Surah 4. Surah al Nisa’a

Surah 4. Surah al Nisa’a (Women)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. O humankind!
    Be aware of your Rabb!
    Who created you from a single soul,
    And created from it its mate,
    And from the two of them spread out countless men and women.
    Be aware of Him
    In whose Name you ask (your mutual rights and responsibilities)
    And (be aware of) the wombs (reminding you of your common origin).
    Lo! Allah is watchful over you!
  2. And return to the orphans what is due to them,
    And do not exchange what is impure with what is pure
    And do not eat up their wealth along with yours;
    That is indeed a great crime.
  3. And if you fear that you cannot do justice to the orphans,
    Then marry the women who are good for you,
    Two or three or four.
    But if you fear that you cannot do justice with them,
    Then only one or a captive (of war) under your protection.
    This is preferable to doing injustice.
  4. And give the women their marriage gift cheerfully.
    But if they willingly forego some of it for you,
    Then use it as a pleasant, delightful (gift).
  5. And do not give their wealth to the mentally challenged (weak of mind)
    Over whom you have responsibility
    But feed and clothe them from it
    And speak to them the most kind words.
  6. And provide training to the orphans  until they attain marriageable age
    And if you find sound competence in them
    Then return to them their wealth.
    And do not eat it up in extravagance
    And in a hurry (thinking that) they will grow up fast.
    And whoever is well to do, let him stay away from (the wealth of the orphans):
    And whoever is poor, let him use what is most reasonable.
    And take witnesses when you return their wealth to them.
    Indeed, Allah is sufficient to take accounts.
  7. For the men is a share from what the parents and relatives leave behind,
    And for the women is a share from what the parents and the relatives leave behind,
    A small portion or large, according to what is specified.
  8. And if at the time of distribution
    The relatives and the orphans and the needy are present,
    Then give them a portion and speak to them the kindest words.
  9. And let them fear as they would fear
    If they left behind children who are weak (of young age).
    Therefore, be conscious of Allah and speak what is right.
  10. Lo! Those who eat up the wealth of orphans unjustly,
    They stuff not their stomachs but with fire
    And soon will they enter the blazing Fire.
  11. Allah commands you regarding your last will and testament for your children:
    For a son a share equal to that of two daughters,
    And if there are more than two daughters
    Then their portion from the estate is two thirds;
    And if there is only one then her share is a half.
    And for each of the parents, a sixth of the estate if there are children,
    But if there are no children, and the parents are the only inheritors,
    Then the share of the mother is one third;
    If there are brothers and sisters (of the deceased)
    Then the mother’s share is a sixth after legacies or debts are paid.
    You do not know whether your parents or your children are closer to you,
    And are of greater blessing.
    These portions are obligatory from Allah.
    Indeed, Allah is the Knower, the Wise.
  12. For you a half from what your wives leave behind if they do not have children
    If they have children then for you a quarter of what they leave behind
    After the legacies and debts are paid.
    And for them is a fourth from what you leave behind if you do not have children,
    And an eighth if you have children after the legacies and debts are paid.
    And if there is an estate of a man who has no parents or children
    Or a woman (who has no parents or children) but has a brother or a sister,
    Then the portion for each is a sixth.
    But if there are more than that (specified here)
    Then all of them an equal portion from a third of the estate
    After the legacies or debts are paid so that no one is left out.
    This is the ordinance from Allah.
    Indeed, Allah is the Knower, the Forbearing.
  13. These are the limits set by Allah.
    And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger will enter the Gardens
    Beneath which flow streams (of Divine Grace)
    And they will dwell therein forever,
    And that is the great triumph.
  14. And whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger and violates His limits
    Shall enter the Fire therein to dwell forever.
    And upon him shall be a disgraceful punishment.
  15. And for those of your women who are found guilty of immorality,
    Bring four witnesses against them from among yourselves,
    And if they bear witness, then confine them to their homes for life,
    Or until Allah finds for them a (better) way.
  16. And if two men from among you are found guilty of immorality,
    Then punish them.
    But if they repent and seek rehabilitation, then leave them alone.
    Indeed, Allah is the Forgiver, Most Merciful.
  17. Indeed! Repentance before Allah is not except for those who err from ignorance,
    Then quickly repent.
    Then, these are the ones to whom Allah turns in forgiveness,
    And Allah is the Knower, the Wise.
  18. Repentance is not for those who persist in wrong doing until one faces death
    And (then) says: “Now I repent.”
    And it is not for those who die without faith.
    For such as these We have prepared a painful punishment.
  19. O you who have certainty of faith!
    It is not permissible that you forcibly become inheritors of women
    And do not force them to stay with you
    So that you can take back some of what you have given them
    Unless they are guilty of open immorality.
    And maintain a household with them in excellence.
    And if you detest them, it is possible you detest something
    While Allah has placed in it a boundless blessing.
  20. And if you have made a decision to change (divorce) a spouse for another (marry another),
    And (even) if you have given one of them a large fortune,
    Do not take back anything from it.
    Will you take it back with (false) allegations and obvious wrong?
  21. And how can you take it back when you have had marital relations with each other
    And they have taken from you a solemn contract?
  22. And do not marry women whom your fathers have married except what is past.
    Indeed it was abominable and loathsome and an evil custom.
  23. Prohibited to you are your mothers, and your daughters, and your sisters,
    And your father’s sisters, and your mother’s sisters,
    And your brother’s daughters, and your sister’s daughters, and your mothers who suckled you, and your foster sisters who shared your mother’s milk,
    And the mothers of your wives,
    And your step daughters who are under your care
    From your wives who you have had conjugal relations with,
    And if you have not had conjugal relations with them, then it is not a sin,
    And the wives of your sons who are your descendants;
    And do not bring together (marry at the same time) two sisters except what is past.
    Lo! Allah is the Forgiver, the Merciful.
  24. (Forbidden) are married women
    Except those your right hand possesses (who are prisoners of war).
    (These are) the commandments of Allah for you.
    Permitted to you are others not mentioned here
    Provided you seek virtue with your wealth, not lust.
    For what pleasures you derive from their company, give them their marriage gift.
    That is the Divine law.
    It is no blame on you if you mutually agree about this matter after the obligation has been met (after the marriage gift has been settled).
    Indeed, Allah is the Knower, the Wise.
  25. And whoever among you does not have the ability to marry free believing women,
    (Let him) marry believing women
    From among the prisoners of war (who are under your protection).
    Allah is knowledgeable of your faith.
    You are of one another (men and women are all human beings with a common origin).
    Therefore, marry them with the permission of their protectors
    And give them their marriage gift in accordance with what is most generous –
    The chaste ones, not those who are lecherous or secret lovers.
    Once they are married, if they engage in immorality
    Then their punishment is half that of free women.
    That is for whoever among you is afraid of the burden (of falling into immoral sex).
    But if you are patient (in guarding your chastity) it is better.
    Indeed, Allah is the Forgiver, the Merciful.
  26. Allah desires to make it all clear to you
    And guide you regarding the ways of those before you
    And to forgive you.
    Indeed, Allah is the Knower, the Wise.
  27. And Allah desires to turn towards you
    But those who follow their vile desires want you to turn away and stray far away.
  28. Allah desires to lighten the burden on you, for humankind was created weak.
  29. O you who have certainty of faith!
    Do not squander your wealth among yourselves wrongfully
    But engage in trade with mutual consent,
    And do not fight among yourselves.
    Indeed, Allah is Most Merciful to you.
  30. And whoever does this maliciously and unjustly,
    Soon shall We throw him into the Fire.
    And that is easy for Allah.
  31. If you avoid the great sins that have been forbidden,
    We will cover up (forgive) your lesser sins
    And admit you to a (high) station of honor.
  32. Do not covet the honors that We bestow on some over the others–
    The men receive what they earn and the women receive what they earn.
    And ask of Allah from His blessings. Lo! Allah is the Knower of all things!
  33. And We have prescribed inheritors for everything
    That is left behind by the parents or close relatives.
    And with those you have made a contract,
    Give them their share. Lo! Allah is witness to all things!
  34. Men are the protectors of women because of the grace (bounties)
    That Allah has bestowed on some over the others
    And because they spend their wealth (as prescribed by Allah).
    Therefore, the virtuous women are responsible
    And guard in secret what Allah has guarded.
    As for those about whom you fear lewdness, (first) counsel them,
    Then stay away from them in bed,
    Then (if that fails) bring them out (before the judicial process),
    (please see note at the end of the Surah),
    And then if they follow your counsel (and desist from lewd conduct),
    Do not seek to make their path (of rehabilitation) difficult.
    Indeed, Allah is the Most High, the Supreme!
  35. And if you fear a split between them
    Then appoint an arbitrator from his family
    And an arbitrator from her family.
    If they desire to make peace,
    Then Allah will bring about reconciliation between them.
    Indeed, Allah is the Knower, the Aware!
  36. Worship (serve) Allah, and do not associate partners with Him;
    And serve your parents with excellent conduct,
    And (serve) the near ones and the orphans and the needy
    And (serve) the neighbors who are close and the neighbors who are strangers
    And (serve) the people who associate with you
    And the wayfarer
    And those who are under your protection (prisoners of war).
    Indeed, Allah does not love the boastful braggart.
  37. (And) those who are stingy and encourage people to be stingy
    And hide what Allah has bestowed on them by His grace,
    For such disbelievers We have prepared a disgraceful punishment.
  38. And for those who spend their wealth to show off among people
    But have no conviction of belief in Allah or the Last Day,
    And one whose companion is Satan – what an evil companion (he is)!
  39. What would they lose if they had believed in Allah and the Last Day;
    And set aside something from the sustenance provided by Allah?
    Lo! Allah has full knowledge of them!
  40. Indeed, Allah does not commit excess as much as an atom’s worth;
    And if there is any good He augments it and adds from His bounty a great reward.
  41. Then, what will it be like when We call a witness from each of the communities
    And call you (O Muhammad) as a witness over them all?
  42. That Day those who disbelieve (in Allah) and disobey the Messenger
    Will wish they were ground to dust (wish they were mixed in with the earth)
    And Allah will not hide anything that has been said.
  43. O you who have certainty of faith!
    Do not approach your prayer while you are drunk until you understand what you recite,
    And while you are unclean except while you travel until you take a bath.
    And if you are sick or traveling or you return after relieving yourself
    Or you approach your wives and you cannot find water
    Then do the tayammum with clean earth
    And rub your faces and your hands with the earth.
    Indeed, Allah is the Pardoner, the Forgiver.
  44. Have you not seen those who received a portion of the Book
    (But) they traded it for error?
    Lo! They desire that you (too) stray from the right path.
  45. Lo! Allah has full knowledge of your enemies
    And Allah is sufficient as the Protector and is sufficient as the Helper.
  46. Some among the Jews change the Word from its place
    And (they) say: “We have heard and we do not obey;
    And hear without listening to Rai’na (our Shepherd).
    They twist their tongues to slander (your) faith.
    If they had said: “We listen and we obey,
    And hear and look at us (impart to us inner wisdom)”,
    It would have been better for them and more appropriate.
    Lo! Because of their disbelief,
    There is the condemnation of Allah upon them except on a few (who do believe).
  47. O you who have received the Book!
    Believe in what has been revealed from Us confirming what is with you
    Before We destroy your existence and relegate it to the past
    Or condemn them like we condemned the people (who broke the) Sabbath.
    Indeed, the decree of Allah shall come to pass.
  48. Lo! Allah does not forgive associating a partner with Him
    But (He) forgives, other than that, whom He will.
    And whoever associates partners with Allah,
    Has indeed invented the greatest of slanders.
  49. Have you not observed those who claim they are pure?
    No! It is Allah who purifies as He pleases,
    And not the least excess (not as much as the thread of a date palm) shall be committed on them.
  50. Observe how they ascribe a lie to Allah, and this is sufficient as an obvious sin.
  51. Have you not seen those who have received a portion of the Book?
    They  follow  sorcery and demons and say of the disbelievers
    That they (the disbelievers) follow a path of guidance
    More correct than the path of the believers
  52. Upon them is denunciation from Allah
    And whoever is denounced by Allah shall find no one to help him.
  53. Do they have a share in the Dominion (wealth and power)?
    If that is so, they will not share even a grain’s worth with (other) people.
  54. Do they envy people for what Allah has given them from His bounty?
    Then, behold! We gave the children of Abraham the Book and the Wisdom
    And granted him a magnificent dominion.
  55. Among them were some who had certainty of faith
    And some who turned away from it (and hindered others from it).
    And sufficient is the burning fire of Hell (for those who turn away)!
  56. Indeed, those who cover up Our Signs,
    Soon will We throw them into the Fire;
    When their skins are roasted,
    We shall replace it so that they taste the punishment (again and again).
    Indeed, Allah is Mighty, the Wise.
  57. And those who believe and perform righteous deeds,
    Soon shall We admit them to Gardens beneath which flow streams (of Divine Grace),
    Therein they shall dwell for ever,
    (And)For them are companions pure for them,
    And We shall provide them with shades restful
    (They will abide in the shadow of Divine Grace).
  58. Verily, Allah commands you that if you have a trust, return it to its owner;
    And when you judge between people, judge with justice.
    Indeed, Allah teaches with this (admonishing) what is good for you.
    Lo! Allah is the Hearer, the Beholder!
  59. O you who have certainty of faith!
    Obey Allah and obey the Messenger
    And (follow) those among you who are endowed with (spiritual) authority (directed spiritual energy),
    And if there is a dispute about anything,
    Refer it to Allah and the Messenger if you believe in Allah and the Last Day.
    That is of greater benefit and excellent in its results.
  60. Have you not observed those who proclaim loudly
    That they believe in what is revealed to you, and what has been revealed before?
    They desire that you take your disputes to sorcery
    Even though they have been commanded to reject it;
    Indeed, Satan desires to mislead you to a wrong path, far away (from the right path).
  61. And when it is said to them:
    “Hearken towards what Allah has revealed and towards the Messenger”,
    You will see that the hypocrites stop and move away from you.
  62. Then, when the punishment reaches them
    Because of what they have sent before them with their own hands,
    They will come to you swearing by Allah:
    “We intended nothing but goodness and reconciliation”.
  63. These are the people – Allah knows what is in their hearts.
    So, be restrained with them and advise them
    And speak to them inspiring words for their own souls.
  64. Lo! We did not send any Messenger except to be followed as commanded by Allah.
    And, when they had oppressed their own souls,
    Had they come to you and asked for forgiveness from Allah,
    And had the Messenger prayed for their forgiveness,
    They would indeed have discovered
    The existential manifestation (coming into being) of Allah’s forgiveness and mercy.
  65. So, by your Rabb!
    They will not believe until you judge between them about what they disagree among themselves,
    And accept your judgment without qualification from (the depths of) their souls,
    And willingly submit to it.
  66. And if we had ordered them, “Slaughter your own egos or move out of your habitations (move out of your comfort zones),  they would not have obeyed except a few among them, and indeed it would have been better for them if they had obeyed what they were told. And it would be a tremendous reinforcement (for their souls).
  67. In that case, We would certainly bestow on them from Our Presence a great reward.
  68. And We would indeed guide them to the straight path.
  69. Lo! Those who obey Allah and the Messenger,
    They are the people with whom is the bounty of Allah,
    As well as the Prophets and the Truthful ones
    And the Martyrs and the Righteous.
    And excellent they are as companions!
  70. That is the bounty from Allah and sufficient is He as the Knower.
  71. O you who have certainty of faith!
    Take your defensive gear with you
    And then step out singly or together (for defensive action).
  72. And indeed, among you is one who will drag his feet,
    And if you experience a misfortune, he will say:
    “Indeed, the blessings of Allah are upon me in that I did not become a martyr with them.”
  73. And if the bounty of Allah reaches you,
    He will definitely cry out – as if there was never any love between him and you –
    “Woe is to me! If I was with them then I would have been rewarded with a tremendous reward.”
  74. So, let those who exchange the life of this world for the hereafter fight in the cause of Allah.
    And whoever fights in the way of Allah and is martyred or captured,
    Soon We will bestow a great reward upon him.
  75. And will you not fight in the way of Allah
    And for the weak (downtrodden) among men and women and children who pray:
    “Our Sustainer! Take us away from this town whose inhabitants are oppressors
    And send us from Your presence a protector and grant us succor from Your presence.”
  76. Those who have certainty of faith fight in the path of Allah;
    Those who reject the Truth fight in the path of evil.
    Therefore, fight against the friends of Satan.
    Lo! Feeble is the deception of Satan!
  77. Did you not see to whom it was said:
    “Cover up your arms (stop fighting) and establish prayer and give charity?”
    Then, when they were (commanded) to fight,
    A group among them who were afraid of people
    As they should have feared Allah perhaps even more, said:
    “Our Rabb! Why did You order us to fight?
    Why did You not give us respite for some more time?
    Say: The benefits of this world are few and the hereafter is better for the Allah-conscious,
    And not the least injustice shall be done to you.”
  78. Death shall reach you wherever you are, even if you are in reinforced fortresses.
    And when they receive some good fortune, they say: “This is from Allah.”
    And when they receive some misfortune, they say: “This is from you.”
    Say: “All affairs are from Allah.”
    So, what has happened to these people that they do not comprehend this matter?
  79. Whatever good happens to you (O humankind!) is from Allah;
    Whatever evil befalls you is from your own Ego.
    Behold! We have sent you as a Messenger for all humankind,
    And sufficient is Allah as a witness.
  80. Whoever obeys the Messenger has indeed obeyed Allah.
    And as for one who turns away, then (know that) We did not send you as his keeper.
  81. And they say: “We obey.”
    But when they leave your presence,
    A group among them plan by night against those who said (we obey).
    Lo! Allah records what they plan.
    Therefore, be circumspect about them and have trust in Allah.
    And sufficient is Allah as the Trustee.
  82. Then, do they not reflect on the Quran?
    Indeed, if it was from someone other than Allah,
    It would show up countless inconsistencies.
  83. When there comes to their attention any activity
    Whether it be peaceful or alarming, they advertise it;
    If (only) they had referred it to the Messenger
    Or to those among them endowed with authority,
    They would have learned who among them knew the facts.
    And behold! were it not for the grace of Allah upon you and His mercy,
    You would have followed Satan except a few (among you).
  84. So, fight in the path of Allah.
    You are burdened not except for your own Self.
    Therefore, convince the believers (to struggle).
    Soon will Allah bring to an end the hostilities started by the disbelievers.
    Lo! Allah is intense in combat and intense in His punishment!
  85. Whoever intervenes with a gracious intervention,
    There is a portion for him in it;
    And whoever intervenes with an evil intervention,
    There is a burden for him in it.
    And Allah has authority over all affairs.
  86. When you are greeted,
    Return the greetings with a salutation more gracious or the same.
    Indeed, Allah keeps account of all affairs.
  87. Allah is He, there is no god but He.
    Then He will indeed gather you all together on the Judgment Day –
    About it there is no doubt.
    And who is more truthful than Allah in what is said?
  88. So, what (has happened) to you regarding the hypocrites
    (That you are divided into) two parties?
    Behold! Allah has turned them upside down (made them dumb and blind)
    Because of what they have done.
    Do you wish to guide those whom Allah has led astray?
    Lo! Whom Allah has led astray, you shall not find him on the right path!
  89. They would love to see you disbelieve as they disbelieve
    So that you become like them.
    Therefore do not take them as your protectors
    Unless they move towards the path of Allah.
    Then if they turn against you (if they fight you),
    Surround them and fight them wherever you find their presence
    And take them not as your protectors, and not as (your) helpers.
  90. However, as for those who belong to a community (people) that has a treaty with you
    Or they come to you with their hearts tired of fighting you or fighting their own people —
    And were it the will of Allah to give them authority over you, they would (certainly) fight you —
    If they stay away from you, then do not fight them.
    And if they send you (a treaty) of peace,
    Then Allah has not provided you a path (to fight) against them
    (all excuses for hostilities against a people at peace with you are closed by decree of Allah).
  91. Now you will find some people who wish to stay at peace with you
    And at peace with their own people
    (But) they return to mischief whenever they are invited to it.
    So, if they do not leave you alone (if they continue to fight you)
    And do not offer you (a treaty) of security
    And do not cover up their arms (sheathe their weapons)
    Then seize them and fight them wherever you find them;
    These are the people against whom We have given you a clear argument.
  92. And it is not (permissible) for a believer to kill a believer except through error.
    And whoever kills a believer by error let him free a believing slave
    And send blood money to his relatives so that they may forgive him.
    And if (the slain person) was from the community that is your enemy and was a believer,
    Then free a believing slave;
    And if he was from a community (people) with whom you have a treaty of peace
    then send blood money to his relatives and free a believing slave;
    And if one does not have the means, then (let him) fast for two months continuously.
    This is expiation from Allah and Allah is the Knower, the Wise.
  93. And whoever kills a believer willingly, his recompense is Hell,
    Wherein he shall dwell forever
    And the wrath of Allah is upon him
    And so is His denunciation,
    And a great punishment has been prepared for him.
  94. O you who have certainty of faith!
    When you venture forth in the path of Allah, gather proper intelligence,
    And do not say to anyone
    Who greets you with a greeting of peace: “you are not a believer!”
    You desire rewards of the life of this world but with Allah are unlimited rewards.
    That is the way you were in earlier times,
    then Allah had (mercy) on you;
    therefore gather all intelligence (beforehand).
    Lo! Allah knows what you do!
  95. Not equal are those who stay at home and the believers
    (Who go forth) without excuse and struggle in the path of Allah
    With their wealth and their souls.
    Allah bestows His grace upon those who struggle with their wealth and their souls,
    And honors them with higher (spiritual) stations over those who stay at home.
    Lo! Allah has made a promise of grace for all.
    And Allah bestows His grace upon those who struggle over those who stay behind,
    And awards them a reward supreme.
  96. (Spiritual) stations are from Him; so is forgiveness and mercy.
    Indeed, Allah is the Forgiver, the Merciful.
  97. Indeed, when the angels take the lives of those who oppress their own souls,
    They ask: “What situation were you in?”
    They reply: “We were helpless on earth.”
    (The angels) say: “Was not the earth wide enough for you to migrate therein?”
    So, for such as these, their destination is Hell,
    And a woeful destination it is!
  98. Except those who are powerless–
    The men and the women and the children
    Who do not have the ability to strategise and cannot find a way.
  99. Then, for such as these, there is hope for forgiveness from Allah.
    Lo! Allah is the Pardoner, the Forgiver.
  100. And whoever migrates in the path of Allah
    Will find limitless refuge in the wide expanse of the earth
    And whoever flees his home migrating for the sake of Allah and the Messenger
    and is overtaken by death,
    Then, verily his reward is established before Allah.
    Indeed, Allah is the Forgiver, the Merciful!
  101. And when you travel through the earth,
    It is not wrongful on your part if you shorten your prayers
    Should you be afraid that the disbelievers will harass you.
    Indeed, the disbelievers are unto you open opponents.
  102. And when you are with them (O Muhammed),
    Then stand in prayer with them.
    Let a party from them stand in prayer with you
    And let them take their arms.
    Then, when they have performed their sajda (prostration),
    Let them move behind you
    And let another party which has not yet offered salat (prayer), pray with you
    And let them take (precautions) for their protection
    And (let them take) their arms.
    Indeed, if the disbelievers see
    That you are heedless about your arms and your supplies,
    They may conduct a sudden raid on you.
    And it is not wrongful on your part if you are constrained because of rain
    Or if you are sick, for you to take down your arms,
    But take precautions for your safety.
    Indeed, Allah has prepared a dishonorable punishment for the disbelievers.
  103. When you have completed your prayer,
    Remember Allah while standing, sitting or lying down.
    And when you are satisfied (that the threat has passed)
    Then establish prayer (as prescribed for normal times).
    Indeed, prayer is mandatory at prescribed times on those who have certainty of faith.
  104. And do not be disheartened while pursuing the host (of oppressors).
    If you experience a hurt, then of a certainty a similar hurt smites them.
    And what you hope from Allah they do not hope for.
    Indeed, Allah is the Knower, the Wise.
  105. Lo! We have sent down upon you the Book with the Truth
    So that you can judge (establish justice) among humankind
    In accordance with what Allah has shown you
    And (so that you) do not become a support for the deceivers
    (a support for an unjust social order).
  106. And ask for forgiveness from Allah. Indeed, Allah is the Forgiver, Most Merciful.
  107. And do not argue with those who deceive their own Selves.
    Indeed, Allah does not love those who are deceitful sinners.
  108. They are secretive with people but they cannot hide from Allah;
    And He is with them when they discuss (plan) by night what (Allah) does not like.
    Behold! Allah surrounds (many times over) what they do!
  109. Yes indeed, these are the people for whom you pleaded during the life of this world.
    But then, who will plead for them on the Day of Judgment, or who will be their defender?
  110. And whoever does a wrongful act or commits excess on his own soul
    But then asks for forgiveness from Allah
    Will find that Allah is the Forgiver, the Merciful.
  111. And whoever commits a sin, commits it upon one’s own soul.
    Lo! Allah is the Knower, the Wise!
  112. And whoever commits a wrong or a sin,
    And then accuses someone else,
    Indeed has burdened (his own soul) with the accusation and a manifest sin.
  113. And were it not for the blessings of Allah upon you and His mercy,
    A group among them was determined to mislead you
    But they mislead not anyone but their own souls
    And they cannot harm you in the least.
    And Allah has sent down upon you the Book and the Wisdom
    And has taught you that of which you had no knowledge.
    Great indeed are the favors of Allah upon you!
  114. There is no goodness in a great many of their plans,
    Except when for one who enjoins charity or excellence (in conduct)
    Or brings about reconciliation among people.
    And whoever performs such acts to earn the pleasure of Allah,
    Then soon shall We give him a tremendous reward.
  115. And as for him who opposes the Messenger after he has received true guidance,
    And follows a path other than the one followed by those who have certainty of faith,
    We shall leave him to his ways and admit him to Hell.
    Lo! What an awful place to return to!
  116. Indeed, Allah does not forgive associating partners with Him,
    But forgives, as He will, any other (sin) except that;
    And whoever associates partners with Allah,
    Lo! (such a person) is lost far away on a wrong course.
  117. They do not call upon anyone except female (gods).
    Indeed, they call upon none but the rebellious Satan.
  118. Allah condemned him and he (Satan) said: “I will certainly claim a decreed share of your servants.
  119. “Verily, I will incite them and entice them and command them,
    Then they will split the ears of cattle
    And I will teach them to alter that which is created by Allah.”
    And whoever has taken Satan as his protector in place of Allah
    Is indeed at a manifest loss upon loss.
  120. He (Satan) promises them and he gives them hope
    But the promises of Satan are but boastful deceptions.
  121. These are the people whose abode is Hell
    And they shall not find any escape from it.
  122. Those who have certainty of faith
    And engage in noble action,
    We will soon admit them to Gardens beneath which flow streams (of Divine Grace),
    Therein to dwell forever.
    The promise of Allah is true.
    And who is truer in word than Allah?
  123. (Recompense is) not according to your wishes
    And not according to the wishes of the people of the Book.
    Whoever does a wrong shall earn his recompense
    And will not find a protector or a helper besides Allah.
  124. And whoever performs righteous deeds, man or woman,
    And has certainty of faith,
    It is such as these who will enter the Garden and not suffer injustice,
    (Not even) as much as a dot on a date stone.
  125. And whose faith is superior to that of one who has surrendered his existence to Allah
    And is a person of the most noble character
    And is a follower of the spiritual community of Abraham the Hanif (disposed to the right faith)?
    Behold! Allah has made Abraham a friend!
  126. Lo! To Allah belongs whatever is in the heavens and the earth
    And indeed, Allah completely surrounds all things.
  127. And they ask you about women.
    Say: “Allah has guided you regarding them.
    So, (follow) what has been narrated to you in the Book regarding orphans of women,
    Whose prescribed marriage gift you do not give,
    But whom you wish to marry (nonetheless),
    And (regarding) the helpless children.
    And stand firmly for justice for the orphans.
    And whatever good you do, (know that) indeed Allah is the Knower of it.”
  128. And if a woman fears abuse from her husband or neglect,
    There is no blame on her if the two of them seek reconciliation between themselves.
    Indeed, there is excellence in reconciliation.
    And there is present in every soul an idiosyncrasy.
    And if you perform excellent deeds
    And are conscious of the presence of Allah,
    Then verily Allah is aware of what you do!
  129. And you will not be able to do justice between women even if you ardently so desire.
    But do not lean to one so as to leave another one dangling.
    But if you reconcile between yourselves and are Allah-conscious,
    Verily Allah is the Forgiver, the Merciful.
  130. And should they separate,
    Allah will make each one self-reliant from His bounties.
    Indeed, Allah is Boundless (in His Grace), the Wise.
  131. And to Allah belongs what is in the heavens and what is on earth.
    And behold! We have admonished the people of the Book before Your times
    And (We have admonished) you to be Allah-conscious.
    And if you reject it,
    Then indeed to Allah belongs what is in the heavens and what is on earth,
    And indeed Allah is the Self-sufficient, the Praiseworthy.
  132. Lo! To Allah belongs what is in the heavens and what is on earth
    And sufficient is Allah as the Trustee.
  133. If He wills it, He will destroy you, O humankind!
    And create some other (species), and Allah has that Power.
  134. Whoever asks for a reward in this life
    Will find that the reward in this life as well as the hereafter is with Allah.
    Lo! Allah is the Hearer, the Seer.
  135. O you who have certainty of faith!
    Be upholders of justice as witnesses before Allah
    Even if it be against your own Selves
    Or your parents
    Or those near to you
    Whether it be rich or poor,
    For Allah wills goodness for both.
    And follow not your desires, if you are just.
    And if you hold back your tongue or excuse yourself,
    then (know that) Allah is indeed aware of what you do.
  136. O you who have certainty of faith!
    Believe in Allah and the Messenger and the Book that has been revealed to your Messenger
    And the Book that was revealed before your times.
    Whoever rejects Allah
    And the Angels and the Books and the Messengers and the Day of Judgment
    Is indeed lost far away on a wrong path.
  137. Those who believe, then disbelieve, then believe (again), then reject it,
    Then cover themselves deeper in disbelief,
    Will not find forgiveness from Allah
    And He will not show them the way.
  138. Give the tidings to the hypocrites
    That there is painful punishment (awaiting) them.
  139. Those who take the disbelievers as their protectors instead of the believers –
    Do they expect honor from them?
    Lo! All honor is from Allah.
  140. Verily, it has been revealed to you in the Book
    That when you hear the Signs of Allah rejected or ridiculed,
    You move away from them unless they change the conversation.
    Or else, you will take on their character.
    Indeed, Allah will gather the hypocrites and the disbelievers together in Hell.
  141. (Regarding) those who wait for your return (from a campaign):
    If you are successful by (the grace) of Allah, they say:
    “Were we not with you?”
    And if the disbelievers prevail, they say:
    “Did we not have authority over you and did we not warn you against the believers?”
    So, Allah will decide between them on the Judgment Day,
    And Allah will not facilitate a way for the disbelievers (to prevail) over the believers.
  142. Lo! The hypocrites seek to deceive Allah
    And He throws back their deception at them.
    And when they stand up for prayer,
    they stand sluggish with indifference to show themselves off to people,
    And they do not remember Allah except a little.
  143. They are torn in between, neither with these nor with those.
    Indeed, one for whom Allah closes the way will not find the way.
  144. O you who believe with certainty!
    Do not take the disbelievers as your protectors over those who have certainty of faith.
    Or, do you wish to provide Allah with incontrovertible evidence against you?
  145. Lo! The hypocrites shall occupy the lowest station in the Fire
    And they shall find none to help them.
  146. Except such as those who repent and seek to make amends
    And hold on firmly to Allah and purify their faith in Allah,
    In that case, they are with those who have certainty of faith.
    And soon will Allah give the believers a reward most magnanimous.
  147. What will Allah do with your punishment
    (Of what use is your punishment to Allah?) if you are thankful and have certainty of faith?
    And Allah is the Appreciator (of gratitude), the Knower.
  148. Allah does not like an open conversation about evil except about one who has been oppressed.
    Indeed, Allah is the Hearer, the Knower.
  149. Whether you reveal a good (deed) or hide it or forgive a wrong,
    Indeed Allah is the Forgiver, the Enforcer.
  150. Indeed, those who do not believe in Allah and His messengers
    And wish to differentiate between Allah and His messengers
    And say: ” We believe in some of them but do not accept others”,
    And desire to find a way in between.
  151. They are in truth disbelievers,
    And We have prepared for the disbelievers a disgraceful punishment.
  152. Those who have certainty of faith in Allah and the Messengers
    And make no distinction between any one of them,
    It is they who will soon receive their reward.
    Lo! Allah is the Forgiver, Merciful.
  153. The people of the Book ask you to bring down a book for them from the heavens.
    Indeed, they asked Moses something greater than that. T
    hey said: “Show Allah to us openly.”
    There came down a flash of lightning upon them because of their excesses.
    Then they took the (golden) calf (for worship) even after the Signs came to them.
    Even so, We forgave them for that (transgression)
    And bestowed upon Moses a manifest authority.
  154. And We raised Mount Sinai high above them to take a covenant from them.
    And We said to them:  “Enter this door prostrating (enter this relationship with deep humility).”
    And We said to them: “Do not violate the Sabbath”.
    And We took from them a covenant irrefutable.
  155. And because they broke their covenant and rejected the Signs of Allah
    And slaughtered the Prophets in violation of justice and they said:
    “Our hearts are protected by a veil”,
    Allah sealed their hearts with their unbelief.
    They have no conviction of faith except a few (among them).
  156. And because of their unbelief and their utterance and gross insinuations against Mary,
  157. And their boast: “We did indeed kill the Messenger of Allah, Jesus the Messiah, son of Mary”;
    But they killed him not,
    And they crucified him not but his likeness
    B those who differ therein have doubts about it.
    No knowledge do they have except to follow a conjecture.
    Lo! Of a certainty, they killed him not.
  158. No! Allah raised him up unto Himself.
    Indeed, Allah is the Mighty, the Wise.
  159. And there is none from the people of the Book
    Who, before his death, does not believe in him (Jesus)
    And he (Jesus) will be a witness over them on the Judgment Day.
  160. Because of the excesses of the Jews
    And their unrelenting obstruction to the path of Allah,
    We forbade them what was hitherto permissible.
  161. And they engaged in usury even though it was forbidden to them
    And they consumed the wealth of people wrongfully.
    Lo! We have prepared for the disbelievers among them a painful punishment.
  162. However, those among them who are sound of knowledge,
    And the believers (among them), who believe with conviction in what has been revealed to you,
    And what was revealed to those before you,
    And who establish prayer
    And give the poor due,
    And believe in Allah and the Last Day,
    To them We will soon give a great reward.
  163. Indeed, We have revealed (the Book) to you,
    As We revealed it to Noah and the Prophets after him;
    And as we revealed it to Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob and his children,
    And Jesus and Job and Jonah and Aaron and Solomon;
    And to David We gave the Psalms.
  164. And (We sent) Messengers about whom We have told you earlier,
    And (We sent) Messengers about whom we have not told you;
    And Allah spoke to Moses (directly) – spoke to him His own Words.
  165. Messengers who gave the glad tidings and who gave warnings
    So that after them there would be no argument among humankind about Allah.
    And Allah is the Mighty, the Wise!
  166. Lo! Allah bears witness, so do the Angels                                                                                                                                                 That what is revealed to you is from His knowledge;
    And sufficient is Allah as a witness.
  167. Indeed, those who hide the Truth, and prevent (humankind) from the path of Allah,
    Have indeed strayed far away on the wrong path.
  168. Indeed, for those who cover up the Truth and transgress –
    No forgiveness is there for them from Allah,
    And He will not guide them to the process (leading to Divine Presence).
  169. But (they will follow) the process leading to Hell,
    Therein they will dwell forever,
    And that is easy for Allah.
  170. O humankind!  Verily, there has come to you a Messenger with the Truth from your Sustainer.
    So believe (in his message) and it is good for you.
    And if you reject (him),
    Then (know that) indeed, to Allah belongs what is in the heavens and the earth,
    And Allah is the Knower, the Wise.
  171. O people of the Book!
    Do not exceed the limits in matters of faith
    And do not ascribe to Allah except the Truth.
    Indeed, Jesus the Messiah, son of Mary was no more than a Messenger of Allah and His Word.
    He was infused into Mary and (anointed by) His Spirit.
    Therefore, believe in Allah and His Messenger and do not claim a Trinity.
    It is better for you if you refrain from it.
    Indeed, there is no deity but Allah, the One.
    Immaculate is He for Him to have a son.
    To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and on earth.
    And sufficient is Allah as the Trustee.
  172. The Messiah is not in the least disinclined to the service of Allah,
    Neither are the Angels who are close to Him.
    And those who are disinclined to be His servants and are haughty
    Will be gathered together on the Day of Reckoning.
  173. Then, those who have certainty of faith and engage in righteous action
    Shall have their recompense completed and augmented by His grace;
    And upon those who rejected (servant hood) and were haughty
    There will be a painful punishment,
    And there will be none to protect them or help them but Allah.
  174. O humankind! Verily, there has come to you an illuminated Proof from your Rabb
    And We have sent down to you a manifest Light.
  175. Then, those who have the conviction of faith in Allah
    And firmly hold onto Him
    Will soon be admitted to His grace and His bounty
    And He will guide them to the right path towards Himself.
  176. They ask you for a pronouncement.
    Say: “Allah commands you thus about those who die without heirs:
    If the dead man has no children but has a sister,
    Her share is a half of what was left behind (as inheritance)
    And he is her inheritor if she does not have any children;
    And if there are two sisters their share is two thirds of what was left behind;
    And if there are brothers and sisters then to each man a share equal to twice that of a woman.
    Allah makes things clear so that you are not misled.
    Lo! Allah is the Knower of all things.

Notes on Ayah 34: The Quranic word “daraba” has a wide variety of meanings: to bring out (in discourse), to put forth (in logic), to extract (in mathematics), to travel (in geography), to draw (in sociology), to beat or strike (in common usage). Whereas most English translations have rendered “daraba” in this Ayah as “beat”, we have translated it as “bring out”, as it is consistent with the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh): “Never beat Allah’s handmaidens (Abu Dawud, Ibn Majah, Ahmed Ibn Hanbal, in a chain of transmission leading to Umm Kulthum (R), quoted by Muhammed Asad)”.

Also, the word “faddal”, meaning grace, bounty, and felicity applies to both men and women. While some men may have more “strength”, most women have more “grace”. So the phrase “some over the others” in this Ayah is reciprocal between men and women. Allah bestows as He will , on whom He will !

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