Surah 42. Surah al Shura

Surah 42. Surah al  Shura (The Consultations)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. Ha, Meem
  2. A’een, Seen, Qaf
  3. That is how Revelation is sent down upon you,
    And upon those before you.
    Allah is He,
    The Mighty, the Wise.
  4. His is whatever is in the heavens and the earth,
    And He is, the Most High, the Greatest.
  5. The heavens are split (and are created) from above them (from a higher level of energy),
    And the angels recite the praise of their Rabb,
    And ask for forgiveness for those on earth.
    Hearken! Allah is indeed He,
    The Forgiver, the Merciful!
  6. Those who take as their protectors
    Other than He—
    Allah is the Guardian over them,
    And you are not the guard over them.
  7. And that is how We sent down the Revelation upon you—
    The Qur’an, in Arabic—
    So that you may warn the Mother of Cities (Mecca, the honored City)
    And those around it;
    And (so that) you warn them
    Of the Day of Gathering,
    About which there is no doubt—
    (A Day when) a group (of them will be) in the Garden,
    And a group in Hell.
  8. And if Allah had so willed it,
    He would indeed make them a single spiritual community,
    But He admits whom He will to His mercy,
    As for the transgressors—
    For them, there is no protector and no helper.
  9. What? They have taken as their protectors other than Him?
    Then, (know that) Allah is He Who is the Protector,
    And He it is who gives life to the dead,
    And He is all Powerful over all things.
  10. And whatever you disagree with therein,
    The judgment thereof is with Allah.
    That is Allah, My Rabb,
    I have placed my trust in Him,
    And to Him I turn.
  11. The primal Creator of the heavens and the earth—
    He has made for you spouses from among yourselves,
    And has made the cattle in pairs,
    And has spread you (over the earth),
    There is none like unto Him,
    And He is the Hearer, the Seer.
  12. His are the keys to the heavens and the earth,
    He increases the provision for whom He will,
    And reduces it (for whom He will);
    Indeed, He is the Knower of all things.
  13. Prescribed for you are the Commandments,
    (The same as) those prescribed for Noah,
    And which were revealed to you,
    And those that were prescribed for Abraham,
    And Moses, and Jesus:
    That you establish the Commandments (of Allah),
    And do not be divided therein.
    What you invite them to
    Appears difficult for those who associate partners with Allah.
    Allah brings closer to Himself who He wills,
    And guides towards Himself one who turns to Him.
  14. And they were not divided
    Except after the knowledge had come down to them,
    Out of rebellious envy between each other.
    And were it not for a Word that preceded them
    For a term determined by your Rabb,
    The matter between them would have been settled.
    And verily, those who were made inheritors of the Book after them
    Are indeed in suspicious doubt about it.
  15. So, invite (the disbelievers) to that (faith),
    And be steadfast in what you are commanded,
    And do not follow their desires,
    And say: “I believe in what is revealed from Allah in the Book,
    And I am commanded that I decide between you:
    Allah is our Rabb and your Rabb,
    Our deeds are for us and your deeds are for you;
    There is no argument between us and between you;
    Allah will gather us all together,
    And to Him is our destination.“
  16. And those who argue about Allah
    After He has been accepted (by the believers)—
    Their arguments are false before their Rabb,
    And upon them is (Allah’s) wrath,
    And for them is a severe punishment.
  17. Allah is He
    Who has sent down the Book and the Balance.
    And for what do you know,
    Perhaps, the Moment is near.
  18. Those who do not believe in it ask that you hasten it,
    While those who have certainty of faith are afraid thereof,
    And they know it is the Truth.
    Remember! Those who argue about the Moment
    Have strayed far, far away.
  19. Allah is subtle with His servants,
    He grants His bounties as He wills,
    And He is the Strong, the Mighty!
  20. Whoever asks for the harvest of the hereafter,
    We increase for him his harvest.
    And whoever asks for the harvest of this world,
    We give him some of it,
    But of the hereafter he has no portion.
  21. Are there any partners (with Allah) for them
    Who have prescribed for them
    A religion that has not been permitted by Allah?
    And if it were not for a Word determined,
    The judgment between them would be fulfilled,
    And indeed the transgressors—
    For them, there is a painful punishment.
  22. You shall see the transgressors afraid
    From what they have earned,
    And with what will happen to them.
    But those who have certainty of faith
    And perform righteous deeds,
    (Will be) surrounded by Gardens,
    For them will be whatever they desire from their Rabb—
    That is the bounty supreme!
  23. That is the joyous news
    Which Allah promises His servants—
    Those who believe with certainty
    And perform righteous deeds.
    Say: “I do not ask any recompense for it from you
    Except the love of kinship,
    And for one who earns goodness,
    Allah will increase the goodness for him,
    Indeed, Allah is the Forgiver, the Acceptor of gratitude.”
  24. What? Do they say that he has ascribed a lie to Allah?
    Then, if Allah so willed it,
    He would put a seal on your heart.
    But Allah takes away darkness,
    And establishes the Truth with His Words,
    Indeed, He knows the very essence of your hearts!
  25. And He it is
    Who accepts the repentance of His servants,
    And forgives the wrong doings,
    And He knows what you do.
  26. And He responds to those who have certainty of faith
    And perform righteous deeds,
    And He grants them increase from His bounty.
    As for the disbelievers—
    For them, there is intense punishment.
  27. And if Allah were to increase His provisions for His servants,
    They would be rebellious on earth.
    But He sends down (the provisions) in due measures
    As He wills.
    Indeed, He is all-Aware, the Seer
    Of His servants.
  28. And He it is
    Who sends down rain
    After they have lost hope,
    And spreads His mercy with it,
    And He is the Protector, the Receiver of all Praise.
  29. And of His Signs is that He created the heavens and the earth,
    And whatever of the moving creatures He has spread between them,
    And He is the Power
    (Who will) gather them all together as He wills.
  30. And whatever touches you of a disaster,
    It is because of what you earned with your own hands,
    And a great many He forgives.
  31. And you are not to frustrate (Allah) on earth,
    And there is no friend nor helper for you besides Allah.
  32. And of His Signs are the ships in the ocean
    (Floating) like mountains.
  33. If He so wills it,
    He would bring the winds to a halt.
    Then, they would remain motionless on the ocean crest.
    Indeed, in that assuredly are Signs for those who are patient, grateful—
  34. Whether He destroys them for what they have earned,
    Or forgives without limit.
  35. And let those who argue about Our Signs know—
    There is no (place to) escape for them.
  36. Then, what has been given to you from (material) things
    Is for benefit in the life of this world,
    But what is from Allah is better and everlasting
    For those who have certainty of faith
    And are trustful of their Rabb.
  37. Those who avoid the great sins and lewdness,
    And when they are angry, they forgive;
  38. And those who accept (the commands) of their Rabb,
    And establish prayer,
    And whose works are based on mutual consultations,
    And they set aside (in charity) from what We provide them;
  39. And those who protect (defend) themselves
    When an oppressive tribulation is imposed on them—
  40. But the recompense of an evil (a hurt) is a similar evil (a hurt)—
    But as for one who forgives and seeks reconciliation,
    Then, the reward for such is with Allah;
    Indeed He does not love the oppressors.
  41. And verily! (for) those who protect (help) themselves
    After oppression has been committed on them,
    Then, there is no blame upon them.
  42. Indeed, the blame is but with those
    Who oppress humankind,
    And are rebellious (against Allah’s commands) on earth, violating justice;
    It is they upon whom there is a painful punishment.
  43. And as for one who is patient and has forgiven,
    Indeed, that is an act of courage.
  44. And one whom Allah leads astray,
    Then, for such a one, there is no friend after it.
    And you shall see the transgressors,
    When they face the punishment,
    They will say: “Is there any way to turn back?”
  45. And you see them brought before it (the punishment),
    humbled, dishonored;
    They shall be looking with constrained, stealthy eyes,
    And those who have certainty of faith will say:
    “Indeed, lost are the ones who were lost themselves,
    And (misled) their kin on the Day of Judgment.”
    Hearken! Of a certainty, the transgressors shall be in eternal punishment!
  46. And there are no protectors for them except Allah,
    And for whom Allah leads astray, there is no way (to find the right way).
  47. Hearken to your Rabb before there comes the Day
    When there is none who can turn him back from Allah;
    That Day there shall be no refuge for you,
    And there shall be no denial (available) for you.
  48. Even so, if they excuse themselves (turn away from the Message),
    Then, We did not send you as a keeper over them.
    There is no (obligation) on you except to convey (the message).
    And indeed, when We give humankind a taste from Our mercy,
    They revel in it.
    And if a difficulty reaches them
    From what their own hands have sent forth before them,
    Then behold! the human is ungrateful.
  49. To Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth,
    He creates as He wills,
    He grants daughters as He wills,
    And grants sons as He wills.
  50. Or, He increases for them sons and daughters,
    But makes (some) barren as He wills.
    Indeed, He is the Knower, the Owner of all Power.
  51. And it is not (permissible) for a human
    That Allah should speak to him
    Except through revelation,
    Or from behind a curtain,
    Or that He sends a Messenger (an Angel)
    And he reveals by His permission, as He wills.
    Indeed, He is the Most High, the Wise.
  52. And that is how We sent you the Revelation,
    The Spirit (the angel Gabriel),
    By Our command.
    You were not aware what the Book was,
    Nor of faith.
    But We have made it the Light,
    With which We guide,
    Any of Our servants, as We will.
    And indeed, you do guide,
    Towards the path
    That is straight,
  53. The path of Allah
    To Whom belongs
    What is in the heavens
    And what is in the earth.
    Hearken! To Allah return all commands.