Surah 35. Surah Fatir

Surah 35. Surah Fatir (The Primal Creator)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. All praise be to Allah
    Who is the primal Creator of the heavens and the earth;
    Who created the Angels as messengers,
    With wings two, three and four (with multiple abilities to move).
    He expands the creation as He wills—
    Lo! Allah is the Lord of Power over all things.
  2. What Allah opens for humankind from His Grace,
    Thereafter, none can close;
    And what He closes,
    Thereafter, none can release.
    Lo! He is the Mighty, the Wise.
  3. O humankind! Remember the favors of Allah upon you!
    Who besides Allah is the Creator of sustenance for you
    From the heavens and the earth?
    There is no deity but He;
    Then, why do you wander away?
  4. And if they deny you,
    Then (know that) the Messengers before you were denied.
    Lo! To Allah is the return of all actions!
  5. O humankind!
    The promise of Allah is True (and Just).
    Therefore, let not the life of this world deceive you,
    And let not the deceiver (Satan) deceive you from Allah.
  6. Indeed, Satan is an enemy to you,
    So consider him an enemy.
    Indeed, he invites not his cohorts
    But to become companions of the blazing Fire.
  7. Those who deny the Truth,
    For them there is a painful doom.
    And for those who have certainty of faith,
    And engage in righteous action,
    For them there is forgiveness,
    And a great reward.
  8. Then, is one for whom his evil deeds are a matter of pride,
    So that he looks upon them as good (the equal of one who is good)?
    And indeed Allah leads astray whom He will and guides whom He will.
    So, let not your soul be convulsed with wistfulness for them (for their spiritual healing).
    Indeed, Allah is the Knower of what they fabricate.
  9. And Allah is He,
    Who sends the winds,
    And they raise up the clouds;
    Then We guide them towards a barren land,
    And We bring the earth to life after it is dead;
    That is how resurrection is!
  10. (As for one ) who seeks honor,
    Then (be aware that) all honor is due only to Allah.
    To Him ascends the good word,
    And the righteous action He raises on high.
    And those who plot evil deeds—
    For them there is an intense punishment;
    And their plots—they shall be a waste.
  11. And Allah has created you from clay,
    Then from a sperm (semen).
    Then made you in pairs (male and female)—
    And no female becomes pregnant,
    Nor does she give birth,
    Except with His knowledge,
    And no aged person adds years to his life,
    Nor does he lose any years,
    Except as has been decreed;
    Indeed, that is easy for Allah.
  12. And the two oceans are not the same—
    This one is sweet, thirst quenching, easy to drink,
    And this one salty, bitter;
    And from both you eat fresh meat,
    And you extract ornaments that you wear;
    And you see ships thereon wedge open the waters,
    So that you search for His bounties,
    And so that you are thankful.
  13. He merges the night into the day,
    And He merges the day into the night,
    And He has made subject the sun and the moon,
    Each one moves in its orbit for a period determined;
    That is Allah, your Rabb—
    His is the sovereignty;
    And those who you invoke besides Him—
    They have no authority over (as much as) the husk of a date stone.
  14. If you invite them, they will not hear your call,
    And if they do hear you, they will not oblige you.
    And on the Judgment Day, they will deny your associating them with Allah;
    And none can inform you like the One Who has all knowledge.
  15. O humankind! You are in utter poverty before Allah,
    And Allah is self sufficient, the One Who is worthy of all praise.
  16. If He so wills it, He would take you away,
    And bring you back as a new creation.
  17. And that is not difficult for Allah.
  18. And no bearer shall bear the burden of another (on the Judgment Day).
    And if one who is overburdened were to ask another to carry his burden,
    He will not carry any of it even if he is a close relative.
    Verily, you warn but those who fear their Rabb in secret,
    And establish prayer.
    And whoever is purified is indeed purified for his own soul;
    And to Allah is your return.
  19. And not equal are the blind and the seeing;
  20. And not (equal are) the depths of darkness and the Light;
  21. And not (equal are) the shade and the hot air (in the blistering sun);
  22. And not equal are the living and the dead;
    Indeed Allah makes one hear as He will;
    And you cannot make those hear who are in their graves—
  23. You are not but a Warner.
  24. Indeed, We have sent you with the Truth,
    As a bearer of glad tidings and as a Warner.
    And there is not a community
    Except that a Warner has passed away in it.
  25. And if they deny you,
    Then, of a certainty, they deny (the Messengers) who came before their time.
    There came for them Messengers with manifest Signs,
    And Scriptures and Books radiating Light.
  26. Thereafter, We seized those who disbelieved—
    And how was My chastisement?
  27. Do you not see that Allah does indeed
    Send down the rain from the sky?
    Then We bring forth from it fruits of different colors.
    And in the mountains there are striations white and red
    And of different hues,
    And of deep, dark colors.
  28. And similarly, among humankind and creatures that move, and the cattle,
    (you see) different colors.
    Indeed, the knowledgeable among His servants,
    Do not but fear Him.
    Indeed, Allah is the Mighty, the Forgiving.
  29. Indeed, those who recite the Book of Allah,
    And establish prayer,
    And give in charity from what We bestow on them—
    In secret and in the open—
    Are hopeful of a trade which will never fail.
  30. So that He may complete their rewards,
    And increase them from His munificence—
    Indeed, He is the Forgiver, the Most Responsive to gratitude.
  31. And what has been revealed to you of the Book—
    That is the Truth, confirming what is before them.
    Indeed, Allah is for His servants the Aware, the Seer.
  32. Then, We made those of Our servants We chose,
    Inherit the Book.
    Then, from among them are some who are transgressors,
    And among them are some who are moderate (unexceptional),
    And among them are some
    Who are foremost in good deeds, by the command of Allah.
    That is—(what is indeed)  a blessing supreme!
  33. Eternal gardens—
    They will enter therein—
    They will be adorned with bracelets of gold and pearls,
    And their dress will be of silk.
  34. And they will say:
    “All praise be to Allah,
    Who has removed from us our sorrows;
    Verily, our Rabb is indeed the Forgiver, the Most Responsive to gratitude–
  35. The One who brought us to an eternal abode by His grace—
    No struggle shall touch us therein,
    And no tiredness shall touch us therein.”
  36. Those who deny the Truth,
    For them, there is the Fire of Hell;
    There shall be no parting of the soul from them
    So that they die,
    And there shall be no reduction in punishment upon them.
    That is how We recompense all the ingrates.
  37. And they shall cry out therein:
    “O our Rabb! Take us out of here,
    We shall perform righteous deeds,
    Not the ones that we used to do.”
    (It will be said to them) “Did We not
    Give you a long life,
    That whoever would be admonished
    Was admonished therein?
    And there came to you a Warner;
    So, taste (the punishment)—
    For the transgressors, there is no helper.”
  38. Indeed, Allah knows what is beyond perception in the heavens and the earth,
    Verily, He knows the very essence of hearts!
  39. He it is who made you inheritors of the earth,
    Then whoever denies (the Truth), his denial is upon himself.
    The denial of the disbelievers
    Does not but increase the displeasure of their Rabb,
    And the denial of the disbelievers does not but increase their loss.
  40. Say: “Have you seen your partners whom you call besides Allah?
    Show me what they have created on earth,
    Or, do they have a share in the heavens?
    Or, have We given them a Book whose evidence they use?”
    Nay! The transgressors offer one another nothing but deception.
  41. Indeed, Allah has organized the heavens and the earth
    So that they do not disintegrate,
    And if they were to disintegrate,
    There is none who can control them thereafter.
    Indeed, He is the Forbearing, the Forgiver.
  42. They swear by their most solemn oaths
    That if there came to them a Warner,
    They would be the most guided of any  community.
    And when there came to them a Warner,
    There was not an increase in them except aversion;
  43. Arrogant in the land, and scheming evil plots,
    But the impact of their evil plots does not fall but on their cohorts.
    Then, are they waiting but for the way (people were punished) in earlier times?
    Then (know that) you will never find a change
    In the way of Allah,
    And you will never find a modification
    In the way of Allah.
  44. Do they not travel through the earth and observe
    What was the end of those before them?
    And they were superior to them in power,
    And Allah is not to be frustrated by anything
    In the heavens, and not on earth;
    Indeed, He is the Knower, the Powerful!
  45. And if Allah were to seize humankind for what they do,
    He would not leave any being that walks on its (the earth’s) back.
    But He postpones it for a term fixed.
    And when their term comes to pass,
    Then, indeed Allah is the Seer of His servants.