Surah 36. Surah Ya Sin

Surah 36. Surah Ya Sin

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. Ya Sin
  2. (An adjuration from the Almighty)
    By the Qur’an, full of wisdom!
  3. You are indeed among the Messengers,
  4. On a straight path.
  5. Revealed by the Mighty, the Merciful,
  6. So that you may warn a people whose forefathers were not warned,
    And they are heedless.
  7. Behold! The Word has been proven true
    On countless many of them,
    And (yet) they do not believe!
  8. Indeed, We have placed yokes on their necks,
    And they are (shackled) up to their chins,
    So they walk around with heads pushed up.
  9. And We have erected in front of them a wall,
    And behind them a wall,
    And We have placed a curtain (a membrane) over them,
    So they cannot see (have no inner vision).
  10. And it is the same to them,
    Whether you warn them,
    Or you do not warn them,
    They will not have certainty of faith.
  11. Indeed, you can only warn such as them,
    Who heed the Reminder,
    And are in awe of the Compassionate (Who is) beyond perception.
    Then, for such as them, give glad tidings of (Divine) forgiveness,
    And a blissful reward.
  12. And We give life to the dead,
    And We record what they send forth before them,
    As well as their traces (that they leave behind in this world) –
    And We have preserved all that happens,
    In a manifest Book.
  13. Bring forth for them the parable
    Of the townsfolk (from an earlier civilization) –
    When the Messengers came to them.
  14. When We sent to them two (Messengers),
    And they rejected them.
    So We reinforced them with a third,
    And they said:
    “Verily, we are Messengers sent for you!”
  15. They (the townsfolk) said:
    “You are not but human like us,
    And the Compassionate has not revealed anything —
    You are not but liars.”
  16. They (the Messengers) said:
    “Our Rabb does indeed know
    That we are indeed Messengers for you.”
  17. “And upon us (is no more of a responsibility)
    Than to convey to you (the Message) clearly.”
  18. They (the townsfolk) said:
    “We do indeed find you to be a bad omen.
    If you do not desist, we will stone you,
    And subject you to a painful torture.”
  19. They (the Messengers) said:
    “Your bad omen is with you –
    Have you not been warned?
    Nay! You are a people who have exceeded the bounds!”
  20. And there came a man
    Hurrying from the farthest part of the town
    (Who was not a part of the mainstream),
    He said: “O my people! Follow the Messengers –
  21. Follow them, who ask no compensation from you,
    Lo! They are rightly guided!
  22. And what (excuse) do I have
    That I should not worship Him
    Who created me in the first place (who created my primal essence),
    And to Him is your return.
  23. Shall I take deities besides Him?
    If the Compassionate wills any hardship for me,
    Not the least benefit to me will be their intercession,
    And they cannot help me avoid it.
  24. In that case, I shall indeed be in manifest error.
  25. Verily, I believe in your Rabb,
    So, listen to me.”
  26. It was said to him:
    “Enter paradise.” (He was martyred)
    He said: “Woe to my people –
    If only they knew
  27. That my Rabb has forgiven me,
    And has admitted me (to the company of) those who are honored.”
  28. And, after this, We did not send down
    An army on his people from the heavens,
    Nor were We disposed to send down (such an army).
  29. It was not but a single mighty blast,
    And they were silenced (as burnt ashes)!
  30. Alas for My servants!
    There does not come any Messenger to them,
    But they ridicule him.
  31. Have they not observed,
    How many settlements (civilizations) We destroyed before them
    So that they cannot return (to their former status).
  32. And every one of them shall not but be presented before Us.
  33. And a Sign for them is the earth that is dead.
    We give it life,
    And We bring forth from it crops of which you eat.
  34. And We make in it gardens of dates and grapes,
    And We cause springs to gush forth from it,
  35. So that they eat the fruits thereof.
    Lo! It is not their hands that produced them!
    Therefore, will they not be thankful?
  36. Glorified is He
    Who made everything in complements (pairs)
    In what grows on earth –
    And among their own selves –
    And of which they have no knowledge.
  37. And a Sign for them is the night,
    We take away from it the (light of the) day,
    And lo! They are in darkness!
  38. And the sun moves in its determined orbit –
    That is the decree of the Mighty, the Knower.
  39. And for the moon We have decreed the phases,
    Until it becomes (shriveled) like an old stalk of a date palm.
  40. The sun dare not defy (what is decreed for) it
    And catch up with the moon,
    Nor for the night to appear before the day –
    Lo! Each one rotates in its own orbit!
  41. And a Sign for them is that We carried their progeny
    In a ship filled,
  42. And We made for them similar (vessels) which they ride.
  43. And had We so willed it,
    We would have drowned them;
    In which case, they would have none to supplicate,
    And none to rescue them,
  44. Except the Mercy from Us,
    And a worldly respite for a time.
  45. And when it is said to them:
    “Beware of what is in between
    What is ahead of you
    And what is behind you –
    (What is happening here and now) –
    Perhaps you will find Mercy.”
  46. And there has not come for them a Sign
    From the Signs of their Rabb,
    Except that they excuse themselves from it.
  47. And when it is said to them:
    “Set aside (in charity) from what Allah has provided you”,
    The disbelievers say to the believers:
    “Should we feed one whom Allah would feed if He was so disposed?”
    You are not but in manifest error.
  48. And they say:
    “When will this promise (come to pass)
    If you are truthful?”
  49. They are not waiting but for a single blast,
    It shall seize them as they are arguing among themselves.
  50. Then they shall not have the ability
    To leave behind their last testament,
    And they shall not be able to return to their families.
  51. And the trumpet shall be blown,
    And behold!
    They shall run towards their Rabb from their graves.
  52. They shall say: “Woe unto us!
    Who raised us up from our graves?”
    This was the promise of the Compassionate,
    And truthful were the Messengers.
  53. There shall not be except a single blast,
    Then behold!
    They shall be presented before Us, all of them!
  54. Then, this Day,
    Not the least excess shall be inflicted on a soul,
    And they shall not be rewarded but for what they did.
  55. Indeed, this Day,
    The people of Paradise,
    Shall rejoice in what they do.
  56. They and their spouses,
    In shade, on thrones raised high, seated in comfort.
  57. For them, therein shall be fruits,
    And for them, whatever they ask for.
  58. “Peace!” shall be the Word from their Rabb, Most Merciful!
  59. And this Day,
    Sorted out are those who are guilty.
  60. (It will be said to them:)
    “Was not a command sent to you,
    O children of Adam!
    That you do not serve Satan?
    Indeed, he is to you an open enemy!”
  61. “And that you worship (and serve) Me!
    This is the straight path.”
  62. And verily, countless are the generations among you
    That (Satan) has led astray,
    Will you not then reason?
  63. (And it will be said to them:)
    “Here is the hell that was promised for you.”
  64. “Enter in it this Day for what you used to deny.”
  65. This Day shall We seal their mouths,
    And their hands shall speak to Us,
    And their feet shall bear witness
    About what they used to do.
  66. And if it was Our will,
    We would certainly take away their sight (their inner vision),
    Then, as they move forward on the path,
    How, indeed, will they see?
  67. And if it was Our will,
    We would affix them in their place (as immobile creation),
    Then, they shall neither move forward,
    Nor walk backward.
  68. As for one to whom We give advanced age,
    We reverse him in creation (make him weak after he was strong),
    Will you then not reason?
  69. And We have not taught him (the Prophet) poetry –
    Lo! That is not worthy of him –
    It is not but a Reminder,
    And a Qur’an illuminated,
  70. So that you warn those who are alive,
    And the Word is proved true (confirmed)
    For the disbelievers.
  71. Do they not see,
    That We created for them domesticated animals
    With Our power,
    So that they may own them?
  72. And We made them obedient,
    So that some of them they ride,
    And of some they eat.
  73. And in them there are benefits for them,
    And drink,
    Will they not be thankful?
  74. Yet (even after all these blessings)
    They take deities besides Allah
    Thinking that they will help them.
  75. No capacity do they have to help them!
    And they shall be presented in arrays (as witness) against them.
  76. Therefore, do not be dismayed by what they say,
    We do indeed know what they hide and what they reveal.
  77. Does not the human see that We did indeed create him
    From (a drop of) seminal fluid?
    And then he hastens to become an open contender!
  78. And he has invented a likeness for Us,
    And has forgotten his creation (his origins);
    (And) he says: “Who will give life to the bones
    When they have dissolved (in the earth)?”
  79. Say: “He will give them life,
    Who conceived of him (created him) in the first place,
    And He is the Knower of all creation.”
  80. “He who derives for you a spark from a green tree (brings forth energy from matter),
    Then with it you make fire!”
  81. Does He not, who created the heavens and the earth,
    Have the power to create the likes of them?
    No! He is the Creator Supreme (Creator of the essence of creation),
    The Ultimate Knower!
  82. Indeed, when He wills something,
    His command is not but:
    “Be!” And it was!
  83. So, glorified is He,
    In Whose hands is the dominion of all beings!
    And to Him shall you return!