Surah 41. Surah al Fussilat

Surah 41. Surah al Fussilat (That Which is Explained with Clarity)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. Ha  Meem
  2. (The Qur’an is) Revealed
    By the Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.
  3. A Book,
    With Signs clearly explained;
    The Qur’an, in Arabic,
    For a people who have knowledge.
  4. Giver of glad tidings,
    And warnings.
    Yet, most of them turn away,
    And do not listen.
  5. And they say:
    “Our hearts are insulated
    From what you invite us to,
    And our ears are deaf,
    And there is a curtain between us and you—
    So, you do (what you must do)
    And we will indeed continue doing what we are doing.”
  6. Say: “Indeed, I am not but human like you,
    It is revealed to me
    That there is indeed no god but One God,
    So, stand focused on Him,
    And ask His forgiveness.
    And woe unto those who associate gods with Him—
  7. Those who do not give the poor due,
    And of the hereafter, they are rejectors.
  8. Indeed, those who believe with certainty,
    And engage in righteous deeds,
    For them there is recompense without end.”
  9. Say: “Do you deny Him
    Who created the earth in two measures of time,
    And, do you make up associates for Him?
    (No!) That is the Rabb (Sustainer)  of all the worlds!
  10. And He erected mountains rising high above it,
    And blessed it with His grace,
    And established therein,
    Its sustenance in four measures of time—
    Equitable for all (creation) that ask.
  11. Furthermore,  He turned to the sky—
    And it was smoke—
    And He said to it and the earth:
    “Present yourselves willingly or unwillingly.”
    They said: “We present ourselves willingly.”
  12. Then He decreed that they be (structured into) seven heavens
    In two measures of time,
    And established His writ on all the heavens;
    And He adorned the skies of the world with lights—
    And shielded them—
    That is the decree of the Mighty, the Knower.
  13. And if they turn away,
    Then, tell them:
    “I warn you of a thunderbolt,
    Like the thunderbolt upon the people of A’ad and Thamud.”
  14. When there came to them Messengers—
    Before them and after them—
    (Warning:) “Worship (and serve) none but Allah”,
    They said: “Had our Rabb so willed,
    (He would) send down angels.
    So, we reject what has been sent to you.“
  15. As for the people of A’ad,
    They were arrogant in the land, violating justice,
    And they said: “Who is mightier than us in strength?”
    Do they not see that Allah, who created them,
    Is mightier than they in strength?
    And they kept rejecting Our Signs.
  16. Then, We sent upon them (devastating) windstorms,
    In the days of bad omen,
    So We give them a taste of humiliating punishment
    In the life of this world—
    And assuredly, the punishment of the hereafter is more humiliating—
    And they shall not be helped.
  17. And as for the Thamud,
    We gave them guidance,
    But they preferred to be blind to the guidance,
    Then, a blast of humiliating punishment seized them,
    For what they used to earn.
  18. And We rescued those who had certainty of faith,
    And were Allah-conscious.
  19. And when the enemies of Allah are gathered together
    Towards the Fire,
    They will be divided into groups.
  20. Until, when they reach it,
    Their hearing, and their sight, and their skins
    Will bear witness
    About what they used to do.
  21. And they will ask their (own) skins:
    “Why did you bear witness against us?”
    Whereat, they  (their own skins) will respond: “Allah has given us the ability to speak,
    As He has given everything the ability to speak.
    Lo! He created you in the first place.
    And to Him was your return.
  22. And what you used to deny—
    That your hearing will bear witness against you,
    And your sight and your skins—
    No, you surmised that Allah did not know much about what you do.
  23. And this doubt of yours,
    Which you had about your Rabb,
    Destroyed you,
    And you found yourselves among the lost ones.”
  24. So, if they are patient,
    Fire shall be the abode for them.
    And if they seek to redeem themselves,
    They shall not be among those granted redemption.
  25. And We have appointed for them companions (who mislead them),
    And they have made it appear what is before them
    And what is behind them
    Is an adornment for them (bloating their egos).
    So the Word has come true on them,
    As it did upon the communities of jinns and humans before them.
    Indeed, they are among the lost ones.
  26. And the disbelievers say:
    “Do not listen to this Qur’an,
    And howl (make noise) at it,
    So that you gain the upper hand.”
  27. And assuredly,
    We shall give the disbelievers a taste of a severe punishment,
    And We shall compensate them in accordance with the worst of what they do.
  28. That is the recompense for the enemies of Allah—the Fire!
    An eternal home for them in it—
    A recompense for how they used to reject Our Signs.
  29. And those who had disbelieved will say:
    “O our Rabb!
    Show us those among the jinns and humans,
    Who misled us,
    We shall trample them under our feet,
    So that they are among the most dishonored.”
  30. Indeed, those who said:
    “Our Rabb is Allah—He!”
    Then stayed steadfast with it,
    Upon them will descend the angels,
    (Saying): ‘Do not be afraid nor be saddened,
    And receive the glad tidings of the Garden,
    Which you were promised.
  31. We are your protectors in the life of this world,
    And in the hereafter.
    And for you therein shall be whatever your souls desire,
    And for you therein shall be whatever you ask for.
  32. Welcome from the Forgiver, the Dispenser of Mercy!”
  33. And whose word is more beautiful than that of one
    Who calls towards Allah,
    And performs righteous deeds,
    And says:
    “Indeed, I am among those who surrender!”
  34. Lo! Not equal are good and evil!
    Remove evil with what is good,
    So that the enmity between you and him (is transformed),
    As if he is the closest of friends.
  35. But this (blessing) is not received,
    Except by those who are patient (for the Grace of Allah),
    And it is not received,
    Except by those who possess (are granted) the greatest gift.
  36. And if you are offered doubts from Satan,
    Then, seek refuge in Allah.
    Indeed, He it is
    Who is the Hearer, the Knower.
  37. And of His Signs
    Are the night and the day,
    And the sun and the moon.
    Do not prostrate before the sun and the moon,
    But prostrate before Allah Who created them,
    If it is He alone that you worship.
  38. But if they are arrogant,
    Then (know that ) those who are close to their Rabb,
    Extol Him by night and by day,
    And they do not tire of it.
  39. And among His Signs—
    That you see the earth pulverized (barren with dust),
    And when We bring down rain upon it,
    It stirs with life,
    And swells with vegetation.
    Indeed, He Who gives it life,
    Assuredly gives life to the dead—
    Indeed, He is the Owner of Power over all things.
  40. Verily, those who falsify Our Signs are not hidden from Us.
    Then, is one who is thrown into the Fire
    Better than one who arrives with peace on the Judgment Day?
    Do what you will—
    Verily, He is the Seer of what you are doing!
  41. Indeed, those who reject the Reminder (the Qur’an)
    When it comes to them—
    And indeed it is a Book with authority—
  42. No falsehood accrues to it
    From before it or from behind it (at any time or place)—
    A Revelation from the Wise, Receiver of all Praise.
  43. What you are told is not
    But what has been told to Messengers before you.
    Indeed, your Rabb is
    The Owner of Forgiveness,
    And (at the same time) Lord of severe punishment.
  44. And if We had sent the Qur’an in a non-Arabic language,
    They would say: “Why were its Signs not described in detail?
    What? A non-Arabic (Book) and an Arab (Messenger)?”
    Say: “Those who have certainty of belief,
    For them there is guidance and intercession.
    And for those who disbelieve,
    There is deafness in their ears,
    And it is not visible to them—
    It is they who are (as if) called (to the truth)
    From a station far, far away.”
  45. And behold! We gave the Book to Moses,
    Then they disagreed about it;
    And were it not for a Word from your Rabb that had gone before,
    The matter would have been settled between them;
    Lo! They had indeed doubts—
    Doubts that cause distrust.
  46. Whoever performed righteous deeds,
    Did so for his own soul.
    And whoever did evil,
    It is upon him.
    And your Rabb does not commit
    The least excess on His servants.
  47. To Him returns the knowledge of the Moment—
    And not a fruit emerges from a sheath,
    Nor a female conceives or gives birth—
    Except with His knowledge.
    And the Day He will summon them:
    “Where are those who ascribed (partners with Me)?”
    They will say: “We do indeed submit to You that
    There is none among us who is a witness to it.”
  48. And absent from them will be what they used to invoke aforetime,
    And they will realize there is no escape for them.
  49. Humankind does not tire of asking for goodness,
    And if a difficulty overtakes him, he is in hopeless despair.
  50. And if We give them a taste of Our mercy,
    After a difficulty that has overtaken them,
    They do indeed say: “This is (because of) me!
    And I do not construe that the Moment (of Judgment) will come to pass,
    And if I am returned to My Rabb,
    Indeed, there is goodness for me with Him.”
    But We shall certainly inform the disbelievers of what they used to do;.
    And We shall assuredly let them taste a severe punishment.
  51. And when We send a bounty to the human,
    He excuses himself and turns away (from Allah).
    But when a difficulty overtakes him,
    Then, he becomes a supplicant with long supplications.
  52. Say: “Do you not see,
    If this (revelation) is from Allah,
    And then you reject it,
    Who is more lost than the one who is stubborn to the extreme?”
  53. Soon we shall show them Our Signs on the horizon
    And within themselves,
    Until it is clear to them that it is indeed the Truth.
    Is it not sufficient for your Rabb
    That He is witness over all affairs?
  54. No! They are in doubt about the meeting with their Rabb.
    Take heed! He does indeed surround all things!