Surah 52. Surah al Tur (The Mount of Sinai)

Surah 52. Surah al Tur (The Mount of Sinai)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. By the Mount of Sinai,
  2. By the Book, inscribed
  3. In pages open,
  4. By the Sanctuary of the Angels (in the heavens),
  5. By the Canopy, lofty,
  6. By the oceans, surging,
  7. Verily, the chastisement of your Rabb shall come to pass!
  8. There is none who can forestall it;
  9. The Day the heavens shall shake, shaking;
  10. And the Mountains shall slide, sliding;
  11. Then woe is to those who deny—
  12. Those who play around, vainly.
  13. The Day when they are shoved into the Fire, shoving:
  14. (It will be said to them) “This is the Fire which you used to deny.
  15. Is this magic that you do not see?
  16. Enter in it (into the Fire)
    Then, whether you are patient or not patient, it is the same for you—
    You are but paid back for what you used to do.”
  17. Verily, those who are conscious of Allah,
    Shall be in Gardens with Divine bounties,
  18. Happy with what their Rabb has granted them,
    And (happy) that their Rabb has protected them
    From the punishment of the Fire.
  19. (It will be said to them) Eat and drink all you want
    For what you used to do,
  20. Reclining on thrones, arranged in ranks (of honor),
    And for them, the companionship of Beings pure,
    With eyes (exuding Divine Grace).
  21. And those who have certainty of faith,
    And whose progeny follows them with faith,
    We shall bring them together with their progeny,
    And We shall not take away anything from their deeds—
    Every man is a pledge for his (own) deeds.
  22. And We shall provide them with fruit,
    And meat of which (they eat) as they desire.
  23. Therein they shall pass from one to the other a cup (of Divine love),
    No vain talk  shall there be, nor any sin,
  24. And walking around them will be youth, for (serving) them,
    (They will be) as if they are hidden pearls.
  25. And they will turn to each other, inquiring.
  26. They will say: “We were indeed fearful in our own homes, aforetime.
  27. Then Allah bestowed His favor upon us and saved us
    From the torment of the burning winds.
  28. Indeed, We used to invoke Him aforetime,
    Indeed, He it is who is the Most Clement, the Most Merciful.”
  29. Therefore, admonish!
    And by the Grace of your Rabb,
    You are not a soothsayer, neither are you a madman.
  30. Do they say: “This is a poet.
    We are waiting for a mishap to befall him in time.”
  31. Say: “You wait,
    And indeed, I will wait with you.”
  32. Is it their mind that commands them,
    Or, is it that they are a people, disobedient?
  33. Or, do they say: “He has made it up!”
    Nay! It is they who have no faith.
  34. Then, bring an oration like this,
    If you are truthful.
  35. Were they created from nothing,
    Or, are they the creators?
  36. Did they create the heavens and the earth?
    No! They have no certainty (of faith).
  37. Do they have the treasures from their Rabb?
    Or, are they the guardians (of such treasures)?
  38. Is there a ladder with them,
    So that they can listen from up there?
    Then, let him who listens, bring some clear evidence from there.
  39. What? Daughters for Him and sons for you?
  40. Do you ask for a compensation from them,
    So that they are loaded down with a burden?
  41. Do they possess secret (knowledge),
    Which they write down?
  42. Do they seek to plot?
    Then, those who disbelieve
    Are the ones who are within the plot.
  43. Is there a god for them besides Allah?
    Glorified is He,
    (Clear of) what they associate Him with.
  44. And if they were to see a piece of the heavens fall down,
    They would say it is a layered cloud.
  45. So leave them alone
    Until they meet on the Day
    When they will collapse—
  46. The Day when their schemes
    Will not in the least benefit them,
    And they will not be helped.
  47. And verily, besides that,
    There is punishment for those who transgress,
    But most of them know it not.
  48. Therefore, be patient for the command of your Rabb,
    For indeed you are within Our sight (Our protection),
    And extol the praises of your Rabb when you wake up;
  49. As also by night,
    Glorify him then,
    And by the setting of the stars (the approach of dawn).