Surah 48. Surah al Fath (The Victory)

Surah 48. Surah al Fath (The Victory)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. Indeed We have opened for you a manifest opening,
  2. So that Allah may forgive you for your past wrong doings
    And (the wrong doings) in the future,
    And complete upon you His favors,
    And guide you towards the Straight Path,
  3. And (so that) Allah may support you with a great support.
  4. He it is who gives tranquility to the hearts of the believers,
    So that He may reinforce your faith with more faith.
    And to Allah belong the forces of the heavens and the earth,
    Lo! Allah is He, the Knower, the Wise!
  5. So that He may admit those with certainty of faith, men and women,
    Into Gardens beneath which flow rivers (of Divine Grace),
    To dwell therein forever,
    And so that He may cover up their wrong doings—
    And that is a great triumph with Allah.
  6. And so that He may punish the hypocrites, men and women,
    And those who associate gods with God, men and women—
    Those who distrust Allah with malevolent distrust—
    They are encapsulated by evil,
    And the wrath of Allah is upon them,
    And His denunciation.
    And Hell has been prepared for them,
    And that is a woeful destination.
  7. And to Allah belong the forces of the heavens and the earth,
    Lo! Allah is He, the Mighty, the Wise.
  8. Verily! We have sent you as the Witness,
    And a giver of glad tidings,
    And a Warner,
  9. So that you have certainty of faith in Allah and His Messenger,
    And you help him,
    And honor him,
    And glorify Him (Allah), morning and evening.
  10. Indeed those who make a covenant with you,
    Verily, they do not make a covenant but with Allah,
    The grasp of Allah is on their hand.
    Then, one who breaks the covenant,
    He breaks it with his own soul.
    And, for one who keeps his covenant,
    Then, Allah will grant him a great reward.
  11. Soon the Bedouins who stayed behind will say to you:
    “Our wealth kept us busy,
    As did our households,
    So ask (Allah) for our forgiveness.”
    They speak with their tongues,
    It is not from their hearts (that they speak).
    Say: “Who then has any authority for you before Allah?
    If He so wills, (there is) loss for you,
    Or, if He so wills, (there is) benefit for you.
    No! Allah is well aware of what you do!
  12. No! You surmised that the Messenger and the believers
    Will never return to their households.
    And your hearts were exultant with that (thought).
    But what you thought was evil,
    And you are a people marked for extinction.”
  13. As for one who does not believe in Allah and His Messenger,
    Indeed, We have prepared a blazing fire for the disbelievers.
  14. And to Allah belongs the sovereignty of the heavens and the earth,
    He forgives whom He will,
    And punishes whom He will,
    And Allah is He, the Forgiver, the Merciful.
  15. As soon as you set forth to claim the booty of war,
    Those who stayed behind will say:
    “Permit us to follow you.”
    They desire to change the Word of Allah.
    Say: “You shall never follow us,
    Thus has Allah commanded beforehand.”
    Then, they will say:
    “No! You resent us.”
    No! They understand but little.
  16. Say to those who stayed behind from among the Bedouins:
    “You will soon be called against a people who are mighty in war.
    You fight them or they surrender to Allah.
    So, if you obey,
    Allah will give you a beautiful reward.
    But if you turn away, as you turned away in the past,
    He will inflict on you a painful punishment.”
  17. There is no blame on the blind,
    Nor is there a blame on the lame,
    And no blame on the sick.
    And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger,
    He will admit him to Gardens
    Beneath which flow streams (of Divine Grace).
    But whoever turns away,
    He will punish him with a painful punishment.
  18. Verily, Allah was pleased with the believers,
    When they made a covenant with you under the tree,
    And He knew what was in their hearts,
    So He brought on them tranquility,
    And rewarded them
    With an immediate opening (of their hearts),
  19. And gave them an unlimited bounty (of Grace),
    Which they took away—
    Lo! Allah is the Mighty, the Wise.
  20. And Allah promised you unlimited bounties (of Divine Grace),
    He gave them to you immediately,
    So that you partake of them,
    And He restrained the hands of men against you,
    So that it may become a Sign for the believers,
    And (so that) He may guide you towards the Straight Path.
  21. And there is another (a higher secret) that you have not yet achieved,
    Verily, Allah has kept it wrapped up (beyond your perception).
    Lo! Allah has power over all things!
  22. Lo! If those who have no faith fight you,
    They will indeed turn their backs,
    Then, they will find no protector,
    And no helper.
  23. This is the way of Allah that has transpired before you,
    And never shall the way of Allah be altered.
  24. And He it is who stopped their hands against you,
    And your hands against them,
    In the valley of Mecca,
    After He had made you triumph over them,
    And Allah is the Seer of what you do.
  25. They were the disbelievers
    Who had stopped (prevented) you from the Sanctified Mosque,
    And had prevented your offerings
    From reaching their destination.
    And were it not
    For (the presence of) some believing men and believing women (in the City)—
    Whom you would have trampled unknowingly,
    And you would be held responsible unknowingly (for their death)—
    (You were prevented from charging the City)
    So that Allah may admit
    (the believing) to His mercy as He will.
    Had they (the believing) been separate,
    We would have punished
    The disbelieving among them,
    With a painful punishment.
  26. When the disbelievers were stubborn in their hearts—
    (Which was) the stubbornness of ignorance—
    Then, Allah sent down tranquility upon the Messenger and upon the believers,
    And infused in them the Word of Allah-consciousness—
    And they were worthy of it and deserved it—
    Lo! Allah is the Knower of all things.
  27. Verily, Allah has fulfilled the vision of His Messenger as true,
    So that you enter the Sanctified Mosque as Allah wills—in peace—
    With your head shaved or (the hair) partially cut.
    And He has known what you do not know,
    And besides gave you an opening (of heart),
    (that brings you) close (to Him).
  28. He it is Who has sent His Messenger
    With guidance and the Command of Truth,
    So that He may make it stand out over all other Commands,
    And Allah is sufficient as a witness.
  29. Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah,
    And those who are with him are firm against the disbelievers,
    And merciful between themselves.
    You will see them bowing, prostrating,
    Searching for the bounties of Allah and His pleasure.
    Their sign is on their existence (their foreheads)
    From the imprint of prostration.
    That is as they are (allegorically) described in the Torah,
    And as they are (allegorically) described in the Gospel:
    As if there is a field,
    It brings forth the blades (of new growth),
    Then they strengthen,
    Then become thicker,
    Then are held up on their stalks,
    To the wonder (delight) of the farmers,
    So that the disbelievers are distraught from them.
    (Such is) the promise of Allah
    For those who have certainty of belief,
    And perform righteous deeds,
    For them there is forgiveness,
    And a great reward.