O you who have certainty of faith!
    Take not as your confidants other than your own.
    They (who have no faith) tire not in wishing you ill.
    They love to see you in difficulties
    And their enmity has been confirmed by what they say
    And what they hide in their hearts is even worse.
    Lo! We have made manifest for you the Signs
    So that you may reason.
  119. Take heed! You are the ones who love them
    But they love you not
    (Even though) you believe in all the Books.
    When they meet you they say: We believe!
    But when they are alone
    They bite their fingers in their rage
    (they cannot control their anger).
    Say: “You perish with your anger!”
    Lo! Allah knows the very essence of hearts!
  120. When something good happens to you, it irks them;
    When you encounter a difficulty, it makes them happy.
    If you are patient and are Allah-conscious,
    Their scheming will do you no harm.
    Indeed, Allah encapsulates (surrounds all around)
    What they do.
  121. And (remember) when you left your home
    In the early hours of the morning
    To establish defensive positions for the believers.
    Lo! Allah is the Hearer, the Knower!
  122. When two groups among you
    Were about to get disheartened,
    Allah reinforced them.
    So, let those who have certainty of faith
    Place their trust in Allah.
  123. And lo! Help came to you at Badr
    When you were only a few.
    Therefore, be Allah-conscious so that you are thankful.
  124. (Recall) when you said to the believers:
    “Is it not sufficient for you
    That your Rabb is helping you
    With three thousand angels arrayed (in rows)?”
  125. No! If you are patient and are Allah-conscious
    And they (the enemy) descend on you suddenly,
    Your Rabb will help you
    With five thousand angels well prepared.
  126. And Allah did not do this
    Except to give you the good news
    And to set your hearts at rest.
    Lo! There is no help except from Allah,
    The Mighty, the Wise.
  127. So that He may cut off a group
    From among the disbelievers,
    Or dishonor them,
    So that they turn around frustrated.
  128. It is not in the least your decision
    Whether they are forgiven
    Or punished because they are transgressors.
  129. And to Allah belongs
    Whatever is in the heavens and on earth.
    He forgives whom He will and punishes whom He will.
    Lo! Allah is the Forgiver, the Merciful!
  130. O you who have certainty of faith!
    Do not consume usury
    Doubling and redoubling (the principal).
    And be Allah-conscious
    So that you may attain felicity.
  131. And be aware of the Fire
    That is prepared for those who reject the Truth.
  132. And obey Allah and the Messenger
    So that you may receive Divine Grace.
  133. And hasten towards forgiveness from your Rabb
    And towards the Garden
    Whose extent is the heavens and the earth
    And is prepared for those who are Allah-conscious.
  134. Those who set aside in charity
    Whether they have plenty or face scarcity,
    Who control their anger and forgive their fellow human beings –
    Lo! Allah loves those who do beautiful deeds.
  135. Those who, when they have done a vulgar act,
    Or have wronged their own souls
    Call on Allah and ask for His forgiveness for their wrongs-
    And who can forgive sins except Allah?
    And those who do not insist on (repeating)
    What they have done (wrong) knowingly.
  136. It is they upon whom is recompense
    And forgiveness from their Rabb
    And Gardens beneath which flow streams (of Divine grace),
    Therein they shall dwell forever.
    What a beautiful recompense
    For those who perform (good deeds)!
  137. Behold! many were the (historical) events
    That have transpired before you.
    So, travel through the earth
    And observe what was the fate of those
    Who gave the lie (to the Truth).
  138. This is a discourse for humankind
    And guidance and exhortation
    For those who have certainty of faith.
  139. So do not let up or be disheartened
    And you will triumph if you have  certainty of faith.
  140. If a hurt has reached you,
    Then a similar hurt
    Has certainly reached the (opposing) group,
    And we rotate these days
    (the days of fortune and adversity)
    Among humankind
    So that Allah sorts out those
    Who have certainty of faith
    And anoint some of them as martyrs.
    Lo! Allah does not love the transgressors!
  141. So that Allah may purify the believers
    And doom the unbelievers.
  142. Do you reckon that you will enter the Garden
    While Allah has not determined who among you struggle
    And who among you endure?
  143. Lo! You wished to meet death before this,
    So now indeed you have seen it and you are seeing it.
  144. And Muhammad is but a Messenger.
    Many are the Messengers
    Who have passed away before him.
    If then he dies or is killed, will you turn on your heels?
    And whoever turns on his heels
    Will not cause the least harm to Allah.
    Indeed, soon will Allah reward those who are grateful.
  145. And no person shall meet his death
    Except by the command of Allah –
    It is decreed and written.
    And whoever desires a reward in this world,
    We shall give him (a portion) of it.
    And whoever desires a reward in the hereafter,
    We shall give him (a portion) of it.
    And soon shall We reward those who are grateful.
  146. And many have been men of Divine faith
    Who have fought alongside the Prophets.
    They did not let up when faced with difficulties
    In the way of Allah,
    They showed no weakness, and they did not give up.
    Lo! Allah loves those who persevere!
  147. And there was no word from them
    Except these words:
    “Our Rabb! Forgive our sins and the excesses in our deeds
    And steady our footsteps
    And help us against a people who reject the Truth.”
  148. So Allah granted them blessings of the world
    And the excellent blessings of the hereafter.
    Lo! Allah loves those who perform excellent deeds
    (Allah loves those who worship and serve
    as if they witness Him).
  149. O you who have certainty of faith!
    If you follow those who reject the Truth,
    They will turn you on your heels.
    Then, you will be among those who are lost.
  150. No! Allah is your Protector
    And He is the best of Helpers.
  151. Soon We will infuse fear
    Into the hearts of the disbelievers
    Because they associate deities with Allah
    Without receiving any authority for it
    (any proof for their position).
    And their abode is the Fire.
    Evil is the destination of the oppressors
    (those who oppress their own souls).
  152. And behold!
    Allah made His promise to you come true
    While you were engaged in fighting them by His command,
    Until you wavered and disagreed among yourselves
    About what needed to be done,
    And you disobeyed after We showed you what you loved.
    Some among you desired this world
    And some desired the hereafter.
    Then, We made you flee from them so as to test you.
    And verily, We forgave you (even so).
    Indeed, Allah is the disposer of Grace
    On those who have certainty of faith.
  153. When you were fleeing, not looking back at anyone,
    And the Messenger called you from behind (to return),
    He gave you grief (as a requital) for (the Messenger’s) grief,
    So that you learn not to feel sorry for what you had lost,
    Or the difficulty you faced.
    Lo! Allah is aware of what you do!
  154. Then, after the sorrow,
    Allah sent down a restful slumber over a party among you
    While another party was concerned for their lives.
    They had unjustifiable doubts about Allah
    Because of their ignorance.
    They said: “Do we have control over any action?”
    Say: “The outcome of all actions is with Allah.”
    They conceal within themselves
    What they do not reveal to you.
    They said: “Indeed, if we had (power) over any action,
    We would not have been slaughtered here.”
    Say: “Even if you were in your homes,
    Those whose destiny it was to get killed
    Would have sallied forth to their (appointed) places of death.
    Lo! Allah tests you for what is in your breasts
    And purifies what is in your hearts.
    Lo! Allah knows the very essence of breasts (hearts)!”
  155. Indeed, those of you who turned on their heels
    When the two armies met face to face,
    Satan misled them
    Because of some of what they had earned.
    And behold! Allah forgave them (even so).
    Indeed, Allah is the Forgiver, the Forbearing.
  156. O you who have certainty of faith!
    Do not be like the disbelievers.
    They say about their brothers
    Who go forth on earth (to make a living)
    Or on defensive expeditions:
    “If they had stayed (home) with us
    They would not have died or been killed.”
    That is how Allah creates a wistful longing in their hearts.
    Indeed, to Allah belong life and death,
    And indeed Allah is the Seer of all that you do.
  157. And if you are killed or die in the way of Allah,
    Of a certainty
    (You have) forgiveness from Allah, and His Grace.
    This is far better than what you could hoard (in this world).
  158. And if you die or are killed,
    Indeed towards Allah will you be gathered together.
  159. For it is a Mercy from Allah
    That you (O Muhammed) have a soft heart for them.
    Indeed, if you were unforgiving and hard hearted
    They would have been scattered around you.
    Therefore, forgive them, pray for their forgiveness,
    And offer them counsel for their actions,
    And when you have made up your mind
    Then trust in Allah.
    Indeed, Allah loves those who have trust in Him.
  160. If Allah helps you, no one can prevail over you,
    And if He abandons you then who can help you after that?
    Therefore, those who have certainty of faith
    Have trust in Allah.
  161. And it is not benefitting a Prophet to conceal anything.
    And whoever conceals something shall bring with him
    What he had concealed
    On the Judgment Day.
    Then shall every soul receive full recompense
    For what it has earned
    And no excess shall be inflicted on it.
  162. Then, is one who has served for the pleasure of Allah
    Like the one who has returned with the displeasure of Allah
    And whose abode is the Fire?
    And what an awful place it is!
  163. There are multiple stations for them
    In the presence of Allah (some closer to Him than others).
    Lo! Allah is the Seer of what they do!
  164. Indeed, it is a favor from Allah
    For those who have the conviction of faith
    That a Messenger has been sent to them
    From among themselves,
    Reciting the Signs for them,
    And purifying them,
    And teaching them the Book and the Wisdom.
    Verily, they were in obvious error aforetime
    (before the coming of the Messenger).
  165. How is it that when a hardship reaches you,
    Although you have inflicted twice as much hardship on them,
    You ask: “Where did this come from?”
    Say: “It came from your own souls.”
    Indeed, Allah is the (Owner of) Power over all things.
  166. And the hardship that you experienced on the day
    When the two armies met
    Was by command of Allah,
    So that He might sort out those
    Who had certainty of faith.
  167. And so that He may sort out those
    Who were hypocrites.
    And when they were told to fight in the way of Allah
    Or defend themselves,
    They said: “If we knew how to fight
    We would certainly have fought alongside you.”
    They were closer that day to denying the Truth
    Than to accepting the Truth.
    They do not say with their mouths
    What was in their hearts.
    Lo! Allah is aware of what they hide!
  168. (As for) those who themselves stayed behind
    But say about their brothers:
    “If they had listened to us,
    they would not have been killed.”
    Say: “Remove (the specter of) death
    From your souls if you are truthful!”
  169. And do not count those
    Who have been killed in the way of Allah
    Among the dead
    But they are alive with their Rabb
    And they receive their sustenance (from His presence).
  170. They are happy with what Allah has granted them
    Through His Grace,
    And they rejoice for those
    who are behind them and have not yet joined them.
    There shall be no fear upon them nor shall they grieve.
  171. And they are rejoicing with the bounties from Allah
    And His munificence,
    And (the knowledge) that Allah does not overlook
    The reward for those who have certainty of faith.
  172. For those who accepted Allah and the Messenger
    After they received a wound,
    (And) those who performed good deeds
    And were Allah-conscious,
    (There is a) great reward.
  173. (As for) those to whom (some) people said:
    “Indeed, a horde has gathered (men and material)
    Against you, so be fearful of them”,
    It reinforced their faith and they said:
    “Sufficient is Allah (as our Trustee)
    And how sublime is our Trustee!”
  174. Then they returned with bounties from Allah
    And His munificence;
    No harm did they receive
    And they followed the pleasure of Allah.
    Lo! Allah is the Owner of Bounties supreme!
  175. It is nothing but Satan scaring you
    Along with his friends;
    So, do not fear them but fear Me
    If you have certainty of faith.
  176. Let not those who hasten towards unbelief
    Cause you grief.
    Certainly, they cannot harm Allah.
    It is the will of Allah
    Not to give them any share in the hereafter
    And upon them is a great punishment.
  177. Those who have traded unbelief for belief
    Cannot harm Allah
    And upon them is a painful punishment.
  178. Let not the disbelievers reckon
    That the respite We give them is good for them.
    Indeed, the respite is so that they increase their sins
    And upon them (is) a disgraceful punishment.
  179. Allah is not (disposed) to leave the believers
    In their present state
    Until He sorts out the impure from the pure.
    And Allah is not (disposed) to give you knowledge
    That is beyond perception.
    But Allah selects whom He will from among His Messengers.
    Therefore, have certainty of faith
    In Allah and His Messenger.
    And if you believe and are Allah-conscious,
    Then you will have a great reward.
  180. Let not those who are tight fisted calculate
    That it is good for them to be stingy
    With what has come down to them by the grace of Allah.
    On the contrary, it is harmful to them.
    What they are stingy about (and hoard)
    Will become shackles around their necks
    On the Judgment Day.
    To Allah belongs the inheritance of the heavens and the earth.
    Lo! Allah is aware of what you do!
  181. Behold! Allah has heard the words of those who say:
    “Surely, Allah is needy and we are wealthy.”
    Yes indeed! We will record what they say,
    And how they killed the Prophets in violation of justice,
    And We will say to them:
    “Taste ye the burning punishment!”
  182. That is what you sent ahead of you
    With your own hands,
    And Allah is not in the least oppressive to His servants.
  183. Those who say:
    “Verily, Allah has made a covenant with us
    That we should not believe in any Messenger
    Until he brings to us a sacrifice that is devoured by fire.”
    Say: “When came to you Messengers before me
    Wth clear Signs
    And with what you are asking for,
    Why did you kill them, if you are truthful?
  184. Then if they reject you,
    Know that they did indeed reject
    The Messengers before you
    Who came with clear Signs
    And Ancient Scriptures and the Book reflecting Light.
  185. Every Self shall have a taste of death
    And it is not until the Judgment Day
    That you shall reap the full recompense (for your deeds).
    Then, whoever is removed far from the Fire
    And enters the Garden has indeed triumphed.
    Lo! The life of this world
    Is nothing but a means for egotism!
  186. You shall be tried with your wealth and your souls
    And you shall hear plenty of hurtful (comments)
    From those who received the Book before you
    And from those who associate gods with God.
    And if you are patient and remain Allah-conscious,
    Then those are indeed resolute acts.
  187. And (recall) when We took a covenant
    From those who received the Book
    (With a command to) recite it for humankind
    And not conceal it.
    But they threw it behind their backs
    And traded it for a small price.
    How appalling was their trade!
  188. Do not reckon that those who take pleasure
    In what they have connived
    And love to be praised for what they have not done
    Can be considered exempt from punishment.
    Indeed, theirs is a painful punishment.
  189. To Allah belongs
    The sovereignty of the heavens and the earth.
    Lo! Allah is the (Owner of) Power over all things!
  190. Behold! In the creation of the heavens and the earth,
    And the contrast between night and day
    Are Signs for those endowed with intellect.
  191. Those who remember Allah,
    Standing and sitting and lying down,
    And ponder over the creation of the heavens
    And the earth (saying):
    “O our Rabb! You have not created this in vain!
    Glorified are You! Save us then from the Fire!”
  192. “O our Rabb! Verily, you have disgraced
    Whoever you have hurled into the Fire.
    Indeed, the transgressors have no helpers.”
  193. “O our Rabb! We have indeed heard
    The voice of one inviting us towards faith:
    “Believe in your Rabb!”
    And so we have believed.
    Our Rabb!
    Forgive us for our sins and cover up our shortcomings
    And make us die with the righteous ones.”
  194. “O our Rabb! Grant us what You have promised us
    Through your Messengers
    And make us not be ashamed on the Judgment Day.
    Indeed, You do not compromise on Your promise.”
  195. So, their Rabb accepted their supplications
    (And responded):
    “Behold! I do not overlook the deeds of anyone
    Whether it is a man or a woman;
    (You are) one of the other.
    So, for those who migrated
    And were expelled from their homes
    And who were tortured in My way
    And fought and were killed,
    I will certainty remove from them
    (The blight of) their errors
    And admit them to the Gardens
    Beneath which flow streams (of Divine grace).
    This is the reward from Allah.
    Lo! with Him are the most beautiful rewards!
  196. Let not the ways of the disbelievers on earth
    Deceive you.
  197. (They are) of benefit (only) for a limited period.
    Then their abode is Hell.
    What an awful destination it is!
  198. On the other hand,
    For those who are aware of their Rabb,
    There are Gardens
    Beneath which flow streams (of Divine grace),
    A reception from Allah.
    And that which is from Allah is best for the righteous.
  199. And certainly, among the people of the Book
    There are those who have certainty of faith in Allah
    And what has been revealed to you
    And what was revealed to them,
    Who fear Allah
    And do not sell the Signs of Allah for a paltry sum –
    It is they who have their recompense from their Rabb.
    Indeed, Allah is swift in His reckoning.
  200. O you who have certainty of faith!
    Be patient, and enjoin steadfastness,
    And reinforce each other (with patience and steadfastness),
    And be conscious of Allah so that you attain felicity.