Surah 51. Surah al Dhariyah (The Scattering Winds)

Surah 51. Surah al Dhariyah (The Scattering Winds)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. By the scattering winds, as they scatter,
  2. And those that carry the burden (weight of water),
  3. And those that blow gently.
  4. And those that distribute (the rain) by (His) command,
  5. Indeed, what you are promised is not but true,
  6. And indeed, the command shall come to pass.
  7. By the heavens and the inherent nature of their paths,
  8. Indeed, you are of different opinions,
  9. One, who is turned away from it, turns away.
  10. The speculators have been vanquished—
  11. They who were heedless and forgetful,
  12. They who ask: “When will the Judgment Day be?”
  13. The Day when they shall fall into the Fire,
    In complete disarray,
  14. It will be said to them:
    “Taste (the punishment of) your mischief (sowing division and rancor)—
    This is what you were in a hurry for.
  15. Verily, the Allah-conscious will be in Gardens and springs,
  16. Receiving what their Rabb grants them—
    They were indeed doers of good deeds before that.
  17. They did not sleep but little at night,
  18. And they were asking for forgiveness by the dawn,
  19. And with their wealth,
    (They gave) what was due to those who ask,
    And those who could not ask.
  20. And there are Signs on the earth for those who are certain (of their faith),
  21. And in their own souls;
    Will you then not see them?
  22. And in the heavens are your provisions,
    And what you have been promised.
  23. So, by the Rabb of the heavens and the earth!
    You are indeed on the Truth
    Just as what you can indeed speak to each other.
  24. Have the tidings reached you
    Of the honored guests of Abraham?
  25. When they came to him,
    They said: “Peace be with you!”
    He said: “Peace be with you!”
    (Thinking that they were) a people not familiar.
  26. Then he turned to his wife,
    And brought a hearty (roasted) calf,
  27. Then he placed it before them.
    (When they did not eat) he said:
    “Will you not eat?”
  28. And he felt fearful of them.
    They said: “Do not fear!”
    And gave him the glad tidings
    Of a son, endowed with (inner) knowledge.
  29. Then his wife came forward in wonderment,
    And placed her hand on her face,
    And she said: “(I am) an old, barren lady.”
  30. They said: “That is how it is!
    Your Rabb has thus ordained.
    Indeed, He is the Wise, the Knower.“
  31. He said: “O (angel) Messengers!
    What then is your mission?”
  32. They said:
    “Indeed, we have been sent to a sinful people,
  33. So that we bring down upon them,
    Stones of (hardened) clay.
  34. Marked by your Rabb
    For a people who are profligate.”
  35. Then We brought out from there
    Those who had certainty of faith.
  36. And We found therein
    None who had surrendered (his own self to Allah)
    Except one.
  37. And We left in this a Sign
    For those who fear a painful chastisement.
  38. And with Moses–
    When We sent him to the Pharaoh with a manifest authority.
  39. But he turned away with his chieftains,
    And called (Moses) a magician and a madman.
  40. So We seized him and his armies,
    And We drowned them in the sea,
    And he was to blame (for what happened).
  41. And with A’ad—
    When We sent upon them a destructive wind,
  42. It did not leave anything it came in contact with,
    Except that it made it like decayed bones.
  43. And with Thamud—
    When it was said to them:
    “Indulge yourselves for a time.”
  44. Then, they violated the command of their Rabb,
    So, they were seized by thunder,
    And they witnessed it.
  45. They had no ability to stand,
    And they could not be helpers (of one another).
  46. And the people of Noah before it—
    They were indeed a people
    Who had broken their covenant (with Allah).
  47. And the heavens We have made
    With Our own Power,
    And indeed, it is We who expand it.
  48. And the earth, We have laid it out,
    And We are bountiful in Our layout,
  49. And We have created everything in pairs,
    So that you are reminded.
  50. Therefore, hasten towards Allah!
    Indeed, I am for you
    A manifest Warner from Him.
  51. And do not make up any other god besides Allah,
    Indeed, I am for you
    A manifest Warner from Him.
  52. That is how—
    There did not come any
    From among the Messengers before them,
    But they called him a magician and a madman.
  53. And have they passed on instructions to each other about this?
    No! They are a people, rebellious.
  54. So, turn away from them,
    And you are not to blame for it.
  55. And remind (remember)!
    For indeed reminding (remembrance) is of benefit
    To those who have certainty of faith.
  56. And I did not create the jinns and men
    Except that they worship (serve) Me.
  57. I do not seek any sustenance from them,
    And I do not ask that they feed Me—
  58. Indeed Allah is He,
    The Sustainer,
    Lord of Power,
    Owner of Strength.
  59. So, verily, for those who transgress,
    There is punishment,
    Similar in measure to the punishment of their cohorts.
    Therefore, let them not hasten it.
  60. So, woe is to them,
    Who deny (the punishment) on the Day
    Of which they are promised.