Surah 64. Surah al Taghabun

Surah 64. Surah al Taghabun (Loss and Gain)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. Whatever is in the heavens,
    And what is in the earth,
    Glorifies Allah;
    His is the Dominion and His is all praise,
    And He it is Who has Power over all things.
  2. He it is Who has created you,
    Then, some among you have no faith,
    And some among you have faith;
    Lo! Allah sees what you are doing!
  3. He has created the heavens and the earth with justice (dynamic balance),
    And He gave you faces—then made your faces most beautiful,
    And to Him is the return.
  4. He knows what is in the heavens and the earth;
    And He knows what you hide and what you reveal;
    Lo! Allah knows the very essence of hearts!
  5. Has not the news reached you of those who disbelieved aforetime?
    So, they tasted the sickness of their deeds,
    And for them was a painful torment.
  6. That because there did indeed come to them Messengers with clear Signs,
    And they said: “What? A human is giving us guidance?”
    Then they denied the Truth,
    And they turned away,
    And Allah had no need (of them);
    Lo! Allah is Self Sufficient, worthy of Praise.
  7. The disbelievers claim that they will never be raised up again;
    Say: “No! By my Rabb!
    You shall indeed be raised up again.
    Then, you shall be informed of what you were doing;
    And that is easy for Allah.”
  8. Therefore, have certainty of faith in Allah and His Messenger,
    And in the Light that We have sent down.
    And Allah is well aware of what you do.
  9. The Day He will gather you together on the Day of Gathering,
    That is the Day of success and failure;
    And whoever believed with certainty in Allah,
    And performed righteous deeds,
    He will cover up his wrong doings,
    And He will admit him to the Gardens,
    Beneath which flow streams (of Divine grace)
    To dwell therein forever;
    That is the greatest triumph!
  10. But those who disbelieve,
    And give the lie to Our Signs,
    They are the companions of the Fire,
    To dwell therein forever,
    And (it is) an awful destination!
  11. No disaster befalls except by permission of Allah;
    And whoever has certainty of faith in Allah,
    He guides his heart;
    Lo! Allah is the Knower of all matters.
  12. And obey Allah and obey the Messenger,
    And if you turn away,
    Then, it is not for My Messenger
    Except to convey (the Message) with clarity.
  13. Allah is He,
    There is none worthy of worship but He;
    And therefore those who have certainty of faith
    Place their trust in Allah.
  14. O you who have certainty of faith!
    Indeed, among your spouses and your children
    Are foes for you (for your faith),
    So beware of them;
    And if you forgive and forbear and pardon,
    Then indeed Allah is the Forgiver, the Merciful.
  15. Your wealth and your children are not but a test for you;
    By Allah, with Him is the recompense supreme!
  16. So, be conscious of Allah as much as you can,
    And listen, and obey, and spend (in His way),
    That is better for your soul.
    And whoever escapes the stinginess of his own ego,
    Then such are the ones who attain felicity.
  17. If you give Allah a beautiful loan,
    He will increase it for you,
    And He will forgive you;
    Lo! Allah is the Acceptor of Gratitude, the Forbearing;
  18. The Knower of the unperceived and the perceived,
    The Mighty, the Wise.