Surah 37. Surah al Safaat

Surah 37. Surah al Safaat (Those Arrayed in Ranks)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. By those (the angels) arrayed in ranks;
  2. And those who drive away (evil) with force;
  3. And are engaged in (constantly) reciting the Word,
  4. Indeed, your Creator is One—
  5. The Rabb (Creator, Sustainer and Cherisher) of the heavens and the earth,
    And what is in between them,
    And of the dawns (in different universes).
  6. Indeed, We have adorned the skies of the world
    With the adornment of the stars,
  7. And protected it from every defiant Satan;
    (The world is wrapped in Divine grace and is protected from evil)
  8. (The evil ones) cannot hear the heavenly edicts,
    And are hit from every side,
  9. To chase them away,
    And on them is sustained chastisement (pressure) ;
  10. Except such as one that escaped, breaking a restraint,
    Then, a piercing flame trails it.
  11. So, inquire of them (the disbelievers):
    “Is it more difficult for Us to create them,
    Or, what We have created (in the heavens)?”
    Indeed, We have created them from clay without stiffness.
  12. No! You wonder why they ridicule.
  13. And when they are admonished,
    They are not admonished.
  14. And when they see a Sign,
    They mock it.
  15. And they say:
    “This is not but evident sorcery;
  16. When we are dead,
    And have become dust and bones,
    Will we then, indeed, be raised up?
  17. And our ancient forefathers too?”
  18. Say: “Yes,
    And you shall be humbled.”
  19. Then, it is not but a single summons,
    And (behold) they shall witness it!
  20. And they will say:
    “Woe unto us!
    This is the Day of the Decree.”
  21. This is the Day of Judgment,
    Which you used to deny.
  22. Gather together all those who were oppressors,
    And their companions,
    And those they used to worship
  23. Besides Allah,
    Then show them the way to hell.
  24. And stop them—
    Indeed, they shall be interrogated.
  25. What has happened to you?
    Do you not help each other (this Day)?
  26. No! This Day they shall have surrendered,
  27. And some of them will turn to others, asking,
  28. (And) they will say:
    “You did indeed waylay us from the right (with insistence).”
  29. They (the others) will say: “No! You were not disposed to believe;
  30. And we had no authority over you—
    No! You were a rebellious people.
  31. So, the Word of our Rabb has proved true against us—
    We are assuredly those who will taste (Divine wrath).
  32. And we abducted you (into error);
    Indeed, we ourselves were abducted.”
  33. So, this Day they shall of a certainty be partners
    With those who are punished.
  34. Indeed, that is what We do with the guilty—
  35. They were indeed arrogant
    When they were told:
    “There is no god but Allah.”
  36. (They used to say) “Are we to abandon our gods
    For a poet gone mad?”
  37. No! He came with the Truth,
    And confirmed the (message of the) Messengers.
  38. Indeed, you shall taste a painful punishment,
  39. And you shall not be paid but what you have earned,
  40. Except the sincere servants of Allah,
  41. It is such as them—
    For them there is a provision fixed,
  42. Fruits (with taste heavenly),
    And they shall be honored,
  43. In gardens of bounty,
  44. On thrones (of honor)
    Facing one another.
  45. They shall be served
    From a drink overflowing (with Divine grace),
  46. Of a taste, radiating light,
    For those who drink it.
  47. There shall be no headiness from it,
    Nor shall they be delirious.
  48. And with them shall be
    Angelic beings with serene eyes,
  49. As if they were eggs (light) shrouded (in rapturous darkness).
  50. Then, some of them will turn to others, asking:
  51. “Indeed, I had a close friend.
  52. He used to say: ‘Are you indeed one of the truthful ones
    (who believes in the Judgment Day)?
  53. When we are dead,
    And are dust and bones,
    Will we indeed be held accountable?’”
  54. He (the other one) will say:
    “Will you take a look (and be informed)?”
  55. So, when he looks (and is informed),
    He will see himself deep in Hellfire.
  56. He will say: “By Allah!
    You were close to killing me
    (and sending me to hellfire).
  57. Were it not for the Grace of my Sustainer,
    I would be among those brought up (for punishment).
  58. Is it that we shall not die
  59. Except our first death,
    And we shall not be among those punished?
  60. Indeed, this is what the greatest triumph is!
  61. This is, then, the kind of (triumph)
    That those who strive should strive for.”
  62. Is that a better reception or the Zaqqum tree?
  63. Of a certainty, We have prepared it as a trial for the transgressors.
  64. It is indeed a tree,
    That comes forth from the depths of hell.
  65. Its branch are
    As if they are
    The heads of Satans.
  66. So, they shall indeed eat thereof,
    And gorge their stomachs with it.
  67. Then, indeed, for them there shall be a drink from Hamim (putrid liquid),
  68. Then, of a certainty, their return shall be towards Hellfire.
  69. They did indeed find their forefathers on the wrong path,
  70. So, they followed in their footsteps.
  71. And behold! Many were the generations before them who went astray,
  72. And behold! We did send Warners among them.
  73. So, witness what was the end of those who had been warned!
  74. Except such as those who worshiped (and served) Allah with sincerity.
  75. And behold! Noah called out to Us—
    And We are the best of responders.
  76. And We delivered him and his kin
    From a great calamity;
  77. And We brought forth his progeny from among those who survived.
  78. And We set him aside (left his remembrance) for later generations.
  79. Peace be upon Noah in all the worlds!
  80. Indeed, that is how We reward those who do good
    (who worship and serve Allah as if they witness Him);
  81. They were indeed Our believing servants.
  82. Then, We drowned the remaining.
  83. And indeed, among his followers was Abraham.
  84. When he came to his Rabb with a serene (sound) heart,
  85. When he said to his father, and to his people:
    “What is it that you worship (and serve)?
  86. Do you take false gods besides Allah?
  87. Then, what is your concept about the Rabb of all the worlds?”
  88. Then, he saw a (grand) vista in his dreams,
  89. And he said: “Indeed, I am sick (in my heart).”
  90. So, they turned their backs on him.
  91. Then, he entered into the presence of their gods,
    And he said: “Do you not eat (food)?
  92. What? You do not speak?”
  93. Then he pounced on them with (the strength of) his right hand.
  94. Then, they (the people) came to him, running.
  95. He said: “Do you worship what you craft (with your own hands)?
  96. Indeed, it is Allah who created you and what you make.”
  97. They said: “Build for him a (high) structure and throw him into the fire.”
  98. That is how they plotted their evil intentions against him,
    So, We made them abased (dishonored).
  99. And he said: “I do indeed move forward towards my Rabb,
    Soon will He show me the right path.
  100. (And he prayed)
    O my Rabb! Grant me (a progeny who will be) among the righteous!”
  101. So We gave him the glad tidings of a forebearing son.
  102. Then,
    When he had come of age,
    (And was) able to work with him,
    He (Abraham) said:
    “O my son! I do indeed see in my dream
    That I am sacrificing you.
    So, consider
    What you see (in your inner heart)?”
    He (the son) said:
    “O my father!
    Do what you are commanded.
    You will soon find me, Allah willing,
    Among those who are patient (and accepting of His will).”
  103. Then,
    When they had surrendered (their will to Allah),
    And he had placed him (his son) on his forehead,
  104. And We called him:
    “O Abraham!
  105. You have fulfilled what you saw (in your vision).”
    That is how We do indeed reward those who excel
    (Who worship and serve Allah as if they witness Him).
  106. Indeed, this is from what was
    A manifest trial.
  107. And We granted him a great ransom,
  108. And We set him aside (as an example) for later generations.
  109. Peace be upon Abraham!
  110. That is how We reward those who excel
    (Worship and serve Allah as if they witness Him).
  111. Indeed, they are among my believing servants.
  112. And We revealed to him the good news
    Of Isaac—a Prophet, from the righteous,
  113. And We sent Our blessings upon him and upon Isaac,
    And among his progeny are those who excel in good deeds,
    As also (those who are) manifest oppressors of their own souls.
  114. And behold! We bestowed Our favors upon Moses and Aaron,
  115. And We delivered them and their people from a great calamity,
  116. And We helped them so that they were triumphant,
  117. And We gave them a book, manifest (and clear),
  118. And We guided them to the right path,
  119. And We set them aside (as an example) for later generations—
  120. Peace be upon Moses and Aaron!
  121. Indeed, that is how We reward those who excel
    (Who worship Allah as if they witness Him)
  122. Indeed, they were both Our believing servants.
  123. And indeed, Elijah (Elias) was among the Messengers,
  124. When he said (to his people): “Are you not conscious of Allah?
  125. Do you call on Baal (an idol) and abandon the most magnificent of creators?
  126. Allah is your Rabb,
    And the Rabb of your forefathers who have gone before you.”
  127. But they rejected him.
    So, they shall be brought up (for judgment),
  128. Except the sincere servants of Allah.
  129. And We set him aside (as an example) for later generations—
  130. Peace be upon Elijah!
  131. Indeed, that is how We reward those who excel
    (Those who worship and serve Allah as if they witness Him)
  132. Indeed, they were My believing servants.
  133. And indeed, Lot was among the Messengers.
  134. When We delivered him and his kin, all of them,
  135. Except an old woman, among those who stayed behind.
  136. Then We obliterated the others,
  137. And indeed, you pass by them by the morning and by night.
  138. Will you not then reason?
  139. And indeed, Jonah (Yunus) was among the Messengers—
  140. When he ran to a boat already filled up.
  141. Then they drew lots,
    And he was among those who was pushed overboard,
  142. Then, the (great) fish swallowed him and he was blaming himself.
  143. And if he was not among those who remembered Allah,
  144. He would indeed remain in its belly until the Day of Return.
  145. Then, We threw him out onto an open shore,
    And he was sick.
  146. And We grew over him a vine-like plant,
  147. And We sent him towards a hundred thousand (people) or more,
  148. Then, they believed,
    And We provided for them for a time.
  149. So ask them: “Are the daughters for your Rabb,
    And for them, sons?
  150. Have We created the angels as females and they are a witness (to it)?”
  151. Hearken! It is indeed a slander from them
    When they say:
  152. “Allah has a son”
    Lo! They are indeed lying!
  153. Has He preferred daughters over sons?
  154. What has happened to you?
    How do you come to such a decision?
  155. Will you not take heed?
  156. What irrefutable authority (evidence) do you have?
  157. Then, bring (evidence) from your Book
    If you are truthful.
  158. And they have fabricated relationships between Him and the jinns.
    And truly the jinns have understood that they shall be remanded (for judgment)—
  159. Glory be to Allah!
    High above what they ascribe to Him!
  160. Except the sincere servants of Allah.
  161. Then, assuredly—
    You and those you worship—
  162. You cannot mislead against Him,
  163. Except one who is destined for hell.
  164. (Say the angels) “And there is none among us
    For whom there is not a determined station,
  165. And indeed we are those who are arrayed in ranks,
  166. And indeed we are those who glorify Him.”
  167. And indeed they (the disbelievers) used to say:
  168. “If a reminder was with us from earlier times,
  169. We would indeed be sincere servants of Allah.”
  170. But they rejected it; so they shall soon know.
  171. And behold! Our Word has gone forth aforetime
    For Our servants, the Messengers.
  172. Indeed, they—
    It is they who shall receive (Our) help.
  173. And indeed it is Our hosts—
    It is they who shall triumph.
  174. So, excuse yourself from them for a time,
  175. And observe them.
    Soon they shall witness!
  176. Are they then hastening Our punishment?
  177. So, when it descends in their domain,
    Then woeful shall be the morning of which they have been warned.
  178. So, excuse yourself from them for a time,
  179. And witness—
    And soon they shall see.
  180. Glorified is your Rabb!
    The Rabb Most Honored,
    High above what they ascribe to Him!
  181. And peace be upon the Messengers;
  182. And all praise be to Allah,
    The Creator, Sustainer and Cherisher of all the worlds.