Surah 32. Surah al Sajda

Surah 32. Surah al Sajda (Prostration)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. Alif-Lam-Meem
  2. The revelation of this Book
    In which there is no ambiguity
    Is from the Rabb (Creator, Sustainer and Cherisher) of all the worlds.
  3. Do they say: “He has made it up?”
    No! This is the Truth from your Rabb,
    So that you warn a people,
    For whom no Warner has appeared before you,
    So that they receive guidance.
  4. Allah is He Who has created the heavens and the earth,
    And what is in between them,
    In six measures of time,
    Then did He establish Himself on the Throne of authority.
    No protector do you have,
    Nor an intercessor,
    But Him.
    Will you not be among those who remember?
  5. He plans (all) the directed energies (actions)
    From the heavens to the earth.
    Then, they ascend to Him in a moment
    The measure whereof is a thousand years of what you calculate.
  6. He is the Knower of what is beyond perception,
    And what is perceived,
    (And He is) the Mighty, the Merciful.
  7. He it is who endowed everything He has created
    With beauty and perfection,
    And originated the creation of man from dust.
  8. Then he made his genre
    From the essence (seed) of a worthless fluid.
  9. Then he shaped him (with proportion),
    And breathed into him of His Spirit,
    And made for him ears and eyes and hearts (feelings and emotions);
    Little thanks do you give (for these gifts)!
  10. And they say: “When we disappear in the earth (after death),
    Will we indeed be (raised up) as a new creation?”
    Nay! They deny the meeting with their Rabb.
  11. Say: “The angel of death shall take your life,
    As has been decreed for you—
    Then shall you return to your Rabb.”
  12. And if you saw the guilty (on the Judgment Day),
    Their heads bowed before their Rabb,
    Pleading: “O our Rabb!
    We have seen and we have heard.
    So, send us back,
    We will perform righteous deeds,
    We are indeed among those with certainty of faith.”
  13. And had We so willed,
    We would provide every soul its guidance,
    But My Word shall come true—
    That I shall fill hell with jinns and men all together.
  14. So, taste what you had forgotten—
    Your meeting this Day (with your Rabb);
    Verily, We (too) forgot you,
    And (as a consequence) taste the endless punishment
    For what you used to do.
  15. Indeed, they do not have certainty of faith
    Except such as those
    Who fall down prostrate
    When Our Signs are recited to them,
    And glorify and praise their Rabb,
    And they are not vainglorious.
  16. They separate their sides (themselves) from their beds;
    They call their Rabb with fear and hope,
    And set aside in charity from what We give them.
  17. And no one knows what is hidden for them (in the hereafter)
    For the delight of their eyes
    As recompense for what they used to do.
  18. Then, is one who believes with certainty
    The equal of one who breaks his covenant (with Allah)?
    Not equal are they!
  19. As for those who have certainty of faith,
    And engage in righteous deeds,
    For them are Gardens to dwell in—
    A treat for what they used to do.
  20. And for those who break their covenant (with Allah),
    For them, their abode is the Fire;
    Whenever they desire to get out of it, they will be thrust back in.
    And it will be said to them: “Taste ye the punishment of Fire
    For that which you used to reject.”
  21. And We shall certainly let them taste a small punishment
    Before (inflicting) a greater punishment—
    Perchance they may return (to the path of Allah).
  22. And who is a greater transgressor than one who excuses himself,
    When the Signs of Allah are recited to him.
    Indeed, We shall exact retribution from the guilty.
  23. And verily, We bestowed the Book to Moses
    So that you are not doubtful about your meeting with Him,
    And We made him a guide for the children of Israel.
  24. And We made from among them leaders
    Who provided guidance by Our Commandments,
    And then persevered,
    And were among those who were certain of Our Signs.
  25. Indeed, your Rabb is He Who will decide between them
    On the Judgment Day,
    In what they disagreed.
  26. Is it not guidance for them,
    That We destroyed many a township (civilization) before them
    In whose (destroyed) habitations they (now) walk around—
    Indeed, in that are Signs—
    Will they not listen?
  27. Do they not see
    That We drive the waters towards a parched earth,
    Then bring forth from it vegetation,
    From which eat their cattle as well as they themselves?
    Will they not see (with their inner eyes)?
  28. And they say: “When is this Opening (of the Judgment Day)
    If you are truthful?”
  29. Say: “On the day of the Unfolding,
    Of no benefit to the disbelievers
    Will be their acceptance of belief,
    And they shall have no respite.”
  30. So, excuse yourself from them and wait,
    Indeed, they (too) are waiting (for the Unfolding).