Surah 30. Surah al Rum

Surah 30. Surah al Rum (Rome)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. Alif Lam Meem
  2. The Romans have suffered a defeat,
  3. In a land nearby.
    Yet, after their defeat, they shall be victorious,
  4. After a few years.
    To no one but Allah belongs the command before and after—
    And that Day those who have certainty of faith
    Shall rejoice,
  5. In the help from Allah.
    He helps whom He will,
    And He is the Mighty, the Merciful.
  6. The promise of Allah—
    And Allah does not contravene His promise,
    But most among humankind do not know it.
  7. They recognize what is apparent in the life of this world,
    But they are oblivious of the hereafter.
  8. Do they not ponder in their souls—
    What Allah has created in the heavens and the earth
    And what is in between,
    Except in truth (balance and justice),
    And established a fixed time (for them)—
    And indeed, most among humankind
    Are in denial about their meeting with their Rabb.
  9. Do they not travel through the earth
    And witness what was the end of those before them?
    They were greater than them in strength,
    And they cultivated the land,
    And settled it much more than they (the pagans) have settled;
    And their Messengers came to them with clear Signs—
    Then, it was not Allah who wronged them,
    But it was they who were oppressive to their own Selves.
  10. Thus was the end of those
    Who did wrong and were evil
    In as much as they denied the Signs of Allah
    And they used to ridicule them.
  11. Allah is He who originates creation,
    Then, He will raise it up again,
    Then, to Him will you return.
  12. And the Day when the Moment (of Judgment) is set up,
    The guilty shall be in despair.
  13. And there shall be no intercessor
    From those they associated (with Allah),
    And they will deny those they associated (with Allah).
  14. And the Day the Moment (of Judgment) is set up,
    That Day shall they be scattered.
  15. Then, they who have certainty of faith,
    And engage in righteous deeds—
    They shall be welcomed in the Garden.
  16. And, such as those who denied,
    And gave the lie to Our Signs and the meeting in the hereafter—
    Then, such as those shall be presented for punishment.
  17. Therefore, glorify Allah,
    As the passage of time brings you the evening,
    And as the passage of time brings you the dawn.
  18. And His is the praise in the heavens and the earth,
    And in the afternoon,
    And as time passes the noon.
  19. He brings forth the living from the dead,
    And brings forth the dead from the living,
    And gives life to the earth after it is dead—
    Lo! That is how you shall be brought forth!
  20. And among His Signs—
    That He created you from the earth,
    Then you become human beings scattered far and wide.
  21. And among His Signs—
    That he created for you spouses from your own kind,
    So that you find tranquility with them,
    And fostered between you love and mercy—
    Verily, therein are Signs for a people who ponder.
  22. And among His Signs—
    In the creation of the heavens and the earth,
    And the differences in language and color—
    Indeed, in that are Signs for those who are perceptive.
  23. And among His Signs—
    Your sleep by night,
    And your reach for His bounties by day—
    Indeed, in that are Signs for a people who hear.
  24. And among His Signs—
    He shows you lightning,
    (In it there is) hope and fear,
    And He brings down rain from the heavens,
    Then He bestows life to the earth after it is dead—
    Indeed, in that are Signs for a people who reason.
  25. And among His Signs is that
    The heavens and the earth are established by His command.
    Then, as He calls you by His call,
    You shall emerge from the earth forthwith.
  26. And His is whatever is in the heavens and the earth,
    And all are obedient to Him.
  27. And He it is who originates creation,
    Then repeats it—
    Lo! That is easy for Him—
    And to Him belong the supreme attributes in the heavens and the earth,
    And He is the Mighty, the Wise.
  28. He has brought forth a parable for you from among yourselves:
    Are those whom your right hands possess
    Your partners in what We have bestowed on you,
    So that you are equal therein?
    Do you fear them as you fear your own?
    That is how We expound in detail Our Signs,
    For a people who reason.
  29. But those who transgress
    (follow) their desires without knowledge.
    Then, who will guide those whom Allah has led astray?
    And for them there is none to help.
  30. So, stay firm in your direction
    Towards the deen (faith, way to live) of the people of insight,
    (Stay firm with)  the pristine nature,
    Which is the nature bestowed by Allah upon humankind—
    There is no amendment to what Allah has created,
    That is the decree firm!
    But most among humankind do not comprehend it.
  31. (The people of insight are those who)
    Turn to Him,
    And are aware of Him,
    And establish prayer.
    And are not among those who associate (partners with Allah)—
  32. Such as those who have divided up their religion,
    And have become fragmented,
    Each group happy with what it has.
  33. And when a difficulty reaches humankind,
    They call on their Rabb, turning to Him.
    When He gives them a taste of His mercy,
    Lo! A group among them associates (partners) with their Rabb,
  34. And they deny what We bestowed on them.
    So, you take advantage (of Our gifts),
    Then, soon shall you know (the doom)!
  35. Have We revealed to them any evidence,
    Which speaks to them (validates for them)
    What they associate (with Him)?
  36. Lo! When We give humankind a taste of Our Mercy,
    They rejoice in it;
    And when a misfortune reaches them
    Because of what their own hands have sent before them,
    They despair.
  37. Do they not see that
    Allah does indeed enlarge the provision for whomever He wills,
    And constricts (the provision for whomever He wills)?
    Indeed, in that are Signs for a people
    Who have certainty of faith.
  38. So, give your kin their due,
    And the mendicant,
    And the wayfarer—
    That is better for those who seek the countenance of Allah,
    And they are the ones who shall attain felicity.
  39. And what you give (as loans) by way of (earning) Riba (interest)
    On the wealth of people,
    Gains no increase in the sight of Allah;
    But what you give by way of charity in the way of Allah,
    Then such are the ones who shall increase (their wealth) many fold.
  40. Allah is He who created you,
    Then gave you provisions,
    Then will He give you death,
    Then will He give you life.
    Is there any from those they associate with Allah,
    Who can do any of these?
    Glorified is He, and sublime (is He) over what they associate with Him.
  41. Evident is the mischief on land and at sea
    From what the hands of humankind have wrought,
    So that He may give them a taste of some of their (own) deeds—
    Perchance they may desist.
  42. Say: Travel through the earth,
    And witness what was the fate of those before you—
    Most of them were those who associated partners with Allah.
  43. Therefore, keep your direction firm with the Laws established,
    Before the inevitable Day arrives from Allah.
    That Day shall everyone be segmented.
  44. Those who deny, upon them is the denial,
    And those who engage in righteous deeds,
    Shall verily spread for themselves a place of repose.
  45. So that He may reward from His munificence
    Those who have certainty of faith,
    And engage in righteous deeds;
    Indeed, He does not love those who disbelieve.
  46. And among His Signs is that
    He sends the winds heralding good tidings,
    So that He may let you taste His Mercy,
    And so that the ships move by His command,
    And so that you seek of His munificence,
    And so that you are thankful.
  47. And behold! We sent before your time
    Messengers to their own people;
    So, they came with clear Signs,
    Then We administered Our retribution upon the guilty;
    And it was a right (obligation) upon Us
    To help those who had certainty of faith.
  48. Allah is He who sends the winds,
    So they raise up the clouds,
    Then He spreads them in the sky as He wills,
    Then He splits them into portions,
    Then you see rain emerging from between them,
    Then does He send it to whoever of His servants He wills,
    And they are exhilarated,
  49. Even as they were despondent (about the rain)
    Before We sent it to them.
  50. Therefore, witness the effects of Allah’s Grace—
    How it gives life to the earth after it is dead.
    Indeed, that (is how He will) give life after death,
    And He has power over all things.
  51. And if We send a (dry) wind,
    And they see it (turn the land) yellow,
    Then they will indeed become disbelievers after it.
  52. Therefore, of a certainty, you cannot make the dead hear,
    Nor make the deaf listen to the call (towards faith),
    When they turn their backs (on you).
  53. And you are not a guide to the blind
    From their erroneous ways—
    You cannot but make those listen
    Who have certainty of faith in Our Signs,
    And they have surrendered (their will to Allah).
  54. Allah is He who created you weak,
    Then after weakness He made you strong,
    Then after (making you) strong, made you weak and old—
    He creates as He wills—
    And He is the Knower, the Powerful.
  55. And the Day when the Moment is set up,
    The guilty will swear—
    They did stay (in the world) but a moment—
    That is how they used to lie (taking false oaths).
  56. And those endowed with knowledge and faith will say:
    “Verily, you stayed as decreed by Allah until the Day of Resurrection;
    Lo! This is the Day of Resurrection,
    But you were indeed not–
    You were not aware.”
  57. Then, on that Day,
    No excuse shall benefit the transgressors,
    Nor shall they be allowed to make amends.
  58. And verily, We have brought forth in this Qur’an every kind of parable,
    But if you bring any Sign before them,
    The disbelievers will certainly say:
    “You are but fabricators of falsehood.”
  59. That is how Allah puts a seal
    On the hearts of those who have no knowledge.
  60. So, be patient!
    Indeed, the promise of Allah is true!
    And let not those detract you,
    Who have no certainty of faith.