Surah 45. Surah al Jathiyah

Surah 45. Surah al Jathiyah (The Kneeling)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. Ha Meem
  2. A Book revealed,  from Allah,
    The Mighty, the Wise.
  3. Indeed, in the heavens and the earth,
    There are Signs for those who have certainty of faith.
  4. And in your creation,
    And in whichever of the animals He scatters (around the world),
    There are Signs for a people
    Who are certain (of their faith).
  5. And the contrast between the night and the day,
    And what Allah brings down from the heavens,
    Of provisions,
    And gives life to the earth after it is dead,
    And the movement of the winds,
    Are Signs for a people who (observe, analyze and) reason.
  6. These are the Signs of Allah,
    I recite to you in Truth,
    Then, what narration will they believe in
    After Allah and His Signs?
  7. Woe unto every wicked liar—
  8. He listens to the Signs of Allah as they are recited to him,
    Then stays adamant, arrogant,
    As if he did not hear them,
    So, give him the tidings of a painful doom.
  9. And when he comes across any of Our Signs,
    He takes them for mockery.
    It is they—
    For them, there is a disgraceful punishment.
  10. Facing them will be Hell.
    Of not the least benefit to them will be what they have earned,
    And not those whom they took besides Allah as their protectors,
    And for them will be a mighty punishment.
  11. This is the guidance—
    And those who reject the Signs of their Rabb,
    For them, there is torment from a fury, painful.
  12. Allah is He,
    Who made the ocean subject to you,
    So that the ships move thereon, by His command,
    So that you search for His bounties,
    And you are thankful.
  13. And He has placed under your authority
    What is in the heavens, and what is in the earth,
    All of it is from Him,
    Indeed, in that are Signs for a people who ponder.
  14. Say to those who have certainty of faith
    To forgive those who do not turn (with hope) towards the Days of Allah,
    So that He may pay back a people
    For what they were earning.
  15. He who does a righteous deed, it is for him;
    And he who does wrong, it is upon him.
    Then, to your Rabb shall you be returned.
  16. And behold! We granted the children of Israel the Book,
    And the Wisdom,
    And Prophethood,
    And bestowed on them were provisions pure (wholesome),
    And We granted them more favors than (We did for) all the worlds,
  17. And gave them clear Commandments.
    And what they disagreed about was not
    Except after the knowledge came to them,
    Out of excessive jealousy between each other.
    Verily, your Rabb will decide between them on the Judgment Day,
    In what they disagree (about).
  18. Then We gave you the Law by Our Command,
    (Admonishing) so follow it,
    And do not follow the desires of those who have no knowledge.
  19. Indeed, they will not be of the least benefit to you before Allah.
    And indeed the transgressors are protectors, one of the other,
    And Allah is the protector of those who are conscious of Him.
  20. These are insights for humankind,
    And guidance, and mercy,
    For a people who are certain (of their faith).
  21. Those who have performed evil deeds—
    Do they reckon that We will make them the equal
    Of those who believed with certainty and engaged in righteous deeds,
    In their lives and in their death?
    Flawed is what they decide.
  22. And Allah created the heavens and the earth with justice,
    So that every soul is rewarded what it earns,
    And they are not wronged.
  23. Do you not see,
    Whoever has made his desires his god,
    Allah has taken him away from knowledge,
    And sealed his hearing and his heart,
    And placed a curtain on his sight.
    So, who will guide him after Allah (has sealed his heart)?
    Will you then not remember?
  24. And they say: “There is nothing but the life of this world,
    We die and we live,
    And nothing kills us except (timeless) Time.”
    But they have no knowledge of it;
    They are but speculating.
  25. And when Our clear Signs are recited to them,
    Their argument is not but this:
    They say: “Bring back our forefathers if you are truthful!”
  26. Say: “Allah is He who gives you life,
    Then He gives you death,
    Then He will gather you all together
    On the Judgment Day—
    There is no doubt about it—
    But most among humankind do not know.
  27. And to Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth,
    And the Day when the Moment is established,
    On that day,
    Lost will be the wrong doers.
  28. And you shall see,
    Every community on its knees,
    Every community shall be called towards its Book,
    This Day shall you be paid back for what you did.
  29. This Book of Ours speaks to you in Truth;
    Indeed, what you used to do, We had it written down.
  30. So, those who have certainty of faith,
    And perform righteous deeds,
    Their Rabb will admit them to His mercy.
    That is what the manifest triumph is!
  31. As for those who reject the Truth,
    Were those not My Signs that were recited to you?
    And you were arrogant—
    Lo! You are a people, blameworthy.
  32. And when it was said (to you):
    “Indeed, the promise of Allah is true,
    And the Moment–there is no doubt about it.”
    You said: “We do not know what the Moment is.
    We surmise it is but a conjecture,
    And We are not convinced.“
  33. And opened for them will be the evils of what they used to do,
    And that which they used to mock, will overwhelm them.
  34. And it will be said to them:
    “This Day have We forgotten you,
    As you forgot your meeting (with Us) this Day,
    And your abode is the Fire,
    And for you there is no helper.
  35. This—
    Because you took the Signs of Allah for mockery,
    And the life of this world deceived you.”
    So this Day, they shall not be taken out of it (the Fire),
    Neither shall they be allowed to seek atonement.
  36. So, to Allah is all praise,
    The Rabb of the heavens and the Rabb of the earth,
    The Rabb of all the worlds.
  37. And to Him belongs the grandeur in the heavens and the earth,
    And He is the Mighty, the Wise.