Surah 46. Surah al Ahqaf

Surah 46. Surah al Ahqaf (The Sand Dunes)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. Ha Meem
  2. The revelation of this Book is
    From Allah, the Mighty, the Wise.
  3. We created not the heavens and the earth,
    And what is between them,
    Except in Truth (Justice),
    And for a time fixed.
    Those who disbelieve,
    Turn away from what they are warned.
  4. Say: “Do you see what they invoke besides Allah?
    Show me what they (the invoked deities) have created on earth;
    Or if there is a portion for them in (the creation of) the heavens.
    Bring me a book (that was revealed) before this Book,
    Or some imprint (reference) from (a book of) knowledge,
    If you are truthful.”
  5. And who is more misled than one
    Who calls on (deities) besides Allah—
    (Deities) who will not respond to him on the Judgment Day,
    And who are oblivious of his calls?
  6. And when humankind is gathered together,
    They (the deities) will be their adversaries,
    And will repudiate their worship.
  7. And when Our clear Signs are recited to them,
    Those who disbelieve say
    When (the Truth) reaches them:
    “This is evident sorcery!”
  8. Do they say: “He made it up?”
    Say: “If I have made it up,
    Then, you are not in the least responsible for me before Allah.
    He is in the know about what you concoct therein.
    Allah is sufficient as a witness between me and you,
    And He is the Forgiver, the Merciful.”
  9. Say: “I am not new among the Messengers,
    And I do not know what will be done with me or with you.
    I follow not but what is revealed to me,
    And I am not but a clear Warner.”
  10. Say: “Will you not consider
    If it (the Qur’an) is from Allah while you cover it up (deny it)?
    Indeed, a witness from the children of Israel bore witness
    Upon a similar (Book),
    And he believed.
    But you are arrogant.
    Verily, Allah does not guide the transgressors.
  11. And the disbelievers said about those who believe with certainty:
    “If it (the Qur’an) was so good, they would not have accepted it before we did.”
    And since they were not guided by it,
    They said: “This is an ancient made up story!”
  12. And before this (Book),
    The Book of Moses was a guide and a mercy;
    And this Book confirms it in the Arabic language,
    So that the transgressors are admonished,
    And those who excel (in their beautiful deeds) are given glad tidings.
  13. Verily, those who say: “Our Rabb is Allah,”
    And are steadfast on it,
    Then, upon them there is no fear,
    And they shall not grieve.
  14. Such are the ones who are companions of the Garden,
    They shall dwell therein forever—
    A recompense for what they used to do.
  15. And We have commanded humankind to be kind to their parents—
    His mother carries him in hardship,
    And gives birth to him in pain,
    And his bearing and weaning are thirty months.
    Then, as he attains the fullness of youth,
    And reaches the age of forty,
    He says: “O my Rabb!
    Give me guidance so that I thank you for Your favors,
    Which You have bestowed upon me, and upon my parents,
    So that I perform virtuous deeds which earn Your pleasure,
    And grant me children who are righteous.
    I do indeed seek Your forgiveness,
    And I am indeed among those who submit to You.”
  16. Such are the ones from whom We accept,
    The finest of what they do,
    And overlook their wrong doings,
    (Such are) the companions of the Garden—
    (This is) a promise true,
    Which they have been promised.
  17. And one who says to his parents:
    “Fie on you! Are you promising me that I will be brought back
    When so many generations have passed on before me?”
    And they both beseech Allah,
    And say to him: “We feel sorry for you!
    Indeed, the promise of Allah is true!”
    But he will say:
    “These are not but stories of the ancients.”
  18. Such are the ones on whom the Word shall prove true,
    (As it was ) with the communities of jinns and humans
    Gone before them.
    Indeed, they are lost.
  19. And to each is a rank in accordance with what he does,
    So that He may complete for them (the recompense) for their deeds,
    And they shall not be wronged.
  20. And the Day the disbelievers are brought before the Fire,
    (it will be said to them) you have used up
    The good things of the life of the world,
    And you took advantage of them,
    So this Day you shall be avenged with a dishonorable torment
    For what you were unjustly arrogant about
    (While you were) on earth,
    And what you used to flaunt.
  21. And recall the brother of (the tribe of) A’ad,
    When He warned his people in Ahqaf—
    And verily, Warners have passed away before it and after it—
    (warning) “Do not worship (serve) none but Allah.
    I do indeed fear for you the punishment
    Of the horrendous Day.”
  22. They said: “Have you come to us
    So that you turn us away from our gods?
    Then bring to us what you promise us,
    If you are among the truthful.”
  23. He said: “Verily, the knowledge of it is with Allah,
    And I bring to you what is sent down to me from it,
    But I see that you are an ignorant people.”
  24. Then,
    When they saw a cloud moving steadily towards their valleys,
    They said: “This cloud will bring us rain.”
    No! This is what you were in a hurry for—
    In it was a (violent) wind, a painful punishment,
  25. Destroying everything by command of its Rabb.
    Then, they found they could see nothing except their (destroyed) homes—
    That is how We recompense a people who are guilty.
  26. And behold! We had established them (in their land) in a way,
    That We have not established you here (in your land);
    And We provided them hearing and sight and hearts.
    But their hearing did not benefit them,
    Nor did their sight,
    And not their hearts, in the least,
    Since they rejected the Signs of Allah,
    And what they used to mock at,
    Overwhelmed them.
  27. And behold! We destroyed the townships around you,
    And We showed Our Signs again and again,
    So that they return (to the right path).
  28. Then, why did not those
    Whom they had taken besides Allah as their gods,
    So as to get close to Him,
    Help them?
    No! They disappeared from them,
    And that was their falsehood,
    As they used to speculate.
  29. And when We brought a party of jinns back to you,
    (So that ) they listened to the Qur’an.
    And, when they presented themselves,
    They said (to each other): “Be silent (and attentive),
    Then, when it (the recitation) was completed,
    And they returned to their people,
    As admonishers,
  30. They said: “O our people!
    Indeed, we have heard a Book,
    Revealed after Moses,
    Confirming that which came before it,
    (It invites) to the Truth,
    And to a straight path.”
  31. “O our people!
    Respond to him who invites you towards Allah,
    And have certainty of faith,
    He (Allah) will forgive you for your wrong doings,
    And give you protection from a painful punishment.”
  32. And one who does not respond
    To the Caller towards Allah,
    Then, (be warned that) he is not to frustrate (Allah’s plans) on earth,
    And there is no protector for him besides Allah—
    Such are those who are in obvious error.
  33. Do they not see that Allah is indeed He
    Who has created the heavens and the earth,
    And He does not tire of it?
    He has the power to give life to the dead.
    Yes indeed! He has power over everything!
  34. And the Day when the disbelievers are presented before the Fire,
    (They will be asked) “Is this not the Truth?”
    They will say: “Yes, by our Rabb!”
    He will say: “Taste then the punishment
    Because of what you used to deny.”
  35. Be patient, then,
    As were the (earlier) Messengers, with resolve,
    And do not be in haste about them.
    On the Day when they will assuredly see
    What they were promised,
    (It will seem to them as if) they did not tarry forth but a portion of the night.
    Convey (the message): “Shall a people be destroyed,
    Except those who break their covenant (with Allah).”