Surah 49. Surah al Hujurat (The Private Chambers)

Surah 49. Surah al Hujurat (The Private Chambers)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. O you who have certainty of faith!
    Do not overstep (the commands of)
    Allah and His Messenger;
    And be conscious of Allah;
    Indeed, Allah is the Hearer, the Knower.
  2. O you who have certainty of faith!
    Do not raise your voices over the voice of the Prophet,
    And do not speak loudly in his presence,
    Like the loud voice (you use) between one another,
    Lest your deeds be in vain
    And you are unaware of it.
  3. Indeed, those who lower their voice in the presence of the Messenger,
    They are the ones whose hearts Allah has tested for Allah-consciousness,
    For them there is forgiveness and a reward supreme.
  4. Indeed those who shout for you from outside the private chambers,
    Most of them are not sensible.
  5. And if they were patient until you come out and meet them,
    It would be more appropriate for them.
    Indeed, Allah is the Forgiver, the Merciful.
  6. O you who have certainty of faith!
    When there comes to you an insinuating person,
    Investigate, so that you may not cause harm to a people in your ignorance,
    And then be remorseful about what you have done.
  7. And know that  the Messenger is in your midst,
    If he were to follow you on most matters, you would be doomed.
    But Allah has granted you the love of faith,
    And He has adorned your hearts,
    And He has made unbelief repulsive to you,
    And rebellion (against Allah’s commands) and disobedience;
    Such are the ones who find guidance.
  8. (Such is) the bounty from Allah, and His mercy.
    And Allah is the Knower, the Wise.
  9. And if two groups from among the believers fight,
    Then, make peace between them.
    And thereafter, if one of them commits an excess on the other,
    Then fight the violator until he returns to the command of Allah.
    And if he then returns,
    Then make peace between them with justice,
    And be equitable.
    Indeed, Allah loves those who are equitable.
  10. Those who have certainty of faith
    Are not but brothers (and sisters) one to the other,
    So make peace between your brothers (and sisters),
    And be conscious of Allah,
    So that you receive (Divine) mercy.
  11. O you who have certainty of faith!
    Let not one group make fun of another.
    Would it be surprising that they are better than themselves?
    And (let not one group of) women (make fun of) another (group).
    Would it be surprising that they are better than themselves?
    And do not slander one another,
    And do not torment each other with insulting names,
    A bad name is a break (from belief) after belief,
    And those who do not desist,
    Then such are the ones who are transgressors.
  12. O you who have certainty of faith!
    Always avoid suspicion,
    Indeed some suspicions are a sin,
    And do not look for (each other’s shortcomings),
    And do not backbite against each other,
    Would any of you like to eat the dead flesh of his brother?
    You would indeed detest it.
    And be conscious of Allah,
    Indeed Allah is He, the Forgiver, the Merciful.
  13. O humankind!
    We did indeed create you from a male and a female,
    And made you into groups and tribes (of lineage),
    So that you recognize each other.
    Indeed the most honorable before Allah is the most Allah-conscious among you.
    Indeed Allah is He, the Knower, the Aware.
  14. The Bedouins say: “We believe!”
    Say: “You do not (yet) believe with certainty,
    Rather you say that we surrender (to Allah),
    But belief has not yet entered into your hearts.
    And if you obey Allah and His Messenger,
    No reduction shall you have in your deeds.
    Indeed Allah is the Forgiver, the Merciful.
  15. Indeed, the believers are not but those
    Who believe in Allah and His Messenger,
    And then never had doubts,
    And struggle with their wealth and their souls
    In the path of Allah
    Such are the ones who are true (to Allah).
  16. Say: “Do you flaunt your religion before Allah?”
    By Allah, He knows what is in the heavens and in the earth—
    By Allah, He is the Knower of all things!
  17. (They think) they did you a favor accepting Islam (surrendering to Allah);
    Say: “It is not a favor upon me that you entered Islam,
    But it is Allah who has done you a favor
    In guiding you towards faith—
    If you are honest.
  18. Indeed Allah knows what is beyond your perception
    In the heavens and the earth,
    And by Allah! He the Seer of what you are doing.