Surah 43. Surah al Zuqhruf

Surah 43. Surah al Zuqhruf  (The Ornaments)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. Ha  Meem
  2. By the Book, illuminated.
  3. Indeed, We have made it the Qur’an in Arabic,
    So that you may (comprehend it with) reason.
  4. And indeed it is with the Source Book,
    (Held in) high honor with Us,
    (Full of) wisdom.
  5. Should We then take away this Reminder from you,
    Seeing that you are a dissolute people?
  6. And how many of the Prophets did We send
    To earlier people?
  7. And there did not come any Prophet to them,
    Except that they mocked him.
  8. So We destroyed (civilizations) greater in power than they,
    And the (very) trace of earlier people has disappeared.
  9. And if you ask them:
    “Who created the heavens and the earth?”
    They will certainly say: “They were created
    By the Mighty, the Knower”
  10. He, who has made the earth for you a cradle,
    And has provided therein paths (to righteousness),
    So that you find guidance.
  11. It is He who sends down water from the heavens, in due measures,
    Then We give life to a dead land—
    That is how you shall be brought forth.
  12. It is He who created all the pairs (of creatures),
    And made for you ships,
    And domesticated animals which you ride;
  13. So that you sit on their backs,
    Then, when you sit astride them, you remember the bounties of your Rabb,
    And you say: “Glorified is He who has subjected these (animals) to us,
    As indeed we could not have subjugated them (by ourselves);
  14. And, of a certainty, we are bound to return to our Rabb.”
  15. Yet they have made partners for Him from My servants.
    Indeed, humankind is manifestly ungrateful.
  16. What? He has made daughters (for Himself) from what He has created?
    And favored you with sons?
  17. And when the good news (of a daughter) is given to any of them—
    Such as what he ascribes to the Most Compassionate–
    His face darkens, and he becomes angry.
  18. (And he exclaims) What! (should I have a daughter)
    One who is brought up as an ornament,
    And is not present in fighting?
  19. And they make the angels,
    –Those who serve Allah— female.
    Did you witness their creation?
    Right away, their witness shall be recorded,
    And they shall be interrogated (about it).
  20. And they say:” If the Most Compassionate so willed,
    We would not worship them.”
    They do not have any knowledge of that,
    They but speculate.
  21. Have We given them any Book before this (Book),
    And they are holding fast to it?
  22. No! They say:
    “We did indeed find our forefathers on (an old) religious path,
    And we follow their footsteps.”
  23. And that is how it was—
    We did not but send a Warner to a community before you,
    Except the well to do among them said:
    “Verily, we found our forefathers on a religious path,
    And we follow their footsteps.”
  24. Said (the Warner to the disbelievers):
    “Even if I bring you (better) guidance
    Than what you found with your forefathers?”
    They said: “Indeed, we would deny what is sent with you.”
  25. So We extracted retribution from them.
    And witness what was the end of those who were rejecters (of the Truth).
  26. And when Abraham said to his father and to his people:
    “Verily, I am uninterested in (worshipping) what you worship.
  27. Except Him who created me in the first place.
    And, He will, of a certainty, guide me.”
  28. And he said to them words that endure,
    So that his people may keep returning to them.
  29. No! I granted bounties to these people and to their forefathers,
    Until there came to them the Truth,
    And a Messenger, enlightened.
  30. But when the Truth came to them,
    They said: “This is sorcery,
    And we do indeed reject it.”
  31. And they said:
    “Why was this Qur’an not sent down to a great man from the two cities?”
  32. Do they divide up the mercy of their Rabb?
    (It is) We (who) divide up their livelihood between them in the life of this world,
    And We raise up in ranks some over the others,
    So that He may make some of them serve others.
    And the mercy of your Rabb is far better than what they horde.
  33. And were it not (for the risk)
    That humankind would become one (corrupt) community,
    We would build for those who deny the Most Compassionate,
    Their roofs from silver,
    And stairs leading up to them so they may climb up;
  34. And doors for their homes,
    And thrones so they may recline on them;
  35. And gold;
    But all of these are but possessions of the life of this world,
    And the hereafter in the presence of their Rabb
    Is for those who have certainty of faith.
  36. And whoever is forgetful of the remembrance of the Most Compassionate,
    We appoint a Satan for him,
    And he (Satan) becomes his companion.
  37. And they (Satans) do indeed obstruct them from the (right) path,
    While they (the forgetful ones) reckon (assume) that they are indeed rightly guided.
  38. Until, when they come to Us,
    He will say: “Woe unto me!
    (Let there be) a distance between me and you
    As much as the (distance between the) rising and setting of the sun;
    And how harmful is your companionship!”
  39. And not the least benefit will be for you,
    What you transgressed in,
    While you are assuredly in the midst of punishment.
  40. Will you then make the deaf hear,
    Or guide the blind,
    And one who is in obvious error?
  41. So, if We take you away (from this world)
    Then, of a certainty, We shall extract retribution from them.
  42. Or, if We show you what We have promised them,
    Then, of a certainty, We exercise Our power over them.
  43. So, you hold on firmly to the revelation that is given to you,
    Indeed, you are on the Straight Path.
  44. And indeed this is the Reminder for you and for your people,
    And soon you shall be asked about it.
  45. And ask (them):
    “Of the Messengers We sent before you,
    Did We prescribe
    That they take any other deity besides the Most Compassionate?”
  46. And behold! We sent Moses with Our Signs
    To the Pharaoh and his chieftains;
    And he said: “I am indeed a Messenger
    From the Rabb of all the worlds.”
  47. Then, when he came to them with Our Signs,
    They were amused (and laughed) at them.
  48. And We did not show them any Sign,
    Except that it was greater than the one before it.
    Then We seized them with the punishment
    So that they may return (to the right path).
  49. And they said: “O you of the sorcerers (Moses)!
    Pray for us with your Rabb,
    With the covenant (from your Rabb) that is with you.
    Assuredly, we will be among those who will receive guidance.”
  50. Then, when We lifted from them the punishment,
    They broke their covenant.
  51. And the Pharaoh called out to his people:
    “O my people!
    Is not the sovereignty over Egypt with me?
    And these streams flow underneath me,
    Do you not see?
  52. What! Am I superior or this lowly one (Moses),
    Who cannot speak clearly?
  53. Then, why are no golden bracelets given to him,
    Or the angels walk with him, humbly?”
  54. So, he fooled his people,
    And they followed him.
    Indeed they were a people
    Who break their covenants.
  55. And then, as they brought on Our wrath,
    We took retribution from them,
    And We drowned them, altogether.
  56. And We made them a people of the past,
    And an example for generations to come.
  57. And when We offer the example of (Jesus) the son of Mary,
    Your people immediately cry out (in protest).
  58. And they say: “Are our gods better or is he (Jesus)?”
    They raise not (the issue) with you except to argue.
    No! They are a people, belligerent.
  59. He (Jesus) was not but a servant to whom We granted Our Grace,
    And made him like the Prophets of Israel.
  60. And if it was Our will,
    We would have made angels from among you,
    And they would be your inheritors on earth.
  61. And indeed he (Jesus) is a Sign of the Moment (of Judgment).
    So do not be doubtful about it,
    And be obedient (to Allah)—
    This is the Straight Path.
  62. And let not Satan scuttle you (from the Straight Path);
    Indeed, he is a manifest enemy to you.
  63. And when there came Jesus with clear Signs, he said:
    “Behold! I have come to you with the wisdom,
    And a clarification for you of some (issues) about which you disagree.
    Therefore, be conscious of Allah, and be obedient (to Him).
  64. Indeed, Allah is He who is my Rabb and yours,
    So worship (and serve) Him—
    This is the Straight Path.“
  65. Then, the parties among them disagreed.
    So, woe to the transgressors,
    For the punishment (they will endure) on the Day of Distress.
  66. Are they only waiting  for the Moment
    That it should descend on them suddenly,
    While they perceive it not?
  67. That Day,
    Friends will be enemies of one another,
    Except those who have certainty of faith.
  68. (It will be said to them) “O my servants!
    There is no fear upon you this Day,
    And you shall not grieve.”
  69. Those who believed with certainty in Our Signs,
    And those who had surrendered (their will to Allah);
  70. (It will be said to them) “Enter the Garden,
    You and your spouses, cheerful.”
  71. They will be served on dishes of gold, and goblets,
    And in it, whatever they desire,
    And their sight will be replete with delight,
    And (it will be said to them):
    “You will dwell therein forever.
  72. And this is the Garden,
    Of which you are the inheritors,
    For what you used to do.
  73. There will be limitless fruits for you therein,
    Of which you eat.”
  74. Of a certainty, the guilty ones will be in the punishment of Hell,
    To dwell therein forever.
  75. (The punishment) shall not be lessened upon them,
    And they shall dwell therein, without hope.
  76. Lo! We did not wrong them,
    But they were the wrongdoers.
  77. And they will cry out:
    “O Malik! Let your Rabb give us death!”
    He will say: “You will indeed stay here forever.
  78. Behold! We came to you with the Truth!
    But most of you detested the Truth.”
  79. Have they agreed upon a plan?
    Then, indeed (be aware), We do the planning.
  80. Do they reckon that We do not hear their secrets,
    And their whispers?
    Indeed! And Our (angelic) messengers are with them, recording.
  81. Say: “If the Most Compassionate had a son,
    Then, I would indeed be (his) first worshiper.”
  82. Glorified is the Rabb  of the heavens and the earth,
    The Rabb of the Throne,
    (Far above is He of) what they ascribe to Him.
  83. So leave them to their vain talk and their play,
    Until they meet the Day they have been promised.
  84. And He it is Who is the God in the heavens,
    And God on earth,
    And He is the Wise, the Knower.
  85. And blessed is He,
    To Whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth,
    And what is between them,
    And with Him is the knowledge of the Moment,
    And to Him is your return.
  86. And there is no authority for intercession
    With those they invoke besides Him,
    Except those who bear witness to the Truth,
    And they are knowledgeable (of Allah’s mercy).
  87. And if you ask them who created them,
    They will indeed say: “Allah”.
    So, how they wander off with their speculations!
  88. And (therefore) his (the Messenger’s) supplication:
    “O my Rabb!
    Indeed, they are a people who will not believe.”
  89. So, bear with them, and say: “Peace!”
    Then, soon shall they know!