Surah 50. Surah Qaf

Surah 50. Surah Qaf

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. Qaf
    By the Glorious Qur’an.
  2. No! They are surprised
    That a Warner has come to them from among themselves.
    So, the disbelievers say: “This is a strange matter!
  3. What? When we are dead and have become dust,
    We will then return?
    This is farfetched.”
  4. Verily, We know
    What the earth takes away from them (from their dead bodies),
    And with Us is a record, preserved.
  5. But they rejected the Truth when it came to them,
    So they are embroiled in confusion.
  6. Do they not look at the sky above them—
    How We have made it,
    And how We have decorated it,
    And that there is no defect in it?
  7. And the earth We have spread out,
    And planted mountains therein,
    And grow every kind of flora therein,
  8. A demonstration,
    And a reminder,
    For every servant who turns (to Us).
  9. And We brought down water from the heavens—
    A blessing—
    And grow therewith gardens,
    And grain to harvest;
  10. And tall date palms,
    Their clusters full (of dates);
  11. A provision for His servants,
    And We gave life therewith to a land that was dead—
    That is how they will be resurrected.
  12. The people of Noah rejected (Our Signs),
    And the people of Rass, and Thamud,
  13. And A’ad, and the Pharaoh,
    And the brothers of Lot,
  14. And the dwellers of Aika (who lived in the woods of Midian),
    And the people of Tubba—
    All of them rejected the Messengers,
    So the promise (of doom) came true (upon them).
  15. Have We tired of creation the first time?
    No! It is they who are in doubt of a new creation.
  16. And behold! We created the human,
    And We know what whisperings there are in his soul,
    And We are closer to him than his jugular vein.
  17. When the writers (the angels) write,
    Seated on the right and on the left,
  18. Not a word does he say,
    But there is a close one, ready (to record), next to him.
  19. And there arrives the stupor of death, with the truth—
    That is what you used to look away from.
  20. And the trumpet shall be blown,
    That is the Promised Day.
  21. And there shall come forth every soul,
    With one (angel) to drive it and one to bear witness.
  22. Truly, you were neglectful of this,
    And We have removed your curtain,
    So this Day, your sight is sharp.
  23. And his companion (angel) will say:
    “Here is what is (the record) with me.”
  24. (They will be told):
    “Throw into Hell every disbelieving rebel,
  25. One who forbade charity,
    Violating all bounds, planting doubts,
  26. Who set up another god with Allah”.
    So the two of them toss him into an intense punishment.
  27. His companion (angel) will say:
    “Our Rabb! I did not make him a rebel,
    But he was far astray on the wrong path.”
  28. He (Allah) will say:
    “Argue not before Me!
    And verily, gone before you was My warning (of punishment).
  29. With Me, the Word does not change,
    And I am not unjust to My servants.”
  30. The Day when We say to Hell:
    “Are you filled up?
    And it will say: ‘Are there any more?’”
  31. And the Garden shall be brought near the Allah-conscious—
    Not far away—
  32. This is what was promised to you,
    For anyone who turned (to Us), and guarded (his soul from wrong doing),
  33. Who feared the Most Compassionate in secret,
    And came with a heart that turns (towards Us).
  34. Enter therein in peace!
    That is the Day, everlasting.
  35. In it, there shall be whatever they wish,
    And more shall be added from Us.
  36. And how many communities (civilizations) have We destroyed before them,
    They were stronger than them in their reach,
    Then they destroyed the (their own) land.
    Can there be an escape (from the consequence of their evil deeds)?
  37. Verily, in that is a reminder for one who is endowed with a heart,
    Or one who listens, and is a witness.
  38. And truly, We created the heavens and the earth,
    And what is between them in six measures of time,
    And We were not touched by any fatigue.
  39. Be patient then with what they say,
    And glorify the praise of your Rabb before sunrise,
    And before sunset,
  40. And at night, after prostration.
  41. And listen! The Day when the Caller shall call from a place near,
  42. The Day when they shall listen to the trumpet in truth,
    That is the Day of Resurrection.
  43. Indeed, We give life, and We give death,
    And to Us is the return.
  44. The Day when the earth shall split open from them,
    (They shall come forth) in haste,
    That Day of Gathering is easy for Us.
  45. We know what they are saying,
    And you are not one to compel them;
    So admonish with the Qur’an,
    One who is fearful of My Warning.