Surah 57. Surah al Hadeed (Iron)

Surah 57. Surah al Hadeed (Iron)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. Whatever is in the heavens and the earth
    Extols His Name,
    And He is the Mighty, the Wise.
  2. His is the sovereignty of the heavens and the earth.
    He it is Who gives life and He it is Who gives death,
    And He holds sway over all things.
  3. He it is who is the First and the Last,
    The Perceived and the Unperceived,
    And He is the Knower of all things.
  4. He it is Who created the heavens and the earth
    In six measures of time,
    And confirmed His perfection on the Throne.
    He knows who enters the earth and who is brought forth from it,
    And what comes down from the heavens, and what ascends to it,
    And He is with you wherever you are.
    Verily, Allah is the Seer of all that you do!
  5. His is whatever is in the heavens and the earth,
    And to Allah return all decisions.
  6. He brings forth the night from the day,
    And He brings forth the day from the night;
    And He knows the very essence of your hearts.
  7. Believe in Allah and His Messenger,
    And set aside (in charity) from what He has made you inherit.
    So whoever has believed from among you,
    And has set aside (in charity),
    For such there is a great reward.
  8. What is it with you,
    That you do not believe in Allah and the Messenger?
    They invite you to believe in your Rabb,
    And indeed, He has taken a covenant from you—
    If you have certainty of faith.
  9. He it is Who sends down upon His servants manifest Signs,
    So that He may take you from the depths of darkness into Light,
    Indeed, Allah is Benevolent, Merciful to you.
  10. What is it with you
    That you do not set aside (in charity) in the path of Allah?
    Not equal among you are those who gave in charity
    Before the victory and the struggle
    (before the return to Mecca and the struggle for it);
    They have a higher rank than those who gave in charity later and struggled;
    And Allah has made a sublime promise for everyone.
    Lo! Allah is aware of what you do!
  11. Is there one who will give a beautiful loan to Allah?
    Then, He will augment it, and for such there is a bountiful reward.
  12. The Day you shall see the believing men and the believing women,
    Their light spreading in front of them, and to the right of them;
    (Proclaiming) there is good news for you this Day:
    Gardens beneath which flow streams (of Divine grace),
    Dwell therein forever;
    That is what a triumph supreme is!
  13. The Day when the hypocrites, men and women,
    Will say to those who have certainty of faith:
    “Wait for us so that we may partake of your light.”
    It will be said to them:
    “Go back to your rear,
    And seek the Light!”
    Then a wall will be erected between them in which there will be a gate—
    Inside it will be mercy,
    Outside it will be punishment from Him.
  14. They (the hypocrites) will call them (the believers):
    “Were we not with you?”
    They will say: “Yes!
    But you put your souls into temptation,
    And you waited (for our destruction)
    And you were in doubt,
    And your desires deceived you,
    Until there came the command of Allah,
    And the deceivers deceived you from Allah.
  15. So, no ransom shall be accepted from you,
    And not from those who rejected the truth.
    Your abode is the Fire,
    It is your companion,
    And what an awful destination!”
  16. Has not the time arrived for those who have certainty of faith,
    For their hearts to soften from the remembrance of Allah–
    And from what Allah has revealed from the Truth–
    And they do not become like the ones in earlier times who were given a Book,
    (But) whose hearts became hardened as a long time passed by them,
    And most of them became disobedient?
  17. Know that Allah gives life to the earth after it is dead.
    Verily, We have rehearsed the Signs to you clearly,
    So that you reason.
  18. Verily, those who give charity, men and women,
    And give a beautiful loan to Allah,
    It will be increased many fold for them,
    And for them there is a bountiful reward.
  19. And those who have certainty of faith in Allah,
    And His Messengers,
    They are among the truthful ones.
    And for those who are witness before Allah,
    There is a reward for them with their Rabb,
    And a Light for them.
    And those who disbelieve,
    And give the lie to Our Signs,
    They are companions of the Fire.
  20. Know that the life of this world
    Is play and deception and show,
    And (a means of) bragging between you,
    And piling up of wealth and children,
    Like the joy felt by disbelievers
    When it rains and the vegetation grows.
    Then, as it dries up,
    You see it turn yellow,
    Then it becomes dried sticks.
    And there is in the hereafter an intense punishment,
    And forgiveness from Allah and His pleasure,
    Lo! The life of this world
    Is not but a means for deception.
  21. So, move forward (reach out),
    Towards forgiveness from your Rabb,
    And the Garden,
    Whose expanse is like the expanse of the heavens and the earth,
    Promised for those who have certainty of faith
    In Allah and His Messengers;
    That is the bounty from Allah,
    Which He gives to whom He will—
    Lo! Allah is the Lord of Bounty Supreme!
  22. Whatever ordeals there are on earth,
    And upon your souls,
    Is not but written in the Book aforetime—
    Indeed, that is easy for Allah.
  23. So, do not despair from what you lose,
    And do not exult in what you gain;
    Lo! Allah does not love the boastful braggart!
  24. Those who are stingy,
    And instruct people in stinginess,
    And who turn away (from Allah),
    Then (know that) Allah is He
    Who is Self Sufficient (beyond need), focus of all Praise.
  25. Behold! We have sent Our Messengers with manifest Signs,
    And sent down with them the Book and the Balance,
    So that humankind establishes justice.
    And We have sent down iron.
    In it is material for forceful war,
    And benefit for humankind,
    So that Allah may discern
    Who will be with Him,
    And His Messengers,
    Unseen (with his heart);
    Verily, Allah is the Powerful, the Mighty.
  26. And verily, We sent down Noah,
    And Abraham,
    And appointed Prophets from their descendants,
    And among them were those who were guided by the Book,
    But most of them were rebellious.
  27. Then We continued to show them Our Signs through our Messengers,
    And We continued with Jesus, son of Mary,
    And granted him the Injil (the Gospel),
    And We made the hearts of those who followed him,
    Soft, full of mercy.
    And the monasticism that they adopted,
    We did not prescribe for them,
    But they invited themselves to it
    To seek the pleasure of Allah,
    But they could not live up to it as they should have lived up to it,
    So, for those among them who had certainty of faith,
    We gave them their reward,
    But most among them were rebellious.
  28. O you who have certainty of faith!
    Be conscious of Allah,
    And have certainty of faith in His Messenger,
    He will double your recompense from His Mercy,
    And will grant you Light,
    (So that) you walk in it,
    And He will forgive you.
    Lo! Allah is the Forgiver, the Merciful!
  29. Those who had knowledge of the Book,
    Yet were lost,
    They do not have the least authority
    Over the blessings of Allah;
    And the blessings are with the authority of Allah—
    He grants them to whom He will.
    Lo! Allah is the Lord of blessings supreme!