Surah 47. Surah Muhammad

Surah 47. Surah Muhammad

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. Those who disbelieve
    And obstruct (others) from the path of Allah—
    Their deeds are wasted.
  2. And those who have certainty of faith,
    And perform righteous deeds,
    And believe with certainty in what is revealed to Muhammed—
    And that is the Truth from their Rabb—
    Their wrong doings are covered up,
    And their situation is set right.
  3. That is because those who disbelieve do indeed follow falsehood,
    And those who believe with certainty do indeed follow the Truth from their Rabb.
    That is how Allah brings forth parables for humankind.
  4. So, if you meet the disbelievers (in a defensive battle),
    Smite their necks,
    Until you have subdued them,
    Then reinforce their chains.
    After it, release them (as goodwill) without ransom,
    Or with ransom,
    Until the fighters have put down their weapons (and the war is over).
    That is (the command of Allah)!
    And if Allah had willed it, He would certainly take revenge,
    But He wants to test some of you with the others.
    As for those who are slain in the way of Allah,
    He does not cause their deeds to go to waste.
  5. Soon will He guide them (unto Himself),
    And bring peace to their circumstances,
  6. And He will admit them to the Garden,
    Of which He gives them knowledge (and vision).
  7. O you who have certainty of faith,
    If you help Allah, He will help you,
    And He will strengthen your stand.
  8. As for the disbelievers,
    There is ruin,
    And their deeds are a waste.
  9. That because they did indeed show disdain
    To what is revealed from Allah,
    So (Allah) made their deeds futile.
  10. Do they not travel through the earth,
    And see what was the end of those before them?
    Allah destroyed them,
    And for the disbelievers (is a doom) similar to it.
  11. That because Allah is the Protector of those
    Who have certainty of faith,
    And because the disbelievers—
    There is no protector for them.
  12. Indeed, Allah will admit those who have certainty of faith,
    And perform righteous deeds,
    (Into) Gardens beneath which flow rivers (of Divine Grace).
    And the disbelievers,
    They revel (in the life of this world),
    And they eat as the animals eat,
    And their destination is the Fire.
  13. And how many cities were there,
    Which were more powerful than your city
    From which you were driven out (Mecca)?
    We destroyed them,
    And there was none to help them.
  14. Then, is one who is on the illuminated path from his Rabb,
    Similar to the one for whom his misdeeds are his decoration,
    And they follow their desires?
  15. The parable of the Garden which is promised to those
    Who are conscious of Allah is this:
    In it there are streams of water that do not become stale;
    And streams of milk that does not change its taste;
    And streams of drinks (of Divine love), sweet tasting for those who drink;
    And streams of purified honey;
    And therein are fruits of every kind for them,
    And the forgiveness from their Rabb.
    (Is one like this the ) like (of) one who dwells forever in the Fire,
    And is made to drink boiling putrid water,
    And it cuts his guts (into pieces)?
  16. And among them is one who hears you,
    Until he departs from your presence,
    (And) says to those who possess knowledge:
    “What did he just say?”
    Such are the ones upon whose hearts Allah has put a seal,
    And they follow their (own) desires.
  17. And those who receive guidance,
    Their guidance is increased,
    And they are granted consciousness of Divine presence.
  18. So, do they wait for anything but that the Moment (of Judgment)
    Should overtake them with suddenness?
    Then, verily, its Signs have (already) appeared,
    And how can there be a warning for them
    When it (the Moment) has already overtaken them?
  19. Therefore, know that there is no god but Allah,
    And ask forgiveness for your wrong doings,
    As well as for the believers, men and women.
    Indeed, Allah knows where you walk and where you live.
  20. And the believers say:
    “Why is a Sign not sent down?”
    Then, when a clear Sign is sent down,
    And it has in it a mention of fighting,
    You see those in whose hearts is a disease,
    Look at you with eyes of one in the torpor of death.
    Thereafter, dire (is the consequence) for them!
  21. Obedience and a noble response (is more appropriate).
    And when a firm decision is taken,
    Then, if they remain true to Allah,
    That is certainly better for them.
  22. Is it possible that if you are given the authority,
    After turning away (from Allah),
    You will spread mischief in the land,
    And break your bonds with your kin?
  23. Such are those upon whom is the denunciation from Allah,
    So He has made them deaf,
    And has blinded their eyes.
  24. Do they not ponder over the Qur’an,
    Or, are there locks upon their hearts?
  25. Indeed, those who have turned back,
    After the guidance is made evident to them—
    Satan has adorned them,
    And (Allah) has given them latitude (so that they realize their folly).
  26. That is so,
    Because they did say
    To those who detested the revelation from Allah:
    “Soon we will accommodate you in some matters.”
    But Allah knows their secrets.
  27. Then how (will they feel)
    When the angels take their lives,
    (And)  beat their faces and their backs?
  28. That because they followed what was displeasing to Allah,
    And they detested what was pleasing to Him,
    So He made their deeds fruitless.
  29. Do those in whose hearts is a disease reckon
    That Allah will not bring to light their wicked dispositions?
  30. And if We so will it,
    We will show them to you,
    Then you will recognize them,
    By their aura,
    And you will certainly recognize them
    By the tone of their speech;
    And Allah does know your deeds.
  31. And We shall definitely test you,
    Until We sort out
    Who among you struggle,
    And persevere,
    And We sort out,
    Your (inner) caliber.
  32. Indeed those who disbelieve,
    And obstruct from the path of Allah,
    And those who oppose the Messenger
    After the guidance is clearly shown to them—
    They cannot in the least foil Allah,
    And soon will their deeds be made futile.
  33. O you who have certainty of faith!
    Obey Allah and obey the Messenger,
    And do not make your deeds futile.
  34. Indeed those who disbelieve,
    And obstruct from the path of Allah,
    And then die, and they are disbelievers,
    Then, Allah will not forgive them.
  35. So, do not be disheartened and sue for peace,
    And you shall prevail,
    Indeed Allah is with you,
    And does not overlook your deeds.
  36. Indeed, the life of this world is but play and diversion,
    And if you believe, and are conscious of Allah,
    He will reward you,
    And will not ask you for your wealth.
  37. If He were to ask you for it,
    You would be tightfisted,
    And it will bring out your antagonism.
  38. O you! Such as you are!
    You are called to set aside (give charity) in the way of Allah,
    But among you are some who are stingy,
    And one who is stingy, is indeed not stingy but with his own soul.
    Indeed Allah is rich and you are poor,
    And if you turn away,
    He will exchange you for another people,
    And they will not be the like of you.