Surah 33. Surah al Ahzab

Surah 33. Surah al Ahzab

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. O Prophet!
    Be conscious of Allah,
    And do not follow the disbelievers and the hypocrites—
    Indeed, Allah is the Knower, the Wise!
  2. And follow what has been revealed to you from your Rabb;
    Verily, Allah is aware of what you do.
  3. And place your trust in Allah,
    And Allah is sufficient as a witness.
  4. Allah did not place two hearts for any person in the same breast,
    And did not make your wives your mothers—
    Whom you have called your mothers by Zihar—
    And did not make your adopted sons your (real) sons.
    These are but words from your mouths—
    Lo! Allah speaks the Truth,
    And He guides to the right path.
  5. Address them after their fathers (with their surnames),
    That is preferable before Allah—
    And if you do not know their fathers,
    Then they are your brothers and your protected kinsfolk.
    And there is no blame on you
    In what errors you have made (in the past) in this matter,
    Except what you do through the intentions in your hearts;
    And Allah is the Forgiver, the Disposer of Mercy.
  6. The Prophet has greater rights upon the believers than their own selves,
    And his wives (the Prophet’s wives) are their mothers.
    And the kinsfolk,
    Some closer (to you) than others,
    Have greater rights
    Than the believers and the émigrés
    According to the Book of Allah.
    Even so, treat those under your protection with utmost kindness—
    That is what is written in the Book.
  7. And when We took a covenant from the Prophets—
    From you, and from Noah, and Abraham and Moses,
    And Jesus, son of Mary—
    We did take a firm covenant from them,
  8. So that He may question the righteous about their righteousness,
    As for the disbelievers, He has promised a painful doom.
  9. O you who have certainty of faith!
    Recall the favors of Allah upon you—
    When (enemy) hosts marched against you,
    We sent upon them gale winds,
    And armies (of angels) that you did not see—
    And Allah is the Seer of what you do.
  10. When they charged you from above and from below,
    And when the sights went delirious (with shock),
    And the hearts reached up to the throats,
    And you were doubtful, with many doubts about Allah.
  11. It was in that circumstance
    That the believers were tried,
    And they were shaken up with a mighty shaking.
  12. And when the hypocrites and those in whose hearts is a disease said:
    “What Allah and His messenger promised us were but a deception.”
  13. And when a group among them said:
    “O people of Yathrib (Madina)!
    This is not the place for you,
    Therefore, go back (to your homes).”
    And a group among them was asking permission from the Prophet,
    And they were saying: “Indeed, our homes are unprotected”,
    While they were not unprotected,
    They but wished to flee.
  14. And were they (the disbelievers) to enter (the city) from its surroundings,
    And they (the feeble hearted) were asked to split (from the believers),
    They would have obliged promptly and with little hesitation,
  15. And verily, they had earlier promised Allah
    That they would not turn their backs (and run)—
    Lo! The promise given to Allah shall be inquired about (on the Judgment Day).
  16. Say: “Your flight will not benefit you—
    Whether you flee from death or fighting—
    And then you will enjoy (the comforts of this world) but a little while.”
  17. Say: “Who is there that can protect you from Allah,
    If He willed to punish you or (if He) willed (to grant) you mercy?”
    And they will not find any protector or helper besides Allah.
  18. Allah knows well who among you prevent (people from a righteous battle),
    And who (among you) say to their brothers: “Come forward with us!”
    But they (themselves) do not come forward for the righteous battle except a few.
  19. (They are) lukewarm towards (helping) you,
    Then, as fear strikes them,
    You will see them look to you (for help),
    With eyes rolling as if one is in the stupor of death;
    Then, as their fear goes away,
    They disparage you with their sharp tongues,
    Greedy for the booty.
    They did not have faith,
    So Allah made their deeds worthless,
    And that is easy for Allah.
  20. They reckon that the armies (of the disbelievers) have not left,
    And if the armies came back,
    They wish that they were wandering around
    Among the Arabs (Bedouins)
    Asking for news about you.
    And if they were with you,
    They would fight but little.
  21. Behold! In the Messenger of Allah
    Is the most noble example for you—
    For one who looks forward (with hope) to Allah,
    And the Last Day,
    And remembers Allah often.
  22. And when the believers saw the armies (of the disbelievers),
    They said: “This is what Allah and the Messenger promised us,
    And Allah and His messenger are on Truth.
    And no increase was there
    Except in their belief,
    And in their will to surrender (to Allah).
  23. Among those with certainty of faith are men,
    Who made their covenant with Allah come true.
    And among them were some who completed their offering (through martyrdom),
    And there are some who are waiting,
    And they have not changed (their covenant)—
    Not changed at all—
  24. So that Allah may reward the righteous for their righteousness,
    And chastise the hypocrites if He is so disposed,  or forgive them.
    Indeed, Allah is the Forgiver, the Owner of Mercy.
  25. And Allah sent back the disbelievers with their frustrations.
    They found no benefit (in their misadventures);
    And sufficient was Allah in the fight.
    Lo! Allah is the Strong, the Mighty!
  26. And He brought down from their forts the people of the Book
    Who had aided them (aided the disbelievers);
    And put fear into their hearts—
    Groups of them you slay,
    And groups of them you captured;
  27. And made you inheritors of their lands,
    And their homes,
    And their wealth,
    And the lands you had not (yet) set foot on.
    Lo! Allah is Powerful—
    (Able to exercise His power) over all affairs.
  28. O Prophet!
    Say to your wives:
    “If you desire the life of this world and its adornments,
    Then come, let me provide for you,
    And give you a becoming send off.
  29. But if you desire Allah and his Messenger,
    And the home of the hereafter,
    Then indeed, Allah has prepared a great reward,
    For those among you who are most excellent in deeds.”
  30. O wives of the Prophet!
    Whoever among you commits an open indecency,
    The punishment for her will be increased two-fold—
    And that is easy for Allah.
  31. And whoever among you is supremely content
    With Allah and His Messenger,
    And performs righteous deeds,
    We shall grant her double the recompense,
    And We have prepared for her a blissful provision.
  32. O wives of the Prophet!
    You are not like any other women.
    If you are conscious of Allah,
    Then, do not speak alluringly,
    So that one in whose heart is a disease may feel desire,
    But speak in a noble manner.
  33. And stay in your homes,
    And do not adorn yourselves like the ignorant ones in earlier times,
    And keep the prayers established,
    And keep giving the poor-due,
    And obey Allah and His Messenger;
    Allah desires not
    But to remove any imperfections from the household (of the Prophet),
    And purify them—
    A purification complete.
  34. And remember what is recited in your homes
    Of the Signs of Allah, and the wisdom.
    Indeed Allah is the Subtle, the Aware.
  35. Indeed, those who surrender (to Allah), men and women,
    And those who believe with certainty, men and women,
    And those who are satisfied (with the presence of Allah), men and women,
    And those who are righteous, men and women,
    And those who are patient (for their meeting with Allah), men and women,
    And those who are humble, men and women,
    And those who give charity, men and women,
    And those who fast, men and women,
    And those who guard their private parts, men and women,
    And those who remember Allah without limits, men and women—
    For them Allah has prepared forgiveness,
    And a reward supreme.
  36. And when Allah and His Messenger have made a decision,
    There is no room for the believers—men and women—
    For any authority in their decisions.
    And whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger,
    Then truly, has gone astray,
    On a path manifestly wrong.
  37. And when you were saying to one
    Upon whom there were favors from Allah,
    And upon whom you had bestowed your favors:
    “Keep your wife and be conscious of Allah!”
    And you were hiding in your soul
    That which Allah was to make manifest,
    And you were fearful of people—
    Lo! Allah has greater rights that you should fear Him!
    Then—When Zayd had completed (his divorce) from her,
    We gave her in marriage to you,
    So that there is no constriction for the believers
    About the wives of their adopted sons,
    After they had completed their due process;
    And the command of Allah shall come to pass.
  38. There is no blame on the Prophet
    In what Allah has made lawful for him.
    (This was) the way of Allah for those (messengers) who have passed on;
    And the command of Allah is ordained as Decree,
  39. (For) those who convey the Message of Allah,
    And fear Him,
    And are not fearful of anyone but Allah;
    And sufficient is Allah as the Reckoner.
  40. Muhammed is not the father of any of your men,
    But is a Messenger of Allah,
    And the last of the Prophets—
    And Allah is the Knower of all things.
  41. O you who believe with certainty!
    Remember Allah—
    Remember Him without limit,
  42. And glorify Him
    Morning and Evening.
  43. He it is Who sends (His Mercy) upon you,
    And upon the angels,
    So that He can take you from layers of darkness into light.
    And He is the Owner of Mercy
    For those who have certainty of faith.
  44. Their greeting on the Day when they meet Him shall be “Peace!”,
    And prepared for them is a recompense bountiful.
  45. O Prophet!
    We have indeed sent you
    As a witness,
    And a herald of good tidings,
    And a Warner.
  46. And as one who summons towards Allah by His leave,
    And as a lamp, reflecting light.
  47. And glad tidings for those who have certainty of faith,
    Of a great bounty from Allah.
  48. And do not follow the disbelievers,
    And the hypocrites,
    And disregard their abuse,
    And trust in Allah,
    And sufficient is Allah as a Trustee.
  49. O you who have certainty of faith!
    When you wed believing women,
    And divorce them before consummating your marriage,
    It is not (obligatory) for you to make them complete their period of Iddat.
    Then, provide for them,
    And send them with a respectful send off.
  50. O Prophet!
    We have indeed permitted for you in marriage,
    Those to whom you have given their marriage gifts,
    And whom your right hand possesses
    From among those Allah has placed under your protection (after a war),
    And the daughters of your paternal uncles,
    And the daughters of your paternal aunts,
    And the daughters of your maternal uncles,
    And the daughters of your maternal aunts,
    Those who migrated with you,
    And a believing woman—
    If she dedicates herself to the Prophet,
    (and) if the Prophet desires to marry her—
    This is specific for you and not for the believers.
    Truly, We know what We have prescribed for them
    With respect to their wives and whom their right hands possess,
    So that there is no constriction on them (with respect to marriage);
    Lo! Allah is the Forgiver, the Owner of Mercy.
  51. You distance yourself from any of them as you will,
    And be close (to any of them) as you will;
    And if you reach for any of them whom you had distanced,
    Then there is no blame on you.
    That is better so that their eyes are comforted (by your presence),
    And they are not saddened (by your distance),
    And that they are satisfied
    With what you have imparted to each of them(from the Prophetic Light).
    Indeed, Allah knows what is in your hearts,
    And Allah is the Knower, the Forbearer!
  52. No more women are permitted (in marriage) for you after this,
    Neither can you change them for other wives,
    Even if their beauty allures you—
    Except what your right hand possesses.
    Lo! Allah is the Overseer over all things.
  53. O you who believe!
    Do not enter the home of the Prophet,
    Except when permission is granted you for a meal—
    Do not be waiting for its preparation—
    But when you are invited,
    Then come in,
    And when you have eaten, then disperse,
    And do not tarry forth for conversation.
    Indeed, that (action) of yours,
    May cause discomfiture to the Prophet,
    And he is shy of you (to ask you to leave).
    Lo! Allah does not shy away from the Truth.
    And when you ask from them (the Prophet’s wives) anything,
    Then ask of them from behind a curtain.
    That (action) of yours is (a means of) purity
    For your hearts and for their hearts.
    And it is not befitting that you cause
    Discomfiture to the Messenger of Allah.
    And do not ever marry his wives after him—
    Indeed, that (action) of yours would be a weighty matter before Allah.
  54. Whether you reveal anything, or hide it,
    Indeed, Allah is the Knower of all things.
  55. No blame on them,
    (If they appear with) their fathers,
    And not (no blame) with their sons,
    And not (no blame) with their brothers,
    And not (no blame) with the sons of their brothers,
    And not (no blame) with the sons of their sisters,
    And not (no blame) with their women (of their household),
    And not (no blame) with the (women) their right hand possesses,
    And be conscious of Allah—
    Indeed, Allah is Witness over all things.
  56. Verily, Allah and the Angels send their blessings on the Prophet,
    O you who have certainty of faith!
    Send your blessings upon him and greetings of peace—
    With the deepest humility.
  57. Indeed, upon those who aggrieve Allah and His Messenger,
    There is a curse in this world and in the hereafter,
    And prepared for them is a dishonorable punishment.
  58. Those who aggrieve the believing men and women
    Without their deserving it,
    Then truly, they have burdened themselves with a slander (tort) and a manifest sin.
  59. O Prophet!
    Say to your wives, and daughters, and believing women,
    To cover themselves with an outer robe (when in public);
    That is better so that when they are recognized they will not be teased;
    And Allah is the Forgiver, the Owner of Mercy.
  60. And if the hypocrites and those in whose hearts is a disease,
    And those who spread treason in the town (land) do not desist,
    We shall indeed put you in their pursuit,
    Then, they will stay as your neighbors in it (the town) but a brief while.
  61. Accursed (without Divine Grace),
    Wherever they are found,
    They will be captured,
    And slain without compunction.
  62. (Such was) the way of Allah
    With those (Messengers) who went aforetime,
    And you will not find any alteration in the way of Allah.
  63. People ask you about the Moment (of Judgment).
    Say: “The knowledge of it is but with Allah,
    And what do you know?
    Perhaps the Moment is close.”
  64. Indeed Allah has denounced the disbelievers,
    And has prepared for them a raging Fire.
  65. They shall dwell therein forever—
    They shall not find any protector,
    And no helper.
  66. The Day when their existence is wrapped around in the Fire,
    They will say: “Woe unto us!
    If only we had obeyed Allah and obeyed the Messenger”
  67. And they will say: “O our Rabb!
    Indeed, we followed our chieftains and our elders,
    And they led us astray from the right path.”
  68. “O our Rabb!
    Give them double the punishment,
    And denounce them with a most severe denunciation.”
  69. O you who have certainty of faith!
    Do not be like those who harassed Moses,
    Then, Allah proved him innocent of what they alleged—
    And he was honorable in the sight of Allah.
  70. O you who have certainty of faith!
    Be conscious of Allah,
    And speak words that are true.
  71. He will decorate you with your deeds,
    And will forgive your sins.
    And whoever obeys Allah and his Messenger,
    He truly has achieved success—
    A magnificent success!
  72. Indeed, We offered the trust
    To the heavens and the earth and the mountains,
    But they declined to carry it,
    And they were afraid of it.
    But the human (humankind) picked it up—
    Indeed he was unjust and ignorant.
  73. As a result,
    Allah punishes the hypocrites, men and women,
    And those who associate partners (with Allah), men and women;
    And Allah forgives those who have certainty of faith, men and women;
    Lo! Allah is the Forgiver, the Owner of Mercy.