Surah 53. Surah al Najm (The Star)

Surah 53. Surah al Najm (The Star)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. By the stars, as they stoop down (and disappear on the Judgment Day),
  2. Your Companion is not wrong nor is he misled,
  3. And he does not speak from his own desires,
  4. This is not but a Revelation, revealed,
  5. Revealed to him by One mighty in power,
  6. Owner of strength.
    Then He raised him up,
  7. As he (the Angel Gabriel) was on the highest horizons,
  8. Then he (the Prophet) came close, and closer (to Divine presence),
  9. And he was (at a distance of)
    Two bows (facing each other, surrounding him in all directions)
    Or less,
  10. Then He revealed to His servant what He revealed,
  11. The heart did not lie about what it saw,
  12. Do you then argue about what he saw?
  13. And verily, he saw him (the angel Gabriel) a second time,
  14. Near the Lote tree,
  15. Close to it was the Sanctified Garden,
  16. As the Lote tree was veiled with what veiled it,
  17. The sight did not waver nor did it stretch,
  18. Verily, he saw the greatest Signs of his Rabb.
  19. So, have you seen Lat and Uzza?
  20. And Manat, the third one, the other?
  21. What? Male (children) for you and female (children) for Him,
  22. This is indeed a division unfair,
  23. These are not but names
    That you and your forefathers have fabricated,
    No authority has Allah sent down for this.
    They follow not but their speculation,
    And what their egos desire,
    When indeed, there has come to them
    The guidance from their Rabb.
  24. Is it that humankind should get whatever it desires?
  25. Lo! To Allah belongs the end and the beginning,
  26. And however many angels there are in the heavens—
    Their intercession will benefit them not the least,
    Until after Allah has granted His permission to whom He will,
    And as He pleases.
  27. Indeed, those who have no faith in the hereafter,
    They do indeed name the angels—
    Names that are female,
  28. And of it they have no knowledge.
    They do not but follow their conjectures—
    And verily, conjecture is of no use before the Truth.
  29. So, excuse yourself from one who turns away
    From Our remembrance,
    And desires not but the life of this world.
  30. That is the limit of their knowledge.
    Verily, your Rabb is He who knows
    Who has gone astray from His path,
    And He knows one who has been guided.
  31. And to Allah belongs what is in the heavens and what is on earth,
    So He will recompense those who are evil in what they do,
    And so He will reward those who do good with goodness.
  32. Those who avoid the greater sins and obscenities—
    except for the minor ones—
    Verily, your Rabb is limitless in His forgiveness,
    He knows you when you are conceived on earth,
    And when you are a fetus in your mothers’ wombs;
    Therefore, purify your souls—
    He knows who it is that is conscious of Him.
  33. Have you seen one who turned away?
  34. And gave little then closed up (his hand),
  35. Does he possess the knowledge of the unseen (that which is beyond perception),
    So that he can see (the unseen)?
  36. Is he not informed of the Book of Moses?
  37. And Abraham, who fulfilled (his promise)?
  38. (And is he not informed that)
    No bearer of burdens shall bear the burden of another.
  39. And that there is nothing for humankind except what it strives for,
  40. And that indeed his struggles shall soon be examined,
  41. And that he will be compensated, a complete compensation,
  42. And that to His Rabb is his end,
  43. And indeed it is He who makes you laugh and makes you cry,
  44. And indeed it is He who gives you death and gives you life,
  45. And indeed it is He who made the pairs, male and female,
  46. In the conception when it is conceived,
  47. And that with Him is the resurrection,
  48. And indeed it is He who made you rich and wealthy,
  49. And indeed it is He who is the Rabb of the stars,
  50. And indeed it is He who destroyed the A’ad, the ancients,
  51. And of the Thamud, He left no trace,
  52. And the people of Noah, aforetime—
    Indeed, they were oppressive and rebellious;
  53. And He overturned the towns (Sodom and Gomorrah) that were turned upside down,
  54. Then covered it with what covered it—
  55. So, which of the bounties of your Rabb do you doubt?
  56. This is a Warner, like the earlier Warners,
  57. That which is to draw near has drawn near,
  58. There is none to unveil it (the Judgment) besides Allah.
  59. Are you then surprised by this tiding?
  60. And you laugh but you do not cry?
  61. Lo! You are heedless!
  62. So prostrate yourselves before Allah and worship (and serve) Him.