Surah 44. Surah al Dukhan

Surah 44. Surah al Dukhan (The Smoke)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. Ha  Meem
  2. By the Book, illuminated.
  3. We did indeed reveal it to you on a blessed night (Lailatul Qadr, the Night of Power).
    Indeed, We have been warning (about the Judgment Day)
  4. In it, every matter is sorted out with wisdom,
  5. As a command from Us.
    Verily, We have been sending Messengers,
  6. As a Mercy from your Rabb.
    Verily, He is the Hearer, the Knower,
  7. The Rabb of the heavens and the earth,
    And what is between them,
    If you would comprehend it with certainty.
  8. There is no God but He,
    He gives life and (He) gives death,
    Your Rabb and the Rabb of your earliest forefathers;
  9. But they occupy themselves with doubts.
  10. So, you wait for the Day,
    When the heavens shall bring forth a visible smoke—
  11. It will envelope humankind–
    That is the painful torment!
  12. (They will pray):
    “O our Rabb! Lift from us the torment,
    We do assuredly believe!”
  13. How else can they be warned,
    When there did come to them a manifest Messenger,
  14. And they turned away from him?
    And they said: “(He is) a mad man, coached!”
  15. Indeed, (when) We lift up some of the punishment,
    Verily, you relapse (into wrong doing).
  16. The Day when We seize you with the awesome seizure,
    Indeed, We shall be extracting retribution.
  17. And behold! We have tried before them the people of the Pharaoh,
    When there came to them a Messenger, blessed,
  18. (Demanding) that (you) let go my (people who are) servants of Allah;
    I am indeed a trusted Messenger for you;
  19. And that you do not defy Allah;
    Indeed, I have come to you with a manifest authority.
  20. And indeed, I seek refuge with my Rabb, and your Rabb,
    Lest you throw stones at me.
  21. And if you do not believe me,
    Then, stay separated from me (spiritually and physically).
  22. Then, he prayed to His Rabb:
    “Verily, these are a people, guilty (of oppression).”
  23. (Came the command from Allah)
    “Take My servants by night—
    And you will assuredly be pursued (by the Pharaoh)—
  24. And cross the sea that is (split and) stationary—
    Of a certainty, they are an army destined to drown.”
  25. How many gardens and springs have they left behind,
  26. And fields and magnificent homes,
  27. And bounties they enjoyed therein!
  28. That is how it was,
    And we made (other) people who came after them their inheritors.
  29. Then the heavens and the earth did not weep over them,
    Neither did they receive any respite.
  30. And of a certainty, We delivered the children of Israel
    From a humiliating ordeal,
  31. From the Pharaoh.
    Indeed, he stood out among those who exceed the limits.
  32. And verily, We preferred them (the children of Israel) over all people
    With (revealed) knowledge.
  33. And We gave them of Our Signs
    In which there was a manifest trial.
  34. Verily, these are the people who do indeed say:
  35. “There is not but our first death,
    And we will not be raised up again.”
  36. (And they say) “Then bring back our forefathers,
    If you are truthful.”
  37. Are they better, or, the people of Tubba?
    And those who (passed on) before them?
    We obliterated them,
    Indeed they were in the wrong.
  38. And We created not the heavens and the earth for amusement.
  39. We created them not except in Truth (justice),
    But most of them do not comprehend.
  40. Indeed, on the Judgment Day,
    The time for all of them will be fixed—
  41. The Day when a companion shall be of no benefit to his companion,
    And they shall not be helped—
  42. Except one upon whom Allah has mercy.
    Indeed, He is the Mighty, the Merciful.
  43. Indeed, the tree of Zaqqum,
  44. Shall be the food for the wrong doers—
  45. It will regurgitate in their stomachs like molten brass,
  46. Like boiling putrid fluid.
  47. (It will be said) “Seize him!
    And drag him to the interior of the Fire!
  48. Then pour over his head,
    From the torment of putrid fluid.
  49. Taste!
    Indeed, you (fancied that you) are the mighty, the honorable.
  50. This is indeed what you used to doubt.”
  51. Indeed, those with certainty of faith
    Shall be at the Station of Security,
  52. With gardens and fountains,
  53. Wearing fine silk and brocade,
    Facing each other;
  54. That is how it is!
    And We shall make for them companions pure,
    With eyes (reflecting Grace).
  55. They will ask therein for fruit of every kind,
    In tranquility.
  56. No death shall they taste therein except the first death.
    Lo! Allah has saved them from the punishment of Fire.
  57. The bounty of your Rabb—
    That is what the greatest triumph is!
  58. Then, it is not
    But that We made it (the Qur’an) easy for you in your tongue
    So that they are reminded.
  59. So, you wait!
    Verily, they too are waiting!