Surah 56. Surah al Waqi’ah (The Event)

Surah 56. Surah al Waqi’ah (The Event)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. When what is to happen (the Event) shall happen;
  2. No denial is there in its happening;
  3. Humbling, exalting.
  4. When the earth starts to tremble, trembling,
  5. And the mountains are pulverized, pulverizing,
  6. And become scattered dust,
  7. And you are (sorted into) three groups.
  8. Then, the people on the right—
    How (happy) are the people on the right!
  9. And, people on the left,
    How (miserable) are the people on the left!
  10. And those who are foremost (in virtue), are foremost (in the hereafter);
  11. They are the ones who are close (to Divine presence),
  12. In Gardens of bliss;
  13. A large group from among the ancients,
  14. And a few from later times;
  15. Upon thrones of gold embroidery,
  16. Reclining therein, facing each other.
  17. Around them will be youths, immortal,
  18. With goblets and ewers,
    And cups filled with clear drinks (with no impurity)—
  19. No headache will there be from it, and no delirium;
  20. And fruits from what they prefer;
  21. And meat of birds they desire;
  22. And companions pure with eyes (reflecting Divine grace)—
  23. The likeness of which are pearls, hidden—
  24. A recompense for what they used to do.
  25. No vain talk shall they hear therein,
    And no evil conversation,
  26. Except the words of peace! peace!
  27. And the people on the right—
    How (happy) are the people on the right!
  28. Amidst Lote trees, without thorns;
  29. And spathes, stacked up;
  30. And shadows, long;
  31. And water, in continuous flow;
  32. And fruits plentiful;
  33. Limitless, not forbidden;
  34. And upon thrones raised up.
  35. Indeed, We created them, a gracious creation.
  36. Then, We made them (companions) pure,
  37. Loving, of the same age—
  38. (This) for the people on the right,
  39. Many from among the ancients,
  40. And many from the later times.
  41. And the people on the left,
    How (miserable) are the people on the left!
  42. In blistering hot wind and boiling putrid fluid;
  43. And in the shadow of smoke,
  44. Without coolness and without blessing.
  45. Verily, they lived in luxury aforetime,
  46. And they were persistent in great sins.
  47. And they used to say:
    “When we are dead, and have become dust and bones,
    Will we then be raised up again?
  48. And will our ancient forefathers too?”
  49. Say: “Indeed, the earliest ones and the last ones,
  50. Will be among those gathered together,
    On a Day known (to Allah) at the Time of meeting.
  51. Then, verily, O you who have gone astray and are in denial!
  52. Of a certainty, you will eat from the tree of Zaqqum,
  53. And with it fill up your stomachs,
  54. And after it, drink from a boiling putrid fluid,
  55. And drink, like thirsty camels.”
  56. This is their welcome on the Day of Judgment.
  57. We have created you, so why do you not accept it as the truth?
  58. (O men!) Have you considered what you emit (as your semen)?
  59. Do you create it, or, We are its Creator?
  60. We have ordained death among you,
    And We are not to be frustrated
  61. From transforming your likeness,
    And recreate you (in a state)
    Of which you have no knowledge.
  62. And verily, you have known the first creation,
    Then, why do you not remember?
  63. Do you not see (and reflect upon) what you sow?
  64. Is it you that makes it grow,
    Or (are) We the ones making it grow?
  65. If We so will, We will make it dried stubble,
    Then you will be confounded (bewildered and stagger),
  66. (Saying): ” Indeed, We are ruined!
  67. No, we are denied (our food).”
  68. Do you not see (and reflect upon) what you drink?
  69. Was it you who brought it down from the clouds
    Or We the ones who brought it down?
  70. If We so willed, We would have made it bitter,
    So, why are you not thankful?
  71. Do you not see (and reflect upon) the fire that you lit?
  72. Is it you who created the trees for it,
    Or We the ones who created them?
  73. We made it a remembrance, and a benefit for the travelers,
  74. Therefore, extol the Name of your Rabb, the Supreme!
  75. So, I take an oath by the breaking up of the stars—
  76. And it is a momentous oath, if you comprehend it—
  77. Verily, this is the blessed Qur’an,
  78. From the Book preserved—
  79. They do not touch it except the pure (of heart)—
  80. Sent down by the Rabb of all the worlds.
  81. Are you then rejecters of this discourse?
  82. And you make your rejection your provision (for the hereafter)?
  83. Then, why (do you) not (intervene) when it (the soul) reaches the throat?
  84. And you stare (confounded) at that time?
  85. And We are closer to him (the dying man) than you but you do not perceive,
  86. Then, why (do you) not, if you are excused from Divine punishment,
  87. Bring it back, if you are truthful?
  88. So, for such as those close (to Divine presence),
  89. (For such) there is felicity and provision, and Gardens of bliss.
  90. And if he is from the people on the right,
  91. Then there is the greeting: “Peace be with you”,
    From people on the right.
  92. And if he is from those who deny and go astray,
  93. Then his welcome is in a boiling, putrid water,
  94. And he is thrown into the Fire.
  95. Indeed, this is what is the truth and the certainty,
  96. So, extol the Name of your Rabb, the Supreme!